Friday, March 2, 2012

A Shocking Statement From John Liu Indicted Treasure Mother

Containes Important Clue on Liu's Future
Hou's Mother Shocking Cult Like Statement

Community Loyalty Thumps Daughter's Future

In the daily newspaper World Journal the mother of Jia Hou, John Liu's indicted campaign treasure describes her own daughter arrest as a sacrifice for the Chinese community.  That if it wasn't jenny it would be someone else. That what Jia and Liu do is not for him but for the whole Chinese community.  Unlike her mother Jenny seems to be all alone.  The NYP reports that a day after she was slapped with federal fraud charges for alleged illegal fund-raising on behalf of John Liu’s mayoral campaign, Jia “Jenny” Hou described New York as a “cruel city” and questioned who can be trusted. “Sometimes I think, in this cruel city, is it only your conscience that can be trusted but no one else?” Hou posted in Chinese Wednesday night on Weibo, a Facebook-style Chinese social network.

Why Liu Has Not Ruled Out the Mayor's Race

Community loyalty of A Troubled Family Keeps Liu in mayors race and in Office
Despite their daughter facing 60 years in prison the parents of Jenny Hou are fully supportive of John Liu.  In fact, her mother claimed Hou is not blaming Liu but actually consoling him. Jenny even gave Liu comfort and said, ‘How come you are not as calm as my parents?’ ” Hou’s mom, Sui Xiang Zhu, recounted when Liu spoke with Hou following the arrest of his campaign aide Tuesday.  Her mom also said that Hou will work to get her master’s degree — even in prison if necessary.  “She’s so young, and for her life, this can be a good thing for her,” Zhu said. Liu gal’s ‘cruel’ fate (NYP) $$ aide’s Web note after bust * Many Questions, Few Answers as Liu Takes a Walk (WSJ) Dogged by a pack of reporters following him through Lower Manhattan, New York City Comptroller John Liu did his best to appear untroubled. *Liu Keeps Up Campaign Appearances Amid Fundraising Scandal(NY1) * Comptroller maintaining his public sked today, with a noon event in Manhattan & a 9 pm Lunar New Year event in Queens* Labor leaders afraid to speak with embattled city Controller John Liu, sources say (NYDN)  Investigation into Liu's mayoral campaign has some union bigs leery * Chinese-language newspapers are covering Liu very favorably, because they're an extension of the communist government. [Epoch Times] * Labor leaders fear that Liu may actually be wearing a wire. * Liu is skilled at giving non-answers to reporters. * Ruben Diaz, Sr. is not happy with the new congressional lines.

Flack Artz and Seto Plan Cover-Up Based On Hou's Family Blind Loyalty

For his part, Liu yesterday parried questions at a Chinatown event following a strategy session with his campaign manager, Chung Seto, and public-relations guru George Arzt. Seto declined comment when confronted by The Post. Arzt is working with Seto who according to press reports is very involved in the activities that led to the federal charges against Ms. Hou.  Part of the charges against Hou is interfering with a federal investigation.  Which is exactly with Arzt, Seto and Hou's families may be doing. Is there any limits to scam flack Arzt would not pull on New Yorkers for $$$ and power. Reporters have to understand that heartless Liu and Arzt are using a 25 year old girl as a mark.  The old mob La Cosa Nostra would be proud that John Liu team is Rat Free. * The long-march approach to media management isn't working for Liu. [Courtney Gross]

The Feds Broke John Gotti and will break this clueless family on the serious jail time and dangerous life Ms. Hou is facing.  The Enablers Arzt and Seto Belong in Jail For What They Are Doing to This Young Girl.

The Crappy Redistricting Deal They Will Try to Sell Us Gives the Legislature the Final Say in 2022

We draw the 2012 for ourselves and in 2022 we give you loop holes

Epic redistrict deal in works (TU) Negotiations are under way at the staff level for a constitutional amendment creating a 10-member independent redistricting panel, with the Legislature retaining some power to tweak its maps.  A possible constitutional change to New York's redistricting process would create a 10-member independent panel to draw the state's political lines beginning in 2021, but would allow the Legislature to make final tweaks to the plan if the Assembly and Senate fail to pass it after two tries. 

