Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Quinn Closes A Hospital and Mugs Protesters, Press Ignores

Christine Quinn, City Council deliberately deny community access to Rudin Condo Hearing ?

Quinn Shuts Down A Hospital and Democracy Press Ignores
The press did not cover citizens protesting the closing of a hospital being frozen out by speaker Quinn. Just like she and Bloomberg did in 2009 during a council hearing to extend term limits.  The speaker pack the meeting with her supporters.  The protesters were they to testify at city council hearing which will would allow a Rudin a powerful real estate Barron to build condos on the site of a closed st St. Vincent's hospital. The protesters blamed the speaker for allowing a hospital which is in the speakers district to close * Christine Quinn St. Vincent's 250 Broadway Public Testimony Demanding Hospital(Troy Artist) and here


Did Judge Mann’s Lines Squash Albany Gerrymandering

Albany spent $1million and took one year and still has not come up with congressional district lines.  Judge Mann came up with lines in one week.

Editorial: Court's maps for Congress fairer (Newsday) Newsday hails federal Magistrate Roanne Mann’s congressional district map, saying it shows legislators that drawing fair lines isn’t difficult and doesn’t require a constitutional amendment * An Update on New York Redistricting(NYT) * District Map Advances(WSJ) * Judge's Map Would Leave Most Incumbents in Place (WSJ) * Albany May Still Craft A Deal To Set Its Own District Lines(NY1) * The majorities in the Assembly and the Senate both said that the maps are a “template.” * Bob Turner however is the real victim of the new redistricting plan, writes Andrew Grossman *Black & Latino Leaders Warn Of Redistricting ‘War’, Plan Push-back * Mann drew Assemblyman Hakeem Jeffries and his base entirely out of Rep. Ed Towns’ district, which Jeffries is running for this summer.* Rep.Gary Ackerman, merged into Rep. Steve Israel’s district, would happily run in the new 6th CD (which doesn’t include an incumbent) proposed by special master Roanne Mann, even though he doesn’t live there. * Harlem’s Houdini: Rangel district survives in court redistricting plan(NY World) * Koch emails legislators: Don’t take a deal on redistricting(WNYC)* Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos predicted the GOP would pick up four congressional seats if the special master’s maps go into effect. * Charlie King and Al Sharpton are helping broker a deal over Manhattan and Bronx redistricting. * Charlie Rangel's spokesman said he can win no matter where the lines are.*  Punching smoke: Embracing or attacking a redistricting deal (TU)

Breaking Reaction to the Court Redistricting: Albany Pushes for Better District: Meaning Districts Incumbents Can Easily Win In

NYC Councilman Charles Barron liked Mann’s proposal for Rep. Ed Towns Brooklyn district, as it removed the base of his primary rival, Assemblyman Hakeem Jeffries.* Senate GOP Critique of Court Map Pushes for More Favorable Districts(NYO) * Bob Turner Undeterred By New Congressional Maps(NYO) * Ed Koch urges legislators not to buckle under 'pressure' on a redistricting compromisewho's applying the pressure?(Capitol) *Side By Side Demographic Breakdown Of House Districts * Senate GOP Critique of Court Map Pushes for More Favorable Districts(NYO) *  Against the Amendment(Gotham Gazette) * New York Congressional Redistricting: Hipsters Now Recognized as Legitimate Yuppies by Feds (International Business Times)


Koch and the Goo Goos Gave Up On Independent Redistricting Early

Why the redistricting reformers are fighting with each other, officially(Capital) * Common Cause shifts stance on legislative redistricting -Saying it's too late to replace the legislative task force - Times Union (Sept 21, 2011) * Ed Koch Says Albany Reform Is "Dead" | NBC New York (Jan 23, 2012)

What Election Law Reforms Have the Goo Goos Accomplished?

NY Reformer John McCain

Newspaper editorials and good government groups despite repeated efforts have failed to bring about any reforms in the election systems.  The only reform to New York's election system was a result of a lawsuit by John McCain in 2000 because he was keep off the ballot for lack of signatures.  It is sad that will all the editorial and good government press conferences it was the McCain reforms that eliminated minor petition filing mistakes as a reason to knock a candidate off the ballot and made it most simpler to bind the petition and cover sheet that are submitted to the Board of Election. 

Rep. Nydia Velazquez Lives In Waterfront Apartment Outside District (C&S) * NYC Councilman Erik Dilan registered a campaign committee for a potential challenge to Rep. Nydia Velazquez, who, as it turns out, lives just outside her Brooklyn district.



