Thursday, June 7, 2012

Why is the Press Ignoring Thompson's Failure to Find Scandal in the CityTime Contract or the 911 Upgrade Contract, Liu Did?

Thompson's Free Pass
The 911 computer system crashes  Yesterday More of the Press Does Not Notice or Ask Why?  Or is the System Prepared to Protect New Yorkers from a Terrorist Attack.

Where Was Thompson?  From 2002 to 2009 Comptroller Thompson had responsibility for auditing the CityTime contract and the 911 upgrade contract.  It looks like NY's Passive press will go through the entire election without asking why the former comptroller who wants to be mayor never found any corruption in a contract that led to the largest rip off scandal in the city's history.  We like to know why Thompson did nothing while the CityTime contract went from S35 million to $700 million under his watch? Or why he did not act on a letter in February 2003, from Valcich, then the city's director of the Office of Payroll Administration, who wrote a scathing letter outlining the corrupt in the CityTime Contract. Why did Thompson not flag for investigation what the pro business CrainNY calls Clocking CityTime, the craziest contract ever | Crain's New York *Thompson also has a pension problem The Wolf at the Door of Thompson (True News) * True News: Wolf at Thompson Door, Part II (True News) * Bill Thompson Has His Own Pension Pals- Village Voice

The John Liu Mess Uncovers the 911 Mess

Bloomberg, Thompson And Liu Throw Mud Over Who is Responsible for the 911 Mess Contract . . .  Where is DOI, DAs', The Press or the Council to Place Blame

“If the current comptroller wants to second-guess his predecessor for reviewing and registering this contract, he has that right,” said Bloomberg spokesman Mark Lavorgna. Thompson, a likely mayoral candidate, yesterday defended his decision to sign off on the selection of Hewlett-Packard by City Hall. “This is a contract that was bid, awarded and overseen by Mayor Bloomberg and his agencies,” he said. “The mayor is trying to point fingers and not accept responsibility for his actions.” 911-fix contractor owes city $163M: Liu (NYP)

Will Gambling Become Cuomo's Frist Problem? NOPE
Update: After Setback, Cuomo Weighs New Option for Convention-Casino Complex in City(NYT)
Gambling Group Lobbied for Convention Center at Cuomo Fund-Raiser(NYT) * Lobbying group under fire (YNN) *NY panel figures out how much public needs to know(WSJ) * Calls For Transparency After Questions About Committee's Fundraising(NY1)  * Pro-Cuomo business group needs more transparency (NYDN Ed) Taking $2.4M from gambling interests was a mistake. The Daily News says suggestions of a connection between Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s support for casino gambling and money the Committee to Save New York received in support of it is “hooey,” but argues Cuomo should distance himself from the Committee’s donors * Queens convention center at Aqueduct in limbo(NYDN) * The Cuomo administration “inadvertently” left off the governor’s public schedule an October fundraiser at which Genting officials, their lobbyist and communications strategist – Cuomo confidante Jennifer Cunningham – pitched Cuomo on the Aqueduct convention center. * Chris Smith writes: “(E)ven well short of outright corruption, Cuomo has a significant problem: He looks too clever for using the Committee to dance around disclosure requirements, and the mess damages the image he’s built since his days as New York attorney general: a reform politician taking on Albany’s pay-to-pay culture.” * Occupy protestors pushing for a minimum wage hike delivered Cuomo a fake $2 million check, symbolizing the amount the CSNY received from gambling interests. * Susan Lerner criticized the status of the Committee to Save New York and similar organizations. * How much do you need to know about $2M donation from lobbyists?(SI Advance) * The Shinnecock Indian Nation wants a dialogue with Cuomo over the tribe’s plans to build a casino on Long Island.
Ravi Batra asks if campaign contributions can be "laundered through a 501c4" and JCOPE chair DiFiore (Cuomo appointee) says it's off topic. * Ravi Batra wonders why the source of lobbying funds doesn't extend back to 2011. "Everybody in the state of New York knew it was coming.” *  JCOPE Member “Stunned” By $2M Contribution By Gambling Groups(LoHud) * Common Cause Susan Lerneer says big lobbyists shouldn't get a grace period from revealing donors, should be held to law like all NYers*After JCOPE Hearing, Batra Heads To Hospital(YNN) * GooGoo calls for transparency (Daily Gazette)* Goo-Goos Split On Dislcosure Lookback(YNN)