Gary Ackerman’s new district is 48 percent minority, and could leave him open to a primary challenge. * The redistricting fight is likely to lead to a number of hot high profile Congressional races in New York. * The deadline to submit your own maps or comments to the court is 11:59 p.m. today.  * New York is one of only two states in the nation, along with New Hampshire, that – until this week – had yet to even propose congressional district boundaries that will serve for the next 10 years. * Bronx Democrats don't like the Assembly Democrats' maps. [Liz Benjamin] * Legislative leaders took incumbency into account when drawing the lines. [Colby Hamilton] * Krueger: Redistricting fix ‘too weak to work’ (TU) * Did Lobbying Cash Save Carolyn McCarthy? (Politicker) * Did $15,304 worth of lobbying improve Rep. Carolyn McCarthy’s lot in redistricting?

Redistricting Committee is Spending $1Million To Continue An Undemocratic NY

As a Brooklyn federal court considers taking over Assembly and Senate redistricting in addition to the Congressional process, new expense reports show lawmakers have spent almost $1 million in taxpayer money on the process so far. In the six months from April to September 2011, the state spent $945,857.59 on expenses related to the decennial redistricting process. That breaks down to $584,546 spent by the Assembly, and $361,311.59 spent by the Senate. Of course, the most hectic work started in recent months – so taxpayers are surely on the hook for more. (City and State) * Flashback: The Last Time A Redistricting Amendment Was Proposed Goo-Goos Pounced(YNN) * United Bronx Cheer On Senate, Assembly Congressional Lines(YNN) * Senate GOP’s House Redistricting Goal: Competitive Elections * Governor Cuomo continued to add to his pile of amusing redistricting quotes.* Mike Gianaris isn’t a fan of the proposed constitutional amendment on redistricting. * A John Liu Return with a Dragon 

Behind the Screen at Cuomo's Online Chat(NYT) Inquiries about hydrofracking and health benefits for laid-off workers were among the hundreds of questions that Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo did not answer in his first online chat. * Cuomo Calls NYT Story on His Online Chats ‘Silly’(NYO)



NYT Knocks Cuomo For Trying to Out Flank the Comptroller

Not What Albany Needs(NYT Ed) Legislators are rightly alarmed that Gov. Andrew Cuomo is trying to severely limit the comptroller’s preauditing power. Good government needs checks and balances. * Dinapoli said that Cuomo’s new pension tier has only minimal savings.



 Convention Center Debate

Governor's Proposed Convention Center May Fall Flat, Skeptics Say(NY1) Gov. Andrew Cuomo says his plan for a massive new convention center in Queens to replace the Javits Center in Manhattan won’t cost the state any money, but the operator of the New York International Auto Show said yesterday it poses significant risks.

 “If this model doesn’t work in Queens and the convention center business goes away, you’re talking about billions of dollars of economic benefit that comes into the city that could be lost for good,” Mark Schienberg, the Greater New York Automobile Dealers Association president, said at a Crain’s panel discussion yesterday. Some critics have asked whether convention-goers would travel all the way to south Queens for events. Schienberg noted that while the residents of Nassau, Suffolk and Queens counties make up the biggest share of the show’s attendees, nearly a quarter hail from New Jersey, and it would be “a stretch to pull them in.”(City and State) * Some trade show heads want to brake Javits' plan (Crains) A few trade show officials threaten to take their business elsewhere rather than shift their events from Manhattan to remote South Ozone Park. Others insist there's not enough demand. 

How Will You Find Funding For New Office Building When

The Manhattan real estate market is slowing down

Atlantic Yard Blogger Writes in NY Magazine About the Ratner Lobbyist Trial . . .  Which Has Been Basically Black Out by the NY Media

Yonkers Corruption Trial Puts Forest City Ratner in the Spotlight(NY Magazine) Brooklyn-based developer Forest City Ratner is not facing any criminal charges in a juicy corruption trial of a political operative and a former city councilwoman in Yonkers. But the trial, which began in mid-February, has shed some light on the nebulous web of politicians and politicians-turned-lobbyists that were working to approve a $650 million Forest City real-estate project.

