Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Stupid Newspaper Tricks

Why Doesn't The WSJ Asked The Mayoral Candidates What They Would Do To Reduce the Cities 10% Unemployment Rate instead of Crap BS Questons!

WSJ Question: Bloomberg has never spent the night at Gracie Mansion, but the 2013 mayoral candidates are hoping to live there
Gracie Awaits a Family(WSJ)As the longtime companion of Mayor Michael Bloomberg and a financial industry powerhouse in her own right, Diana Taylor has enjoyed many of the singular experiences the city has to offer. But she has never stayed a night in Gracie Mansion.* “People familiar with the matter” say Bloomberg’s longtime girlfriend, Diana Taylor, has asked to sleep just one night at Gracie Mansion. The mayor has refused, saying he prefers his own bed. * Mayors Shouldn't Live in Gracie Mansion, Bloomberg Says(NYT) * Bill Thompson Defends His Right To Move Into Gracie Mansion (NYO)

NYP Trying to Change Quinn's Image at Least They Did Not Reprint the NYT's Baby Picture of Quinn


Liu, His Press Flacks and Lawyers Continue To Try to Distract From His Legal Case

Liu's Pension Fund For Non-Government Workers Could Be A Tough Sell(NY1) 

Another Liu Nixon Saturday Night Massacre Firing
Beleaguered Liu axes 105G aide  (NYP) City Comptroller John Liu unexpectedly fired his scheduling director Maribel Torres, in what the New York Post calls continuing staff turmoil.
Insiders said Liu’s powerful aide Mei-Hua Ru, to whom Torres reported, fired her. It’s unclear why, sources said.

Limited Ethics?
Ethics must rule across N.Y.(TU) Attorney Stephen Younger argues in the Times-Union that the state’s Ethics Commission should tackle corruption state-wide, not just in Albany

Campaign 2012

23G rent fine for Rangel(NYP) * Rangel and His Campaign to Pay $23,000 Fine Over Misuse of Rent Law(NYT) * Times: Rangel To Pay Fine For Using Apartment As Campaign Office(NY1) With Challenger Circling, Rangel Could Face Tough Election Fight(TPM) * Said Rangel’s spokeswoman Hannah Kim: “People settle not because they’re guilty but because they don’t want to go through the arduous process and expense to show they’re not guilty

Albany Reform: 3 Men and Lobbyist No Longer Using the Press to Negotiate 
. . . Political Reporter Liz Benjamin Forced to Write About Cuomo's Girlfriend

MT Sandra Lee in town today. Release: "Ms. Lee will not be conducting interviews but will be available" for photo op at the event.

Cuomo and Top Legislators Near Accord on the Budget(NYT) The negotiations among lawmakers and Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo were far less contentious than in previous years, and officials said they hoped to have a budget before Sunday. * Financing for M.T.A. Projects Is Shored Up(NYT) * An Incomplete DNA Deal(NYT Ed)  The New York Times argues the DNA Databank expansion plan passed by the legislature is incomplete without requiring videotaped police interrogations, a measure that would prevent false convictions* Albany Poised to Pass Early Budget(WSJ) * 13B deal for MTA projects(NYDN) N.Y.’s GOP vs. Obamacare  NYDN) The Daily News says New York’s Senate Republicans have succumbed to irrational thinking in their opposition to setting up a healthcare exchange:*  Lawmakers and Gov. Andrew Cuomo are close to a budget deal that would create committees to oversee gambling initiatives and infrastructure projects and provide $805 million in new aid to schools.

Cuomo also received limited authority to move money between government agencies without the Legislature’s approval and succeeded in stripping state Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli of his ability to pre-audit contracts, The Daily News reports. * After a mothership meeting last night where Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver and Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos announced they had reached a tentative budget deal.* There is no health care exchange language in the budget. Cuomo has said he might create one via executive order.* Assuming this all gets done before midnight Saturday, it will be the second straight on-time – or perhaps even early – budget on Cuomo’s watch.* Josh Benson wonders how Cuomo’s micromanaging style, which makes Obama look “positively freewheeling” by comparison, would play at the federal level.* Sampson Urges Insurance Exchange Through Executive Order(YNN) * Health Care Bill Highlights(YNN) * Here’s The Capital Projects Bill(YNN) 

Albany Budget Deal

Cuomo, legislative leaders announce final budget deal(Politics on the Hudson) * Budget Accord Reached(YNN) * Cuomo and Legislators Reach Deal on Budget(NYT) * Mayor Bloomberg hailed what he called “the best legislative session for the City in a decade,” adding: “City taxpayers are winners today in Albany.” * Here’s a good collection of the many reactions to today’s budget deal * The language restricted his ability to transfer funds between different agencies. * The budget paid for buses at yeshivas. * Cuomo: Insurance Exchange Executive Order In The Works(YNN)


The Selling of Cuomo and His Budget is Televised 

The pro-Cuomo Committee to Save NY was the biggest lobbying spender of 2011.  * Romney super PAC hitting NY, Del., Conn. (Politico)




State Watch on Vito's Machine

The state has a very strict monitoring plan for Vito Lopez’s Ridgewood-Bushwick Senior Citizens Council. (SOP)




 Petting Pedro

Inside Pedro Espada’s Epic Kiddie Parties(NYO)


Rent Law Extended But Could Be In Danger

Decades-Old Housing 'Emergency' Continues, and So Does Rent Regulation(NYT) The city's rent-regulation rules remain in place even as a potential challenge looms before the United States Supreme Court.


