Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Judical Crime in Brooklyn

Carl Kruger Bag Man Working in A Judicial Campaign in Brooklyn

Jason Koppel is involved with running Steven Mostofsky  Civil Court District in the 8th district.  According to FBI transcripts long time Kruger aide Koppel was collecting cash for Kruger. His Salary was raised by Kurger to the highest chief of staff in Allbany, raking in $169000  during the investigations. Koppel appears to be the unnamed aide whose conversations with the senator and constituents have been caught on government wiretaps and quoted in various indictments. But he has not been charged.

Kurger is in Jail Koppel is Running Campaigns
"Mr. Levitis, 32, is a personal-injury lawyer whose family owns the Rasputin nightclub on Coney Island Avenue in Brooklyn.  In transcripts of recorded conversations with the confidential informant, Mr. Levitis solicits a $3,000 payment, saying he will pass on $2,000 to an aide to Mr. Kruger, Jason Koppel, and keep the rest"- NY Times.

Michael Turano the Only Other Guy Besides Koppel to Sign Checks for Kruger is in Jail for Collecting Kruger Bribes
The short-and-sweet registration statement reveals that only two people besides the senator have been authorized to sign checks for Friends of Carl, the political committee that runs his campaigns: Jason D. Koppel of 1411 Avenue V in Brooklyn and Michael Turano of 139 Bassett Avenue in Brooklyn.

Koppel is Not the Only Member of Kruger Gang Out There: Dorothy Turano
It clear from the guilty plea of Kruger and his lobbyist Lipsky that Planning Board 18 manager Dorothy Turano was deeply involved in the Kruger corruption.  Yet astonishly she still remains as chairman of that board.  Dorothy Turano, Kruger's longtime companion, chief political partner and beneficiary, mother of his alleged domestic partner, and t district manager of CB 18 for 22 years, has, at least so far, remains untouched.  When questions were raised about her connections to the Kruger corruption Filder said he did not want to get involved is pushing Dorothy out of her job.  Was Fildler just being nice or protecting his ass? Does Dorothy have to goods on Fidler?  While we many never know because the feds seem to have let most of those around Kruger go, there is one important clue in the inditement of Kurger that connect Kruger, Dorothy Turano and Fidler in a scam that paid Kruger $472,500 in bribes.

Turano Who Changed Vote As Chairperson of Board 18 and Live Off of Kruger Bribes Is Still In Office Making Deals
From her perch at the community board, prosecutors suggest, Dorothy might have played her own small part. After rejecting plans for a retail development at a vacant site in 2004, she and the board approved a similar proposal in March 2007. Within a few weeks, a developer involved in the proposal began sending checks totaling $472,500 to Michael’s bank accounts.  In 2004 Kruger and Fidler both opposed building a Home Depot on that side.  Even those the site was not in Fidler’s district.  In 2007 when a BJ was chosen for that site with a different developer and Frank Seddio was hired as the lawyer for the BJ’s both Kruger and Fidler both approved of the project.  Kruger partner Michael was delivered the bribe money shortly after the vote.  The only person who can say what Fidler got for his cooperation is Dorothy Turano who job the councilman protects.

 More Crooked Campaign Consultants

John Haggerty, Convicted Of Stealing Bloomberg’s Money, At BOE For Ulrich [UPDATED]* Pol’s crooked pal on campaign team (NYP)

NYC Unemployment Rate 10%
Every Elected City Officials Including Those Running for Mayor Should Be Thrown Out
City's Unemployment Rate Reaches 10 Percent(NYT)The city's jobless rate, jumping 0.3 percentage points, was equal its high in the last recession.

How Dare These Unemployment Causing Bums Run for Mayor
The Stupid Press Asks this of the Mayor Candidate while 10% of New Yorkers are Out of Work Bill de Blasio’s likes his outerborough website traffic, Christine Quinn likes her Twitter followers, while Tom Allon enjoys his “Talk to Tom” events. The other campaigns had no comment.

True News Exclusive: Weiner is Buying A Dog And Will Name Him Checkers
NYP Word Plays Weiner: Shows Off His Little One and Pop Agenda. Where is Premature Rehabilitation? 

Weiner pulls out all the pops (NYP) Baby stars in puff piece to polish image * Accusation and Interview Put Spotlight on Weiner's Wife(NYT) * Weiner Won't Rule Out a Run(WSJ) * Weiner comeback speculation on the rise(WABC) * The Board of Elections is considering moving up the 2013 mayoral primary to June. *  The reason behind the Anthony Weiner return rumors: he has $4.5 million in the bank, and is set to receive another $1.5 million in matching funds, and will lose it all if he doesn’t run this year. * The Motherlode blog wonders if Huma Abedin’s career was the spark behind the People Magazine interview.

