Friday, March 16, 2012

Kelly Asks the Council for Ideas On Stopping Gun Violence to Stop "Stop and Frisk"

Council Anger No Solutions

At City Council Hearing, Police Commissioner Fights Back(NYT)  Kelly, the police commissioner, suggested that the Council was notably at a loss to offer ideas — any ideas at all — for how to stop violence among young minority men. * Council Grills Kelly on Stop, Frisk Tactics(WSJ) * City Council Members Grill Police Commissioner Over NYPD Practices(NY1) * Ray Kelly gets fired up(NYDN) * Heated Exchanges Mark Ray Kelly’s Testimony Before City(WCBS) * Jumaane Williams responded to Kelly.

Heated Exchange Between Commissioner Kelly and Councilwoman Melissa Mark-Viverito

Kelly: "You have criticism, but you don’t have any answers"  "We still have an inordinately high level of violence in those communities and I think we need leadership to speak out."  In one particularly heated exchange, Kelly accused leaders of failing to come up with alternatives other than gun buyback programs, which he equated to "chicken soup" — helpful, but no cure-all. "What I haven’t heard is any solution to the violence problem in this community,"

Mark-Viverito: "There needs to be prevention and deeper community-based tactics and strategies."

Kelly cut her off. "What is that?" he demanded.
"I’m waiting for leadership here," he said. "I’m looking for leadership in these communities to come forward and say something about how we can stop the violence."

Ackerman Exit Will Lead to Political and Media Shake Up
The Gary Ackerman Story, Consolidated(NYDN) * New York Congressman Won’t Seek Re-election(NYT) * Ackerman Won't Seek Re-Election(WSJ) 15 terms and out. * Feisty NY Democrat Rep. Gary Ackerman retiring(WSJ) * Queens Dems meet at 8:30 am, nominate House candidates. WONT make decision on Ackerman district. No consensus. Weren't expecting retirement. * Congressman Ackerman Tells Constituents He Will Not Run For Re-Election(NY1) * Longtime Queens & L.I. Congressman Gary Ackerman Retiri (WCBS) * Tony Avella Confirms Interest In Ackerman Seat, As Other Names Are Floated (C&S) * “If there was a chance Democrats couldn’t hold (the new district), I would be running,” Ackerman told the NYT. * President Obama said Ackerman’s “unique enthusiasm will be greatly missed in the halls of Congress.”

Hint At Ackerman Leaving Queens Tribune Was Recently Put Up for Sale
A good hint that Ackerman was retiring was his paper the Queens Tribune was put up for sale a few weeks ago. The paper chain owned by Ackerman plays a large part at keeping the Boss Crowley and the Queens Democratic machine in power.

A Takeover Of Journalism by Lobbyist and Politicians (True News)

Cuomo Sells the Big Ugly Deals and Presidency: Full Media Offensive Today

"They get to live another day — and Cuomo got everything else."

Albany working right: Cuomo(NYP) * Cuomo’s coup(NYP ED) Albany lawmakers worked through the night Wednesday and passed Gov. Cuomo’s plan to curb state and local pension costs. * Cuomo, Admitting Setbacks, Says He Asked for the Moon(NYT) “I was elected to come to an incredibly dysfunctional capital and make the government work better, and that’s what I’m doing.” Cuomo admits that this legislative session has brought his administration back to Earth, telling the New York Times that while he accomplished many of his goals, he “failed” to bring about independent redistricting: * State to Target Cheating by Teachers(WSJ )State education officials will create a new investigation unit to combat cheating, aid local school districts and probe the most egregious cases Short test security in the budget (NYDN) 

 Andy puts best feats forward(NYP)  The Post’s Fred Dicker argues that Cuomo has accomplished something his predecessors have all failed to do: “bringing to heel the special-interested dominated liberal lion of Albany,” * 'Ugly' Process Gets Results, And Rebukes(WSJ)* Vance on DNA Databank: 'This Bill Will Save Lives' (WSJ) * Don’t Cut Pensions, Expand Them(NYT) * The Big Ugly comes early(TU) The Times Union calls the fact that the so-called “big ugly” compromise deal came in March instead of June a sign of progress, but not much else beyond * Cuomo’s pension reforms will save big bucks for taxpayers (NYDN Ed) Gov hangs tough in fight with labor and legislators. The News lauds Cuomo’s legislative accomplishments, and argues that he only fell short due to the likes of Silver, Sen. Dean Skelos and, “in the peanut gallery,” Comptroller Tom DiNapoli * Cuomo and Bloomberg lauded the Tier VI deal as historic and a “landmark,” but EJ McMahon called it “incremental” and not structural change.* Newsday didn’t like how Tier VI got done, but approves anyway.* Organized labor is furious with Cuomo – not to mention the Senate GOP and Assembly Democrats – over Tier VI. Can he make up with unions before he (ostensibly) needs them in 2016? Said one anonymous union official: “He doesn’t seem to realize we have a lot of members and a long memory.”Gannett’s Jon Campbell reminds us: “On Page 16 of an ethics agenda distributed during his 2010 gubernatorial campaign, then-candidate Andrew Cuomo made it clear: He ‘will veto any redistricting plan in 2012 that reflects partisan gerrymandering.’”

