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Minority Senior Woman Former BOE Manager, Set Up,  Forced Out, By White Controlled Queens GOP 
Feds probe Qns. GOP ‘consultants (NYP) The FBI is investigating the Queens Republican Party, its consultants and at least three people it recommended to the city Board of Elections, according to sources recently quizzed by federal agents.  The probe appears to be focused on how board employees may have used their official positions to further their careers as political consultants, as well as their party’s ambitions in local primary elections.  Board employees are recommended by both political parties in each of the five boroughs and are hired by board commissioners.  The names of at least three employees recommended by the Queens GOP — including Stephen Graves, whom the board suspended in April after being caught on tape soliciting cash from a company seeking a contract — came up in questions posed by the FBI, the sources said.  One source said Queens GOP Chairman Philip Ragusa and Executive Vice Chairman Vincent Tabone pushed a board official out of her job for not taking a rival, Myrna Littlewort, off the ballot during a state committee leadership race.  The official, Katherine James, the board’s former deputy chief clerk, said, “They wanted Myrna off the ballot, and there was no way I could do that fair and square.”  The federal probe stems from reports in The Post detailing politicians’ complaints that Queens GOP consultants tried milking them for cash, according to two sources interviewed by the feds.

BOE Consultants, Inc

The Queens GOP Conspiracy to Ice Katherine James Exposes A Network of Consultants Under FBI Investigations Who Use the BOE to Run Their Businesses and Control Politics

A small Board of Elections mailing was a brilliant and simple plan setup and disgrace former Deputy Chief Clerk Katherine James by the Queens GOP leadership and some of their board's employees. The cabal went to the press and accused James who they already push out, of soliciting campaign contributions for her own ‘retirement party, criminally using BOE resources.  
In reality their entrapment plan is all about jobs at the BOE and what the FBI is investigating, the use of party workers at the board to further their and their associates consultant careers.  James was appointed to her job in the Serf Maltese era of the party and is loyal to the Tom Ognibene and Haggerty faction, which has been battling the current leadership of the Queens GOP for years.  James did not want to go and is talking about a lawsuit.

FBI is Looking At BOE Employees Running Consultant Businesses
Robert Hornak the Queens GOP Executive Director gained a lot from the removal of James by the Queens Party GOP Chairman Philip Ragusa and his VP Vincent Tabone who works for mayoral possibility John Catsimatidis.  Hornak who had been functioning as a temp board worker ($11.85 Hour) got GOP loyalist Marie Lynch budget line at $90,000 a year but not her job title.  Lynch who has been the BOE's Director of Machines got James' job and a $30,000 raise.  Hornak knew about the mailing for James retirement party fund raiser.  He told the blog City and State who it was mailed to.  Queens Politics reported that James did not even know about the party, that it was a surprise to her.  Those who set James up never though the blogs would report and investigate the James retirement scam. They were used to bullying without press attention.  Thanks to blog sunlight, it is now very clear that James who left the board in February would never send out an invitation in April with the BOE address on the return envelope.  
BOE Gaming NY's Political System

The Queens GOP Does Not Only Use the BOE for Jobs, It A Business Opportunity That the Less Than 1% Control of All Politics in New York
The NYP Reported Sunday the FBI is probing the BOE on how board employees used their official positions to further their careers and their friends Careers as political consultants. One of the employees that the feds are probing is Qns. GOP ‘consultants Stephen Grave whose offices at the board were raided by the FBI over two years ago.  
Grave's State Committee campaign in the 25AD was paid for by the Ragusa led Queens GOP and run by Jay Golub's GSP consultants. Stephen Graves was recently forced out from the board after it became public that he was caught a couple of years ago on tape by the FBI soliciting a “finder’s fee” from a voting machine contractor in exchange for recommending a particular lobbyist who could deliver the new voting machines to that contracter. Grave was the HAVA director for the BOE and was part of the approval process for the new machines.  To date the consultant Grave's was pushing for an unknown lobbyist consultant to be paid a million and a half dollar bribe, but it is interesting to know that as director of machines for the BOE Lynch was responsible for testing the machines submitted by the different venders.  Hornak who is a consultant like the fired Graves was recently appointed as the BOE director of purchasing has a history of working for GSP.   In Victory Bobb Special Election race for city council in which GSP was paid $14,000, Bobb was knocked off the ballot because Hornak failed to file his acceptance form for ballot access with the board.  Hornak runs Lexington Public Affairs a campaign consultant out of his apartment.  Lexington in addition to working for GSP has reported to have earned over 40,000 on the State's BOE website. 
Another Queens GOP appointee and GSP, BOE connect is BOE board staff analysis John Bougiamas.  Bougiamas has already been punish by the board for using their phones and computers to run his consultant company 360 consultants. Bougiamas has designed the GSP website and has designed site for some of their candidates.  Today Bougiamas runs 360 on a computer he take to work and his private cell phone.

