Friday, May 25, 2012

"I read today's New York Times editorial," Bloomberg said. "I just have to wonder what kind of world they are living in."

WC Bloomberg: You Be Dead If You Lived in Philadelphia
Bloomy shreds Times 'Be Like Philly' stop-and-frisk editorial (NYP) Bloomberg angrily vowed yesterday that he won’t allow New York to turn into Philadelphia, where the murder rate jumped after officials settled a stop-and-frisk lawsuit and agreed to a monitoring program. “Why would any rational person want to trade what we have here for the situation in Philadelphia — more murders, higher crime?” the mayor asked, responding to a New York Times editorial suggesting he follow Philadelphia’s lead. "Philadelphia has the highest murder rate of any of the 10 largest cities in the country and the number of murders is going up. Somehow or other, the Times failed to mention that,” the mayor said. 

NY1 Exclusive: Bloomberg Criticizes Philly Stop And Frisk Program, Philadelphia Responds In Exclusive Interview * Mayor Bloomberg’s response to the NYT’s suggestion he follow Philadelphia’s lead on stop-and-frisk: “Why would any rational person want to trade what we have here for the situation in Philadelphia – more murders, higher crime?” * Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter called Bloomberg a friend, and then disputed his allegation that changes to the city’s stop-and-frisk policy are responsible for a rise in crime. : Yo , what's up with you taking shots at our city? Oh, and the Mets suck, BTW


NYP  Kelly’s heroes  NJ AG NYPD Broke Not Low With Muslim Surveillance Program and Bloomberg Blasts NYT It Better in Philadelphia Editorial
The Post says that two recent developments – one involving policing in New Jersey, the other in Philadelphia – show the continued need for the NYPD’s stop-and-frisk policy.  A three-month investigation by New Jersey state Attorney General Jeffrey Chiesa reportedly has concluded that the department broke no laws in its surveillance activities of Muslim groups and businesses in the Garden State. * And Mayor Bloomberg gave The New York Times a dusting for an editorial demanding that City Hall “learn from Philadelphia” and adopt that city’s changes in its stop-and-frisk policy.  * Officials: NYPD Muslim Surveillance Efforts Did Not Violate NJ Laws(NY1) * Christie Accepts Monitoring of Muslims(NYT) * Kelly’s outrageous stop-and-frisk myths (NYDN) A futile tactic that does little to fight crime. executive director of the New York City Civil Liberties Union writes in the Daily News that NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly’s claim that stop-and-frisk has caused a drop in crime is “outrageous

DA Hyne Caught in A Sex Crimes Shit Storm
Brooklyn Sex Crimes prosecutor Lauren Hersh, 36, quit Wednesday, a month after revelations emerged about how an alleged victim recanted a day after she accused four men of raping her and pimping her out for eight years. The recantation was improperly withheld from the defense until last month, both sides acknowledge. Two suspects in the case were released after it emerged.  The assistant district attorney who had been assigned to the problematic case before taking another job told The News she didn't know of the recantation but had other doubts about the case - which were shot down by Hersh. The prosecutor, Abbie Greenberger, said that when she brought up inconsistencies in the account by the purported victim, an Orthodox Jew who told cops she knew and liked the alleged assailants, her boss instructed her to "work harder."

Prosecutor Quits Her Job as Rape Case Is Reviewed(NYT)  A Brooklyn assistant district attorney brought a rape case before a grand jury although the accuser had recanted some of her claims. * Sex-crimes prosecutor in Brooklyn DA's office out amid ‘coverup’ (NYP) The reasons for Hersh’s departure are unclear, although her resignation came less than a month after the veteran prosecutor was accused of failing to disclose that a troubled young woman from Crown Heights had recanted rape allegations one day after she made them. * Brooklyn's chief sex trafficking prosecutor Lauren Hersh resigns  (NYDN) Hersh came under fire for handling of now-crumbling rape case * Brooklyn sex crimes prosecutor cleared Attorney Lauren Hersh quit after controversial case went south (NYDN) Will move to new gig that helps sex trafficking victims

Quinn Tries to Hide Fund Raising and Campaigning During City Time in City Hall
NY1 Exclusive: More Than 600 Hours Blacked Out Of Speaker Quinn's 2011 Schedule NY1 received Council Speaker Christine Quinn's schedules through a Freedom of Information Law request.  "It seems that there might have been names, names of staff members for example, public employees, other people that Ms. Quinn might have met that did involve the performance of her duties," said Robert Freeman of the State Committee on Open Government. "It would be difficult to understand why those names would be redacted."

