Tuesday, April 10, 2012

True News Update 24/7 Analysis Not Availabe in the Old Media

BOE Function As A Commission of Organized Crime Politics

With the suspension of Steve Graves for a pay to play bribery attempt with a BOE voting machine vendor  and the candidacy of board employee Jeff Gottlieb to split the Jewish vote in the 6th, is proof that the BOE is more than a dumping ground for the city's Dem and GOP machines for people who need a job and are not very good workers.  

It is a place where both major parties developed relationships, network and learn how to work together.  How else can you explain how the GOP Jeff Golub can work with Dem Crowley in Queens to split the Jewish vote to help his candidate Meng and work with Democrat Vito Lopez in Brooklyn to help his candidate get the GOP line with the help of Queens GOP leader Philip Ragusa.. Reports are that Golub is very involved in the congressional campaign for Brooklyn Boss Lopez's candidate Dilan against Congresswoman Nydia Vasquez Golub seems to operate similar to the old murder inc from Brownsville Brooklyn.  The the five mob fmilies hired Abe Reles gang to kill their competition. Today the political mob leader of the parties hires Golub and others o go after their competitors.  There a lot of ways party leaders at the board work together. 

There is an ongoing federal investigation on the selection of bidding process for the selection of the new voting machines that do not work.  Some of the cities top lobbyists and campaign consultants work for those companies.  ES & S the winner has hired powerhouse lobbyists Hank Sheinkopf, Norm Adler and Davidoff & Malito, while Dominion has Greenberg Traurig and Bronx megalobbyist Stanley Schlein, who had been head of the city's Civil Service Commission, but paid a fine to the Conflicts of Interest Board in 2008 for allegedly misusing that office's resources for his own legal work. Outside the board the most important way the political leaders work together is to choose council speakers.  Ballot Fixing involving a queens ballot by a Bronx power broker who is also the lobbyist on the losing vendor of the boards voting machines. * A Close Tie Between the Gottlieb and Meng Campaigns (C&S).

Golub and Meng's Nussbaum Both Worked For Sasson in 2010 And Koo in 2009
But after the interview with Golub yesterday, I looked at Sasson’s 2010 campaign finance reports, and they show someone else who might have been impressed with Golub’s efforts. The main consultant on Sasson’s campaign turns out to have been Multi-Media, the Queens consulting firm run by Michael Nussbaum, which is now the main consultant on Meng’s campaign. During Sasson’s 2010 campaign for State Senate, Multi-Media was paid $143,877, according to campaign finance records, while Golub’s firm, GSP Consulting, was paid $57,500.

Meng Has A Corrupt Journalist and Corrupt Political Consultant Who is Trying to Divide the Jews Running Her Campaign

Lancman Campaign Calls for Meng Campaign Aide to Be Fired(NYO) Ms. Meng’s campaigns spokesman told City & State that Mr. Nussbaum was only jokingly suggesting the other candidate, state committeeman Matthew Silverstein, jump into the race.* Jeff Gottlieb’s Campaign Will Respond to These Allegations, in Due Time(NYO) *Top Meng Operative Encouraged A Jewish Candidate To Run In NY-6 (C&S) *   Jeff Gottlieb Emerges, Responds To Lancman’s Charges (At Length)  * A Takeover Of Journalism by Lobbyist and Politicians(True News) * Joe Crowley: ‘Mr. Lancman Is Misinformed’ (NYO) * Gottlieb devoted much of his statement to slamming Assemblyman Rory Lancman, who called for Meng to apologize to voters and fire the operative who encouraged Gottlieb to get into the race.

Bloggers Cover Boss Crowley's Ticket Splitting While Old Media Ignores Real Politics
Now we have a clear example of the difference between MSM and the new bloggers who cover politics.  Yesterday dozens of stories were posted by bloggers on how a candidate was being put into the 6th congressional district to take away votes from Rory Lancman.  He even responded with an attack on his opponent Grace Meng and the Queens political machine that is supporting her.  But Not a word is written today in the Daily News, NY Post or the NY Times about this very important development in the race to replace Congressman Ackerman.  For years the old media silence has allowing corruption to run wild in the city.  You would think with the growing blogger coverage they would get the hint and cover what the bloggers do.  Who are they protecting and why? Or are they to old or out of it to hit the fastball?