Broken elevator forces firefighters to trudge up 20 flights of stairs to save Brooklyn woman(NYP)



 Hospital $$$ Problems

Hosp to pay $13M in Medicare bilking Beth Israel Medical Center admitted to fraudulently raising fees for Medicare patients through a process called “turbocharging” and agreed to pay the federal government $13 million in damages *30 New York-area hospitals hit with poor ratings (NYDN) Of the 50 hospitals cited by Consumer Reports as having the worst patient safety records nationwide, 30 are in the New York City metro area and the Bronx’s city-run Jacobi Medical Center is the worst * Leaders say Brookdale's lawsuits 'cause for great conce(NYDN) *Five unsafest hosps hazardous to health(NYP)


For Many Asian New Yorkers, Smoking Is Still a Way of Life (NYDN) The Bloomberg administration is stepping up anti-smoking efforts targeted at Asians, who have continued smoking at the same rate they did in 2002 despite declines for most other New Yorkers


Occupy Ed Protestors March Across Brooklyn Bridge(WSJ) 




 Students lose out at crowded Bx. school(NYDN)* Ed. bigs admit dropping ball on Medicaid $$(NYP) * Educators Tell City Council Why Millions Goes Unclaimed(NYT) *Bloomberg Defends Teacher Data Release At DC Forum(NY1)


 Taxi Ipads

In a Yearlong Test, iPads Will Replace TVs in the Back Seats of Some Cabs(NYT) *Green Light for iPad Credit Card System in Taxis(WSJ) * iPads in cabs to make for easy riders(NYDN)

MTA Wants To Take Away the Trash Can to Solve Subway Trash Problem

He didn’t say yes, but he didn’t say no. MTA New York City Transit President Thomas Prendergast told a Stroock breakfast forum yesterday that the agency may expand a pilot program of removing trash cans from subway stations, which has cut down on the agency’s disposal costs—and did not rule out banning eating on the trains, as some other subway systems do. “It’s a dialogue that will continue. It will be ongoing,” he said, though he downplayed the possibility. In a possible hint of things to come, though, Prendergast spoke approvingly of a London program in which newspaper distributors put up their own trash cans just outside subway stations and pay the disposal costs in exchange for selling advertising on them. (City and State)

Monkey House Closed

The Monkey House Ends a 111-Year Run in the Bronx, a Victim of Zoo Evolution(NYT) * Bronx Zoo shutters Monkey House(NYDN)

A Bar That Survived Prohibition Is Set to Be Uprooted Over a Lease(NYT) Bill’s Gay Nineties Restaurant and Piano Bar is set to close at its location on East 54th Street after spending nearly 90 years there.

 Election 2012: NYC Obama's ATM Obama Rakes In As Much As $5M On NYC Trip
Gingrich Narrows Focus on Super Tuesday(NYT) * Romney Reopens Whatever-It-Takes Playbook(NYT) * Obama Courts Wall Street In NYC Fundraising Visit(NY1) *Gingrich Stirs Strong Feelings in Old District(WSJ) * Piers Morgan To Ron Paul: ‘Are You And Mitt Romney In Bed Together?’* QPAC Ohio Poll: SANTORUM 35%, ROMNEY 31% Santorum led Romney 36-29 the day before the Michigan primary. Now only leads 35-31 in latest QPAC poll. * Here is video from 2002 of Mitt Romney boasting of his DC connections and his ability to secure federal funds.* Santorum is motivated by social issues and the electorate this year isn't. [Charles Krauthammer]  *Romney Reopens Whatever-It-Takes Playbook - Barbaro & Peters, NYT *  Dirty Tricks by Romney Allies in Michigan? - Michael Warren, Wkly Std *  Mitt Romney's Luck - Charles Krauthammer, Washington Post * How a Brokered Convention May Help GOP - Lou Cannon, RealClearPolitics * The Danger of Mitt Being Mitt - Eugene Robinson, Washington Post *  Obama's Election Bully Brigade Is Back - Michelle Malkin, New York Post *  Why I'm Leaving the Senate - Sen. Olympia Snowe, Washington Post * Which New York Techies Came Out to Support Obama at Last Night’s Splashy Fundraiser?(NYO)* Romney and his SuperPAC have outspent Santorum/SuPAC and Gingrich/SuPAC combined in Super Tuesday states. $8.4M to $4.9M * Polling suggests Romney has the edge in tomorrow night’s Washington vote. * The Seattle Times gave an unfriendly endorsement to Romney.


