Monday, March 19, 2012

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It’s Meng vs. Lancman For Congress!(City and State)
Queens Democrats chose Assemblywoman Grace Meng to run for retiring Rep. Gary Ackerman’s seat and become New York’s first Asian-American member of Congress last night, but Assemblyman Rory Lancman plans a primary challenge anyway * Queens Democrats choose state Assemblywoman Grace Meng of Queens to run for retiring Congressman Gary Ackerman’s seat (NYDN)  

 Liz Crowley Makes 3 Way
'She is a smart choice for this new district and a strong candidate'* Queens Democrats Endorse Grace Meng for Congress(Politico) Breaking whoa. Liz Crowley says she's running for congress, challenging & Grace Meng -- the candidate backed by her cousin Rep Crowley * Liz Crowley Running for Congress, Complicating Matters for Rory Lancman(NYO) * Joe Crowley endorses Meng for the Ackerman seat, and another Crowley throws her hat in anyway (Capital) * Elected Officials Question NYPD After Saturday’s Occupy Arrests(NYO) * GOP NYC Councilman Dan Halloran is carefully considering a run in NY-6, but hasn’t made any decisions.* Lancman Announces for Congress, Flexes Foreign Policy Credentials [Video](NYO)* Rory Lancman had some light criticism for Gary Ackerman over Israel.

Grace Meng Accepts Parties Support
After being passed over by party leaders three times now to run for Congress, Assemblyman Rory Lancman has decided to stop being the loyal soldier and run anyway. He’s expected to announce his campaign at 2:45 p.m. Meng said last night “Being respectful of an important, deliberative and inclusive process, the assemblywoman will refrain from comments until tomorrow morning.” * Also last night, Republican NYC Councilman Dan Halloran, who passed up a Senate run this fall, held a private meeting at his house to discuss a possible bid for NY-6. According to a Queens GOP source, present at the meeting were ex-Sen. Frank Padavan and party Executive Vice Chairman Vince Tabone. kicks off his congressional bid today at 2:45, at Northern Blvd & 170th Street * Liz Crowley hints that her cousin, Queens Dem boss , may not be 100% behind Grace Meng in * Tony Avella Won’t Run For Congress(City and State)

Campaign 2012

Storobin for state senate(NYP Ed) * "Storobin the lawyer is better than Fidler the "shill for the trial lawyers. Fidler, has an “extraordinarily bizarre sense of personal entitlement * Lew Fidler, as a “typical city councilman with an extraordinarily bizarre sense of personal entitlement.” *Democrats meet on Gillibrand in NY(WSJ) * Congressional Redistricting All But Finalized(CBS) * New 29th Senate District cuts through Central Park and takes incredible journey (NYDN) 'It looks like a maze' * The new 29th Senate District goes from Yankee Stadium to East Harlem, cuts through Central Park and heads down the Upper West Side. * The state Conservative Party holds its nominating convention in NYC and is expected to tap attorney Wendy Long to challenge Democratic Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand.* Tom Wrobleski takes a look at the long-running dispute between Guy Molinari and Jim Molinaro. * Cops clearing the hall outside Ed Towns hearing with Darrell Issa in BK, chanting "Shame on Towns!"* Special Election For Kruger’s Seat Tomorrow(Brooklyn Eagle ) * Voices From the New York State Republican Convention(NYT) * Turner Turned Down For Speech At Conservative Party Convention(C&S) * Issa Hearing A Double-Edged Sword For Ed Towns (City and State) * The Federal Court in Brooklyn has adopted new lines for congressional . Minimal changes from earlier plans. * Rep. Charlie Rangel is still sidelined with a mysterious back injury.* John and Margo Catsimatidis are hosting a “private reception” – with tickets ranging from $500 to $5,000 – for AG Eric Schneiderman.*State conservatives endorse nyc atty wendy to take on .

NY's Multi Primary Waste . . .  Thanks GOP and Kruger

Senate GOP think they have a better chance holding the majority with a Sept primary. So NY now will have 3 primary elections and a general election this year.  Those living in the Fidler district could if the councilman wins Tuesday to fill Kruger's seat have 6 elections this year. Speical election to fill the Fidler Council seat.  NY should make pols like Kruger pay for special elections before they go to jail for corruption. Voters face a wasteful extra primary thanks to state Senate GOP (NYDN Ed) Skelos balks at moving legislative contest to June  The News blames Senate Majority Dean Skelos for the “insanity” of New Yorkers having to go to the polls four times this year, at a cost of $200 million, because Skelos opposes holding legislative primaries in June

Cuomo Dump of Senate Dems Leadership . . .  Lack Serious Leadership

Cuomo may have approved of the GOP's redistricting plan in order to keep Democrats out of power in the State Senate.