City and State Picks Up On A Story Broken in True News Saturday "Candidate’s Late NY-6 Bid Brings Talk Of A Queens Democratic “ to split the Jewish vote.

Doors are Closing On Liu
Liu's legal bills outweigh donations (NYP) Embattled city Comptroller John Liu’s campaign treasury “is turning into a legal-defense fund.” Liu’s campaign has spent more than $100,000 on lawyers and legal fees so far this year — more than he raised in campaign contributions. * John Liu pens an op-ed in USA Today proposing having the financial professionals who invest New York City’s pension funds also manage personal retirement accounts for private-sector workers

de Blasio Loves Weiner's $$$

Election 2012  A Clinton connection: De Blasio calls on other Bill(NYP) * Rangel hires a scandal (NYP)  Rangel hired Moises Perez, who was booted as executive director of the not-for-profit Alianza Dominicana last year following allegations of mismanagement and self-dealing. Public Advocate Bill de Blasio is traveling to Washington, D.C. in what some see as an attempt to replace Anthony Weiner as the mayoral candidate for the Clintons and Beltway insiders, * Congressman Towns Largely Absent From The Democratic Primary Campaign (NY1) * Public Advocate Urges City Agencies To Stop Using Allegedly Exploitive Car Wash Company(NY1) * NY1 Online: Lancman Rips Queens Democrats For New Candidate * Vince Morgan to End Congressional Bid and Endorse Espaillat (NYO *Rangel’s Return (YNN) * Michelle Rhee Details How New Ed Reform Group Will Influence The Mayor’s Race [Video](NYO) * Bob Turner touted his standing in the GOP primary. * Here’s video of Rangel entering the room, aided by a walker. *

THE PEREZ NOTES: Erik Dilan on THE PEREZ NOTES: * Rep. Charlie Rangel is making his first public appearance in weeks after convalescing from a back injury. The small business event he’s hosting this morning is expected to draw a sizable media crowd.* The latest verbal exchange between Bloomberg and Manhattan BP Scott Stringer was over solar energy.* Contributors to state Comptroller Tom DiNapoli’s campaign are asked to self-certify that their contributions are free of ethical and/or legal entanglements.* SE Queens Political Club Chairman Registers Committee For Sanders Seat(C&S) * Ed Towns’ campaign continued to hint at some sort of future reelection effort. * Tom Allon disapproves of Scarlett Johansson’s role in Scott Stringer’s campaign.* Fidler Sees Multiple Reasons to Be Optimistic (NYO)* House Dems Disappointed By Redistricting(YNN) * Mayoral candidates Quinn and de Blasio hold separate anti-groping events in Queens( Capital) *In a long-awaited reappearance, Rangel talks about 'people' who jump theGun(Capital) * Rangel Sounds Confident of Re-election While Speaking Well of Challenger(NYT)

From the CityTime Scandal to the 911 Report What is Mike Hiding?
Judge compares Bloomberg's refusal to release report on city's 911 system to Nixon's actions during Watergate
Mike ordered to bare 911 report(NYP) * Judge Tells Bloomberg to Release 911 Report (NYT) * Court Orders City to Open 911 Records*WSJ)* 411 on 911 City told to release data Comparison  to Wat(NYDN)

