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True News Updated 24/7 Sundy Update: Dozens Arrested At Occupty's 6-Month Anniversay Rally

Yogi Berra: Deja Yu All Over Again

Occupy protest anniversary ends with police sweep, arrests(NYP) * Scores Arrested as the Police Clear Zuccotti Park(NYT)* Occupy Wall Street marks six months(NYDN) * OWS, cops clash again(NYP) * Occupy Anniversary Ends With Arrests(Fox 5) * Police sweep ends Occupy anniv. protest(CBS News) * N.Y.P.D. Arrests Bagpipers Serenading Occupy Wall Street(NYO) * WATCH: OWS protester gets head slammed into window, beatings alleged(NYP)

The Council Which Was Not About to Stop the CityTime Corrupt Contract Now Wants to Spend the $466 Million Fine Refund

The CityTime fine announcement came just as Bloomberg is gearing up for budget negotiations with the City Council. All of a sudden, council members clamoring for restorations to child care, libraries and other programs cut by the mayor as part of the ridiculous budget maneuvers that take place every year see dollar signs before their eyes.CityTime-keepers(NYP) Council eyes spending $466M refund


Buck Stops?

Two Ideas You Will Not Hear From the Council

Demand an Investigation to find out which city managers allow the looting by the Citytime contractors and bring those individuals to justice.  Not a single city employee has been indicted, despite evidence they knew.  An investigation would be a road map on how to stop future corruption.

Reduce Taxes to attract more small business to the big apple creating jobs to help stop New York's rising unemployment rate. Now at 9.3%

When it Came to CityTime Corrupt The Mayor and DOI Worked Incessantly at Knowing Nothing (True News)


Not the only members of a Culture, in which politicians use taxpayer dollars to enhance their political and personal status

Their giving ways(NYP Ed)

On Monday, Attorney General Eric Schneiderman announced the indictment of Clement Gardner, CFO of the Christian Community Benevolent Association — a nonprofit founded by Diaz in 1977 and which he ran until 2003. On Wednesday, the federal corruption trial of Diaz’s friend and former colleague, ex-Sen. Pedro Espada, got under way. The two cases shed light on New York’s kleptocratic culture, in which politicians use taxpayer dollars to enhance their political and personal status.* Diaz Sr.: Embezzling Aide Was “Trustworthy,” Likely Didn’t Steal Taxpayer $$ (City and State)

Photos show Bronx pol Espada partying on taxpayer dime: feds(NYP) * Espada's Alleged Purchases With Health Clinic Money Seen In Court(NY1)


As the NYP Pushes Kelly For Mayor

The NYT Come Down Hard on NYPD/Kelly . . . Want Holder to Review Constitutionally Muslim Monitor, Stop/Frisk & Some OWS Arrests

Police Powers in New York(NYT Ed) The N.Y.P.D. should not interpret its post-9/11 mandate as a license to run roughshod over the Constitution. Attorney General Eric Holder is rightly reviewing the constitutionally suspect surveillance practices that the New York City Police Department has employed against law-abiding Muslims. The Justice Department should also review other practices — chief among them, stop-and-frisk — that have virtually eliminated the presumption of innocence and that treat citizens, and even entire communities, as suspect even after they are proved innocent..* New York Times Criticizes NYPD In Editorial; NYPD Says Times Is 'Wrong' (Village Voice)

The Justice Department should also examine police conduct at the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations last fall and winter, during which a high-ranking officer pepper-sprayed demonstrators without provocation. Since 9/11, courts have broadened the Police Department’s investigative authority in the vital interest of protecting the city from terrorist attack. The department should not interpret that as a license to run roughshod over the Constitution.

Has Any Plan Worked In Any Neighborhood To Stop the Violence?

Ray Kelly bites back(NYP Ed) When Councilwoman Mark-Viverito wanted Kelly to apologize to minorities for using stop-and-frisk tactics to clear guns from the streets, the commissioner shot right back

Kelly: “Ninety-six percent of the shooting victims in this city are people of color, 90 percent of the murder victims are people of color,” said Kelly.

And Kelly turned the tables:

“Who do you think’s lives are being saved?”

The council went dumb as a stump at that, so Kelly answered his own question: “What I haven’t heard is any solution to the violence problem in these communities.

“People are upset about being stopped, yet what is the answer? What have you said about how do we stop this violence? What have leaders of the communities of color said? What is their strategy to get guns off the street?”