The schedules do reveal that Quinn has met with at least four campaign fundraisers during the work week. Half were in the council's offices. One of them had an application to develop a parking lot before the City Council. His office says the meeting wasn't about the project, but about banning horse carriages, an issue stalled in the Council. The project was approved five months after the meeting and four months after he bundled nearly $27,000 for Quinn's campaign. Quinn also met with a senior executive at Related, who raised nearly $28,000 for her campaign. 

Election 2012  Cuomo Says His Record Will Help Elect Democrats Across New York(NYT) * Cuomo Whips Up, Then Cools Down Political Fervor At State Democratic Meeting (NY1) * NY1 Online: Councilwoman Tish James Sounds Off On Child Care Issues * NY1 Online: Congressional Candidate Dan O’Connor * Rangel Campaign Incorrectly Identifies Guillermo Linares As ‘First Dominican Elected Official In The U.S.’(NYO) **  Charlie Rangel’s Career Might Be in Peril(Roll Call) * Ulrich vs. Reyes In 15th SD(YNN) * Queens GOP Source: Ulrich Declined To Be Screened(C&S) * Rory Lancman Wants to Be The Next Queens Liberal Lion In Congress(WNYC) * A Dominican Duel Shaping Up In NY-13?(NYDN) * Cuomo makes union leaders work for their delegate(Capital) * Team Lancman Slams ‘Phony Poll’ Showing Them Behind(NYO) * Dan Halloran: "And fortunately, despite removal of 1.7cm of brain tissue I remain a Republican. Lol." * There were competing Dominican-themed events today in Charlie Rangel’s reelection campaign. * Reporters are starting to speculate on who will replace John Sampson.* Rory Lancman attacked Elizabeth Crowley for calling the Israel issue a “distraction.” * Lotto Millionaire Isaac Sasson Eying Meng’s Seat (City and State) Self-funding lotto millionaire Isaac Sasson, who narrowly lost a City Council bid in 2009 and a state Senate bid in 2010, is now seriously weighing a run for Assemblywoman Grace Meng’s seat, according to political consultant Jay Golub, a key advisor during Sasson’s 2010 campaign. * BREAKING: Mittman Coming Closer To Filing Campaign Finance Report * As will the candidates in NY-13. (Adriano Espaillat’s spokesman tweeted hope that Charlie Rangel will make it) * Scott Stringer’s answer to transit deserts: Some possible solutions include transforming the dilapidated North Shore Rail Line to BRT or light rail, expanding bus rapid transit to Nostrand Avenue and other crowded corridors and examining the potential for expanded ferry service.*

Question: Why Does the Senate Dems Get No Respect? 
Cuomo says his tenure provides Democrats with a “beautiful story to tell” this election season, but stopped short of endorsing the Senate Democrats’ effort to re-take the majority.* Asked why he hasn’t backed the Senate Democrats’ quest, Cuomo said it’s not yet the “political season” – despite the fact that he had just given a very political speech at an undeniably political event.*The DN’s Glenn Blain says the Senate Democrats “are like the Rodney Dangerfield of New York politics.” Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver went where Cuomo would not, saying “we need to make the state Senate Democratic.”* Andrew Cuomo vowed at a State Committee meeting to elect Democrats at every office in the state, but afterward brushed off questions about politics: “We had a political speech; I’m now stopping the political speech and we’re going to talk about government.” * Senate Dems "thank" Cuomo for redistricting help(Gotham Gazette)

Answer: If the Senate Wanted Respect They Should Have Passed Independent Redistricting When They Had the Majority in 2012
Today Fake and Phoney liberals like Liz krueger and Dan Squadron make A Silly Video About Independent Redistricting Made By A Corrupt Consultant Parkside 
  Glad everyone enjoyed the video so much! Thanks to the Parkside Group for their help.