NYP Says Why Keep Bad Teachers A Secret From the People Who Pay Their Salary

Evaluating Andrew(NYP Ed)Of all the nutty notions floating around Albany, the idea of letting some parents — but not the general public — see teacher-evaluation ratings surely ranks among the most inane. The Post won its hard-fought battle in court and published thousands of teachers’ grades. No one except bad teachers — and their union leaders — want to take a step backward. Albany lawmakers are okay with parents sharing teacher evaluation data among themselves, but are “hung up” on how to keep that circle closed to outsiders, he Post calls the proposed deal to limit access to teacher evaluation reports “insane,” and calls on Cuomo to live up to his promise as “the students’ lobbyist” and kill the plan* “I believe in the case of teachers, the parents’ right to know outweighs the teachers’ right to privacy,” Cuomo said. “After that, it’s less clear to me, and that’s why I think it warrants conversation.”* Newsday thinks this whole debate is misdirected, and the focus should be on establishing a workable ratings system in the first place. * Release of City Teachers’ Rankings Prompts Lawmakers to Weigh Limiting Access(NYT) * Mayor Pushes Evaluations To Be Public(WSJ)  More Education News* Fewer kids suspended(NYP) * Alumnus Donates $10 Million to CUNY(NBC)


Daily News Says Teachers Fireproof 
Even corporal punishment isn’t a firing offense for a teacher (NYDN Ed) An arbitrator ruled that IS 218 dean Peter Principe should go, but a court said no The News decries the court system for allowing a teacher who physically assaulted multiple students to contest his termination and remain in the classroom


Mayor Stands By NYU's Greenwich Village Expansion Plans(NY1) * NYU Agrees To Reduce Its Greenwich Village Expansion Plan(NY1) * N.Y.U. Agrees to Scale Back Its Expansion in the Village (NYT)






Public Like the Order Cuomo Has Brought to Albany But Does Not Like His Secret Ways

In a shock to no one, Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s effort to pass an on-time budget has earned him record high approval numbers, according to a new Siena poll. Seventy-three percent of voters view him favorably, but only four out of 10 say Cuomo has made state government more open and transparent * Despite the governor’s popularity, candidates seeking to lead the Public Employees Federation are running on an anti-Cuomo platform, characterizing the governor as an anti-worker ally of Wall Street, the Times-Union says

Cuomo Kills Buzz Over Medical Pot(WSJ) * Medical pot may toke bit of a wait(NYDN)




Work Resumes at Fatal Crane Site(WSJ)






All in on racinos: Revenue up 30%(NYDN) * Slot$ more state school aid from racinos(NYP) * Skelos slams min-wage hike(NYP)

New statistics further illustrate how the U.S. Census undercounted Queens.

For the Elderly, Emergency Rooms of Their Own(NYT)

When Hospitals Close Poor People Die

Plug is pulled on Peninsula Hospital(NYDN)

Blazes out of control on SI, LI (NYP) Wind-whipped fires ravage LI, SI * Brush Fires Across Region Are Spread by High Winds (NYT) * Brush Fires Sear Region(WSJ) * Massive Mulch Fire Rages At Former Fresh Kills Landfill Site (NY1) * Day of flames in Staten Island(NYDN) * Brush Fire Burns on S.I.(NBC)

'The presidential race is over for us,' but vows 'we are not done fighting'(NYP) * Santorum Will Stay On NY Primary Ballot(NYP)

The Making of the President 2012
Romney Solidifies GOP Position but Obama Gets Boost From Women (Yahoonews) * A Shift in Strategy in Pennsylvania for Romney(NYT) * Santorum's 3-year-old daughter out of hospital(WSJ) * SPIN METER: Santorum looks moderate in 2006 flier (WSJ) * Interesting ABC/WAPO poll that has Obama beating Romney on most issues and character traits. But Romney leads on handling the economy. * Poll: Obama Much More Friendly and Likable Than Romney(NY Mag) * Obama Campaign Manager Jim Messina Punches Back at Karl Rove(NY Mag) * Buffett rule not solution to debt, W.H. says (Politico) *Obama holds clear advantages over Mitt Romney on personal attributes and a number of key issues, but remains vulnerable to discontent with the pace of the economic recovery, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll. 