Campaign 2012 Charter parents fire a warning at mayorals(NYP) * Queens rivals for Congress duke it out(NYDN) * As Primary Day nears, barbs fly in Flushing congressional race (Times Ledger) * A one-time candidate in the NY-06 race, who was knocked off the ballot by Meng, stood up and confronted her at a candidate forum. * The video of this potential Shelly Silver opponent is amazing. * The primary to take on Rep. Nita Lowey is getting ugly.
*Lancman’s Statement on the Wisconsin Recall(Queens Politics) * Charter School Supporters Gear Up For 2013 Fight(YNN) * Charter Schools Prepare for a New Regime at City Hall(WNYC) * John Liu’s office wasn’t happythat City & State reported Simcha Felder was campaigning on city time. * Hikind May Get A Challenger From Upstart Tischler Family(NYO)* Brron was endorsed Amsterdam News endorsed him. * David Storobin said he’ll declare his electoral intentions soon. * Is newly-minted Sen. David Storobin changing his tune on running in the Super Jewish district? He sure sounded like a candidate when he spoke to me earlier this week.* Forest Hills and Bayside could be decisive neighborhoods in the NY-6 campaign.

Krueger's Apple Pac Lost With Its First Endorsed Candidate Lew Fidler 
ICYMI: Sen. Liz Krueger came on CapTon last night with the first candidate endorsed in the 2012 cycle by her “No Bad Apples” PAC: Justin Wagner, who’s challenging GOP Sen. Greg Ball.Councilman Fidler Accepts Endorsement of No Bad Apples PAC

Was Simcha Felder campaigning during New York City work hours yesterday? Chaim Itzkowitz, a resident of Borough Park, said he saw Felder gathering petition signatures for his Senate campaign yesterday between 9:15 and 9:30 a.m. on 13th Ave. between 48th and 49th streets in Brooklyn. "He came up and asked for my signature," Itzkowitz said. "Everyone was joking with him, asking, 'What are you running for this time?'" After Felder announced his Senate candidacy, the New York City tabloids immediately raised questions about the fact that he was continuing to hold onto his lucrative position as New York City deputy comptroller, while he campaigned for office -- something that's only allowed because of a loophole in the New York City charter. Felder, who said at the time that he would campaign strictly during non-work hours, did not return requests for comment, while a spokeswoman for Comptroller John Liu's office said it was "totally false" that Felder had campaigned during work hours yesterday. Chapter 68 of the City Charter says city employees “may campaign only during their personal time and may not use their official city position to advance either their own candidacy or the candidacy of others." (City and State)

Prosecutors in Seabrook Case Can’t Use Just His Last Name(NYT)

A CEO convicted of bribing Kruger will appeal the decision.

GOP Senate's Reefer Madness
G.O.P. Senators Oppose Cuomo’s Marijuana Plan(NYT) *  Skelos Against Plan To Reduce Penalty For Marijuana Public Possession(NY1) * GOP tweaks over Cuomo's pot plan(NYDN)* Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos signaled his conference is open to relaxing the current pot possession law, but said “being able to walk around with 10 joints in each ear, and it only be a violation, I think that is wrong.” * The Democrat-led Assembly plans to take up Cuomo’s pot bill next week.


Annual Budget Dance Always Ends With A Kiss
Speaker, Mayor Continue Yearly Budget Dance(NY1) Regardless of who the mayor is or the City Council speaker, whether it was in 2000 or 2011, the threats come, groups take to the steps of City Hall and the City Council comes to the rescue. It's known as the budget dance. Critics say it's a way for the mayor to control the purse strings, intentionally slashing out the council's pet programs, knowing the council, using the tiny sliver of the budget it has to work with, will only be able to save those programs.* NY1 Online: Debating The City Budget With Fiscal Experts

Court Actions May Cause the City $1Billion Revenue in Next Years Budget
City budget director fears loss of $1B if new taxi plan is defeated in court (NYDN) Mark Page says unfavorable decision could require drastic slashing of services to cover lost medallion money. City budget director Mark Page told council members at a hearing yesterday that nixing a plan to provide outer borough cabs would bereft the city of $1 billion in planned revenue * Taxi Court Challenge Could Cause City Budget Problems(NY1) * City Seeks Proposals For Taxi Payment App(NY1) * Step on gas and OK cab plan, says city(NYDN) * De Blasio wants CC to pass home rule msg on taxi plan to free up $1B caught up in court fight. But it's not clear that's an option.