Lobbying Is Recession Proof - Albany is a boom town when it comes to one facet of business: influencing the government

Lobbyists in the $$$$

Lobbying Is Recession Proof(YNN) That much is evident from the annual report released today from Joint Commission On Public Ethics, showing that lobbying organizations, businesses and unions spent a record-breaking $220 million in lobbying efforts attempting to sway state and local officials. That’s an increase from roughly $7 million in 2010.

Bloomberg and Everyone Who Ran for Office in 2009 Promised Smaller Class Sizes. . .  Candidates Will Do the Same in 2013

Elementary Students in Large Classes Tripled, Report Shows(NYT)The number of students in classes of 30 or more has tripled in the last three years as a result of teacher attrition and budget cuts to public schools, according to a report released by a city councilman. * Judged a Failure by the Data, a School Succeeds Where It Counts (NYT) * SUNY Chancellor Nancy Zimpher touts NY’s five-year “rational” tuition plan on CNN’s website.*After Cheating Scandal, SAT and ACT Will Tighten Testing Security(NYT) * Class Size Remains A Heated Issue At Education Budget Hearing(NY1)


Outrage at bid to hide teacher grades(NYP)* More teacher thuggery(NYP Ed) NYP says Albany officials said a budget deal this week won’t include a teachers-union-driven provision to block parents from seeing how their kids’ teachers are graded. But Gov. Cuomo is still considering just such a provision — and it might well be passed this spring, after a new budget is in place. * Teach evals to be seen by parents(NYDN) * Private school fundraising is getting more agressive than ever in NYC, with schools mining online data for parent information about cars, homes and charitable giving.

DOE Politically Correct Crap
New York City Bans Very Odd List Of References In Standardized Tests(Huff Post

DOE Pay to Play Wife

Administrator Forced to Resign After Arranging Job for His Wife


When Hospitals Close People Die

State Health Department To Shut Down Queens' Peninsula Hospital(NY1) * Peninsula Hospital closing(NYDN) * Peninsula Hospital near closing(Fox 5) * Peninsula Hospital closing; hundreds of jobs lost(WABC) * Group Plans Sit-In At Peninsula Hospital (NY1) * Hospital Closure Already Rippling Across the Rockaways(WNYC)


Ratner's Lobbyist A Goodfellow

Al Pirro--lawyer, lobbyist, and estranged husband of former Westchester County District Attorney Jeanine Pirro--was a small but not unimportant character in the federal corruption trial involving former Yonkers City Councilwoman Sandy Annabi and her mentor, political fixer Zehy Jereis.

(The jury's still deliberating, by the way, after two full days.)

Pirro served as a lobbyist for developer Forest City Ratner, which desperately needed Annabi's vote to get its Ridge Hill retail/residential project passed.

While Pirro was mentioned in testimony by several witnesses, he was never called to testify himself--perhaps because prosecutors recognized that, with his felony record of tax fraud (and rumors of mob ties), Pirro might be red meat to defense attorneys.

At Least Someone Is Worried About A Jury Being Out for 2 Days  A boozed-up dinner

Now, according to the New York Post, there's another reason to be wary of Pirro: he can be a nasty, threatening drunk.

Ratner's Lobbyist
The paper's exclusive, based on anonymous sources, describes what a witness likened to a scene from Mob Wives: Pirro and nine friends hit Massa, a farmhouse style restaurant and wine bar in Scarsdale, at 9 p.m. Saturday, already sloshed.

They then imbibed three bottles and five glasses of wine, and a dozen mixed drinks. But when a Pirro pal lost his cellphone and accused a waiter of theft, the shouting began.

At one point, restaurant personnel thought they had things under control, even getting the party outside, it wasn't over, according to the newspaper:
But then one of the liquored-up ladies started screaming, “You motherf--ker! You son of a bitch!” causing tempers to flare anew, and Pirro barreled back inside for Round 2, the sources said.
“Pirro came in like a maniac, charging, yelling, ‘I’ll f--king kill you, you don’t know who the f--k you’re dealing with!’ ” and punched a waiter in the chest, they said.
Media Blackout Nothing About the Corruption Trial and Give You Not A Clue Why Pirro is Nervous 

Pirro and his lawyer didn't respond to the Post's queries.

