Thursday, March 1, 2012

In 2002 The NYT Begged Albany to Stop Gerrymandering by 2012; This Year the NYT Has Remain Silent On What It Wants

As Citizen Union Goo Goos Lead by former AG Robert Abrams are asking for a deal that would accept the gerrymandered line this year in exchange for ending the incumbent protection drawing of line in 2022

In 2002 the NYT Asked Albany to Make the Same Deal to End Gerrymandering by 2012

2010 More Broken Promises
In a 2002 editorial the titled  In Real Elections, There Ought to Be Competition the NYT wrote and Albany ignored:
"The first crack in New York's petrified Legislature requires a fundamental change in the way legislators map their own election districts. If there is one single thing that could relieve the gridlock in Albany, this is it. The Legislature does this remapping every 10 years, and last year legislators basically mapped themselves back into office.  To assure that it doesn't happen again, Gov. George Pataki and the Legislature should have the courage to act now, when the next changes are still a very distant 10 years away." 

Ed Koch vs. Bob Abrams on Redistricting * Veto the map, Gov. Cuomo by Ed Koch (NYDN Ed) We need real redistricting reform Former New York City Mayor Ed Koch, a champion of independent redistricting, writes in the News that Gov. Andrew Cuomo should veto legislative redistricting maps to “return power to the people. * A veto is not enough by Robert Abrams  New York needs permanent redistricting reform  Former Attorney General Robert Abrams writes in the News that a gubernatorial veto of legislative redistricting plans is “not enough” and that the process needs a “permanent fix through a constitutional amendment”

In a 2003 editorial titled New York's Permanent Legislature  2003 clearly states gerrymandering creates permanent legislators

"Thanks to gerrymandering, legislators might as well be elected for life? And their permanence is matched only by their powerlessness. All the important decisions are made by three political bosses -- the governor and the leader of each legislative house. The budget is written in secret code. The lobbyists have free rein, even with government officials.  . .  Create a redistricting commission."State Legislative Leaders Submit Proposals For New Congressional Districts(NY1) * Dems: Ax old Weiner seat(NYP) *Redistricting plans hit Slaughter, Buffalo (BN)

Ackerman Sinking

The Senate and Assembly majorities pushed the midnight deadline envelope, but did eventually submit their respective congressional redistricting maps to the court. The magistrate judge, Roanne L. Mann, has scheduled a public hearing for Monday.* All documents – including a plan by Assembly Minority Leader Brian Kolb and the alternate so-called “UNITY” maps, can be found here.* The Senate Democrats declined to submit a proposal because, as spokesman Mike Murphy put it, “politicians should not be drawing the lines.”* The GOP then forced a primary between two incumbent Dems – Reps. Gary Ackerman and Carolyn McCarthy – while the Democrats carved up the NY-9 district currently held by GOP Rep. Bob Turner, pitting him against Queens Democratic Chairman/Rep. Joe Crowley. * Albany Releases Competing Congressional Redistricting Proposals(NYO) * Assembly Democrats and Senate Republicans released Congressional maps--the Democrats pit  Joseph Crowley and Robert Turner  in the same Democrat-heavy district, while the Senate GOP wipes out the Queens-Nassau district of Democratic Rep. Gary Ackerman. * Skelos Says Senate Democrats Will Be ‘Uncoupled’ (YNN) * Koch warns Cuomo not to trust lawmakers on redistricting, Cuomo says he doesn't (capital) * John Liu Promises To ‘Continue To Do The Work Of The Comptroller’s Office’ [Video] (NYO) * Update 3:30PM Congressional Redistricting Plans Go to a Judge(NYT) * McEneny: Maps In Bill Drafting Now(YNN)

Only A Punk Would Allow A 25 Year Old Take the Fall . . . Why Liu Must Go Now

 Insider Says: Liu Pays for Hou Lawyer in An Effort to Keep her From Talking But A Father's Revenge Lurks

A Chung Seto Conspiracy?
Comptroller John Liu said Jia Hou, his campaign treasurer, was not hung out to dry, but a source tells the Daily News she was the fall person for top adviser Chung Seto and that Hou’s father would likely push her to implicate.   Comptroller seems a goner for Hizzoner following fund-raising scandal(NYP) * Defiant Liu Weighs Race For Mayor  (NYP) Liu, who has denied any wrongdoing, said he is still considering a run for mayor, but declined to say whether he had been interviewed by authorities in the investigation

Liu Still Reeling from Staffer’s Arrest, Focuses on Future(WNYC) *
Liu Distances Himself From His Campaign's Day-To-Day Actions(NY1)* Liu comes to defense of treasurer(NYDN) * Liu seems a goner for Hizzoner(NYP) * Liu hints he might abandon run for mayor in light of scandal (NYP) *John Liu Says He's Still Eyeing Office Run In 2013(Huff Post)Liu Keeps Up Campaign Appearances Amid Fundraising Scandal (NY1)


True News Wags the Media Yesterday: Liu knew he needed an inexperienced patsy to carry out your illegal operation.