Mitt Romney shifted his Pennsylvania strategy. * He has a lengthy to-do list as he transitions to the general election.* Post poll: "Romney is up eight percentage points among male voters but trails by 19 among women." Obama Holds Key Leads on Romney - Dan Balz & Jon Cohen,Washington Post * Yes, Obama's Court Comments Made Sense - Jonathan Cohn, New Republic * Obama Gets Court "Activism" Wrong - Steve Huntley, Chicago Sun-Times * Romney Aims for Pennsylvania Knockout - Alex Roarty, National Journal * Pa. Outcome Aside, Mitt Set to Build Lead on April 24 - Scott Conroy, RCP * ABC/WP: Obama 51, Romney 44 | IBD/CSM/TIPP: Obama 46, Romney 38  * GOP Creates a Rockier Pathway to Work - New York Times * Obama's Revenue Soup - Wall Street Journal * New York’s primary is returned to its typical level of unimportance. * Adriano Espaillat hopes to seize upon demographic shifts.*What Does Santorum's Future Hold? (NYT) * Interactive: Rick Santorum’s Life and Career(NYT)

Jon Stewart Mocks NBC’s Edited 911 Zimmerman Tapes With His Own Bad Edits

At the 'Daily News,'Two Court Reporters are Go(Capital)

Maniac went for cop-killer bullets: police(NYP) *Heroes of the NYPD (NYP Ed) * Time to treat cops like heroes(NYDN)  * Maniac went for cop-killer bullets: police(NYP) * Even as Violent Crime Falls, Killing of Officers Rises(NYT) *T he Times’s Michael Powell notes that 12 years ago, Police Commissioner Ray Kelly was critical of Rudy Giuliani’s get-tough police tactics, including stop-n-frisk, a policy he now embrace *how many times did cops stop u? 's 2 teen sons = 0; eight black Manhattan community college students = 92 * The New York Daily News joined Mayor Bloomberg in calling for federal gun control measures.

A Political Prisoner For 6th Weeks

Playing games by claiming she was lost for hours yesterday.  What does she know? Madam’s low-bail bid rejected fourth time(NYP)

Chic groper prowling(NYP) * Manhattan Serial Groper At Large(NY1) * Manhattan groper on the loose(NYDN) * NYPD: Well Dressed Sexual Predator Is Groping Women In New(WCBS) * Police search for suspect in Manhattan gropings(WABC)

Hangup for cell thieves(NYP) * Pols aim to stem cell phone thefts (NYDN) Sen. Chuck Schumer and Police Commissioner Ray Kelly have persuaded the feds and phone carriers to crack down on cell phone theft, the Daily News reports. They will announce the creation of a database with every phone’s unique ID number – making it easy to deactivate stolen phones* Rapper tried for 1993 slay (NYP) * Wake Held For Grandmother Killed In S.I. Hit-And-Run Accident(NY1) * Slain former Marine autopsy revealed(NYDN) * Phony cabbie nabbed at JFK: cops(NYDN)* Fraudster broker faces 10-yr. stint (NYDN)* Satellite Probation office set to open in Harlem(NYDN)* FBI agent Adrian Busby receives light sentence for making(NYDN) * Prison for FBI Romeo(NYP) * Mob Wife’ dad guilty(NYP)* Plea deal in works in fatal hit-and-run?(Fox 5) * Man saves woman being attacked in Queens(WABC) * Fired Detective in Sean Bell Shooting Speaks(NBC) * Kung Fu "Hero" Saves Woman from Sex Assault(NBC) * Strip Club Cams Show Robbery Suspects(NBC) *Attorney for homeless vet accused of fatally beating Astoria man tells jurors to not rely on 'sympathy'(NYP) * His gun control group seems to have spent no money lobbying Albany recently.* SI man who fatally stabbed groom-to-be cleared of murder charges * Author brutally beaten to death in Midtown; teen son being questioned (NYP) * iPhone Stolen in Subway Is Tracked to Thief(NYT)

Sick 'how-to' for terror beginner(NYDN)