The FBI Investigation of the BOE will Not Stop with Consultants Who Only Work For the GOP 
The Peter Koo 2009 campaign for city council proved that political consultants from different parties at time work together for the same candidate.  Both GSP's Jay Golub and Newspaper VP/ political consultant Michael Nussbaub work together for GOP candidate Peter Koo.  In 2010 they both again worked together again this time for democrat Issac Sasson.  This year Golub is helping Nussbaum candidate for congress Grace Meng by spitting the Jewish vote.  First representing Jeff Gottlieb.  Then representing Robbert Mittman when Gottlieb was exposed as an arsonist.  We already Know about GSP working connections to Board employees.  It is not a far step to assume that Nussbaum and his newspaper who is attached at the hip with the Queens Democrat Party also has a stable of board employees who help him with his consultant business. The buzz is that Nussbaum candidates are regularly helped by the illegal hookup of the BOE registration data base to Queens democrats headquarters on Austin Street. It also will be interesting to see which consultant are caught by the FBI trying to fix the ballot position for Queens machine candidate Rubin Wills in 2010. If the FBI wants to criminally prosecute consultants who have benefit by their relationship with the BOE why not go after elected offices owe their elected position to fixes by the BOE. 

Thank Your For Our Freedom

The sacrifices we salute(NYP) * The dead we honor(NYP) * On Memorial Day, Remember and Honor(NBC) * A Better Way to Honor the Dead - Rep. Charles Rangel, New York Daily News * Remember the Vets - Gary Sinise, Chicago Sun-Times * Honoring Our Soldiers on Memorial Day - Scott Pelley, 60 Minutes

Dicker: Yoda Cuomo Masters Darth Vader Shelly
Shifty Shel’s Andy pander(NYP) Cuomo has mastered the “wily” Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver with a combination of “respect, flattery and hard-ball political threats,” writes the Post’s Fred Dicker. The speaker has decided the governor’s too popular to beat – for now.




Sampson: Et Tu Hassell-Thompson and Stewart-Cousins
Politicians vie to replace state Senate Minority Leader John Sampson - before he gets the boot(NYDN) Ruth Hassell-Thompson of Bronx and Andrea Stewart-Cousins are possible candidates. Possible successors to Senate Minority Leader John Sampson, including Sens. Ruth Hassell-Thompson and Andrea Stewart-Cousins, are jockeying for his spot even though he’s still leader





NYC Employees Got His Back
NY municipal honchos on Obama’s $ide(NYP) Top New York City employees are donating much more money to President Barack Obama than to Mitt Romney, with Deputy Mayor Robert Steel the only donor to the presumptive Republican nominee



David Storobin Close to Victory(NYO) Storobin ahead by 24 votes, and unless something drastic happens that causes the counting of the final 25% or so of the ballots to shift towards his Democratic rival, Lew Fidler, Mr. Storobin could definitively declare victory before the month is over.

Now That Toby Stavisky is Running in An Asian District She Rewrites Her Asian Accomplishments

Do You Do Any Of These Embarrassing Things?(Queens Politics) Senator Stavisky claims she forced the 109th Precinct to perform translation services in Korean and Chinese. What she conveniently left out was that for fourteen years, Senator Stavisky never had any translation services for her Chinese or Korean constituency in her district, which is the second largest Chinatown outside of mainland China and where many Chinese and Korean Americans have trouble communicating in English.

Post brain-surgery Dan Halloran is lookin' good * Dan Halloran, Recovering(NYO)

Bloomberg the Weiner Contrarian Exposed On the 1st Anniversary
Mike’s Weiner secret (NYP)  A chorus of party leaders, led by President Obama, called for Weiner to resign when his now-infamous sexcapades on Twitter consumed the political world, made national headlines and became daily fodder for late-night comedians. But even though Weiner had attacked him relentlessly while gearing up to run for mayor, Bloomberg refused to join the pack. It made sense at the time. Democrats were worried about Weiner’s impact on their party. That wasn’t a concern for Bloomberg. 
The mayor also tends to be a political contrarian — when the pundits go in one direction, he relishes going in the other. Schedules released by the Mayor’s Office under a Freedom of Information Law request show Bloomberg had an unpublicized dinner with Weiner and his wife at Testaccio restaurant in Long Island City on June 27, 2010. Two days before their dinner, Weiner had reportedly told Bloomberg he planned to rip out his “[expletive deleted] bike lanes” if he took over City Hall.