Jon Stewart Did NOT Enjoy Sen. Barbara Boxer’s Re-Telling Of His Health Care Joke


Criticism increases over NYPD's spying on Muslims (TU) New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie increased his criticism of the NYPD for secretly monitoring Muslims in his state, saying 9/11 showed the need to share information and mocking Commissioner Ray Kelly as “all knowing, all seeing,”  * Mayor Bloomberg’s response to NJ Gov. Chris Christie: “(T)o say that the NYPD should stop at the border is a bit ridiculous.”

 Brooklyn Cafe Owner

Photos Released in Case of Murdered Brooklyn Cafe Owner(NYT) * New Twist in Probe of Murdered Cafe Owner(WSJ) * Hunt in B’klyn cafe slay(NYP) * Photos of suspects in café owner murder(WABC) * Photos Released in Probe of BK Cafe Owner's Murder(NBC)

 Car Insurance Scam
Put corrupt docs who enable insurance scams out of business (NYDN Ed) Big-bucks swindle shows just how feeble state enforcement can be  A $275 million insurance scam uncovered by the NYPD shows that New York needs to protect taxpayers with stiffer penalties for fraudulent doctors and more effective oversight when problems arise, the News argues


NYPD: Three Shot Outside Queens Fast Food Restaurant(NY1)

 Law and Order

Driving School Owners Charged in Test Cheating Scheme(NYT)  * Nassau Conspiracy Seen(WSJ) * Teammate of Suspect Testifies in Rutgers Trial(WSJ) *In Rutgers Case, Mystery Man Testifies About Spotting a Computer Camera

Bravest, Oldfellas in gambling bust(NYT) * Smuggle cop pleads guilty(NYDN)* Cleaning lady had no chance vs. 'predator'(NYDN) * Two detectives caught drinking on duty forced into rehab(NYDN)* Bronx Bravest busted in ‘Mafia gambling ring’(NYP) * iPhone crook targets gals(NYP) * DNA clue in maid slay: DA(NYP)* Fat cat ‘stabs’ cabby(NYP)* Gun’ teen’s bail bid nixed(NYP) * Drive-test ‘scam’(NYP)* Meet Dr. Blotto (NYP)Fraud-bust B’klyn MD was blitzed* Video foils cop ‘lie’(NYP) * Bronx Bravest busted in ‘Mafia gambling ring’(NYP) * iPhone crook targets gals (NYP) * Madoff moneyman Merkin near $400M AG deal(NYP) * 3 Shot In Parking Lot Of Jamaica, Queens Wendy’s Restau(WCBS)* TSA: JFK Passenger Had 3 Stun Guns(Fox 5) * Port Authority to crackdown on toll evaders(WABC) * 3 shot outside Wendy's in Queens(WABC) * 3 Shot at Queens Wendy's(NBC)* story in the Long Island Press about the Nassau County Police Department Foundation, cops and local non-profits led to investigation that resulted in charges against three cops who protected a benefactor's son from burglary charges. [James Campbell] * Bronx ADA fired from her job pleads guilty to DUI, gets no jail time(NYP) * Banker stabs cabbie — then brags he'd get away because he 'pays taxes': docs (NYP) * A judge dropped the charges against 88 Occupy Albany protesters. *Second Arrest in Synagogue Attacks(NYT) * Veiled Witness in Rutgers Case Tells of Noticing Webcam(NYT)

NYC man faces sentencing in homegrown terror case(NYP) * 27 years for NYC terror wannabe(NYP)