Friday, June 8, 2012

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Mr. Seabrook Your A Crook

Prosecutors in Seabrook Case Can’t Use Just His Last Name(NYT) Prosecutors in the retrial of City Councilman Larry Seabrook are not allowed to refer to the defendant by his last name only


Former MediSys CEO David Rosen Files Appeal on Carl Kruger Bribe Scandal Conviction(City and State)


Campaign 2012 Nydia Velázquez has multiple new mailers out. * Elizabeth Crowley said Rory Lancman will raise taxes on the middle class. * Amsterdam News: Where's Adriano Espaillat?(NYDN) * . camp said never invited them for endorsement interview.


NYT Uncovers Union Divided Over C$NY
Private sector unions in NY gave $500k to a group helping cuomo take on public sector unions
Donations to Key Cuomo Ally Show a Rift Among Unions(NYT) A choice by some private unions to back Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo, aiding an offensive against their public-sector brethren, exposes a deepening fissure in the labor movement. Private building and construction trades unions gave $500,000 to the Committee to Save New York, illuminating a deepening rift between private and public sector unions, the New York Times reports * Editorial: Let all see gambling's backers (Newsday Ed) Newsday argues the Committee to Save New York should disclose its donors and the Joint Commission on Public Ethics’ disclosure rules should be strict. A group of building trades unions gave the Committee to Save New York $500,000 when it was formed last year, highlighting their rift with the so-called “progressive” labor set – a rift Cuomo has long sought to use to his advantage. Before he was taken from the meeting to the hospital, JCOPE commissioner Ravi Batra said the disclosures this week about the CSNY left him “stunned.”Cuomo  listed among City & State‘s weekly losers. * The Committee to Save New York controversy was the elephant in the room at the state ethics commission.

NYC Already has A Gambling Casino It is Called NYSE . . .  Cuomo Wants Another One Near Javits

After Setback, Cuomo Weighs New Option for Convention-Casino Complex in City(NYT) Cuomo may be interested in building a casino in Manhattan near the west side of the Javits Convention Center, despite opposition from Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver *Bloomberg: This city's big enough for 2 casinos(CrainsNY)

The NYP Charges As Pols Travel to Washington to Stop Stop and Frisk the People on the Street Want to Keep the Policy
Grid pals say: Stop & frisk!(NYP) * Word from the street (NYP Ed) * Staten Island rally promotes stop-and-frisk protest(SI Advance) * A delegation of New York state, federal and city elected officials met with the Justice Department yesterday urging it to investigate the NYPD’s stop-and-frisk program they said overwhelmingly targets minorities. *  New York Officials, Department Of Justice Meet Over Stop-And-Frisk(Huff Post)*Mr. Boyland Tries to Go to Washington(NYO)

Cuomo Works With Skelos On Pot Compromise Law Scale back his plan to decriminalize open possession of just less than an ounce of marijuana
Common Sense on Marijuana (NYT Ed) Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s proposal to decriminalize public possession of small amounts of marijuana is sound and has wide support from law enforcement. The State Senate majority leader should drop his opposition. * Cuomo, GOP Discuss Pot Compromise(WSJ)  Cuomo is negotiating a potential compromise with state Senate Republicans that could significantly scale back his plan to decriminalize open possession of just less than an ounce of marijuana. * Cuomo is considering a compromise with Senate Republicans on his marijuana decriminalization bill that would significantly scale back the legislation’s reach. * Jon Stewart made fun of Dean Skelos on pot, as well as the soda ban. * Cuomo spox Vlasto splashing cold water on report of marijuana compromise(10:20AM)