  Al Pirro does a disservice to short people everywhere, denying drunken brawl by saying he's too little to fight.
 How Bruce Ratner Wins Approval for his Projects (True News)

Could Have Been Mayor Biaggi

New Insight Into a 1973 Mayoral Hopeful's Losing Gambit(NYT)Mario A. Biaggi might have come a lot closer to becoming New York City's mayor had a judge taken a different stand in a case, a new book suggests.

MTA Moving to Phase Out the C Line's Clunkers(WSJ)



The city’s top officials had some harsh words over the Park Slope Food Co-Op’s proposed ban of Israeli products

Boycott Plan at Food Co-op Is Opposed by City Officials(NYT) * Coop members torn over call for boycott(Fox 5) * Cops called after angry man demands to vote in Food Co-op’s Israel ban(Brooklyn Paper)

Breaking: Proposal to boycott products from Israel defeated at Park Slope* Close Congratulations to the tv, direct mail, new media teams for Vote No

Hollywood New York

Fuhgeddabout Hollywood: NY(NYP) * Mayor Announces Expansion Of Brooklyn's Steiner Studios(NY1)



Fines for passengers who delay flights(Fox 5)

NYC Minority Business Push
NYC pushing mini M.B.A. courses for small business owners; deadline for minority program is nearing (NYDN)  Strategic Steps for Growth teaches minority and women-owned businesses how to get city contracts

A Mother Remembers Her Son

Bridge-slay mom grieves ‘every minute’ for son(NYP) The grieving mother whose son was slain on the Brooklyn Bridge 18 years ago because he was Jewish said she feels the pain of her beloved boy’s death “every minute” of every day.

Election 2012
Side-show Rick takes jab at Mitt(NYP) * For Justices, a Matter of Framing the Core Issue(NYT) * Vindication for Challenger of Health Care Law(NYT) *A Farewell to Newt(NYT) * Court Clerks: Health Care Will Stand(Daily Beast) * Obama and Santorum have campaign decisions to make (Wash Post) * Ron Paul says its silly to suggest that he might drop out. * Sarah Palin approved of Rick Santorum’s lashing out at a New York Times reporter. * The conservative coalition of big money donors and strategists that Karl Rove put together in 2010 is now riven by infighting and struggling to stay together. * RomneyCare Back in the GOP Spotlight - Rucker & Balz, Washington Post *  Risk-Averse Romney - Stephen Hayes, Weekly Standard * Romney Seems Unscathed Over Support of TARP - Jackie Kucinich, USAT * Santorum Struggles With His Own Base: Catholics  (NY Magazine) * Hard Questions From Justices Over Insurance Mandate(NYT)


News Corporation firm NDS accused of ITV Digital hack(Daily Beast)




Ex-NAACP big rips Al & Jesse for handling of Trayvon Martin shooting(NYP)



Seeking a Softer Justice System, Closer to Home, for New York’s Juvenile Offenders(NYT)

Investigation into under reported crime rates(WABC)

Suspect in fatal subway scuffle ID'ed(NYDN) * Police Name Suspect, Release New Photo In Fatal Subway(WCBS) * Subway Fight Suspect Had OWS Arrest: Sources(NBC)

Breaking Thug who allegedly pushed student onto subway tracks arrested in Brooklyn(NYP)

Community groups pull support from West Village McDonald's(AMNY) * Bell cop duo out — but get to keep pensions(NYP) * Intruders shoot man in UWS apt.(NYP) * Call for a McBoycott(NYP) * Window escape(NYP) * Colombo canary: Tommy taught me Murder 101(NYP) * Decade in prison, then deport for Qns. baby dumper(NYP) * Strauss-Kahn Released on Bail(NYT) *NYC grocery owner bound and fatally beaten(WSJ)\* Ma escapes home as kids held hostage(NYDN)* Guilty plea from ma of trash baby(NYDN) * Bouquet-wielding bandit hits banks(NYDN) * 89-year-old man found dead in handcuffs(NYDN) * Exclusive: The Stunning JFK Airport Baggage Scandal; 200 (WCBS)  * Elderly Man Found Handcuffed And Dead Inside Queens Hom (WCBS)Man answers door for delivery, shot by robber(WABC) * Queens Supermarket Owner, 89, Killed in Home: Police(NBC) * DA Releases Sketch of Woman Found in Suitcase(NBC) * Mob turncoat details the 1997 slaying of NYPD cop Ralph Dols(NYP) * Suspect In Manhattan Prostitution Ring Appears In Court (NY1) *Teen violence at Rikers defies reforms(New York World) * Witness Testifies How Plot To Kill Officer Was Set Up(NYT) * Two Are Accused of Holding Woman Captive in Queens(NYT)

* Independent Agency to Take Over Prosecution of NYPD Misconduct Cases(NY Mag)