More Pay to Play Sugar For Brooklyn Boss Vito Lopez
Lopez flip$ for Domino (NYP) Assemblyman Vito Lopez’s favorite charity got a $2.07-million tax-free loan from the developers of the former Domino sugar factory less than two weeks before Lopez and his protégé, Councilman Steve Levin, endorsed the controversial Williamsburg project.  Housing lender Community Preservation Corp. refinanced a Ridgewood Bushwick Senior Citizens Council mortgage on June 17, 2010, as the City Council debated its subsidiary’s $1.2 billion rezoning plan. The low-interest loan eliminated real-estate taxes because the loan is state backed.

Campaign 2012
Rangel Campaign Gets Endorsement From Linares(NY1) * NY1 Online: Wendy Long Explains Gay Marriage Stance * NY1 Online: Mayoral Candidate Defends Stop & Frisk * THE PEREZ NOTES: Rangel usa Súper PAC de Espaillat para colectar $$... 
*NY1 To Host Debates For Congress, Senate Seats  *Candidates promise to focus on Woodhaven(Queens Chronicle) * Endorsement Round-up: 8th Congressional District( * Union Backs Barron in Race Against JeffriesNew York Times (blog)  * Meng explains bid for HouseTimesLedger  *UFT Endorses Meng For Queens Seat in Congress(The Chief-Leader) * Rangel Makes The Rounds At Stonewall Dems Fete(New York Daily News (blog) -) * Staten Island politicans enjoy wedding of Christine Quinn( (blog) * Lancman Commemorates Listing Of Parkway Village On State And National Historic Registries (Queens Politics) * Meng Vows to Protect Medicare and Social Security: “A non-negotiable position.”(Queens Poltics) * Dominican Bundlers Emerge to raise $$ for Espaillat El Diario La Prensa(Perez Notes) * Redistricting Poses New Challenge for Incumbent(NYT) Rep. Kathy Hochul, the darling of the Democratic Party after her surprise special election win last year, is now the state’s most vulnerable House incumbent thanks to redistricting * Grimm Loses a Line(Bay Ridge Journal) * Congressional Candidate Stars in Occupy-Themed Hip-Hop Video(NYO) *Guy Molinari won’t stop courting Ray Kelly for mayor, even though he’s told him he’s not interested.* Backers of Ray Kelly’s mayoral bid are lying low while “the Democrats kill each other,” Fred Dicker reports.* Liz Crowley at Kissena Park Civic Assn. Debate(Queens Politics)

Ackerman to Endorse Grace Meng

Ackerman Endorses Assemblywoman to Succeed Him (NYT) think Ackerman & will talk abt controversial ads that run in the nwspaper he founded The NYT David Chen did not ask despite the fact that a NYT op ed called the Village Voice sex ads Where Pimps Peddle Their Goods


Another Crowley's Memorial Day gaffe(Queens Crap) Hey Joe, is "happy" really an appropriate word to use for this solemn day? Have you forgotten what Memorial Day is supposed to be about?

NYP Says DiNapoli Statistical Spin Lies
Pension fund shortfall(NYP) Comptroller DiNapoli couldn’t wait to spread the good news: New York’s pension fund, he announced last week, is worth more than at any time since the economic meltdown.  But not so fast. As the Manhattan Institute’s Empire Center notes, the fund’s long-term strategy is predicated on a much higher annual rate of return — 7.5%. And even that was lowered from 8% in September 2010 because the investments continually yielded far less. State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli. Moreover, the fund’s total value — despite its superficially impressive high balance — remains $6.3 billion below its level of five years ago. Since then, benefit payouts have risen nearly $3.3 billion, notes the center. * Public Pensions Faulted for Bets on Rosy Returns(NYT) A proposal to reduce the assumed rate of return for New York City’s pensions from 8 percent to 7 percent may not go nearly far enough and reflects a nationwide challenge