Wisconsin in NY? Daily News Says Scheduled Subway Fare Hikes in 2013 and 2015  Will Only Cover Rising Pension and Benefit Costs
Labor costs are killing the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (NYDN Ed) Pensions and health care expenses will consume the entire fare hike. Planned MTA fare hikes for 2013 and 2015 will generate almost $1 billion a year, which will be eaten up by employee pension and benefit expenses * The Post sees Cuomo’s stock rising even higher following labor’s loss in the Wisconsin recall election, and urges him to focus on repealing the 30-year-old Triborough Amendment.  The real blow to labor in Tuesday’s elections came not in Wisconsin, but in San Diego and Sane Jose, where voters overwhelmingly approved reductions in pension benefits for currently employed city workers. * Badgering New York (NYDN Ed) Public employee unions should take a lesson from Wisconsin * The Daily Newsthe Post and the Times mused on the Wisconsin vote’s meaning in New York * in battle over pension cuts, former clinton adviser says "the san jose vote is a harbinger of things to come" * E.J. McMahon: Wisconsin vote empowers Cuomo


The Final Frontier: These are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise. to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no one has gone before

Forum in Soundview to help prevent foreclosure(NYDN) 

NYC has yanked property-tax exemptions worth $38 million from more than 900 nonprofits that couldn’t prove they deserved the breaks or didn’t bother to respond to a city survey.

Only Rich Drunks for the Nets
Cheers & booze for Nets’ drinking plan(NYP) *LIRR Faces New Delay: Brooklyn Train Yard(WSJ) Completion of a train storage yard Atlantic Yards developers agreed to build as part of a promised package of benefits for the site has been delayed until 2016 * Fans who pay for premium seating at Barclays Center will be allowed to booze longer (NYP)

Student Bare Protest at Stuy

Baring Shoulders and Knees, Students Protest a Dress Code(NYT)

Real Education News
City, UFT in Talks to Replace Arbitrators(WSJ) New York City is working with the United Federation of Teachers to hurry replacing arbitrators who were recently fired, in order to avoid delaying decisions on firing teachers * Parents Rally In Support Of Charter Schools(NY1) * Special-ed reforms raise fear (NYDN)* Brooklyn Tech alumni raise more than $21 Million (NYDN) * The Lessons of Pineapplegate(NYT)

A proposed merger between NYU Langone Medical Center and Continuum Health partners would create one of the largest health care systems in the city
NYU eyes hospital merger(NYP) * New York Hospitals Look to Merge, Forming Giant(NYT) * Hospitals Consider Merger(WSJ) * 2 major NYC hospital systems consider merger(WSJ) …The deal requires regulatory approval, and at least one patient advocacy group has vowed to challenge it. 

The Indian Point 2 nuclear reactor automatically shut down yesterday, with the main electrical generator cited as the "probable" case, The Post writes:

City will crack down on super-sized food carts, safety regulations(NYP) * City Bites Into Carts(WSJ) * The NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene is proposing a series of new and clarified regulations for mobile food vendors, including capping the size of carts at 5 feet wide and 10 feet long.

At 7-Eleven, the Big Gulps Elude a Ban by the City(NYT) * Soda-ban fizzle (NYP) A January poll conducted by the Bloomberg administration found that by a 52-47 margin New Yorkers opposed restricting the size of sugared drinks in restaurants

The Making of A President 2012

Scarborough rips Times for biased coverage (Politico) * San Diego and San Jose Lead Way in Pension Cuts(NYT) * Europe’s Woes Give Democrats New Line of Attack(NYT) * President Barack Obama and his party raise a combined $60 million in May for re-election bid (AP) 98% of the donations the campaign received in May were less than $250, and the average donation was $54.94. * Have $40,000? Here's what that gets you in presidential fundraising (Huff Post)* The New York Times looked at Mitt Romney’s home near San Diego..* Bubba and Mitt(NYP) * Debbie Wasserman Schultz hasn’t been the best surrogate on the Democrat’s Wisconsin loss. * POLL: Obama leads by 5 in Virginia(TPM) * Post-Wisconsin Overreaction Commences - Alec MacGillis, New Republic *Walker Shifts Attitudes on Public Unions - Michael Barone, DC Examiner * Obama, Post-Post-Partisanship - Steve Erickson, American Prospect * Get Serious About Governing, Democrats - Matt Welch, Reason * A Dangerous Result in Wisconsin - E.J. Dionne, Washington Post * Presidential Race at a Tipping Point? - Reid Wilson, National Journal * Wisconsin and the GOP Ground Game - Karl Rove, Wall Street Journal * Bill Clinton Sparks Campaign Commotion - Tom Curry, MSNBC * A Closer Look at Those Wisconsin Exit Polls - Sean Trende, RealClearPolitics * Don Imus Supports Mitt Romney, Charlie Rangel(NYO) * Romney/RNC raises $76.8 million in May to Obama/DNC $60 million  * Romney, Republicans outraise Obama, Dems with $76.8M in May(NYP) * WATCH: New York Times Leak Controversy Escalates(Huff Post) * Revolt: Liberal Columnist Battles NY Times Reporter Over ‘Thin, Silly’ Piece On Romney’s House * Jeb Bush thinks he probably should have run for president this year. * peaking of moles, a bipartisan group of House and Senate intelligence committees members thinks the Obama administration has sprung way too many leaks. * With friends like these…Former Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell took another swipe at Obama, suggesting Hillary Clinton would have been a more effective president.*  Obama Is Killing the Democratic Party - Jennifer Rubin, Washington Post * Romney Just Making Stuff Up Now - Jonathan Chait, New York Magazine * What's Up With Bill Clinton? - John Dickerson, Slate * Obama Sets a Record for Divisiveness - Michael Graham, Boston Herald * FOX News: Obama 43, Romney 43 | State Polls: OH, VA, FL, MI, CO, WI