NYPD releases images of Bronx gunmen(WABC)

There Used to Be A Reform Movement in Brooklyn?

In the 60’s and 70‘when the reform movement was born out of the anti-war protests, the goal of the activists was to elect people to change the system. Their goal was to elect more woman and minorities and pass election law reform and other legislation to put the political machines which they were fighting out of power.  Over the years as the movement elected more and more public officials the reform clubs became rubber stamp for their districts elected officials regardless of the corrupt and dysfunction that is going on in Albany or City Hall.

 Meet the New Bosses Same As the Old Boss Meade Esposito

In fact Assemblywoman Joan Millman who has been back for a generation by Independent Neighborhood Democrats a reform clubs. Until recently Millman was the chairwoman of the committee which is in charge of the state repressive election law.  The fact that the assemblywoman was head of the election law committee did not stop IND and New Kings Democrats from endorsing her for reelection in 2010.  Gatemouth blogged on Room Eight that that a vote for endorsement last week by IND for Assemblywoman Millman was by acclamation and saved her from having to answer any questions about how she voted on reapportionment.

Backing Boss Vito Lopez's Candidate, The New Avoidance Reform Rhetoric
Gatemouth description of IND’s avoidance of asking Millman why she voted for to continue the corrupt gerrymandering was another example how the reform clubs now back winners who offer fake promises of reform. Millman avoidance of reform is nothing when you examine who IND and New Kinds have supported for congress this year. The candidate back by corrupt Boss Vito Lopez, Assemblyman Hakeem Jeffries. Jeffries has never supported a candidate against Brooklyn’s corrupt bosses Lopez or Norman.
Jeffries is running against the aging out of touch Ed Towns who is a puppet of the corrupt special interests like every other New York member of congress. Town has lost his ability to connect as the generations change back Brooklyn reforms movement poster child Surrogate Lopez-Torres against the Norman and Lopez machine.  The attractive and savvy Jeffries can as they say sell ice to Eskimos.  His political consultant lobbyist George Arzt will make sure the gullible press reports about how he will go to congress to change the system.  The problem is that Jeffries record is that of a follower of the establishment special interests.  Sending a follower of those in power to Washington is a very dangerous thing. * ACORN’s former head isn’t happy Ed Towns is bringing Darrell Issa into town.

Election 2012

Political Buzz: Rory has too much to lose to run without county; his wife works as a law secretary; guess her next "step" So it looks Grace or Mark. Tony doing a primary is a long shot, but the timing of the state legislative primary allows same -- and one only needs all of 938 sigs -- you or I can collect that by ourselves..... Newsday mentioned Elizabeth Crowley who can also run without giving up her council seat.

G.O.P. Leaders Attack Democratic Senator, but Leave Candidate Selection to the Primary(NYT) * Three Challengers Of Senator Gillibrand Reach The Primary Ballot(NY1) * NY1 Online: Congressman Turner Talks About His U.S. Senate Run(NY1)


Source: Queens Dems Go With Meng (Updated)(YNN) * Grace Meng, Rory Lancman Move Towards Congressional Run(NYO)

Queens Democrats Begin To Eye Congressman Ackerman's Seat(NY1)* Ackerman Had to Safeguard Pride Before Retiring, Colleagues Say(NYT) *Queens Dems Mull Ackerman ReplacementYNN)


 Brooklyn special election not so special(WNYC) . just paid for 15 minutes of advertising during the start of Dov Hikind's 11pm Saturday night radio show

Staten Island is growing more politically apathetic.* Guy Molinari and James Molinaro have their differences.

Daily News Says It Is Still Very Hard to Fire Bad Teachers
Chancellor Dennis Walcott’s crackdown on touchy-feely teachers is long overdue (NYDN Ed)  Review shows how hard it is firing instructors who have improper student contact

‘Rent is Too Damn High’ founder loses bid for vote recount(NYDN)