Get A Room Dicker

  Dicker definitely running out of superlatives in this installment of "Freddy Loves Andy" 

“We live another day”: Only Thing Pols Care About in Albany To Fix is the System to Keep Getting Reelected

An Update on New York Redistricting(NYT) * Brooklyn Federal Judges Still Likely To Decide State's Congressional Districts(NY1)

House maps near OK (TU)After hearing a final set of critiques, a panel of federal judges appear poised to accept a set of court-drawn congressional district maps with minimal changes * After hearing final critiques, a panel of three federal judges seem poised to adopt a set of court-drawn congressional maps with minimal changes. * To say Bill Samuels is upset with Cuomo over redistricting is an understatement

 “To the extent our governor had a chance to be a great governor, when history is written, that opportunity is gone forever,” Samuels said. “It’s only a question of whether maybe he can go down in history maybe as a mediocre governor * Sen. Adriano Espaillat got into a back and forth with the federal judges who drew the redistricting lines over minority representation.* Daily Kos Elections Morning Digest: The number one redistricting villain in the nation: Andrew Cuomo * Joe Crowley won’t swap seats.* Latinos are disappointed in Cuomo over redistricting. [Cristina Loboguerrero]


Daily News winners and losers graphic on this week's legislative actions
Winners:Gov. Cuomo: He delivers--again
Mayor Bloomberg: On a winning streak in Albany
Senate GOP: Redistricting deal may help them keep control
NYPD & FDNY: Largely exempted from pension changes
Losers:Senate Dems: Redistricting hurts hope for majority
Assembly Speaker Silver: Upset a big chunk of his Democrats
Unions: Less political juice, less pension money
Ex-Mayor Ed Koch: Double-crossed on redistricting



Election 2012   Queens GOP Switches Course, Will Back Turner (C&S) * Queens County Republicans today withdrew their earlier support from George Maragos and endorsed his [Bob Turner's] candidacy."* Joe Carvin drops bid for Republican nomination to challenge * Turner Thinks Mike Long  Conservative Party Leader Will Come Around* KOCH ENDORSES MARK WEPRIN FOR QUEENS CONGRESSIONAL SEAT BEING VACATED BY GARY ACKERMAN.8 Mark Weprin Inches Closer To Congressional Run(Politico) * The Queens Democrats will decide on a candidate to run in retiring Rep. Gary Ackerman’s place in the new NY-6 on Monday morning. Rep. Joe Crowley is out of the mix. He’s running in the new NY-14.* Rory Lancman is in. [Marc Tracy] * Three of Gillibrand Republican opponents are on the ballot. [Liz Benjamin] * ACORN, roused: Bertha Lewis girds for Ed Towns' hearing with 'political necrophiliac' Darrell Issa * Queens Democrats Begin To Eye Congressman Ackerman's Seat (NY1) * Three Challengers Of Senator Gillibrand Reach The Primary Ballot(NY1)



Republican Ad Labels Lew Fidler A ‘Bacon and Eggs Kind of Jew’(NYO)
La Familia
Ex-state Sen. Espada turned family tree into a money tree at tax-funded clinic, says ex-staffer (NYP) Aide Says Spending by Espada Raised Issue(NYT) * Espadas’ loot spent on lobsters — att’y(NYDN) * A former aide testified that ex-Sen. Pedro Espada Jr. loaded more than a dozen family members, cronies and hangers-on onto the payroll of his Soundview health clinic

Lots of Interests Don't Want the NYPD Ticket Scandal In Open Court 
Cop at center of police ticket-fixing scandal gets new lawyer(NYDN)





Man Says Gifts to Lawmaker Were for Love(NYC)

Zehy Jerisis, the former Yonkers GOP chairman, testified that he lavished gifts on a Yonkers councilwoman, Sandy Annabi, to win her love, not buy her vote

Riders Grumble as Perk Disappears(WSJ) The commute has been a little cheaper thanks to a federal tax credit whose extension is stuck in the house and may not pass.