Greenfield Want to Own Boro Park

NYC Councilman David Greenfield denounced the creation of a so-called “super Jewish” state Senate district by the Republicans, calling it a “super ghetto.” 


Judge's Proposed Congressional Districts Would Unseat Two Local Congressmen(NY1)


NY's Empire Unions Strike Back At Cuomo's Pension Plans
Gov's plan hits bump Cuomo’s plan to drastically cut the cost of public-employee pensions this year is in danger. Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s pension reform plan for New York City unions faces legal hurdles because it lacks a report from the city actuary and a home rule vote from the City Council * Gov’s reform bid takes blow from both parties (NYP) Top state lawmakers from both sides of the aisle

NYP To Give In Is to Wimp Out

Silver’s candor (NP Ed) Assembly Speaker Shelly Silver yesterday was cold-bloodedly honest about pension reform: It won’t happen without the unions’ blessing. * Undoing Andrew (NYP) Pension-reform loss could neuter the gov  The Post’s Bob McManus says Gov. Andrew Cuomo must defeat public employee unions on pension reform, not compromise with them, or else everyone will know he is weaker than them * “The governor’s plan needs to be negotiated,” Senate Majority Leader Tom Libous said of Cuomo’s pension reform push. Negotiated with the unions, that is, according to Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver. * These comments on pension reform came hours before Cuomo met with AFL-CIO President Mario Cilento and other public-sector labor leaders. A Cuomo spokesman described the get-together as “routine.” * Klein Says Cuomo Didn’t Put Him Up To Pension Report(YNN) * The CBC debunks a “myth” of Cuomo’s pension proposal reform: Firefighters will not be running into burning buildings at age 65.*  The Daily Q: What is a pension ‘tier’ and why are state workers opposed to a new one? (NY World)


Eric Schneiderman rejected a plea from Joe Bruno for the state to cover some of his legal fees.


Liu Press Enablers Continue the Arzt Cover-Up

City Budget Testimony Grants Liu A Reprieve(NY1) * Mike voices support for Liu as long as he is comptroller (NYDN) * Liu Who? What Did The Comptroller Know, And When Did He Know It?(NYO)

Ratner's Lobbyist Trial Reveals A Web of Other Corruption Crimes and Still No Media Coverge
Binghamton Mayor Matthew Ryan called for an ethics investigation into the allegation that surfaced at a Yonkers corruption trial that Sen. Tom Libous promised a law firm increased business if it gave his son a $150,000-a-year job.* Yonkers trial: evidence that Council Member Annabi fudged numbers to get home loans, didn't disclose help from Jereis(Atlantic Yards Review)
* Sen. Skelos: I spoke with Sen. Libous, said he did nothing wrong; that's good enough for me. Convict claims Libous rigged job for son.

How Bruce Ratner Wins Approval for his Projects and the trial so far (True News Background)

Bloomberg defended restaurant letter-grading system that many in the industry dislike 

Eateries making the grade (NYP) * Bloomberg Defends Restaurant Grading System(NYT) * Grading New York's Restaurant Grading(WSJ) * App-y meals are healthier – Mike (NYDN) * Silver likes Gov.'s 401(k) option? (NYDN) * Eatery grades, drop in food poisoning linked(WABC) * Quinn to Bloomberg: This Is A ‘Thoughtful Oversight Discussion,’ Not ‘Complaining’ [Video](NYO)  * Restaurateurs Voice Anger Over Health Inspections(NYT)* Improve Restaurant Report Cards(NYT Ed)


Storobin Campaign Responds to ‘Child Predator’ Charge(NYO) * Turner Robos for Storobin(NYO)





Fare Increases to Cover MTA Worker Costs(WSJ) * Yum! MTA’s Times Sq. floor du jour: It's clean enough to eat off of(NYDN) * The MTA is looking for fare and pension hikes to pay for increased pension and health care costs. * Adam Lisberg takes a look at a new idea to pay for transit: Tax Increment Financing, which would generate more tax revenue when public agencies sell bonds to construct a project. 




