Friday, July 13, 2012

After 3261 New Yorker Have Been Murdered Since Quinn Became Speaker All She Can Tell Us She Cares?

Back to the Future: Its 2015 the Day After 100 People, Have Been Shot Over the Weekend, the Monday Post Headline Will Read Christine, Do Something

Quinn A Candidate for Mayor Has No Idea How to Stop the Killing or Children from Being Shot . . .  Does This Sound Familiar?
2006 596, 2007 496, 2008 516, 2009 466, 2010  536, 2011 515, 2012 136 (6 months)

Here We Go Again
NYP   It’s easy to “care.”  It’s quite something else to act. Kelly’s a doer. Quinn is, well, not.


After 7 As Council President Can't Quinn Come Up With More Than Caring to Stop the Deadly Shootings? 
A coalition of the caring (NYP Ed)  Regarding guns, City Council Speaker Chris Quinn cares That’s such a comfort.“I know there is great concern in all communities about crime and violence,” Quinn told an online publication yesterday. 


Two officers escape injury during B'klyn patrol in latest shooting(NYP) * Cops dodge a bullet in latest close call — and get their man without firing a shot(NYP)

Quinn Speak: “Council members care, [Police Commissioner] Ray Kelly cares, I care and the people who live in the hardest-hit neighborhoods care. All of us are united in horror at the recent examples of gun violence and senseless killings.” NYP Defends NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly in a spat with Quinn.* Mayor Bloomberg Defends Top Cop Ray Kelly For Chastising Pols On Fighting NYC Gun Violence .. * Brooklyn, Bronx Shootings Latest In City Gunfire Rash  * Fight Between Kelly, Local Leaders Puts Quinn In Uncomfortable Spot (NY1)
Where are the Security Cameras Quinn?

20% of the Rise In Shooting Have Come From Public Housing . . .   Do Quinn Care About the People in Public Housing?
The city’s public housing authority has failed to install a single security camera even though it has $42 million to spend on the improvements thanks to the agency’s foot-dragging, the Daily News learns: * Latest Brooklyn shooting prompts calls for action(WABC) * NYCHA has $42 million in funds for security cameras and other measures that the agency is sitting on while they figure out how to spend it, even as crime spikes.

The Council Just Discovered the Board Can't Count
Council to Hold Hearing on Vote-Counting Process(NYT) * Ballot-Counting Problems In 2012 Have BOE Concerned For 2013(NY1)
Councilwoman Gail Brewer will hold an oversight hearing to determine what went wrong in the ballot-counting process during last month’s contentious Northern Manhattan congressional race * Quinn said the board's vote-counting problems "threatens the credibility of the democratic process." [David Seifman] * The hearing will be held one month before the legislative primaries. [Aaron Edwards]

No Law Changes Needed for BOE to Go to Computer Count
State Board of Elections says City Board Doesn't Need a Law to Change Elaborate Vote-Count Process (City and State)


Sentencing Of Alan Hevesi Cronies Delayed Again(NYDN)

 The Richest Council Members
Two of the country's largest teachers unions have spent millions of dollars on "political campaigns, lobbying and issue education." [Alicia Mundy]

Election 2012
Espaillat Spokesman Slams Linares’ Redistricting Vote [UPDATED](City and State)
Adam Clayton Powell IV Says Rangel Likely Won’t Run In 2014, And He “Probably Would”(City and State) * Eric A. Ulrich (CD #32), net contributions for 6 months ending 7/11/12: $1,375.   * Vincent Gentile, net contributions for 6 months ending 7/11/12: $13,775. * The straight owner of a gay bar is running for Sen. Tom Duane’s seat – typically thought to be a “gay” seat. * Gustavo Rivera slammed the socially conservative positions of his opponent, Manny Tavarez. * More than . RT : raised $800K in last 6 mos, increasing pressure on & * . spox: campaign got 1,513 contributions worth $579,000 this filing period. * Robert Mittman spent more cash than his campaign had in the closing days.* NY1 Online: Republican Candidate Halloran Makes His Case for Congress * Yen files 3,200 signatures(Queens Politics)

Who Gives $$$ to Who
Corey Johnson , net contributions for 6 months ending 7/11/12: $167,346 * Tom Allon Reports: $250K Raised So Far(NYO) * A State GOP Cash Infusion For Ulrich(YNN) * Eric Adams Raises $215,000 for Borough President Run(NYO) * John Catsimatidis, supermarket magnate and potential mayoral candidate, again gave big to Cuomo: $16K* Cuomo’s Big Haul, Yet Again (YNN) * . spox: campaign got 1,513 contributions worth $579,000 this filing period. * Cuomo could be comforted by the fact he raised a cool $5.8 million for his 2014 reelection. * Cuomo raises $5.8 million more in campaign funds(Fos 5)

