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How's This for A Trial Balloon

NY Post Wood! Weiner Rises for Erection, Indeed

NYP Says de Blasio and Quinn Aids Rewrote Their Wikipedia Bio- Mayoral Aids Become USSR Ministers Misinformation
City pols rewriting records(NYP) Wiki-sneaks ‘fix’ their pages Wikipedia entries for some of the candidates running for mayor next year are being re-written — by aides to those candidates.
Who is Warren Wilhelm?
The biography of Public Advocate Bill de Blasio used to report that he was born Warren Wilhelm. On May 8, however, a de Blasio staffer removed that name and replaced it with word that he is of “German-American and Italian-American heritage.”

The Quinn Slush Fund Scandal Cover Up
The City Council communications office on Nov. 23 made 11 changes to council Speaker Christine Quinn’s life story on Wikipedia.  There was updated news from The Post that a federal investigation of the widely-publicized “slush fund” controversy was over. Somehow, the revision removed all mention of the controversy, in which the council parked $17 million in discretionary money meant for real organizations under fictitious group names — one of the most embarrassing chapters in the council’s history.  Along the way, another entry was removed — one that accused Quinn of being impolite for chewing gum during speeches and of approving a 40 percent budget cut to the office of the Public Advocate in 2009.

Where is the Outrage?
So Called NY Liberals Hide From the Wikipedia Rewrite Issue or the Fact that Today's Pols are on Facebook and Twitter Reporting on Themselves

Quinn Uses Millions in City Funds to Run for Mayor By Buying Votes
City Council Speaker Christine Quinn has millions of discretionary dollars to dole out as she gears up for her run for mayor (NYDN)  Community groups of many different kinds benefit from Christine Quinn's generosity with public dollars. “Having tens of millions of dollars available to distribute to Council members and their constituents translates to votes,” said Baruch College political scientist Doug Muzzio.Councilmembers Ply Vito Lopez With Pork | New York Daily News


Lame Duck Bloomberg waved a white flag at the teachers union on school closing

Mike’s surrender(NYP Ed)



Looks Like the NYT Management Likes to Hang Out i;postID=6793883679525539540n the Hamptons
2, The Hamptons Party Starts on the Train Tracks
3, Sparing No Expense for a Copter Ride to the Hamptons


Troubled New York Hospitals Forgo Coverage for Malpractice(NYT)




The deep end: Confessions of a McCarren lifeguardThe deep end: Confessions of a McCarren lifeguard(NYP)


Court of Appeals deserves the best and brightest(NYDN Ed) Gov. Cuomo must put the merit back in merit selection of judges The Daily News urged Governor Cuomo to avoid a political pick for the state’s highest court.

Why Did It Take the Daily News To Get Cameras in the Projects - Mike?
Where was the City Council?
Where was the Boro Presidents?
Where was the Public Advocate?

In a 2009 editorial the Daily News Make it Mike Again, the paper said "His management talent delivered that rarest of things, a virtually scandal-free government."  Lets not even get into the largest scandal in the history of New York CityTime.  Lets look at "His Management Talent."  Oh yea, where are the cameras in the crime ridden projects?  

Squirrel Weiner Still Has A Lot of Nuts
Anthony Weiner has $4.5M left in campaign fund from aborted mayoral run(NYP)

More Nuts $$$
Quinn Raises Maximum for Possible Primary Runoff (WSJ) * John Liu shakes off scandal to haul in 600G  * Mayoral hopefuls release fundraising data.(NBC) * Christine Quinn gets a jump on fund-raising for after the 2013 primary(Capital) * Quinn's pile of cash(NYDN) * Gary Ackerman's continuing to spend campaign cash money * Jeffries discussed the significance of his win with the Daily Beast. * Quinn releases fundraising data for 2013 NYC race * . spox: "approximately $1.5 million in the 13 months since it began accepting contributions..." * Bill Thompson campaign says it has raised nearly $500,000 over the past sixth months for 2013 mayoral race.