Weiner Admits Contact With Underage Girl - Politics - Fox Nation

Weiner, who isn’t ruling out a future run for public office, but not likely as soon as 2013, is texting again. He used a text to communicate with a NY Post reporter about his family’s softball People magazine interview.
Weiner Has A Congressional Pension
 Andrea Peyser has the answer: “Like many American househusbands, junk-centric Weiner, who resigned from Congress last year, can’t get a job and finds changing diapers smelly and unfulfilling. Meanwhile, his wife is starting to nag and kvetch. Pretty soon, she might drive Weiner back to the Internet.” * Ex-Gov. Eliot Spitzer cheered Sen. John McCain for defending Abedin against Rep. Michele Bachmann’s “grotesque” Muslim Brotherhood claims.* State Department spokesman Philippe Reines, speaking on behalf of both Hillary Clinton and Abedin, said: “These accusations are nothing but vicious and disgusting lies, and anyone who traffics in them should be ashamed of themselves.” * Mayor Bloomberg on A Potential Weiner Comeback: ‘He’s Got to Make A Living’(NYO) * George Arzt said a Weiner comeback won’t be easy, “but others have done far worse.” * Rep. Louie Gohmert, who signed Bachmann’s letter calling for an investigation into Abedin’s alleged connection with the Muslim Brotherhood defended himself against the charge it is an anti-Muslim witch hunt. “You see me hugging Muslims around the world, because the ones I hug are our friends.”

Campaign 2012: Borough President Questions Chelsea Market Plan(NYT) * Candidate's Résumé Gets New Scrutiny Sean Patrick Maloney(WSJ) * Staten Island politicians focus on fund-raising, and money(SI Advance) * Campaign funds flow from within, without (TU) Developer in Halfmoon, New York City billionaire make their presence felt *Cymbrowitz Appears Likely to Lose Independence Line(NYO)  *  Robert Jackson's Fundraising Slog  Robert Jackson lags two opponents on fundraising in Manhattan Borough President race* Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver finds the idea of a Democrat-controlled state Senate “enticing,” but won’t be spending any political cash to make that happen.* DiNapoli says comptroller's office would be a good place to start with for public financing of state elections * N.Y. Assembly Speaker Encourages Democrats To Avoid DNC Convention(Huff Post) * NY: Senate Democrats Meet with Jewish Leaders(Matzav) * Marty Golden Posts Solid Fundraising Haul(NYO) * Pro-Vito Satmar Sect Counters Rival Faction’s ‘Distorted’ Claims on Velázquez/Dilan Race  * NY-13 Debacle Not An Isolated Incident?(YNN) * More bad news for Michael Grimm: A federal grand jury is issuing subpoenas and probing his 2010 campaign.* Walter Mosley’s assembly campaign is off to a healthy start.* A federal Brooklyn grand jury is probing alleged fundraising shenanigans in  freshman Congressman Michael Grimm’s 2010 campaign, the DN reports.

"Congresswoman Velazquez thinks she is the new boss in Brooklyn," said Senator Dilan
Nydia Vs. Vito The Saga Continues El Diario NY

Dead woman signs petition of Stavisky & Iannece(Queens Crap)

From the Times Ledger:

A candidate for the state Senate seat based in Flushing has charged that his opponent, state Sen. Toby Stavisky (D-Whitestone), got onto the ballot with forged signatures, including one of a dead woman.

John Messer, an Oakland Gardens business owner and lawyer, released an affidavit signed by Jesus Palomino, saying that his mother Ana Rita Palomino could not have signed a designating petition for a slew of Democratic candidates, including Stavisky, this summer.

How the NYP and NYT View the Council and the World
Council’s new $lap at city biz(NYP) * Planning a March, and Envisioning a Movement, to Unite Low-Wage Workers(NYT) * summarizes the Ravitch report as "things we already knew, but with real numbers" * Affordable housing developers say new wage reporting requirements mandated by the City Council will cost them an extra $40 million a year.