City says management system to blame in homeless count(NYDN) The city blamed the adoption of a new management system for its recent failure to make legally required monthly disclosures of the number of homeless people sleeping in its shelters each night 

Pedro Espada’s Wife Prays For God To Smite Her Enemies(NYO)* Espada's Alleged Purchases With Health Clinic Money Seen In Court(NY1)

CityTime scammers Reddy and Padma Allen left financial trail of sleaze from New York to India and back (NYDN)  TechnoDyne chiefs accused of funneling $54 million to India and wiring millions in kickbacks to contractor as cost of city program went through the roof. * Analysis: CityTime Is Scandal Time(NBC) Two of the CityTime scammers, a married duo that ran a now-defunct tech group, have fled to their native India with at least $39 million in stolen taxpayer money

Chancellor Says Some School Employees Were Not Properly Disciplined(NYT) * Schools Remove Problem Workers(WSJ) * Eight School Workers Face Firings for Past Misconduct(WSJ) * Teacher's Aide Denies Abuse Allegations (WSJ) * DOE Removes Eight Employees For Past Inappropriate Conduct With Children(NY1)* Eight staffers yanked from jobs in NYC public schools (NYDN) *8 NYC School Employees Removed in Case Reviews(NBC)


Charities trash pickup fee plan (NYDN)



A Greener Approach to Runoff(NYT Ed)The Times praises the recent deal between the city and the state to fund a plan reduce the flow of sewage into the city’s waterways during rainfall, but says the deal lacks incentives to retrofit existing properties

NYC On Terror Alert

Beware the Taliban(NYDN) The feds put the NYPD on high alert Thursday for revenge attacks spurred by a deranged American soldier’s massacre of 16 innocent Afghans in the heartland of the Taliban* Bloomberg giving Congress members tour of New York to persuade them to deliver anti-terror funding to city(NYP)



Occupy At 6 Months 

6 months later, what has Occupy protest achieved?(WSJ)

An altared state (NYP) St. Patrick’s Cathedral will soon undergo an unprecedented $175 million renovation — an overhaul so massive, it took five years just to plan.

Election 2012
Romney Ramps Up Illinois Spending(WSJ) * Obama, Biden Escalate Campaign Rhetoric(WSJ) * Gingrich Stays on Point: 'I'm Still Here'(WSJ) * Aide translates Rick Santorum’s English (Politico) *The governor of Puerto Rico defended Mitt Romney over Sonia Sotomayor-related criticism.* Secretive Group Backs Santorum - Kenneth Vogel, Politico * Gingrich in Race Keeps Romney Under 1144 - Rob Gray, Boston Herald * America's Real War on Women - Peggy Noonan, Wall Street Journal * "Showdown": Inside the Obama White House - David Corn, Mother Jones * White House in Full Re-election Mode - David Nakamura, Washington Post * Romney Has GOP Strapped to the Roof of His Car - Bob Shrum, The Week * Why Do the Islands Play Role in GOP Primary? - Byron York, DC Examiner * In Illinois, Rick's Momentum Meets Mitt's Money - Alex Altman, Time * Illinois Primary Races Get Testy - Caitlin Huey-Burns, RealClearPolitics * GOP Field Stirs Less Enthusiasm Than McCain - Frank Newport, Gallup * Illinois (GOP): FOX Chicago/WAA: Romney +6 | Rasmussen: Romney +9

Ex-Rutgers student convicted of bias intimidation, invasion of privacy(NYP) * Defendant in Rutgers Spying Case Guilty of Hate Crimes(NYT)

New Team of Lawyers for the Madam

‘Madam’ is put in tricky situation(NYP) * Shuffle for Accused Madam(WSJ) * Bail Decision Postponed For Accused Manhattan Madam(NY1) * Accused madam helper bombed at comedy(NYDN) *3 arrested in alleged madam case(Fox 5) *DA grilling two 'hookers' and 'money launderer' in case of alleged madam(NYP)

Union bigwig for NYPD Carlin Dawson charged with stealing union funds (NYDN)  Dawson allegedly swiped 10 checks totaling $7, 850. A BIGWIG in the union that represents the NYPD civilian workers

Twisted ‘no rape’ tactic(NYP) * Facts Conceded at Officer’s Rape Trial(NYT)

Law and Order

‘Baby dump’ mom busted(NYP) * Arrests in Chelsea Homicide(WSJ) * Mr. Manners of mobsters(NYDN) * Officers find baby, father using iPhone app(WABC) * Dept. of Education finds more teacher misconduct(WABC) * Man who shoved woman into subway train sentenced to 15 years in prisonMan who shoved woman into subway train sentenced to 15 years in prison(NYP) * Alleged Scammer Said To Lure Apartment Seekers Through Craigslist Ad (NY1) * NYPD uses high-tech facial-recognition software to nab barbershop shooting suspect(NYP)

MTA Agent Fights Over 10 Cents

MTA agent ‘attacks’(NYP) * Nab MTA staffers after on-the-job brawls in subway (NYDN)*Dispute Over Dime Leads To MTA Employee Arrested For Allegedly(WCBS)