Every other citywide campaign spends thousands of dollars to hire a professional company who understand the very unique and demanding rules of the Campaign Finance Board, not comptroller Liu. Johnny boy put in change a 25 year old inexperienced volunteer in his 2009 in change of the finance of his mayoral campaign. Why?  Because Liu knew that hiring a profession group like the other mayoral campaigns have would never go for "straw donors."  Liu knew he needed an inexperienced patsy to carry out your illegal operation.


Liu's Fall Girl

Jia (Jenny) Hou, busted on charges of campaign finance fraud, was not hung out to dry, Controller John Liu says (NYDN) 'Jenny is a very capable young individual and she is capable as compared to anyone of any age' * The comptroller kept up a full schedule of campaign-like events despite his growing troubles.* Did John Liu’s Campaign Set Up a Poorly Paid 25-Year-Old to Take the Fall?(NY Magazine) * Liu Insists Arrested 25-Yr-Old Campaign Treasurer Is Not A Patsy (Gothamist)

Where Have You Gone Bella Abzug?

Will the Public, Papers and Pols Demand Liu Stop Lying and Leave Or Have We Become A City of Wimps?

NYC Comptroller John Liu insisted his treasurer, Jia (Jenny) Hou, was not “hung out to dry,” but her age and inexperience has sparked questions about whether she’s the designated fall guy for Liu’s top advisor, Chung Seto. * Manhattan BP Scott Stringer isn’t commenting on the troubles of NYC Comptroller (and potential Stringer 2013 mayoral rival) John Liu.

Next Stop Kruger Jail

All Signage Stripped From Carl Kruger’s Former Office(Sheephead Bites)


Election 2012   Another Republican Wants Gillibrand's Senate Seat(NYT) * NY1 Online: Mayoral Candidate Thompson Discusses 2013 Election, John Liu * As Towns Rope-a-Dopes, Jeffries Takes Off The Gloves (C7S) * Rory Lancman on Same-Sex Marriage and His Congressional Campaign(NYO)  * A Bronx Council Race Wrapped In A Newspaper Boycott (C&S) * NYC Councilman Eric Ulrich isn’t into mea culpas when it comes to the Queens GOP, whose support he says “is worth a warm bucket of spit.”

NYT Ends Ratner Lobbyist's Trial Blackout To Spin FCR Flack Spin Crap
So, after three days of testimony from Forest City Ratner officials, and a one-day grace period, the New York Times today finally publishes an article about the Ridge Hill project and Yonkers corruption

Times finally publishes article on Ridge Hill trial, lets flack DePlasco defend Forest City against unidentified "critics," downplays developer's dubious behavior (Atlantic Yards Review)

Bruce Ratner Built the NYT's New Headquarters 

The ending of the NYT article does lean Ratner's way:

A Forest City spokesman, Joseph DePlasco, spins on Wednesday Ratner the Victim.  That critics had focused unfairly on the developer’s role. “This is really about a company trying with great difficulty to navigate the byzantine maze of politics in Yonkers,” he said.

Ratner's Team Afraid to Make It Look Like Pay to Play

The developer was not charged with wrongdoing, but it clearly behaved dubiously--details omitted from the Times coverage. Its representatives strung along Zehy Jereis, nervous about giving him the lobbying job he requested, since that would be a quid pro quo, but afraid that not giving him a job would scotch efforts to flip Annabi's vote.

At one point in the article, the Times notes an email sent by Bender:

"Mr. Bender responded bluntly: “get sandy on bd tell your brother we need help now.”
But the NYT did not report Mr. Bender was actually a lot more blunt. He preceded that sequence with the phrase "no fucking around."


The NYT did not get into where the money came from to bribe Councilwoman Annabi

Ms. Annabi’s lawyer, William I. Aronwald, suggested during cross-examination of one witness that Mr. Pirro had been paid $1 million for his efforts to lobby for Ratner.  Zehy Jereis was paid 60,000 as a consultant after the project was approved.  But the question that has not been addressed was where the 160,000 bribe money came from to pay Annabi. 