The officer who sparked the NYPD ticket-fixing scandal tried to hire a hitman to kill a witness in the case and planned to use NYPD pension money to pay for the hit

Texting-while-driving tickets soar in New York

Police: 10K Texting Tickets Issued To NYC Drivers In The Last Year(NY1)
* Tickets for texting while driving in NY are up sharply(SI Advaqnce)

 A new report shows that Mike Bloomberg’s claims of student improvement may be overblown

Nearly two-thirds of sixth grade students are at the same reading proficiency level in sixth grade that they were three years ago, a new Independent Budget Office report claims, but the city questions the study, the News reports:  New Independent Budget Office report casts doubt on Bloomberg administration claims of school improvement   Study finds that 70% of students did not improve on standardized tests despite boasts by Mayor Michael Bloomberg of test score gains *Week Ends With Uncertainty for 24 City Schools(NYT) * City officials dispute report on public school students(WABC)

Cuomo Got Money From Con Ed and the Union Representing Their Workers Who Looks Out for the Rate Payers?
ConEd's Gift to Cuomo Ally Presents Test(WSJ)  ConEd, the largest utility company in New York state, has given $250,000 to the Committee to Save New York, one of Gov. Andrew Cuomo's most powerful allies and a group whose political spending has come under scrutiny in recent months.* Cuomo, Campaign Finance Reform Advocates Express Disdain For Citizens United(NY1) * Cuomo says he's going to push to overhaul campaign finance laws, but he plays the current fundraising game very well * Cuomo's plans for high-speed rail service in New York don't look so ambitious. [Dana Rubinstein] * Silver: Cuomo The ‘Number One Governor’ In The Country(YNN)

CNBC says that NY is the 34th best state for business–a drop of eight slots from last year. But the TV Commercial Says  New New York, a Whole New Approach to Business? 

Hazel Dukes: "People shouldn't be overpowered with regulations and restrictions that the government deems best for them." [Harlem News Group, pg 6]

New York City is failing to comply with a state law that requires financial disclosures form from those who have unpaid positions on policy making boards like the Taxi and Limousine Commission and the Landmarks Preservation Commission.

17% cab hike - and that’s for starters (NYP) * Taxi Fare Increase Approved(WSJ) * Taxi Fares in New York to Rise by 17%(NYT) Cabbies have not seen an increase in eight years, to take home higher wages * TLC Approves First Yellow Cab Fare Hike In Six Years(NY1)


A Real Place Called Hope For People With Little
Tales of Pain and Healing, From a Physician Who Knows Both(NYT) Dr. Eric Manheimer sees Bellevue Hospital Center as a refuge, a place where those who fear they have exhausted all their options in life often find hope and a last chance at redemption.

At Casino, Fuming Gamblers Leave Behind Maimed Machines(NYT) A crime wave of sorts is plaguing the Resorts World Casino in Queens: people attacking gambling machines.

Parks advocates and preservation groups are suing to prevent the Parks Department from tearing up the wooden Coney Island Boardwalk and replacing it with concrete and plastic
Boardwalk Advocates File Suit to Block Concrete(NYT) * Legal battle to save wooden Boardwalk NYDN) * A concrete-and-plastic Coney Island boardwalk? Lawsuit aims(SI Advance) * Preservationists sue to stop Boardwalk’s concrete makeover(Brooklyn Paper)

Residential Permit Parking Plans Stall In Stadium, Arena Neighborhoods(NY1)

Red Hook Reels In More Residents, Fans(WSJ) Brooklyn's Red Hook is emerging as a destination for many across the borough—even as residents hope it will maintain its isolated charm.

New York Set to Reshape Skyline(WSJ)

Return of the Straphanger Nation(Huff Post)


Officials Crack Down on Tour Buses in Chinatown(NYT)

The Huff Post Says Mittstorm on Bain Mess Pushed by Team Obama
I didn’t tell the tale right (NYP) Bam bares his ‘big mistake’ as prez * Candidates Racing for Future, Gaze Fixed Firmly on Past(NYT) * Immigrant demonizing won’t win GOP Latino vote(NYDN) * Barack Obama said that his worst mistake as president was not in properly telling the story of what he was doing. * Mitt Romney told a Massachusetts election panel in 2002 that he remained active in a number of companies while running the Olympics. * CNN finds four current or former Bain officials–including two who support Obama–who said that Romney left the company in 1999. 