Board of Elections finally embraces electronic ballot counting (NYDN Ed) But don't expect smooth sailing


Cuomo No Hackiking Policy . . . Avella Hacking Cuomo
Andrew Cuomo said he eschews email not for secrecy but to avoid hacking. Gov. Andrew Cuomo says he communicates with his staff through unrecorded phone texts because he fears that email would be vulnerable to hacking, not for any desire for secrecy * Avella: Is Cuomo Even A Democrat? *Avella Says Dem Majority Would Block Fracking(YNN)
* Avella: Cuomo Endorsements A ‘Reflection’ Of Party Loyalty(YNN) * Governor Cuomo won a possibly unwelcome award: “Best Democrat Who Acts Like a Republican.”


The City Council sent $5 million in extra funds to Friends of the High Line, even though the park pulled in $85 million in private funding and a has a lucrative concessions deal.

NYP Pushes There Beliefs Better Than Any Paper

Mother says controversial policy could have gotten 'illegal gun' that shot son(NYP)


When nuts wander freeWhen nuts wander free(NYP Ed)How much pain will the mentally ill be allowed to inflict on New Yorkers? The latest victim: Sabatha Tirado, a brave 24-year-old salon worker stabbed Tuesday by a raving nutcase on the Upper East Side. * Homeless Man Charged in Upper East Side Stabbing(NYT)

After Boy’s Death, Hospital Alters Discharging Procedures(NYT) * NYC hospital makes changes after boy's death(WSJ)

City Works With Bronx Stores on Offering More Healthful Foods(NYT) * Mike: Healthy over junk in stores(NYDN) * Fighting Obesity, City Launches Healthy Eating Campaign (WCBS) * Bloomberg is taking a softer approach with bodega owners on junk food than he did with soda, asking owners to voluntarily give healthy foods prime space in their shops.* Crown Heights Farmers Market Struggles to Survive as Others Bloom(DNAINFO) * New Program Puts Junk Food Literally Out of Reach

 Turnaround’ Bronx school boasts gains in state exams(NYDN) * Winners and losers on state exams(NYDN) * New schools doing better than 'failing' ones(NYDN) * Teachers at 24 Schools Receive Status Updates(NYT) * Gov. Cuomo signs law to make kindergarten mandatory(WABC) * Analysis: Test Scores Still Not Much to Smile About(NBC)  * DOE Tells 2,700 Teachers They Can Keep Their Jobs (NY1)

Audit Finds Preschool Billed State Improperly(NYT) * Audit: NYC preschool company overbilled state(WSJ)

All’s ‘fare’ in ad scheme(NYP) * M.T.A. Opens Front of MetroCard to Advertising(NYT) * MetroCards Get Advertising Makeover(WSJ) * MTA to sell more ads on MetroCards, restore service(WABC)


Software Problems Are Delaying Bike-Share Program, Mayor Says(NYT)

Jet Set Malcolm Smith
Malcolm Smith jets around(NYT) Campaign cash gave Queens State Sen. Malcolm Smith a ticket to travel the globe. Smith drained more than $41,000 from his campaign war chest on airfare, rental cars and hotel stays in more than. Queens Dem Malcolm Smith uses $41K in campaign donations for travel as conference remains in debt


Pol’s a one-man Dem ‘ticket’(NYP) State Senate Minority Leader John Sampson isn’t exactly the guy you want teaching driver’s ed.  The Brooklyn Democrat piled up 23 parking and traffic violations over 30 months on his state cars — before crashing his government-issued Ford Taurus in the predawn hours last Friday, The Post has learned.


Federal Government Agrees to Occupy Six Floors at New Trade Tower(NYT) * 1 World Trade Center Now 55 Percent Leased(DNAINFO)

image640x480-1The High Line Has a Way With Money, Scores $5 M. While Neighbors Go WantingCritics Question $5M City Donation to High Line Expansion(DNA Info)

Bum' deal! City seizes Ebbets plans from Brooklyn(NYDN)

Brooklyn group home accused of neglect and mistreatment(NYDN)

Lawsuit Seeks To Block City on Evictions(WSJ) * Lawsuit: low-income NYers blocked from program(WSJ) * Lawsuit: low-income NYers blocked from program(Fox 5) * A new lawsuit contends that thousands of low-income families may face eviction because a high-demand for a city and state program that provides temporary rental assistance had led to a shortage of workers available to help those in need.


Qns. blast probers ‘protected’ Con Ed(NYP) State investigators protected Con Ed when they were supposed to be looking out for the safety of New Yorkers during a 2008 natural gas blast in Queens, according to a state inspector general report* Con Ed, Hit By Hottest Day Of The Year And Storms, Continuing Lockout(NY1) * According to a State IG report released investigators with the Public Service Commission leaked details of their investigation into a deadly natural gas explosion to the utility in order to allow them time to respond.* Con Ed Customers Regain Power; Contract Agreement Remains In The Dark

State environmental officials are cracking down on air polluters in the Bronx.