Kelly Fights Back

Police Leader’s Evolving Efforts to Defend Surveillance(NYT) Local Muslim Leaders Discuss NYPD Surveillance With Police Commissioner Kelly(NY1) * Ray Kelly met privately with Muslim leaders amidst calls for him to hold town hall style meetings. * NYPD Doing Some Damage Control Among Muslims(NY Mag.) * Rudy Giuliani: ‘Some of These Mosques Are Focal Points For Attacking And Killing Us’(NYO) * FBI Vs NYPD Turf War (Capital)* An FBI official said the NYPD's surveillance of Muslims damaged the public's trust. *F.B.I. Official Faults Police Tactics on Muslims(NYT)




Cuomo Tries to Keep Military Bases Open to Save Jobs

Gov. Cuomo seeks to retain military bases in NY(WSJ)* The Cuomo administration is concerned with the impact of military base closures on New York, with the Utica Observer-Dispatch reporting he wants $500,000 in planning funds ( and the Watertown Daily Times reporting Lt. Gov. is in Washington working with New York’s Congressional delegation about it (* Cuomo wants to put $500,000 toward the fight to protect the state’s military installations.







Daily News: Close the 33 Schools

State board has to teach UFT President Michael Mulgrew a lesson (NYDN Ed) Must toss demand that Bloomberg negotiate evaluation system at 33 failing schools  The Daily News says the state Public Employment Relations Board should dismiss UFT President Michael Mulgrew’s complaint against Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s reform plan for 33 failing schools


Brooklyn School Earns City's Highest Grade, Along With Spot On DOE Overhaul List(NY1)College Hunt Starts Earlier at New Breed of Schools(NYT) * School fight rages in city(NYDN) *City still pushing to fire half the staff at 33 schools(NYDN) * Online Map Helps Track School Districts' Teacher Evaluation (NYT) * Racial Divide Found in Discipline in City's Schools(NYT) * The Principal's Role in Teacher Evaluations(NYT)


Cuomo and G.O.P. Quiet So Far on Tuition Aid for Illegal Immigrants(NYT)


Editorial: Don't keep that money bottled up (TU)The Times Union says New York should dedicate $115 million in unclaimed 5-cent bottle deposits to the Environmental Protection Fund, which has been raided to balance the state budget



Ex-AIG chair Maurice “Hank” Greenberg couldn’t resist taking a shot at his old nemesis, ex-AG/Gov. Eliot Spitzer, during a Police Athletic League luncheon in Manhattan. 




Community Board Approves Retail Rezoning Plan For Upper East Side(NY1) * NY- Ivy’s Bookstore and Murder Ink, Upper Westside(


7 DAs: Legislature must continue funding child abuse(NYDN) * GOP leaders r now refusing 2 allow votes on resolutions in support of the federal Violence Against Women Act (VAWA)


Brooklyn Library Has It Own Gutenberg press

Brooklyn Library Gets On-Demand Printing(WSJ) * The Brooklyn Public Library has installed a printing press called the Espresso Book Machine to instantly publish any of 8 million books on demand, as well as new titles by independent publishers


City Moves Forward with Efforts to Turn Garbage into Energy(DNAINFO)




Cyclist sues over ticket for riding outside bike lane(NYDN)




NBC Replaces High Salary Newsreader With  A Cheaper Younger Newsreader What the F**k"

Shrinking Newspaper Coverage Means Less Real TV News More Sexy Reporters

Channel 4 booting Sue after 32 years(NYP) * Sue Simmons, WNBC Channel 4 Anchor, Let Go After 32 Years (VIDEO)(Video) * There’s anger in reaction to the news that veteran anchor Sue Simmons is losing her job at WNBC-TV. * WNBC says it’s continuing to work with Simmons on plans “plans to celebrate her many contributions to WNBC and the New York market.” * Veteran TV Anchor Sue Simmons Is Losing Her Job (NYT) *  Save Sue Simmons: The Internet Campaign Begins (NYO) * Sue Simmons was making $2.5 million a year?! Wow... * Station to Oust Anchor, Ending ‘Chuck and Sue’(NYT)

Election 2012: Just Can't Seal the Deal

But Rick scores big in Tenn. & Okla.(NYP) * With No Knockout Punch, a Bruising Battle Plods On(NYT) * Candidates Split in Primary States (NYT) 