Note to Dumb Reporters: If Endorsements Mattered David Weprin Would Be A Congressman
David Weprin Got Every Union and Democratic endorsement in his race to replace Weiner and lost.   Even After the Weprin shocker the media is covering another race in a changing district by covering who endorses who.  It looks like the Clueless journalist still do not know how to cover a race beyond the flacks press releasess. Primary Election Challenge to Rangel Turns Into a War of Dueling Endorsements(NYT) * Assemblyman Jeffries, Councilman Barron Vie For Endorsements In Heated Congressional Race(NY1)

NYS Dems to Liu Get Lost
Liu boxed out of Bam’s Dem Convention(NYP)  The New York State Democratic Party denied New York City Comptroller John Liu a slot to attend the 2012 convention in Charlotte as an at-large delegate, in part over concerns about an investigation into his campaign fundraising * "john is heartbroken": denied chance to nominate obama at DNC convention b/c of scandal via * CSEA President Danny Donohue wasn’t the only one left off the DNC delegate list. NYC Comptroller John Liu didn’t make the cut, either.* Maggie Haberman reports that Cuomo initially wanted to block four public employee labor unions leaders from joining the slate of at-large delegates to the Democratic National Committee, but last-minute pleading put three of them in; the fourth, CSEA’s Danny Donohue, didn’t make the cut. (Politico)
Another City Tech Contract Another Overcharge . . .  Meet the 911 Cash Pit
City paid Hewlett-Packard $355,000 to install a few electrical cables at 911 communications center in Brooklyn (NYDN)  Company charged $374 per hour when usual rate was $100 per hour


Hernandez taken to Bellevue Hospital after going off psych meds: source(NYP)

Arrest at last in 1979 Etan Patz murder; suspect to appear in court today(NYP) * Etan tragedy helped other missing children(NYP) * SoHo residents react in relief, rage to arrest in Etan case(NYP) * The call that never came to Etan's parentsNYDN) * Confessed Etan Patz killer blended in(NYDN) * N.J. Man Arrested In Cold Case Murder Of 6-Year-Old Etan (WCBS) * Timeline of Etan Patz Case from 1979 to 2012(NBC) * Breaking - Etan Patz alleged killer Pedro Hernandez put on suicide watch after going off psych meds: source (NYP) *Since 1979, a Vigil for the Face on Milk Cartons(NYT) * How the media covered huge break in Etan Patz case (Huff Post)* Wife, daughter of confessed Patz killer 'very distressed': minister *At Arraignment in Etan Patz Case, Mental Illness Claim(NYT)
* Second-degree murder arraignment for Hernandez via video from Bellevue(NYP)


Since 1979, a Vigil for the First Face on Milk Cartons(NYT) * Publicity First, Evidence Later in Patz Arrest(NYT) * After 33 Years, Police Make Arrest in Case of Etan Patz(NYT) * Neighbors Describe a Polite Family Man(NYT) * A History of the Etan Patz Case(NYT) * Suspect Arrested in Patz Case(WSJ) * Police Arrest Man Who Implicated Self In Etan Patz Case(NY1) * Patz suspect due in court on 33rd anniversary (CBS) *Three Decades Later, Taking the Same Walk in a Changed SoHo(NYT) * Suspect in Patz Case Is Taken to Bellevue(NYT)

Reporters Pets Who Write Whatever the Mayor and His Flacks Want, Back On Their Knees At City Hall

The Reporters of City Hall Return to Their Old Perch(NYT)After a two-year exile to a trailer outside of City Hall, New York City’s press corps is finally returning to the fabled “Room 9,” as well as to a lesser-known overflow room, which boasts a number of new media outlets. Ed Koch remembers Room 9, the City Hall press room, as full of cockroaches. He promises he doesn't mean the reporters.* Room 9, the “longest-serving City Hall bureau in American journalism” is back and open for business.

Yourfreepress note: "My observation of the City Hall reporters, after more of quarter of century covering City Hall, the reporters there do not tell their readers, their viewers and listeners the truth of what the mayor and the council are doing it.  Several reporters assigned to Room #9 Told me the following: "I would like to ask the questions you asked, but I will not get scoop from the mayor's office." - Rafael Martínez Alequín


John Peter Zenger Trial Did Not Stop Pols From Going After Reporters
After Arrest at Spa Owned by His Wife, Albany Journalist Alleges Police Retaliation(NYT) J. Robert Port, investigations editor of The Times Union of Albany, said the prostitution arrest of a massage therapist at the spa was retaliation. The investigations editor for the Albany Times Union is charging that Albany elected officials and law enforcement unjustly targeted his wife’s spa with a prostitution charge in retaliation for critical news coverage * Albany Cops Deny Raid Was Retaliation (Video Added)(YNN)* The Albany police department denied allegations that they charged an employee of the wife of an investigative reporter for The Times Union with prostitution as retribution for critical articles.