The NYT Rips Cuomo On His Redistricting Deal

Gov. Cuomo Succumbs(NYT Ed) For a few modest improvements, Gov. Andrew Cuomo broke promises and signed a law that will allow unfair legislative elections in New York for the next decade. Cuomo could have used his popular support among voters and his political muscle to stop this outrageously antidemocratic redistricting process, which rewards the worst elements of Albany’s political culture. Mr. Cuomo said the deal was designed to “make New York government work.” The truth is, this deal guarantees that the back-room politics that have infected Albany for generations will govern for another decade.* GOP Finds It Tough to Fault Governor(WSJ) * Cuomo Signs New Pension Deal Into Law(NY1) * Analysis: Winners and Losers Amid Albany Confusion(NBC) *Sunshine Week sheds no new light on Cuomo’s official records(New York World) * Promises Abandoned(NY Civic) *Analysis: In big deals, a big deal law is lost (TU) * Diane Savino: “we used to have 3 men in a room, now we just have one!” * Another editorial board said Cuomo’s secrecy is becoming ”an increasingly ugly flaw.” * Albany’s notorious three-men-in-a-room style of government has actually become two-men-in-a-room as Cuomo prefers to deal separately with Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos and Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver.* The TU hopes Cuomo compromises on the $250 million in competitive school aid grant cash he included in his executive budget. * Casino gambling, not the panacea many elected officials – including Cuomo – are hoping for?


How the Court Change NY's Congressional Maps But Not Its Delegation, Much (Capital)

The NYP Says High MTA Salaries Have Increased the Fares 

The secret of skyrocketing fares(NYP Ed) The issue is not if they have the [money] — it’s about getting it from them,” Roger Toussaint told The Wall Street Journal.



Protesters Back In NY Park For Occupy Wall Street 6th Month Anniversary 

Occupy 2.0: Protesters Go High-Tech(WSJ) Occupy Wall Street's open-air encampments and spontaneous demonstrations through New York City have been largely organized through Facebook, Twitter and other social media. Now, protesters said, those tools are no longer enough. * OWS protests cost city $17M  in OT — Kelly (NYDN)* Occupy Protesters Mark Six Months Since Start Of Movement (NY1)

Ground Zero now home to 93-floor - and growing! - shimmering Freedom Tower(NYDN)

Bloomberg Comforts the 1%
After Bankrupting the County, Bailed Out by the Taxpayer Goldman Needs A Pep Talk? How About Bloomberg Being Concerned About the Growing Unemployed in the City Now At 9.3%

Mike: Good $achs in the city(NYP) * Wall street loves sachs(NYP) * With Visit to Goldman, Bloomberg Says, Chin Up(NYT) * Mayor: Goldman Sachs Op-Ed Coverage "Ridiculous"(NY1)Goldman Sachs Op-Ed Writer Only Got Paid $150 for Column (NY Mag)

* Bloomberg: Goldman Sachs is 'great'(NYDN) * Good at Being Evil(NY Mag) Goldman's clients don't mind being called muppets, so long as the returns are big.


Ratner Lobbyist Trial: "I Paid the Councilwoman $174.000 All For Love"

Yonkers trial update: defendant Jereis testifies, denies bribes, asserts unrequited love; witness says he helped Jereis with reports to Forest City because consultant "not so good" with computers(Atlantic Yards Review)
The mystery of Ridge Hill took a new twist yesterday in federal court as the lawyer for defendant Sandy Annabi, former Yonkers Council Member, rested the defense without having Annabi take the stand and explain why she accepted money from co-defendant Zehy Jereis, her campaign manager and political mentor, and whether it affected her vote switch on two projects, including Forest City Ratner's retail/residential project.  But Jereis did take the stand, and delivered soap-opera style revelations that the $174,000 he transferred to Annabi was all because of love, not any intention to control her politically and steer her votes, as prosecutors allege, based on circumstantial evidence in the case of Ridge Hill and the testimony of a flawed witness, disbarred attorney and admitted felon Anthony Mangone, in the case of the other project, Longfellow.

Planned NYT Media Blackouts
The Sydney Schanberg back story: "the city's newspapers, like the big politicians," were part of "the shame of Westway"(Atlantic Yards Review)  When Greg David of business-friendly Crain's suggests that the dailies under-covered the Yonkers trial, giving Ratner a pass, that's worth noticing. And, yes, the Times has picked up coverage of the defense case. But the newspaper missed the chance to cover the Forest City Ratner in detail. And even in covering the defense case, the Times's beat reporter missed a piece of piquant testimony regarding Forest City Ratner's due diligence: Zehy Jereis, the fixer Forest City hired for an essentially no-show job, had such nonexistent computer skills he was incapable of creating a Word document. * Moses, Jacobs And You: The Battle For Gotham(City Limits)