The NYT Left Out the Fact That This is The Second Ratner Bribe Trial This Year

Ratner Lobbyist Richard Lipsky pleaded guilty to bribing former Senator Carl Kruger $250,000. Kruger who stated out in politics with Bruce Bender at the Thomas Jefferson Club according to FBI tapes was helpful to his old clubmate. An FBI raid of Lipsky's house uncovered $100,000 in cash and $4,000 in "crisp" bills in his suit pocket. We still don't know where the Lipsky Kruger's bribe cash came from.

Window Into Developer’s Relentless Quest to Get a Yonkers Project Approved(NYT) For Forest City Ratner, it had become a make-or-break moment: The developer had already spent roughly $70 million on a proposed 81-acre luxury mall and housing complex in Yonkers, but was one vote shy of winning the City Council’s approval. . .  “I have taken every angle with this Sandy,” Mike Spano, a consultant, wrote on Sept. 25, 2005, in an e-mail to Bruce Bender, then a Forest City executive. Mr. Spano had also enlisted others — including union heads, the Yonkers Republican Party chairman, a well-connected lawyer and even his brother, State Senator Nicholas A. Spano — in the effort to persuade Ms. Annabi.* A Yonkers corruption case involving a councilwoman’s approval for a mall and housing complex also reveals developer Forest Ratner’s aggressiveness in seeking support from an elected official * Rhil Reisman details a patronage trail that somehow always leads to ex-Sen. Nick Spano.

Ticket Fixing Rat Gets Cops Payback

Top tix-fix prober written up(NYP)  The NYPD has slapped Internal Affairs Bureau Detective Randy Katakofsky, whose Bronx ticket-fix probe led to charges against 16 cops, with a disciplinary action for bad penmanship. Katakofsky’s lawyer says the lowly charge smacks of payback.

NYFD Racial Fires 

Fanning racial fires(NYP) Whites: Black FDNY group barred us* White Firefighters Denied Access To Study Session, Group Claims(NY1)

NY Never Mind No Child Left Behind
N.Y. Seek Waivers From No Child Left Behind(WSJ) New York joined 24 other states and Washington D.C. in applying for a waiver from federal No Child Left Behind mandates.* Battle for Baruch HS(NYP) * Queens School Faces Heavy Demand on Eve of Kindergarten(NYT) * City, Union Clash Over Teacher Reports(Fox 5)

Not What Albany Needs(NYT Ed) Legislators are rightly alarmed that Gov. Andrew Cuomo is trying to severely limit the comptroller’s preauditing power. Good government needs checks and balances.

After NYT Reported That Stuyvesant Has Just 40 Black Students the DOE Covers Their Ass

More Blacks and Latinos Admitted to Elite New York High Schools(NYT)  Comptroller John Liu said Jia Hou, his campaign treasurer, was not hung out to dry, but a source tells the Daily News she was the fall person for top adviser Chung Seto and that Hou’s father would likely push her to implicate.  City plans to close 8 Queens high schools(NYDN) * To Be Black at Stuyvesant High School (NYT)



None of the Papers Give Credit to the NYP For Reporting Yesterday Morning That the Elevator Repairman Were Still On the Job 

Yesterday NYPMechanic on death elevator back at work(NYP) Yesterday PM Update: Five repairmen involved in botched job that led to ad exec death fired(NYP)

Today's Copycat Articles 5 Fired After Report on Elevator Death(NYT) * Firm Fires 5 Workers Cited in Elevator Death(WSJ) * Company Fires Five Repairmen Who Were On Duty During Fatal Midtown Elevator Accident(NY1) * Elevator tragedy: Mechanic gets fired(NYDN) * Elevator fixers go down(NYP) * Five mechanics fired after New York elevator death(WABC)



NYC Opens Government to the Internet

Open Data Bill Expands New Yorkers' Access To City Government Info(NY1)


Governor's Proposed Convention Center May Fall Flat, Skeptics Say(NY1)


Gov open to DNA-data deal(NYP) At 11:20 p.m. last night, Cuomo sent an email to supporters touting his DNA database expansion plan and linking to his press conference yesterday where he announced the support of support of all the state’s 62 DAs, all 58 of its county sheriffs, more than 400 police chiefs and numerous victims advocacy groups. * Cuomo seemed open to including more DNA-related protections for suspects and defendants to get the bill passed, but alspo said he doesn’t want it to fall victim to the typical Albany horse-trading.







 Will Bloomberg $$$ Stop Him From Being A Lame Duck?