Every Time Their Is A Construction Accident Like the Deutsche Bank A Mob Contractor Is Found
Breeze National removed from Columbia University Manhattanville campus expansion (NYDN)  Two have been killed while working for mob-linked contractor

A taxi fare hike will improve the caliber of hacks driving yellow cabs, according to Bloomberg.  * Bloomberg also got behind a taxi fare increase.

East River Ferry Service to Get Bigger Boats for Weekend Crowds(NYT)

A harsh column by David Sirota accuses Cuomo of being a “hack” because he isn’t willing to buck big business to raise the state’s minimum wage.* A report from the labor-backed Fiscal Policy Institute claims 880,000 workers in New York would have higher incomes if the minimum wage were increased, representing about 10 percent of all workers in the state.

1 World Trade Center offers warm welcome (NYP)


Gays Marry but Still Face Legal Hurdles(WSJ) Gay couples in New York and Connecticut are learning that even though their state allows them to marry, they still must take more steps than straight couples to protect their assets, and are increasingly seeking advice from professionals about issues ranging from filing joint taxes to owning property together




Mike Bloomberg said that ending the finger-printing of food-stamp recipients will force the city to do more fraud investigations. 

Break for parents as Rockaway Park charter school school stays open (NYDN) Queens Supreme Court Justice to decide its fate in 60 to 90 days 




Bx. principal who got OT working out in the gym gets plum gig at Manhattan school (NYP)


Ahh, memories. It was one year ago this weekend that Anthony Weiner’s political career began to unravel.

The Making of A President 2012
Mitt Romney's Continued Love Affair With Fox News(Huff Post) * Obama compares Romney's rhetoric to 'cow pie of distortion" (CNN) Former President Bill Clinton blasted out an email to members of his wife’s donor list, urging them to contribute to President Obama in advance of his joint appearance in NYC with Clinton next month.* POLITICO says that Obama is stumbling out of the gate.  * Both parties in Washington are anxious to pass their version of an extension of the Bush tax cuts.  * Obama’s support for gay marriage has led to higher approval ratings for the practice among African-Americans.* Krugman: Wall Street Trying To Buy 'Immunity From Criticism'(NYT) * Mitt Romney's Moment - Peggy Noonan, Wall Street Journal * Why Bain Questions Matter - Eugene Robinson, Washington Post* Obama Stumbles Out of the Gate - Mike Allen & Jim Vandehei, Politico * Team Obama Is Vastly Overrated - Matthew Continetti, Free Beacon *  Booker, Bain, and Bipartisan Narcissism - Frank Rich, New York Magazine * Why Neither Candidate Can Pull Away - Charlie Cook, National Journal * 5 World Events That May Swing the Election - Uri Friedman, Foreign Policy * How Patronage Ruined the Democratic Party - Jay Cost, RealClearPolitics * Big-Spending Obama Frames Himself as Scrooge - Washington Examiner *
: 48%, 42%... * Bill Clinton is going to host a $25,000-per couple Beverly Hills fundraiser to benefit the Democratic National Convention. * Mitt Romney admits that his own verbal gaffes “make me want to kick myself in the seat of my pants.” * Billionaire Finds New Role in Effort to Defeat Obama(NYT)


New Orleans Times-Picayune Faces Deep Cuts, Will End Daily Publication(Huff Post)

Law and Order

EXCLUSIVE: Park Slope Woman Urges Other Sex Attack Victims To Work With NYPD(WCBS)* Witness: Cops let Slope groper walk away from crime scene(Brooklyn Paper)

New Jersey Mayor Hacked Opponents’ Web Site, U.S. Charges(NYT)* Woman almost raped by stranger in Brooklyn home (NYP)

WATCH: New police video of Park Slope groping suspect (NYP)



Weeping pimp slapped with prison term(NYP) * Pimping expert loses swagger at sentencing(NYDN)


Police: Teens Fired BB Gun Pellets From Lower East Side Rooftop(NY1)
* Claim proctologist was bottom-of-barrel cheat(NYDN) * Give thugs hard time, blind mugging vic sez(NYDN) * Slain Qns. woman blew boyfriend's life savings gambling(NYP) * Attempted Rapist Sought in Brooklyn(NBC)

Knicks' J.R. Smith Arrested in Miami Beach(NBC)