The Rubber Rooms Are Still Alive




Dark Days: Things Are Really Bad At the Top of the Old Gray Lady
A New York Times Whodunit (NY Magazine)  Who slew Times CEO Janet Robinson? Was it Arthur Sulzberger’s new lady friend? The advertising market? The frustrated web guru? Or the ambitious Sulzberger cousin? Romance, the firing of a CEO, and a news site’s paywall. It sounds like the plot of a Bravo television show, but it’s really the story of the firing of former New York Times CEO Janet Robinson in December—with an exit package of $24 million, or half the company’s profits in 2011. New York Magazine investigates the classic “whodunit” by rounding up a few suspects: publisher Arthur Sulzberger’s new girlfriend, the  print journalism advertising market, a cousin, and an Internet expert. Meanwhile, the New York Times is looking for a new CEO—and battling with the question of how much power the new hire will wield while the Sulzberger family is at the head of the paper of record. * The Times-Picayune, New Orleans and a Doomed Romance (NYT) * The New York Times called Albany “self-absorbed.”


For Tech Start-Ups, New York Has Increasing Allure(NYT)

Critics Decry USDA Plan To Control Bird Populations By JFK (NY1) * Critics Crying Foul Over Plan To Control Bird Populations(WCBS)

Bklyn DA Hynes Fall Woman is Not At Fault Either
No slap for ousted ADA(NYP) A top Brooklyn assistant district attorney who resigned this week won’t be flagged for ethical breaches in a sensational rape case that’s now on the ropes, DA Charles Hynes said yesterday. Lauren Hersh, who led the sex-trafficking unit under Hynes, quit Wednesday amid allegations prosecutors improperly failed to disclose to defense lawyers that an alleged rape victim recanted in 2010. * Faltering first steps (NYP) According to The Jewish Week, Hynes informed the group “that it was a mistake to advise someone with information about child abuse to first speak with a rabbi.”
That “risks having the rabbi prosecuted for obstructing a law-enforcement investigation,” he added.  It’s a warning he should’ve given long ago — and one that critics have been asking him to make for years, instead of tacitly agreeing to rabbinical vetting. But it’s not enough for him to issue a warning — he has to show that he’ll actually prosecute such cases. * Woman Works To Form All-Female Hasidic Jewish EMT Service NY1)

Group Moves to Protect Children First
Orthodox cam plan (NYP) Protect next ‘Leiby’  An ultra-Orthodox group that discourages Jews from reporting sex crimes to cops without consulting a rabbi will run a state-funded, $1 million street-surveillance program aimed at catching child predators and other criminals in two predominantly Jewish Brooklyn neighborhoods.

Monday Update 'Monster' hid Etan's body in bodega fridge before trash dump: sources(NYP)* Devastated wife of alleged Etan Patz killer is 'done' with him: relatives(NYP) * Worshiper Recalls Admission by Patz Suspect(NYT) * Etan Patz case: Long road ahead for prosecutors (Newsday) * Hernandez told prayer group he killed Etan Patz  (NYDN) * Where Was Cy? (Levitt) * NYPD May Visit Land Fills To Search For Etan Patz's Remains(Gothamist) *On Memorial Day, Romney and McCain Appeal to Veterans(NYT)

Sunday Update  Etan suspect knew 'intimate details' tying him to slaying: sources(NYP) * ’79 NYPD boss doubts just one slaying for Etan suspect(NYP) * Suspect’s Mental History Emerges in Patz Case(NYT) * FBI doubts Pedro Hernandez killed Etan Patz: A.M. News(SI Advance) * Report: Hernandez Previously Attempted To Confess To Patz Murder(NY1) * Memorial for Etan Patz Appears in Wake of Confession(DNAINFO) * Amanda Stern, woman who searched for Etan Patz 33 years ago, doesn't believe suspect Pedro Hernandez's confession * FBI Reportedly Has Doubts About Recent Confession In Etan Patz Case(NY1) * Etan suspect knew 'intimate details' tying him to slaying: sources(NYP) * Report: FBI Unconvinced That Pedro Hernandez Is Responsible For Death Of Etan Patz (WINS) *Confession not enough to convince FBI Pedro Hernandez killed Etan Patz 33 years ago(NYDN)


New York Has Some Prisons to Sell You(NYT)


NYP And Daily News Push the Governor to Support Bloomberg power to finger-image food-stamp applicants
Listen to Mike, Andrew(NYP Ed) * Cuomo was wrong to end finger imaging of food-stamp applicants (NYDN Ed)
The handy ID check is effective, not demeaning