How Bruce Ratner Wins Approval for his Projects and Full Coverage of the Trial(True News)


Delays hold back public housing expansion plans(NY World)



SoHo seniors spend as little as $55 a month for rent-controlled apartments(NYP) 


 Misconduct accusations, but teacher still has his job(NYDN)

Cardinal Dolan Announces $175 Million Facelift To St. Patrick’s Cathedral(WCBS) * The New Cardinal Takes On an Old Cathedral(NYT)



Unlicensed assisted living home charged with locking down Brooklyn judge (NYDN) 'Kung Fu Judge' John Phillips was prisoner at Park Slope facility

Bronx Residents Hail Court Ruling That Could Reduce Pollution On Waterways(Ny1)

Jerome Albert, Who Helped Bring Space Age to Coney Island, Dies at 74 (NYT)

Mets Owners Face Trial for Madoff Suit(WSJ) New York Mets' owners will be in Manhattan on Monday for the start of a trial related to Bernard Madoff's Ponzi scheme.* Bad News for the Wilpon Group Means Bad baseball for the Mets(Capital) * Mets Owners' Trial Begins Monday With Jury Selection (NY1) * Mets Ownership Back In Court On Monday, $303 Million On The Line (WCBS)

What to Make of Romney's Flashes of Irritation? - Scott Conroy, RCP * Politicians Distract Us as Fiscal Disaster Looms - Investor's Business Daily * Obama Parries Criticism as Fund-Raising Eats Into His Schedule (NYT)  NYT: Obama has attended 108 fundraisers since April '11, 2X rate of George W. Bush at similar point in reelect campaign* Needing Game Change, Santorum Plays Small Ball(538)

WATCH: OWS protester gets head slammed into window, beatings alleged(Huff Post)

Why is So Much Effort Into This Prosecution?  To Protect A Few Famous Johns?

Raid on ‘madam’ crony(NYP) * Lawyer linked to accused madam raided(NYDN) * Disgraced Accountant Connected to 'Millionaire Madam' Anna Gristina (DNAINFO) * Cops Raid Lawyer Connected to 'Millionaire Madam' Anna Gristina (DNA Info)

Man stabbed to death outside restaurant while celebrating engagement(NYP) * Staten Island Man Is Fatally Stabbed While Celebrating His Engagement(NYT) * Groom-to-Be Stabbed to Death: Reports(NBC) * witness in fatal attack on groom-to-be(SI Line)

Sobs over ‘rape’ cop(NYP) * Teacher Accusing Officer of Rape Says She Feared Being Killed(NYT) * Victim Takes The Stand To Recount Alleged Rape By Off-Duty Officer(NY1) * Accuser testifies in NYPD rape trial (WABC)

Police nab Queens suspect using hi-tech face-detector(NYDN)

Supporters Cheer As Judge Rules Out Unproved Crimes From Jamaican Drug Lord's Sentence(NY1)

Law and Order

Qns. woman 'married' to multiple men in immigration scams(NYP) * Teacher Reassigned By DOE For Misconduct Charges Sues City(NY1)
* Mom of murdered teacher Tara Hawes asks her killer “Why(NYDN) * Thieves in cowboy hats steal bunny from swanky SoHo boutique(NYDN)
* Man stabbed in eye with fork in diner(NYDN) * Apartment rental scam(Fox 5) * Suspect wanted in Craigslist rental scam(WABC) * Pet bunny stolen from Manhattan boutique(Fox 5) * Man arrested for thefts at JFK Airport(WABC) * Man stabbed in Annadale has died(SI Advance) * Bronx man shot to death(Fox 5) * Cop Impersonators Assault, Rob Man in Subway(NBC)* NYPD: Suspects Wanted For Robbery, Impersonating An Officer (WCBS) * NYPD School Safety Agent busted on marijuana charges: police(NYP) * Plot to become top Bonanno(NYP) * Drunk slays Qns. cat: cops(NYP) * 2 Arrests in Death of Man Found in Chelsea Apartment(NYT) * Two suspects extradited in Chelsea murder(NYDN) * NYC Man Under Arrest After Allegedly Killing Stray Cat With (WABC) * Queens woman shot to death on her porch  Sandra Bajnath, 39, was slain; buddy critically injured * Mother shot and killed on her porch in South Ozone Park (WABC)

Beloved bunny returned after being stolen(NYDN) * Stolen bunny returned to SoHo boutique(WABC)