Obama, Cuomo and Bloomberg Ground Zero Next Week
Gov. Cuomo and Mayor Bloomberg will escort President Obama during his trip to Ground Zero next week (NYDN) First visit to World Trade Center site for 3 leaders since 10th anniversary of 9/11 attacks. Cuomo and Mayor Michael Bloomberg will accompany President Barack Obama on a trip to Ground Zero next week
Flashback 2011 Bloomberg: Time To Call Ground Zero "World Trade Center" Again ...
Parents Protest High-Stakes Exams Outside Testing Company Offices (WSJ) Parents who oppose the proliferation of standardized testing in schools held a raucous protest Thursday outside the midtown offices of Pearson PLC, which makes tests for New York State. The protest, which drew more than 300 parents and children, was specifically aimed at a series of tests children are taking this week and next that don't count but are used to try out future test questions. * Charter-School Advocates Buy TV Ad (WSJ) * Rally vs. dummy exam by 'pineapple' tester(NYDN) * Parents Pay for School Staff, With Little Oversight(NYT)

New Highs in NYC Homeless
New York City shelter population hit record in April, advocacy group says (NYDN) More than 43,000 people, including 17,000 children, stayed each night, The Coalition for the Homeless reports.  The number of people staying in city shelters last month reached 43,000, a new monthly record high

Inside the Black Market for Food-Cart Permits (WSJ) New food cart regulations proposed by the city's Department of Health and Mental Hygiene Wednesday aim to crack down on the black market for vendor permits.

No Eviction After Renter Didn’t Pay for 9 Years(NYT) A ruling by the Court of Appeals could affect other tenants in buildings that are covered by the 1982 Loft Law and that haven’t been brought up to residential standards. * Citing a law that dates to the Carey administration, the state’s highest court has ruled in favor of a Brooklyn loft-dweller who was facing eviction for not paying rent since 2003.

The Daily News said the judge in the FDNY discrimination case is worse than a loan shark
Court appointed monitor overseeing FDNY minority hiring socks city with $353,321 bill for two months work  (NYDN ED) Judge Nicholas Garaufis signs off of hefty bill for only two months of work. A court appointed monitor overseeing the Fire Department’s hiring practices is billing the city $353,321 for just two months of work.  * Judge Nicholas Garaufis seems to think the city is made out of money (NYDN Ed) Rates he's ordering in FDNY discrimination case will make monitor he appointed a millionaire.  The Daily News disapproves of the $350,000 for two months fee the city must pay to a monitor overseeing the Fire Department’s hiring practices

NY1 Exclusive: MTA To Crack Down On SI Bus Fare-Jumpers(NY1)

Classmates save life of Bronx woman viciously thrown onto tracks at Hunts Point Ave. subway station (NYDN)  Waiting for a No. 6 train, mystery maniac tossed Patricia Villa before an oncoming train * Woman Survives the Ultimate Subway Nightmare (NY Mag)

Deli Vs Bodega the Big Gulp Divide
Turns out there's a legal difference between a deli and a bodega, so one won't be able to sell big sodas 
Ounces of Outrage(WSJ) Deli or bodega? There's a blurry line between the two, but with Mayor Michael Bloomberg's proposal to ban sweetened drinks that are larger than 16 ounces, it's a classification that's increasingly important. * A Marietta, GA writer to Bloomberg: “(W)hen you’re from Atlanta, anytime someone messes with The Coca-Cola Company, ‘Them’s fightin’ words.’”

Barclays Center to Big to Fix

The Making of A President 2012
NYP: Obama to Booker: "I know it was you, Cory. You broke my heart. You broke my heart!
Campaigns Blitz 9 Swing States in a Battle of Ads(NYT) The presidential campaigns and their allies have been bombarding a shrinking pool of swing voters with the earliest concentration of advertisements in the modern political era.The presidential is zeroing in mainly on nine swing states, Colorado, Florida, Iowa, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia, bombarding them with commercials in the earliest concentration of advertising in modern politics. NYT * The Big Lies of Mitt Romney V: Obama Had A Super-Majority In Congress For Two Years (Daily Beast)* Bill Clinton Denies Undermining Obama: 'I'm Very Sorry' * An Obama administration official said Newark Mayor Cory Booker is “dead to us” and ruined his shot at a cabinet post (should the president be re-elected) with his criticism on the Bain attacks.* Both Obama and Romney have made typos. * Ed Rendell To CNN: ‘I’m Not Sure [Obama] Is Going To Win’ *Geraldo: GOP Sought ‘Destruction Of First African American Attorney General’ Before Election * Obama Administration Looks Like a House of Cards - Peggy Noonan, WSJ *  How Obama Can Focus on Jobs and Win - Jonathan Alter, Bloomberg * Dems Jittery Over Obama's Sputtering Bid - Eleanor Clift, Daily Beast * Obama Maintains Tenuous Advantage Over Romney - Nate Silver, NYT * an Mitt Romney Spend Obama Dry? - Jonathan Chait, New York Magazine * Mitt Romney, Undefined - Chris Good, ABC News * Obama's Race Makes Him the Underdog - Mike Lupica, New York Daily News * FOX News: Obama 43, Romney 43 | State Polls: OH, VA, FL, MI, CO, WI *Celebrity Endorsements All Obama Has Left - Matt Continetti, Free Beacon* **Lobby E-Mails Show Depth of Obama Ties to Drug Industry(NYT) * Demographic Shifts in Key States Could Aid Obama in Fall(NYT)