The cover of Bloomberg Businesweek is controversial, and that's the point. [Oliver Burkeman]* The 2012 race seems to be more about the past than the future. * As Obama campaigned in military-heavy Virginia, the GOP hit him on defense cuts.  * Joe Biden warned that a Romney presidency would mean re-fighting old civil rights battles.    * Obama, Romney "and their allies spend their time and energy relitigating old fights rather than focusing on new ideas for the next four years." [Peter Baker] * Two of the country's largest teachers unions have spent millions of dollars on "political campaigns, lobbying and issue education." [Alicia Mundy] * Bain 101(NY Mag)* Amid Bain questions, Romney pushes ahead with ads calling Obama a liar:(TPM) * Will Low Expectations Help Obama? - Ron Brownstein, National Journal * Obama's Policies a Disaster for Middle Class - Kevin O'Brien, Cleveland PD * Romney's Government of the 0.01 Percent - Paul Krugman, New York Times * A Subdued Race in a Time of Crisis - Peggy Noonan, Wall Street Journal * Obama May Be Stronger Than His Approval Ratings - Nate Silver, NYT * President Obama and Patriot Games - Carl Cannon, RealClearPolitics * Romney's Self-Inflicted Wounds on Bain - Joan Walsh, Salon * Republican Vote-Blocking in Pennsylvania - Jonathan Alter, Bloomberg * Obama's Risky Campaign Strategy - James Taranto, Wall Street Journal * Election '12: State Polls: NC,PA,WI,FL | Electoral Map | Create Your Own * Laws Try to Muzzle Voters - Chicago Sun-Times * Obama Administration vs. Voter Integrity - New Hampshire Union Leader * Giuliani: Romney's only job at Bain was to make money(Wash Post) * Mitt Romney Insists To CNN: ‘I Had No Role Whatsoever In Management Of Bain Capital After February 1999′

Romney Surrogate Rips Juan Williams For Defending Obama: ‘Don’t Let Your Blind Loyalty… Make You So Foolish’ * Obama Spokesman Tells Ed Schultz Campaign Will Not Apologize For Romney/Felony Remark * O’Reilly Battles With NAACP Executive Over Whether Romney Deliberately Wanted To Get Booed * Jimmy Kimmel Presents ‘Boehner Baby’ – A Baby Doll Inspired By John Boehner’s Tears * Megyn Kelly Panel Battles Over What Obama’s Biggest Mistake Really Was * Bill Clinton On Today: Voters Should Decide For Themselves If Overseas Tax Shelters Matter In Election

ROMNEY NARROWS VP CHOICES; CONDI EMERGES AS FRONTRUNNER (Drudge) An Effort to Get Bain Off the Front Page or the Real Deal?
Romney's Condi Rice Trial Balloon - Josh Kraushaar, National Journal * Former Secretary of State a frontrunner as Mitt Romney's running mate: report(NYP) * The Fix is skeptical of the Condi Rice for VP chatter.

Sexual Abuse Cover Up In NY Courts Also
The Post calls state Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman’s lenient sentence for a child molester a “sweetheart plea deal”:

Law and Order
* Inwood pizza delivery man slaying a mystery(NYDN)

‘Samaritan’ in Bx. rape arrested(NYP)* Rapist Trailed Tourist From Union Sq. Station to Her Bronx Hotel, Police Say(NYT) * Sources: Alleged Bronx Hotel Rape Suspect In Custody(NY1) * Police: Man Arrested In Alleged Rape, Robbery Of Tourist WABC) * Man Arrested in Bronx Tourist Hotel Rape(NBC)

Cuomo ex-wife Kerry Kennedy busted for being impaired behind wheel: report(NYP)

Manhattan DA: Police Officer Stole Guns From Lockers, Re-Sold Them2 Manhattan Jewelers Admit Illegal Ivory Trading(NYT) *Sex Assault Case Now Includes Plot to Kill Boy(NYT) * Misdemeanor sexual assault reports spike in western Que(NYDN) * Cops: Brooklyn Residents On Edge Due To Broad Daylight  (WABC) * NYCLU blasts cop DNA goof (NYDN) * NYPD Cop Accused of Stealing Guns From Fellow Officers, Selling Them to Criminals(NY Mag) * Queens man accused of killing ex-girlfriend now charged with first-degree murder(NYP) * No deal: 'Rapist' switches plea, insists sex was consensual(NYP) * Arrest Made In Shooting Death Of Manhattan Student (NY1) * Manhattan cop sold NYPD guns to support drug habit: DA(NYDN) * Bronx Mom Indicted for Murdering 2 Kids: DA(NBC) * Man Shot in BK Day After Anti-Violence Rally(NBC) * Cop Admits Stealing NYPD Guns for Drug Dealer to Support Habit (DNA INFO) * NYPD officer accused of stealing, selling guns(WABC)