* Rangel To Thank Supporters For Election Win (NY1) * Rangel finally celebrates primary victory(WABC)* I greatly enjoyed speaking to the men and women at Calvary Baptist Church's Men's Day Breakfast this morning in... * No new legal bills on Michael Grimm's latest FEC filing, still $321,000 like the last one: * The results in Queens for , Hakeem Jeffries 88%, Charles Barron 11%.. And in the results in (East New York), represented by Charles Barron's wife Inez, Hakeem Jeffries 53%, Charles Barron 47%. the results for , which is Bed-Stuy, considered the battleground, Hakeem Jeffries over Charles Barron 64%-36%.* One of the areas that Espaillat got killed -- heavily Puerto Rican East Harlem. 64% Rangel, 19% Adriano 

Con Ed Donation To Governor Support Group Probed(NY1) * Con Ed, Union To Return To Bargaining Table Saturday (NY1)

Fighting Crime Has Become Spin to Speaker Quinn

Fight Between Kelly, Local Leaders Puts Quinn In Uncomfortable Spot(NY1) * Mayor Bloomberg touts Ray Kelly as best police commish(NYDN)* Teen speaks out on gun violence days after being shot(WABC) * NYPD's stop and frisk is polarizing policy on Staten Is (SI Advance)* Man Shot in BK Day After Anti-Violence Rally(NBC) *Brooklyn, Bronx Shootings Latest In City Gunfire Rash(NY1) calls (suing city over ) "no better than the NRA" in terms of absolutist ideology. * Man shot by another motorist in elbow while driving SUVNYDN) * Bronx Teen Shot Dead Near Harlem Hospital * Mayor: NYCLU Does Not "Do Anything" To End Need For Stop-And-Frisks(NY1)

Sharpton Wants Summit With Kelly Who Likes the Idea

Another BOE Screw Up

Anti-Engel wave in Election District 66 raises eyebrows  (Riverdale Press)






The Education Mayor Gets Checked 
Bloomberg, Walcott Speak Out About Stalled Education Plan(NY1) * Week Ends With Uncertainty for 24 City Schools(WNYC) * Mayor Bloomberg's surrender on turning around 24 schools is a loss for the kids (NYDN Ed)  Studies show the plan he had intended to use are key to reform in other states


Average teacher makes $44G while their top union bosses pull in nearly $500G(Fox News )

New data spotlights New Yorkers’ student-debt struggles(NY World)

Where My Dumplings

Major construction delays on GWB starting todayMajor construction delays on GWB starting today(NYP)

Gus Reichbach was an excellent and respected jurist who was rarely if ever reversed. Big loss. RIP* B’klyn judge Gustin Reichbach dies at 65(NYDN)

Union Efforts Over Conditions at Grocers Split 2 Immigrant Groups(NYT) Workers in Brooklyn supermarkets have accused their employers of unfair conditions, a fight pitting Latino workers against South Korean store owners.

Murdoch Protects ‘Post’ Editor

Rupert Murdoch has had his share of scrutiny recently thanks to an international phone hacking scandal. But now, it looks like the media mogul's conversations with New York Post editor Col Allan may also become public fodder. The Post is trying to keep Allan from having to divulge whether he and Murdoch discussed apologizing for a controversial cartoon that many believed depicted President Obama as a chimp. The issue has become central to a bias lawsuit brought against News Corp. by an employee who charges the company harassed and discriminated against her because of her race.Read it at Reuters

Park Pushed Neighborhood's Revival (WSJ) David Berliner, chairman of the Madison Square Park Conservancy, has helped plot a transformation that took longer and received less attention than the park's more celebrated peers.

Condo, Co-op Boards Face Bigger Risks(WSJ) A state appellate court decision handed down last week makes it easier for individual board members to be personally sued for damages when co-op or condo boards are taken to court.

Obama Continues War on Bain
Democratic govs say Obama's message still needs work (Politico)  *Penny Pritzker has taken a dialed back role in the reelection campaign. * Facebook is embracing the business the election brings. * Obama didn’t let pouring rain slow him down in a campaign speech. * Romney Faces Mounting Attacks on Bain and Taxes(NYT) * Romney Advisor To Candy Crowley: Romney ‘Retired Retroactively’ From Bain * Bob Schieffer Confronts Obama Staffer Who Said Romney Either Lied Or May Have Committed Felony * George Will: Romney Must Think Costs Of Releasing Tax Returns Outweigh Not Releasing Them * Fox’s Brit Hume Asks GOP Governors Why Obama Is Polling Ahead Of Romney In Their States * Axelrod: We Never Called Romney A Felon, Just Said He Might Have Committed A Felony * Bob Schieffer Objects, On-Air, To Being Used In Romney Campaign ‘Hope And Change’ Ad

TV SoundOff: Sunday Talking Heads(Huff Post)