 New York's Hatfields and Mccoys
Billionaire Hank Greenberg’s long battle to obtain private e-mails of former AG Eliot Spitzer were slowed yesterday when current AG Eric Schneiderman’s office sought to overturn a court order mandating their disclosure.

Soda Ban Bafflement: Jon Stewart Tries To Figure Out What He's Allowed to Put in His Mouth

Where AP lies lead (NYP Ed) A Muslim “civil rights” group filed suit in federal court Wednesday seeking to bar the NYPD’s Intelligence Division from senting detectives to public places across the Hudson, while dispatching undercover officers to follow cases that led beyond city limits.

Investigators find child's clothes, toy at Patz 'killer' home(NYP) * In Patz Case, a Confession on an Image of the Child(NYT)

NYPD: Trio slain near Columbia were ripping off dealers, retaliation eyed(NYP)

Triple BMW executions(NYP) * 3 Men Are Found Dead in BMW Near Columbia(NYT)Three Men Found Shot Near Columbia University(WSJ) * Three men found fatally shot in BMW parked near Columbi (NYDN) * 3 Men Found Shot Dead Inside BMW In Morningside Heights(WCBS) * 3 men fatally shot, execution style, in car near Columb(WABC) * 3 Found Dead inside Parked Car Near Columbia(NBC)

Magician Arrested in Series of Brooklyn Bank Robberies(NYT) * Man who gained fame for eating light bulbs under arrest(WABC)

Law and Order
Psychic’ vision of ’04 killer(NYP) * ‘Slay’ gal ‘still loves’ SUV victim (NYP) * Hookers eyed in Bx. slay(NYP) * Man Linked to Saudi Prince Draws 10-Year Term for Rape(NYT) * Queens Thief Didn’t Count on Missionaries(NYT) * Using a Dollhouse to Reconstruct a Murder, 77 Years Later(NYT) * NYPD looking for man who attacked with scissors(WSJ) * Elderly Bronx Man Found Dead With Message Written On Chest(NY1) * Police: Man Arrested Wednesday Connected To Six Brooklyn Bank Robberies(NY1) * Curfews keep young creeps  off  the streets (NYDN) * HPD bureaucrat hit over shoplifts (NYDN) * Murder rap in Bx. lipstick rage (NYDN) * True grid: Shot kid is on mend (NYDN) Says boyfriend stepped into path of her car(NYDN) * Sex abuse allegations rock elite prep school(NYDN) * Man busted for charging immigrants to translate at hosp(NYDN) * Metro-North engineer caught reading at the helm  of tra(NYDN) * Police Seeking Suspect In 3 Brooklyn Knife-Point Robbe(WCBS) * Hookers eyed in Bx. slay(NYP) * A judge ruled that Occupy Wall Street protesters arrested on the Brooklyn Bridge * Judge Permits OWS Lawsuit Against NYPD (NY1) * NYPD Spokesman Says Stories Of Reporters Arrested At Occupy Raid Were ‘A Total Myth’(NYO)


Fast-Paced Thieves Reinvent the Wheel Crime(NYT)