The selective justice of Charles Hynes (NYDN Kriss (Former Candidate)  His only duty should be to the victims

Newspapers Focus More On Digital Properties As Online Advertising Sales Stall: Report(Huff Post)

Eliot Spitzer says “there’s no objectivity in network news” – including his old employer, CNN - and “it would be better for all of us if we just accepted that.”

City lawmakers want AG Holder to examine NYPD stop & fr(NYDN) * Stop-and-Frisk App Lets Bystanders Record NYPD (WSJ) * New York Politicians Take D.C. Road Trip To Push For Stop And Frisk Investigation (NYO)* Eric Holder Discussing Plans For NYPD Stop And Frisk Investigation(NYO) * Mr. Boyland Tries to Go to Washington (NYO) * Local Lawmakers Demand Justice Dept. Investigate NYPD's Frisk Policy(NY1)

EXCLUSIVE: Could A Possible Motive Be Emerging In Etan Patz (WCBS)* NYPD returns to home of Etan Patz murder suspect(WABC) * In Patz Case, a Confession on an Image of the Child(NYT)


VIDEO: 3 wanted for brutal beating of Bronx boy(NYP) * 3 sought in beating of Bronx teen(WSJ) * Surveillance video shows three Bronx teens attack 14-ye(NYDN) * Caught On Tape: Bronx Teen Brutally Beaten And Robbed Of (WCBS)

Police: Woman Ran Over, Killed Teenage Boyfriend In Bronx(NY1) * Girlfriend Accused in Fatal Runover(WSJ)

Judge Is Said to Identify Officer Accused of Hitting Him(NYT) * State Supreme Court Judge Claims NYPD Officer Attacked Him(NY1) * Judge says he was punched by cop(WABC)

Eric Schneiderman pushed his prescription drug proposal on Inside City Hall. *NY1 Online: State Attorney General Speaks About Prescription Drug Reform * The Journal News praises the real-time prescription drug database deal. * Newsday enthusiastically supports new I-Stop regulations to curb prescription drug abuse: * 2 cops injured in Bronx(NYP) hit by objects thrown out of a Bronx window early * Slay rap vs. cradle robber(NYP) * Student, 17, Is Shot in Brighton Beach(NYT) *Teen Trying To Help Robbery Victim Shot In Brooklyn(NY1) Suspect Sought in Queens Sex Attacks and Robberies(NYT)  * Police Search Hernandez's NJ Home For Patz Clues(NY1) * Judge hits fed marriage act (NYDN)
* Cops hunt Etan evidence in N.J. home (NYDN) * Bronx man convicted of murdering Holocaust survivor(NYDN)  * Drug deal gone bad eyed in shooting deaths of 3 found inside car outside Manhattan School of Music * Woman who allegedly ran down boyfriend after he damaged her iPhone says she still loves him * Magician Arrested in Series of Brooklyn Bank Robberies(NYT)
* Three Men Found Dead In Parked Car In Manhattan(NY1)

* Bronx man, 75, fatally beaten in home(NYDN)* Teenager shot after trying to break up robbery(WABC)* Marchella Pierce mom gets 32 to life for girl's murde(WABC) * Cops searching for burglars who posed as delivery men(AMNY)* Career crook shot after botching robbery and challenging(SI Advance) * Thief Slides Chained Bike Up Pole: Police(NBC) * Bronx Boy Attacked While Waiting for Elevator(NBC)

* Rockaway drug program pledges curfew crackdown(NYDN)

Reviving an Old Crime, Wheel Thieves Put Cars Back Up on the Blocks(NYT)