Source close to Cuomo admin: he signed gerrymandered lines cuz lack "serious leadership...high principles"* “If the Senate Democrats had impressive credentials and serious leadership, if they genuinely stood for real reform and had high principles, I think the governor would have taken a different approach,’’ said a source close to the Cuomo administration.  Dems O(k) with 401 for selves(NYP) * The Senate Democrats’ unsettled leadership situation and poor performance while in the majority factored into Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s decision to sign off on gerrymandered district lines, Fred Dicker writes in the Post * Senate Democrats alienate Gov. Cuomo after losing redistricting battle (NYDN) 'It’s substantive and political incompetence,' one Democrat insider said.  Silver ultimately needed minority party votes to pass (pension reform) — something almost unheard of in Albany."* Jimmy Vielkind tallies the winners and losers in last week’s big ugly.* Sunshine in Albany? Bwhahahahahahahah.

Upstate paper's editorial: "Cuomo can work the system. The question that remains is, can he change the system?"
Partly cloudy lawmaking in Albany (Democratic and Chronicle) Sunshine Week saw dead-of-night N.Y. deal-making *  Cuomo turns 'pragmatic' into a dirty word(Poststar) Cuomo ensured "political system, the reason 4 all this dysfunction, wud remain the way it is 4 @ least another 10 yrs" * Power politics move issues Governor wins victories but key supporters are bruised while Senate GOP celebrates * Gov. Cuomo defended "The Big Ugly"--the dark of night passage of a host of unrelated bills--against good government groups. * Did Cuomo turn “pragmatic” into a dirty word? *Pension Fallout Begins(NYDN)* The unions go after Gov. Cuomo (CrainsNY)


Silver's Generation Rebellion?  At Least A Protest in the Media
Senate Democrats alienate Gov. Cuomo after losing redistricting battle(NYDN) 'It’s substantive and political incompetence,' one Democrat insider said. Younger members of the Assembly were put off by Speaker Sheldon Silver’s arm-twisting for votes last week, especially since more senior members of the body weren’t subjected to such tough treatment* Plans for an early budget seem to be sputtering out. * What did Shelly get?(TU)
NYP Dumps on Silver Also

Silver’s job-killer(NYP Ed) The Post slams Silver’s bill to hike the minimum wage, and wonders whether the legislative session couldn’t be ended early this year to prevent such bills from passing 

Lobbyist and Pols Will Makes Millions Deciding Where the 7 Casinos Go
Musical chairs develops for seven casino slots (TU)A slew of well-financed and influential groups are lining up to carve up, promote or kill a deal to allow for casinos in New York * A slew of well-financed and influential groups are lining up to carve up, promote or kill Cuomo’s deal to allow seven non-Indian run casinos in New York, reports Jim Odato.* Cuomo opens gambling dam, and flood of casino money is pouring into NY lobbying firms.





Despite all its corruption convictions and scandals in recent years, New York escaped receiving an “F”

 NY's Ethics Grade D

New York gets a D from the Center for Public Integrity. Check out my story about New York' struggle with ethics. * Study gives NY a "D" for corruptibility, ranks it 36 out of 50 states. Time to pass my Public Corruption Prevention & Enforcement Act.


Liu's a Corruption Magnet

Liu chooses & biz ‘abuses’(NYP) Pension $6M to ‘double-dip’ firm

Comptroller John Liu has awarded $6 million in contracts to manage city pension funds to a firm under investigation by New York federal and state prosecutors over claims it ripped off millions from public-employee pension systems around the world *  John Liu awarded $6 million in contracts to a firm under investigation by New York federal and state prosecutors over claims it ripped off millions from public-employee pension systems around the world, Carl Campanile.

Albany Pols See Hospitals As Cash Cows Not A Place To Help the Sick
Bushwick’s Wyckoff Heights Medical Center kept  secret cash stash for bribes, upstate judge said (NYDN) Former Assemblyman Tony Seminerio was given payoffs from account

What Medicaid Corruption?