The Mayor's Lawyer Is Moving On(NYT)




Bloomberg $$$ For Pension Reform Vote in Albany

Mike dangles big bucks at pols(NYDN) *Bloomberg and Upstate Leaders Slam Pension Costs(NYT) * Mayor Seeks Pension Relief From Albany(WSJ) * Mayor Urges Albany To Back Cuomo's State Pension Reform(NY1) * Bloomberg also said he’ll continue to support Cuomo if he cuts a reform deal that doesn’t include the defined contribution, 401(k)-style option for Tier 6.


Backseats Of Taxis Turn Into Battlefield(WSJ) The Taxi and Limousine Commission just wanted to see if a lauded West Coast start-up could build a cheaper unit for processing credit cards in New York taxicabs. Now the agency has a war on its hands.



Rezone plan for Richmond Hill and Woodhaven get thumbs down(NYDN)

Gay Vote Revenge and Support

Republican Who Bluntly Backed Gay Marriage Loses Some Support Back Home(NYT) * Older Gay Men and Lesbians Get a Drop-In Center of Their Own(NYT) * Bloomberg pledged to continue his support four the four GOP senators who crossed party lines to vote yes on gay marriage last summer, including Sen. Roy McDonald, who has lost Republican and Conservative backing.* The Republican senators who helped pass same-sex marriage are finding themselves shunned by local party committees.Bloomberg Helping Out Shunned Republicans Who Supported Gay Marriage(NY Magaine)

Churches Can Go Back to Schools, for Now(NYT) * Appeals Court Stops City Effort To Keep Religious Groups Out Of School Buildings(NY1)

New public pool coming to Brooklyn Bridge Park(NYDN)

Coney Island Operator To Upgrade Cyclone Tracks, Cars 

Cyclone’s cars will be clickety-back(NYP)

The Ending of the Record Store Era . . .  Monkees Video

A Doo-Wop Shop Prepares to Close, Signaling the End of a Fading Genre(NYT) Fans and collectors say that as a business and a part of American entertainment, doo-wop seems destined to go the way of Ronnie I’s Clifton Music, which is closing this month.

Mitt: Send money!(NYP) * Tensions Raise Specter of Gas Reaching $5 a Gallon(NYT) * Candidates Scramble to Create Differences(NYT) * Obama Offers Theme of a National Comeback(NYT) * Romney Wins, the Middle Class Loses(NYT Ed) * Deepak Chopra and Russell Simmons are hosting a gala fund-raiser for President Obama, with tickets going for up to $35,800 a pop, tonight at ABC Kitchen in NYC.* A look at some of the intra-party battles this round of redistricting has created. 

 * Sen. Hatch: Obama Traded ‘Hardhat’ For ‘Hipster Fedora’ And ‘Double Skim Latte’* Fresh From Wins, Romney Waxes Personal in Ohio - Erin McPike, RCP *  RomneyCare & ObamaCare: Waaay Different - Tim Noah, New Republic * The Stakes on Super Tuesday - Thomas Sowell, Investor's Business Daily * GOP Race on Pace for Summer Delegate Fight - Stephen Ohlemacher, AP *As Newt's Hopes Dim, Georgia Offers Potential Spark - Scott Conroy, RCP * Super Tuesday and the Delegate Race - Cillizza & Blake, Washington PostMitt's Big Wins and the Road Ahead - Hugh Hewitt, Townhall * Romney Is Headed for a Loss in November - Erick Erickson, RedState * What Now, Santorum? - John Cassidy, The New Yorker * GOP Nomination Race: Delegate Count | Super Tuesday | National Polls *Obama Presses to End Subsidies for Oil and Gas Companies(NYT)*VP Joe Biden goes off script (again). This time on how the Obama administration “screwed up” the contraception coverage mandate.*Mitt Romney gets at-large Michigan delegates, Rick Santorum cries foul (Wash Post) * The Primary Is Hurting Mitt Romney - Ezra Klein, Washington Post * Romney Takes the GOP Lead - Karl Rove, Wall Street Journal * Michigan Delegate Tie Should Worry Romney - Charles Johnson, Big Gov't


Stephen Colbert Introduces The ‘Countdown to Loving Mitt’ Clock, Coins A New Slogan For Romney



Jon Stewart ‘Recreates’ CNN’s Primary Coverage Aimlessly Wandering The Daily Show Set



After Many Tough Choices, the Choice to Quit(NYT) * Longtime NY GOP fundraiser Georgette Mosbacher is mulling a run for retiring US Sen. Olympia Snowe’s seat in Maine? * Between Bob Kerrey unretiring and Olympia Snowe retiring, this may be the best week ever for Senate Democrats. * Retiring Sen. Olympia Snowe was the only Republican to vote with the Democrats to kill her party’s effort to let employers and health insurance companies deny coverage for contraceptives and other services to which they have religious or moral objections.