The Making of A President
Economic Fears Are Undercutting Obama Support, Poll Shows(NYT) * Boston Herald front page story: Gov ordered road paved before Michelle Obama's visit.*
in : Strongly Approve: 31%... Strongly Disapprove: 43%... Index: -12… Total Approval: 48%... * Morgan Freeman donated $1 million to pro-Obama PAC, according to *The Obama campaign is bracing to be outspent by Mitt Romney. * Romney noted that states with GOP governors had better job growth records. *  Romney and Obama are now tied in Virginia. * There seems to be new energy in Romney, driven in part by Obama’s line that entrepreneurs don’t build business by themselves

  The DNC apologized for using Ann Romney’s “dancing horse” in ads after she told Robin Roberts that the dressage horse was to help her with MS. .* DNC Apologizes to Ann Romney For Horsing Around(*NYO) * Fox News Kinda Wants Obama to Win(NY Mag)* Democrats panicked on the horse thing without Ann Romney actually taking offense * Ann Romney: ‘Liar Or Felon’ Criticism Was Beneath Obama’s Dignity * Major Garrett: “To win, senior Obama advisers concede they must impeach the witness, meaning they have to deprive Romney of the ability to speak credibly during the GOP convention or in the three presidential debates about the economy, job creation, or any other financial insights he may possess for these troubled times.” * Jamelle Bouie points out that Mitt Romney will have no trouble connecting with voters if the economy continues to deteriorate.
* Donald Trump cut a $30,000 check to the National Republican Senate Committee.  * Daily Intel’s Dan Amira thinks Ann Romney’s controversial “you people” quote was misheard. “The letter y definitely makes an appearance in there, but the word you does not.* Romney's Veeps Wielding Pens - Gail Collins, New York TimesObama's Statist Rant: A Flawed Vision of U.S. - Mike Rosen, Denver Post * What Obama Actually Said in Virginia - Paul Waldman, American Prospect * Obama Looks Worse If You Read It All - Charles Krauthammer, FOX News * Campaign Advice That Romney Won't Take - Timothy Noah, New Republic * Romney HQ Has Decided to Take the Gloves Off - Ed Morrissey, Hot Air *  NJ Gov. Chris Christie refused to confirm or deny that he has been tapped to deliver a keynote address at the Republican National Convention in Tampa.* NYT’s Charles Blow: Romney Surrogates Stoking Fears Of Obama’s ‘Black Wife,’ Daughters’ ‘Cornrows’ * Colbert: Romney Finally Connecting With Regular Folks…By Insulting Them In Front Of Rich Donors * MSNBC Anchor And GOP Spokesperson Get In Heated Yelling Match Over Romney’s Private Bundlers * Obama campaign books rural radio airtime in Ohio and Pennsylvania (Politico)

Tribune may use LA Times to lure bidders for other papers(NYP)* One way Bloomberg can impact D.C. without runing for another elected post: Buy the Washington Post. (Trouble is, it doesn’t appear to be for sale).


  Law and Order

25 years later, cops arrest and charge alleged murderer(NYP)


Meth rap on HS principal(NYP) * ‘Sex-teach’ judge: Lay off boy toy!(NYP) * Off-Duty F.B.I. Agent Thwarts Car Thieves in Queens(NYT) * FBI Agent Takes Aim at Burglars(WSJ) * Meth bust of principal at Qns. HS (NYDN) * Timoshenko case thug gets 25 years (NYDN) * Blame teen rape claim on revenge (NYDN) *

Cleared cop: Gimme back my job, Kelly! (NYDN) * Curtis Forteau Arrested, Charged In Upper East Side Stabbing(WCBS)Man pleads guilty to NY woman's fatal stabbing *Acquitted of Staten Island cop's murder, he gets 25 years (SI Advance) * Queens Principal Arrested on Drug Charge(NBC) * Diocese of NY church lady accused of embezzling (NYP) * Career criminal who allegedly stabbed girlfriend to death pleads not guilty(NYP)

Terrorism NYPD steps up security in wake of Bulgaria bombing(Fox 5) * Security Increase in NYC After Bulgaria Bus Blast(NBC) * NYPD Protects Jewish Temples, Neighborhoods Following Bulgarian Bus Attack