Romney Seeks Obama Apology for Bain Attacks(NYT)* Voter IDs on Trial(NYT Ed) * Wait, Wasn’t Bain Supposed To Be Off-Limits? | The New Republic * Mitt Romney Insists To CNN: ‘I Had No Role Whatsoever In Management Of Bain Capital After February 1999′ * President Obama to Mitt Romney: ‘The Buck Stops With You’(ag) * Democratic campaign gets down and dirty over Romney's Bain controversy (UK Guardian) * WATCH: Romney Sings In Tough New Obama Ad * Mitt Romney's Tangled Web - Charles Blow, New York Times * Obama Campaign's Stench of Desperation - Ed Morrissey, Hot Air *  FDR's 1936 Lessons for Obama - Stephen Schlesinger, Huffington Post * GOP Only Represents the Super-Rich - Robin Wells, The Guardian * Romney Veep Clock Running Out - Kaplan & Reinhard, National Journal * Romney's Very Real Bain Problem - Jamelle Bouie, The American Prospect *

Obama Talks of Unity as Campaign Attacks - Chris Stirewalt, FOX News * Why Obama Shouldn't Take Black Vote for Granted - Frey & Teixeira, TNR * In Defense of Brad Pitt's Mom - Michelle Malkin, Townhall * Laws Try to Muzzle Voters - Chicago Sun-Times * Obama Administration vs. Voter Integrity - New Hampshire Union Leader* Swing state voters are going to hear Mitt Romney singing every time they turn on the TV... *   Daily Tracking: : 46%, : 45%...* This new ad against Mitt Romney is the most brutal yet. It even feels a bit Dukakis in the Tank-ish. * Chris Hayes Weighs In On Bain: 'If I Can Just Be An Annoying Buzzkill Precious Liberal For A Second...' * * Washington Post's Factcheck of Romney’s departure from Bain says it's not as scandalous as Dems claim * Poll: Romney, Obama deadlocked in Florida (The Hill) * Obama attacks on outsourcing but doesn't mention Bain:(Politico) * Did Mitt Romney commit a felony by making a false Bain-related statement on his disclosure forms?(Mother Jones) * Oprah sits down with Romneys(CNN)

This Land Is Your Land(Video)

Law and Order 

35 Anniversary of the 1977 Blackout 

Web whiz snared with NYPD cop in drug and gun bust(NYP) * New York Police Officer Charged in Gun Theft(NYT) * Officer Accused in Gun-Trafficking Scheme(WSJ) * Manhattan DA: Police Officer Stole Guns From Lockers, Re-Sold Them(NY1)* Manhattan cop sold NYPD guns to support drug habit: DA(NYDN) 


Kerry Kennedy, Governor's Ex-Wife, Is Charged With D.W.I.(NYT) * Kennedy Charged(WSJ) * Police: Gov. Cuomo’s Ex-Wife, Kerry Kennedy, Arrested For (WCBS)*
RT : Cops say Kerry Kennedy on drugs when she crashed car; family spox says blood tests negative. Who's right?

Wife of ticket-fix cop not standing by her man(NYP)* ‘Boardwalk’ slay(NYP) * Arrest Made In Shooting Death Of Manhattan Student(NY1) * Cops hunt fish filcher(NYP) * 11th-hour rape recant(NYP) * NYC teens charged with hate crime in school attack(Fox 5) * Bronx Mom Indicted for Murdering 2 Kids: DA(NBC) * Police are looking for a Queens "Sushi Bandit" who they say swiped $1,600 worth of food. (NBC) * Police Search For Driver In Fatal Bronx Hit-And-Run(NY1)2 Middle School Bullies Charged, Released In Case Of Anti-Gay Assault That Left Victim Blind In One Eye   * Alleged Suspect Arraigned In Shooting Death Of Harlem Student (NY1)
VIDEO: Accused subway sexual assaulter collared by stra(NYDN) *Street justice: Bystanders drag subway 'pervert' off train,(NYP)
* Law school grad indicted on first-degree murder in girlfriend's (NYDN)
* Corrections Officers Sentenced In Bribery Scheme(WCBS) * Bronx apartment robbery(Fox 5) * Police hunt suspects in Crown Heights armed robbery(WABC) * Jail assaults jump 25%(NYDN) * Cop grazed in gun mishap(NYP) * Police search for Upper Manhattan subway robber(WABC) * Armed Man in Bucket Hat Robs Sandwich Shop, Hotel(NBC) * 19-Year-Old Killed in Harlem Shooting(NBC)

Street justice: Bystanders drag subway 'pervert' off train, hold him for cops(NYP)


5Terrorism Lawyers For 9/11 Suspects Want Legal Proceedings Held During Ramadan (NY1)