Albany’s Unkindest Cut of All (NYT) New York’s cuts in education spending hurt students and ultimately the state’s economy* NY1 Exclusive: Most NYC Principals Passed 2010-11 Ratings*Students Complain about New Dress Code at Stuyvesant(NYDN)* As CUNY standards rise, number of black students declines (NYDN Ed) But improving public education, not implementing racial admissions measures, is the way to fix disparity * For-Profit Private School Is Calling Its Own Shots(NYT) * Curtailing a Service That Parents Depend On (NYT)  Bloomberg’s proposal to cut spending on top-notch after-school programs would hurt thousands of blue-collar and poor students while providing little cost savings

Exclusive: Proposed policy would allow industries in NY to self-audit pollution-generating activities(Gotham Gazette)


SoHo storage facility is becoming a haven for the homeless(NYP)


New York vying for drone testing sites (NYDN) Consortium says state's wide-open air spaces ideal for the program

Parking rules and regulations are now going up online. 

Fare-cheaters cost MTA $14 million a year; worst offenders are on Bx19 bus(NYP)* Fed safety plan nixes MTA’s commute fixes(NYP) A $750 million federally mandated safety program means the MTA will delay LIRR and Metro-North upgrades to ease congestion, even though it already spent $1 billion on safety improvements

They Are Taxis, Not Limos(NYT Ed) Taxi drivers deserve a raise, but a New York City cab cannot become unaffordable. So raising taxi fares by 20 percent is just too much. * Taxi Bias Case Under Review(WSJ)


Got to wonder if NY Racing & Wagering Brd is trying to shift attention away from the Getnick report before   * Former NYRA Investigator Says He Was Fired | * NYRA must release details of investigation into doping and gambling (NYDN Ed) If racing association won’t come clean, Gov. Cuomo must force it to

Grab Your Suit! The McCarren Pool Is Almost Open(NYT)


The Kingdom of Bloomberg Adds More Castles Houses
 Real (estate) deal for Michael Bloomberg(NYDN)* Mayor Bloomberg Adds $4.5 Million Estate To Extensive Real (WABC)

The Stop and Frisk  & Surveillance of Muslim Communities Debates Continues
Michael Nutter slaps New York Times—EditorialHe’d rather be in Philadelphia (NYP) * NY1 Exclusive: Bloomberg Criticizes Philly Stop And Frisk Program, Philadelphia Responds In Exclusive Interview * Philly mayor "I don't think that the lawsuit we had or the settling of that suit has led to any particular increase in crime," he said. "What leads to an increase in crime is people with bad behavior acting like idiots out on the streets."  He had tougher words for the New York Times. "I think they got some things wrong in their editorial," he said. "I am on the ground in Philadelphia, last I checked. With every respect to the New York Times, they don't live in Philadelphia." * New Jersey vindicates NYPD on alleged spying (NYDN Ed) Gov. Chris Christie called police surveillance of Muslim neighborhoods ‘disturbing’

Dee Richard  RIP Dee Richard, community newspaper icon, dead at 86(Queens Courier)

$53,000 Owed in Tolls Linked to Fake Plate(WSJ)

The Butler Did It

Vatican Confirms Pope's Butler Arrested in Scandal: VATICAN CITY - The Vatican has confirmed that the pope's but...

The Making of A President 2012
Monday Update ‘Booster’ Giuliani: Mitt is Rudy lite (NYP) Push for Romney is ‘me’ TV * Obama Finds Clock Ruled by Campaigning(NYT) * Dems: Bain Attacks Can Continue   * Mitt * Thus, to a very real degree, 2008’s candidate of hope stands poised to become 2012’s candidate of fear." - NY Magazine *  Rudy Giuliani can’t help but knock Mitt Romney’s job creation record. * Campaigns are turning to data mining to target voters *David Plouffe concedes that the presidential race will be close, but says “I’d rather be us than them.”* Democrats Back Obama's Bain Strategy - Amy Gardner, Washington Post *  Obama's Bain Attacks Could Backfire - Michael Barone, DC Examiner  * 3 Reasons Obama's "Fair Shot" Will Fail - Niall Ferguson, Newsweek * The Code Among Presidents Trumps Politics - Gibbs & Duffy, LA Times * Dem Mutiny Could Sink Liz Warren's Run - Holly Robichaud, Boston Herald * ush Terror Overreach Is New Normal Under Obama - Al Hunt, Bloomberg * The Case for Bringing Back the Draft - Jon Meacham, Time  * Poll: Romney holds 28-point lead over Obama among male veterans(The Hill) * Democratic strategist Joe Trippi says Cuomo and his potential 2016 primary opponent, Maryland Gov. Martin O’Mally, are “just shadowing each other,” adding: “As soon as one of them scores a point, the other one goes to score.” * In Appeal To Latinas, Obama Campaign Touts Anniversary Of Sotomayor Appointment via (NYO) * Obama pays tribute to fallen soldiers at Arlington Memorial Day ceremony(NYP) * Obama Finds Clock Ruled by Campaigning(NYT) * President Obama’s Memorial Day Address To Soldiers: ‘America Will Be There For You’

