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May Day


Ray ‘Still contemplating’ run for mayor(NYP) NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly hasn’t ruled out a run for mayor either, but his spokesman said Kelly didn’t recall a comment he made last week that he was “contemplating” jumping in the race * Why the Kelly-for-Mayor Hype Is Win-Win-Win(NY Mag)


Was the Walk Out For Bloomberg Or A Message to the 1% That Quinn is No Lefty 

The Politics of A Walk Out

Quinn Quits Wage Rally After Bloomberg Is Insulted(NYT) * Speaker's Wage-Bill Celebration Turns Sour(WSJ) * Quinn storms out of ‘living wage’ rally after insult to Bloomberg(NYDN) * Mayor Michael Bloomberg – A History Of Insults (City and State)* Christine Quinn’s leaving of a living wage press conference after a participant heckled the Mayor as “Pharaoh Bloomberg” could be viewed either “as a principled stand that makes her appear mayoral or a fit of pique that could prove a liability,” writes Kate Taylor.* NYC Council Speaker Christine Quinn defended her living wage press conference walkout, saying: “I’ve overreacted in my time, So I know what it looks like when I overreact, and that wasn’t one of them.” * A Bloomberg spokesman declined to comment on the incident, spurred by a man who called the mayor “pharaoh.”  

Council Responsible for NY's Growing Unemployment Rate Pass A Law That Effects Almost Nobody

Michael Powell: The City Council passed a small so-called living wage bill on Monday, and the accompanying language, in classic New York style, was gloriously excessive.//The measure, Speaker Christine C. Quinn and her Council and labor allies proclaimed, would put in place the most extensive, most ambitious, “most impactful” (a leader in 2012’s ugliest adjective of the year contest) living wage law in the country.//As revolutions go, however, this bill falls short of the Bolsheviks’ storming the Winter Palace.//Ms. Quinn spent months trimming and cutting the bill down to the size of a hat box. In the end, 500 workers in city-subsidized projects of a certain size under certain conditions in certain places will gain the right to make $10 an hour plus health benefits, or $11.50 an hour without. (NYT)


Living Wage would affect 0.013% of the jobs in the city - 500 Workers

As Economic Slogans Has Become the Council's Economic Policy as the City's 9.6% Unemployed Suffer 

Council defies Mike, passes living wage(NYP) * Large Majority Of City Council Votes For Living Wage Bill(NY1) * NY1 Online: Debating Living Wage LegislationNew York on $15,000 a Year(NYT Ed) Albany needs to raise the minimum wage to $8.50 an hour. It would not end poverty in New York, but it would make a difference for nearly a million people. NYT sides w/Assembly Speaker Silver over on minimum wage. Also wants Congress to act. *  The Revolution Will Be Minimized(NYT) Claims by Council Speaker Christine Quinn and her labor allies about how “impactful” living wage bill will be are overblown given that it will help only 500 workers*  Wages of Quinn(NYP) Speaker’s dubious ‘living’ bet Quinn’s support for a watered down living wage bill, which would have little impact on poverty and could hurt some workers, is based on political calculations, Nicole Gelinas argues in the Post. Nicole Gelinas concurs: “Why pass a “living wage” at all if it’s not big enough to matter much, good or bad? Politics. The anti-poverty “advocates” and union honchos whose support Quinn needs have seized upon the bill as a top issue.”* Quinn and the Living Wage(Gotham Gazette)

OWS  May Day

 OWS bums to foul up working folks in NY(NYP) * Envelopes With White Powder Sent to Mayor and 6 Banks(NYT) Bloomberg and six banks were mailed letters containing a harmless white powder intended to scare the recipients ahead of today’s planned Occupy protests* NYC activists hope to achieve May Day disruptions(WSJ) *Occupy Protesters To March To Union Square, Then Rally In Lower Manhattan(NY1) * OWS eyed in powder mailings (NYDN) * Threatening Letters Containing White Powder Sent To Manhattan(WCBS) * OWS ‘May’ get ugly out there(NYP) * NYPD assessment warns of May Day commuter trouble and "militancy."(NYO) * Protesters Prepare for May Day, Police Brace(NY Mag)* A (not leaked) NYPD memo warns of possible “militant eletments” among today’s protesters and a variety of “disruptive activities” including “vandalism” and “a blockade of New York City bridges, tunnels, and ferries.”*  Occupy Wall Streets gets the rainy day it didn't want(Capital) * Cops make arrests, investigate suspicious packages in citywide OWS May Day protests(NYP) * Live video stream of the May Day protest in Union Park.