New York Moves to Soften Tough Medicaid Audits(NYT) Ex-pres natl assn of Medicaid oversight officials says Cuomo Medicaid IG on a "short leash" after industry complaints.* Cuomo expects Medicaid Inspector General James Cox to perform less adversarial audits of healthcare providers after dismissing his fraud-busting predecessor, James Sheehan, under pressure from the industry


MTA Explores Closing Several G Train Subway Stops(WCBS)

DN Supports NYU Expansion 

NYU’s expansion plan is good for the school and for Greenwich Village (NYDN Ed)  But it still has to go through politically fraught approval process. The News calls on Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer to sign off on the controversial expansion of NYU’s campus in Greenwich Village:




Lupica: Everybody loves to rip Ray Kelly and ignore his success(NYDN) * Advocacy Groups Send Letter To Eric Holder Asking Him To Investigate NYPD’s Muslim Surveillance(NYO) * Jumaane Williams Responds to Kelly(Gotham Gazette)

NYPD Ramps Up Security at Jewish Institutions After France Shootings(NBC) * Mayor Bloomberg linked the violence in France to the need for NYPD surveillance

Return of Schools Wars

Unions Put Up New Obstacles to Teacher Ratings(WSJ) * All over the state, problems have arisen in implementing the new teacher evaluation system.

Parents crack over top preschool and kindergarten admissions(NYP)

Proposed new rules for crane operators raises safety concerns (NYDN)




AP: Mets Owners, Madoff Fraud Victims Trustee Reach $162 Million Settlement

Mets Owners' Trial Begins Monday With Jury Selection(NY1) *Team owners to pay $162 million in Ponzi-related case(NYP)* BREAKING NEWS: Mets have sold 12 minority stakes in the team for $240 million and repaid loans from Major League Baseball & Bank of America.

Rides in Five Boroughs Call Attention to Bike Safety(WSJ) * Memorial for bicyclists and pedestrians killed in New York (WABC)

Schumer enjoyed a ride on the Brooklyn bike lane his wife has been trying to get rid of.

Members of Congress are increasing their use of social media, ever mindful of the pitfalls that trapped their former colleagues Chris Lee and Anthony Weiner. 

Ruben Diaz: ‘I Have My Own Demons’(NYO)


Traffic-Free Plaza Roils Little India in Queens(NYT)



Final NYC snow total for winter 2011/2012: 4.5 inches. We got 61 inches last year.

To Clean Up Subway Station, an Unlikely Tool: Bird Calls(NYT)

Mayor’s Ties to Hometown Fade,for a Few, Are Still Felt(NYT) Bloomberg has attempted to maintain ties with his hometown of Medford, Mass., in a number of small ways, but residents see him as a big city guy


Election 2012  Mitt Romney cruised to an easy win in the Puerto Rico primary. Next up: Illinois on Tuesday.

Wins island vote * Drifting Right, Illinois Is Test for Romney(NYT)* Obama’s high-dollar donations lagging(Wash Post) * Obama campaign raises $45M in Februrary - USA TODAY * Obama’s evolution: Behind the failed ‘grand bargain’ on the debt (Wash Post)*  Mitt Romney Leading In Illinois(Huff Post) * Campaign 2012: Designed all wrong (Wash Post) * In Illinois, Santorum Talks of Brokered Convention(NYT) *Obama blamed troubles on Fox News (Politico) * Mitt Romney's "Core" - Carl M. Cannon, RealClearPolitics * What Obama Could Have Done Differently - John Cassidy, The New Yorker * 

7% of Americans get their news from mobile devices(Today) * State of the News Media 2012: Tech companies 'control the future of news'(Forbes)


Charges reduced against tourist after she had weapon at 9/11 Memorial(NYP)


Someone is Worried About the Names in the Black Book 

Working for 'Soccer Mom Madam' Anna Gristina was one of the best jobs a girl could have, high-end hooker tells Daily News (NYDN) EXCLUSIVE: 'The life wasn’t all glamorous. It makes me laugh to hear Anna’s upper East Side brothel described as some sort of pleasure palace'

Slain by hit squad (NYP) Bar-bump revenge * Bar Dispute May Have Led to Fatal Queens Shooting(NYT)

I eatery boss ‘pulled gun’ before engagement party slay: witnesses(NYP) * Brother Of Groom Speaks Out On Fatal S.I. Stabbing(NYDN)

Shopping Cart Toss Victim Speaks: I Have a Long Way to Go (NBC) She says she has never heard from the boys who attacked her.

Law and Order

Police ID Bx. man shot in the face(NYP) * Chelsea ‘slay’ duo in court (NYP) *2 Arrests in Death of Man Found in Chelsea Apartment(NYT)  * Cashman ‘stalker’: I’m in hell(NYP)* Bronx man arrested for drug possession(Fox 5) * Bystander caught in crossfire of Bronx shooting(WABC) * 'Shakedown' rabbi loses appeal(NYP) * 3 people shot outside playground in Harlem (WABC)* Three Men Shot Outside Harlem Deli(NY1)

Two Sought In Armed Robbery Of Brooklyn Livery Driver(NY1)