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Saturday  Sharing Outsider Status and a Style of Coping(NYT)  *  The Lesson of Bain Capital(NYT Ed) If Mitt Romney is going to argue that his experience makes him the best choice to revive the economy, then his record at Bain is fair game.* Peggy Noonan interviews Mitt Romney * Nothing Has Changed. Obama's Still the Favorite - Jamelle Bouie, Prospect * Obama Is Facing His Jimmy Carter Moment - Tim Stanley, The Telegraph * Obama's Politics of Envy - Robert Knight, Washington Times * The Foolish Elizabeth Warren Witch Hunt - Michael Tomasky, Daily Beast * Wasserman Schultz Defends Bain Attacks - Alexis Simendinger, RCP * Obama Unleashes Joe Biden - Rich Lowry, New York Post * The GOP's Played Out Race Card - Melissa Harris-Perry, The Nation * Obama's Imaginary Fiscal History - Wall Street Journal * The Lesson of Bain Capital - New York Times * Super-PAC ads look to tie Obama to Wall Street, turn off his base (The Hill)*Romney keeps 'feelings' from campaign on iPad, 'haunted' by gaffes (NYP) * Joe Biden: 'I Understood How Someone Could Consciously Decide to Commit Suicide'  He spoke about the deaths of his first wife and daughter(NY Mag) * Romney's Big Fat Wet Kiss to Keynes(NY Mag)

TV SoundOff: Sunday Talking Heads(Huff Post)

Bill Maher Counters Birthers By Creating Mitt Romney ‘Wifer’ Controversy

Corzine shows there’s no justice on Wall St.(NYP) * Corzine shows there’s no justice on Wall St.(NYP Ed) * Meet the Man on the Other Side of JPMorgan’s $2 Billion Bad Trade(NY Mag)

Mafia daughter says dad was the Grim Reaper(NYP) 

Police Release Disturbing Surveillance Video In Park Slope Attempted Rape(NY1)


Claim of drug-lord $$ link to Wyclef, Rev. Al (NYP) Rosemond said he gave money to Sharpton’s National Action Network as a “donation or a contribution,” according Van Driessche.

Law and Order
Morgan Stanley Executive Seeks to Have Taxi-Stab Case Dismissed(WSJ) * Supreme cuz mugged in Bx.(NYP) * Attacker caught on tape in Park Slope(WABC) * Burglary suspect goes door-to-door(WABC) * Burglar steals box holding ashes of Staten Island woman's (SI Advance) * Police seek public's help in solving armed robbery in Staten(SI Advance) * Cops May Have Let Slope Groping Suspect Go(NYDN) *SI woman searching for dead sister's remains after burglar took urn(NYP) * Arrest Made in Bronx Double Shooting(NBC) * Brooklyn Teenager Found Dead on the Street(DNAINFO)
***Sunday Teddy Colombo to represent himself at his own murder trial(NYDN)
* Dad of shot son stuck in nightmare (NYDN) * Ashes to ashes, thief takes dead woman’s remains (NYDN) * Teenager fatally shot on Brooklyn street(WABC) * Arrest Made in Bronx Double Shooting(NBC) * Brooklyn Teenager Found Dead on the Street(DNAINFO) * Staten Island Woman Claims Urn With Deceased Younger Sister’s)WCBS) * 21-year-old Air Force veteran killed in the Bronx(WABC) *  2 Arrested After Police Car Crash Yields Drugs(NBC) * Man Allegedly Torches Van in Estranged Wife's Driveway(MBC)
*** Monday Brooklyn brothers beaten in MetLife Stadium parking lot(NYP) * Dying mom’s son attacked EMT(NYP) * Home Burglary Victim Wants Her Sister's Ashes Returned(NY1)* Wrong-way SI driver shoots gal(NYP) * 21-year-old Air Force veteran killed in the Bronx(WABC)* Witness: Cops let Slope groper walk away from crime scene(Brooklyn Daily) * One of the NYPD’s top counter-terrorism experts is leaving the force. *Teen stabbed during Harlem fight(NYP) * B'klyn woman busted after car plows through Long Island house(NYP)