Rupert Murdoch Will Reportedly Be Summoned To Leveson Inquiry(Huff Post)




New York Times Employees Protest Contract Negotiations(Huff Post)* New York Times Editors Respond To Staffers' Protest(Huff Post)



Conservative journalist Andrew Breitbart 43 died unexpectedly early Thursday

DEAR READER: In the first decade of the DRUDGEREPORT Andrew Breitbart was a constant source of energy, passion and commitment. We shared a love of headlines, a love of the news, an excitement about what's happening. I don't think there was a single day during that time when we did not flash each other or laugh with each other, or challenge each other. I still see him in my mind's eye in Venice Beach, the sunny day I met him. He was in his mid 20's. It was all there. He had a wonderful, loving family and we all feel great sadness for them today... MDRUDGE  * Andrew Breitbart, Conservative Blogger, Is Dead(NYT) * The Time Andrew Breitbart Crashed The Weiner Press Conference(YNN) * It did not take long for conspiracy theories to sprout regarding the “real” cause of conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart’s death.


Village Voice Media Calls Council’s Effort To Shut Sex Site ‘Misguided’


Will Secretary of State Hillary Clinton land at her husband’s foundation after leaving the Obama administration? 


NYU Town Meeting Decries NYPD's Alleged Surveillance Of Muslim Students(NY1) * Chris Christie slammed the NYPD for spying on New Jersey Muslims.


Seabrook $toqy##youF.4@Wh3@7

Correction union head Norman Seabrook is too free with slurs and stereotypes (NYDN Ed) Profanity-laced tirade was way over the racial line


Lawmakers Propose Measures To Reform NYPD's Stop-And-Frisk Policy(NY1) * City Councilman Launches Legislative Effort To Reduce ‘ …(WCBS)

Bloomberg rips repeal of Va. gun law(NYDN) Mayor Bloomberg blasted Virginia’s repeal of a 20-year-old law restricting handgun buyers to one pistol a month, saying Wednesday that it’s “only going to make matters worse” in New York. * ands Across Harlem' event planned to combat gang and gun Violence(NYDN) * Virginia to New York: Drop dead(NYDN Ed)

Shooting suspect had 2 prior busts(NYDN)

Another Russian Fraud Scheme

A $250 Million Fraud Scheme Finds a Path to Brighton Beach(NYT)  * No-Fault Insure Scam Alleged(WSJ) * 36 Arrested in Auto-Insurance Scheme (WSJ)* $279M insure ‘sham’(NYP)


Well-dressed perv on the prowl(NYDN) * Upper East Side Groper(Fox 5)

Law and Order

Brawl booze clues (NYP) Model dishes to DA on battle royal * Sex attack on granny(NYP) * Free-Speech Argument in Appeal of Disbarred Lawyer’s Sentence(NYT) * 2 cops hit after DWI bust (NYDN)* ‘ Scarface ’ gets 20 years in jail (NYDN)* 'Coward' gets 54 years in slay(NYDN) * OWS protesters arrested(NYDN) * Manhattan chef pleads guilty in wife's slay(NYDN) * Yeshiva student pleads guilty to fondling young girls(NYDN)* High-end ‘heist’ gals busted(NYP) * Perv’ teach out of jail(NYP) * 09 vanish body ID’d(NYP) * Albanian ‘killer’ nabbed on UES5(NYP) * Cops: Queens Woman Sexually Assaulted(Fox 5) * Husband pleads guilty in death of wife(WABC) * Partner of cop shot in ammo belt speaks out(WABC) * Man Asks for Water, Sexually Assaults Woman(NBC) * Police Investigate Staten Island Burglaries(NBC) * Judge denies request to reduce bail of accused shooter of 8-year-old Bronx boy(NYP)* Man With Pot in His Underwear Caught by Village Cops(DNAInfo) * Bx. firefighter among 8 busted in alleged $2M-a-year mob crime ring(NYP)Three men injured at Wendy's parking lot in Queens

Sketch of suspect in Fresh Meadows sex assault(WABC)




DNA under cleaning woman's nails will prove suspect's guilt: prosecution(NYP)


New Light on Days Before Rutgers Student’s Death(NYT) * Dorm Complaint Discussed at Rutgers Spying Trial (WSJ)


‘Terrorist’ staring at life in jail(NYP) * Manhattan Man Indicted in Pipe Bomb Case(NYT)