 Romney Appears to Win Ohio Primary(NYT* Gingrich Leans on Southern Strategy(NYT) * Romney Ekes Past Santorum in Ohio(WSJ) *  GOP War of Attrition(WSJ) * GOP Race Heads South, a Test for Romney(WSJ) * N.Y. Could Factor Into GOP Nomination(Fox 5) * Nicolle Wallace: ‘The Problem With Romney Is That We Have This Feeling He Doesn’t See What We See’ * With No Knockout, Bruising Battle Plods On - Jeff Zeleny, New York Times * Romney Takes Another Step Toward Nomination - Carl M. Cannon, RCP * Danger Signs for Mitt Romney - John Fund, National Review * Mitt Romney: The Candidate of "Eh, I Guess" - Rich Lowry, FOX News * The Real Winner on Super Tuesday? Obama - Ruy Teixeira, Foreign Policy * No, the GOP Isn't Doomed - James Taranto, Wall Street Journal * GOP Primary Relentlessly Nasty, Divisive & Vapid - New York Times * Next Question: Can Romney Win In The South? (NPR) * Email invite to Romney fundraiser in NYC next week: "There is now little doubt the Governor will emerge as the Party's nominee." * It Will Be Mitt Romney vs. Barack Obama - Peter Wehner, CNN * Romney Has No Clear Path to 1144 Delegates - Avlon & Jacobs, Daily Beast *Doubts About Romney Aren't Going Away - John Podhoretz, New York Post * Mitt Romney's Zombie Opponents - David Corn, Mother Jones * Ohio, Romney & November - Hugh Hewitt, National Review Online * It Ain't Over, and It Won't Be for a While - Bill Kristol, Weekly Standard *Will Gingrich's Next Southern Stand Be His Last? - Scott Conroy, RCP * Swing Voters Are an Illusion - Ruy Teixeira, The New Republic * George Pataki endorsed Mitt Romney. * Romney & Santorum begun the air war over the Deep South.*Ron Paul just lost 23 primaries in a row - thinks things are going well, see no reason to drop out.

Santorum Camp: Time For Newt To Move Aside(Huff Post)* Romney Raised $11.5M Last Month(Daily Beast) * Santorum Camp: Back Out, Newt(Daily Beast) * Santorum: Single Moms Are "Breeding More Criminals" (Mother Jones)


Kids inspired O’s Fluke call(NYP) * Obama Scolds Republican Critics of His Iran Policy(NYT) * Obama Feels Heat Over Gas Prices(WSJ) * President Obama Invokes Sasha & Malia In Response To Rush Limbaugh Slut Remarks * Barack Obama: Israel's Best Friend - Thomas Friedman, New York Times * Obama's Call Was a Lesson for His Girls - Jackie Calmes, New York Times* Michelle Obama will be fundraising in New York City with Whoopi Goldberg.


Stephen Colbert: ‘Super Tuesday Is Super Bowl Of Politics, If Super Bowl Was One Team Slowly Destroying Itself’


NY1 Online: Google Election Trends



Traditional Media Downfall Shown in Depressing Infographic(fishbowlNY)




True News Supports the Guardian Belief That Journalism Role is to Uncovers Truth

The Three Little Pigs And The Future Of Journalism(NPR)


‘You’re a coward’: Slain gal’s ma slams killer at sentencing(NYP)

Hack pack whack(NYP) * Hackers busted after 1 becomes FBI informant(WSJ) * Manhattan Man Charged in Global Hacker Crackdown (WSJ) * Leader of hacker group Anonymous helped feds(NYDN) * Taxi cads in $24M outrage(NYP) * Better not bank on this Willie Sutton wannabe(NYP) * Cra$h-ring bust(NYP) * Teacher in ‘art heist’(NYP) * Gal’s rape nightmare (NYP) * Ex-union big seeking big fat break(NYDN)* Figoski fund-raiser not their Finest hour (NYDN) * Plaque honoring slain Bronx cop Daniel Enchautegui dedicated (NYDN) * Michael Mele gets 23 years in killing of Laura Garza(NYDN) * New surveillance in hit and run of Bronx mother(WABC) * Woman sexually assaulted by robbers in Brooklyn(WABC) * Driver Sought in Fatal Hit-and-Run(NBC) * Bronx Teen In Alleged Police Beating Has Assault Charges Dropped (NY1) * Boyfriend of B'klyn woman fatally shot before order of protection hearing a 'person of interest'(NYP) * Brooklyn teacher's aide indicted on sexual exploitation, child pornography charges(NYP) * Charges Dismissed Against Man Beaten by Police(NYT) * Twelve Charged In Brooklyn With Mortgage, Real Estate Fraud (NY1) *

2 Sought in BK Robbery, Sex Assault (NBC) * Brooklyn Rape Suspects Caught On Camera(WCBS)


Rutgers Student Saw Twitter Posts by Roommate About Spying(NYT) *In Video, Jury Hears Student Admit Posting on Roommate(NYT)