Your Fired 
Council arsonist fireproof(NYP) Councilman Ydanis Rodriguez, who may have overstepped his legal authority by terminating press secretary David Segal, 26, offered to rehire him, the sources said.


Jurors Begin Deliberations In Espada Corruption Trial(NY1)

Kruger and His Man

Dr. Michael Turano asked to be jailed in the same facility as Carl Kruger, who he lived with. (NYP) * 

More Kruger Corruption
Robert Aquino, former CEO of Parkway Hospital in Queens, has been sentenced to four months in prison for bribing ex-Sen. Carl Kruger.







Liu Battling to Save His Public Image As the FBi Indites His Treasurer He Goes After Wal-Mart

New York Pension Funds to Challenge Wal-Mart(NYT) A crowd of more than 200, mostly from two union locals, cheered at a rally Monday amid hopes that the city comptroller, John C. Liu, will. New York City pension fund officials plan to vote against a slate of Wal-Mart directors at an upcoming shareholder meeting in the wake of bribery allegations against the company’s Mexican division still run for mayor. * John Liu suggests he'll run for mayor in 2013(NYDN) Embattled City Comptroller John Liu all but pledged to run for mayor at a rally yesterday, defending his campaign’s fundraising and getting support from Council members Inez Dickens and Melissa Mark-Viverito * Going all the way': Liu and union allies muster a rally for 2013 (Capital) * John Liu Holds Giant Non-Campaign Rally for His 2013 Campaign [Video] (NYO)

Lynch/Artz Put Together Amen Chorus For Liu

To Hide The Indictment Plea of His treasurer Today

CUNY The Political Dump for Pols Looking for A Jog

Martha Stark still has a job at CUNY. 

Election 2012  Rematches Are Theme of Many House Races(NYT) * Vito Fossella: Back in the House someday? (Wash Post) * State Senate Democrats are holding a trifecta of fundraisers. (DP) * Michael Grimm Officially Knocked Off Independence Line(NYO) * Kavanagh Chief-Of-Staff Running For Lancman Seat(City and State  * Rangel Rivals Survive Ballot Challenges; Mixed Bag for NY-6 Also-Rans (NYO) * Toby Ann Stavisky Consolidates Asian-American Political Support(NYO) * State Independence Party Chairman Frank MacKay said Grimm “has been our candidate and will continue to be our candidate.” He urged all Indy voters to support Grimm in the general election (on some other ballot line).* Assemblywoman Grace Meng was also kicked off the Indy line, but, in a more positive development (from her point of view), she’s the only Asian candidate left on the ballot in NY-6. * Bob Turner refused to rule out tax increases as a way to balance the federal budget. * A number of Dan Halloran domain names were purchased by  a defunct, neo-pagan charity founded by Halloran.* Add Dick Grasso the list of people calling for Ray Kelly to run for mayor. * Senate Democrats call for the public financing of campaigns. * Lancman campaign is vowing to appeal Mittman's signatures and fight them in court (C&S)

 Dr. Cuomo’s shaky scalpel (NYDN) Why the governor's crackdown on out-of-network health care costs failed to work. Bill Hammond finds Cuomo’s “well-intentioned” crackdown as AG on exorbitant out-of-network HMO bills “not only fell short of truly fixing the problem, but arguably allowed things to get worse.”


Cuomo Calls For Investigation Into Whether NYRA Withheld Money From Bettors(NY1) * Cuomo has directed the IG to investigate a “shocking” and “very troubling” report that NYRA officials deliberately withheld some $8.5 million from bettors.* Two top NYRA officials – President Charlie Hayward (who makes $475,000 a year) and counsel Patrick Kehoe ($423,000) – are on unpaid administrative leave in the meantime.

Cuomo moved  to assert his influence over New York State’s education policy

The Gov’s gambit(NYP Ed) Railing that “government has failed,” Cuomo announced the formation of a 20-member panel with a singular task: Save New York’s schools. Cuomo’s creation of a new panel to save the state’s schools could result in “meaningful school reform” since a governor is putting himself on the line* Cuomo Forms Panel to Make 'Action Plan' for Education(NYT) * Richard Parsons to be Cuomo's ed czar  (NYDN) More Education NewsHigh Turnover for Charter School Principals, Report Says(NYT) * Principal Fined for Canceling Class So Son Could Be Tutored(NYT) * The commission is necessary because “government has failed” to achieve much-needed reforms, Cuomo said.* “I want a blueprint. I want a report that can be translated into legislation, which can be translated and enacted into an action plan to make this state’s education system the best on the globe. Period. That’s what we’re looking for.”* The Regents are considering a proposal from the state Education Department to make the statewide Global History and Geography exam optional for some students. It’s the most-failed of the five Regents exams required to graduate high school.

 New DOE Social Media Rules

City Lays Out Digital Rules for Teachers(WSJ) New York City on Monday issued its first guidelines for the use of social media in schools, stopping short of an outright ban but warning teachers to keep a bright line between personal and professional accounts. New York City issued social media rules that warn teachers to keep personal and professional accounts separate, as complaints about inappropriate student-teacher contact have risen* New school rules for social media(NYP) * NYC issued its first guidelines for the use of social media in schools, stopping short of an outright ban but warning teachers to keep a bright line between personal and professional accounts.* New York Limits Teacher-Student Contacts Online(NYT)



 Where are the Jobs?

The reconstruction of Croton Water Filtration Plant was supposed to bring jobs to Bronxites, but so far has failed to do so.

State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli called for IDA reform.

BOUNCED! Brooklyn folks around Nets' new home say bra humbug to Hooters (NYDN) Prospect Heights and Park Slope locals upset that curvy-server chain is hunting for digs, pleased they've been getting the brush


It’s not over yet!’ Heartbroken crane dad vows justice(NYP)




 The Making of A President 2012

Ties to Romney ’08 Helped Fuel an Equity Firm(NYT) * Full Scale War Erupts Over Osama Ad(Huff Post) * An Obama ad accuses Mitt Romney of outsourcing US jobs.  * In order to get their endorsements, Rick Santorum wants to ensure the GOP’s policy platform represents conservatives’ interests, while Newt Gingrich wants help retiring his campaign debt and repairing his reputation.* 
President Obama goes after Romney’s “Swiss bank account.”* Michael writes that the Navy SEALs resentment is real, and politically dangerous to Obama  

Bloomberg, Romney meet for first time over breakfast (NYP) **Romney Quietly Meets With Bloomberg(NYT) * Obama goes negative on Mitt Romney’s wealth with ‘Swiss bank account’ (Wash Post) * Romney In NYC To Mark Bin Laden Death Anniversary(CBS) * Moderates are leaving Congress, and Jim VandeHei and Charles Mahtesian predict it’s going to get worse. (Politico)  * President's Ad on Bin Laden Is Well-Played - Michelle Cottle, Daily Beast * Obama Should Be Careful Not to Cross a Line - Brit Hume, FOX News * Mitt Who? The Legend of Paul Ryan - Jonathan Chait, New York Magazine * Romney Hires Bush's Old Economic Gang - Ezra Klein, Washington Post * GOP Becomes Party of Whiners Over Osama - Michael Tomasky, Daily Beast * The Blind Spot in Romney's Economic Plan - Jonathan Cohn, New Republic * In Death, Bin Laden Still Drives US Foreign Policy - Boston Globe * The Atlantic suggests that Bloomberg is such a good get “because we honestly have no idea which way he would go.”

***PM President Obama made a surprise trip to Afghanistan to sign an agreement cementing a U.S. commitment to the nation after the long and unpopular war comes to an end.* Romney and Rudy Giuliani ate pizza with at the firehouse where the former mayor set up the city’s first response center in the aftermath of the Sept. 11 attacks.*Secretly travels to Kabul on bin Laden anniversary to sign post-war agreement (NYP) * Romney’s openly gay spokesman resigned from the campaign.* Romney Spokesman Richard Grenell Resigns Following Backlash For Being Openly Gay * Will Marco Rubio’s support among Cuban-Americans translate into support among other Hispanic voters?


M.P.s: Rupert Murdoch Not ‘Fit’ To Run Media Empire

Haunted husbands glimpse into the abyss(NYP) * Bronx crash a tragedy waiting to happen: experts(NYP) * Mourning Family Reflects on Its Past After Accident(NYT) * SUV Crash Site on Safety Watch List(WSJ) * Medical Examiner Rules Deadly Bronx SUV Crash Was An Accident(NY1) * Recollection of 2011 Bronx River Parkway accident(NYDN) 

 Law and Order

Etan Patz Is Not Alone: 15 Missing Child Cases in NYC Remain Unsolved(DNAINFO)





Man Convicted In NYC Subway Bomb Plot * Adis Medunjanin convicted of planning terrorist attack on New York City(NYP) * Queens Man Convicted in New York Subway Plot(NYT)

Brooklyn jury deliberates fate of accused terrorist(NYDN)