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Johnny We Hardly Knew Ye: The Final Days of John Liu

Liu Plausible Deniability Plan Explodes
Why Liu Will Have to Resign 
Latest Sign Liu is Out Of It  Liu Paying Treasurer’s Legal Bills, Raising New Questions (C&S)

Every other citywide campaign spends thousands of dollars to hire a professional company who understand the very unique and demanding rules of the Campaign Finance Board, not comptroller Liu. Johnny boy put in change a 25 year old inexperienced volunteer in his 2009 in change of the finance of his mayoral campaign. 
Why?  Because Liu knew that hiring a profession group like the other mayoral campaigns have would never go for "straw donors."  Liu knew he needed an inexperienced patsy to carry out your illegal.  That why he hired Ms. Hou as his treasure.  In an instant message, Ms. Hou indicated she has a close working relationship with Mr. Liu, according to the complaint. When a volunteer expressed concern about having information about fund-raisers on a form that gets submitted to the Campaign Finance Board, Ms. Hou replied, "[Mr. Liu] never gave me clear instructions on that." Professional CFB consultants that the other mayoral candidates use do not need instructions on what is legal and illegal. 

It one thing for an inexperienced candidate to put a volunteer in charge of his fund raising but Liu has run for city council 3 times and for comptroller knew exactly what he was doing. The poor mother of the very used and abused Ms. Hou still does not understand the seriousness of the charges against her daughter.   Ms. Hou's mother said in a brief interview. "It is all a game of politics."* Jia Hua, John Liu's campaign treasurer, likely has the option to "trade up" to federal prosecutors, according to noted defense lawyer Benjamin Brafman. “If you are the campaign treasurer, and you can give them the candidate, you can get a lot of mileage in an effort to cooperate with the government."

Liu: I Am Shocked That Gambling Was Going On in My Campaign 
Hou's Indictment Papers Say Liu Knew 
Federal authorities recount in the complaint Ms. Hou's alleged role in the August fund-raising event that resulted in Mr. Pan's arrest last year. Those allegations recount a conversation between Mr. Pan and an undercover FBI agent in which Mr. Pan suggests Mr. Liu understood that money was being funneled illegally. 

George Artz Liu's Bull Shit Artist
Consultant Lobbyist George Artz who has made millions misleading the very gullible press have stuck to there BS story that Liu is shocked.   It just is so fake to hear the comptroller last night say he was "rather stunned" when he heard of Ms. Hou's arrest.  He now join the ranks of OJ by claiming after Mr. Pam was arrest last month that his staff is cooperating with federal agents. George Arzt, a spokesman for Mr. Liu, said Ms. Hou would take a "hiatus" from the campaign. He said she voluntarily stepped away from the campaign.  Does Artz really think he is helping Liu by saying that the under criminal indictmented Hou is taking a voluntary leave from Liu campaign?

Ms. Hou used "straw donors"—contributors who are later reimbursed—to funnel illegal, high-dollar donations to Mr. Liu's campaign.  Ms. Hou of instructing a campaign volunteer to imitate the handwriting of campaign donors on contribution forms.  Feds take down top Liu $$ aide(NYP) *Time’s really up, John(NYP Ed) City Comptroller John Liu “must lay to rest his mayoral ambitions” after his campaign treasurer was indicted on fraud charges tied to the campaign * City Comptroller’s Campaign Treasurer Arrested on Fraud Charges(NYT) * Liu Aide Charged in Funds Scheme(WSJ) * Federal probe nabs John Liu’s campaign treasurer (NYDN) * Liu's campaign treasurer busted in 'straw donor' scheme: (NYP) * Liu Campaign Treasurer Arrested(NBC) * What Happens If John Liu Resigns? (City and State) * Liu the lame(NYDN) * On whether Liu should stay on as comptroller, Christine Quinn says ask him (Capital) * Christine Quinn Won’t Comment On John Liu, But Will Talk About Her Campaign Finance Reform Efforts(NYO) * John Liu Should Forget 2013 Mayor Run, Pundits Say(DNAInfo) *Liu the lame(NYDN Ed)

Liu in a pickle on fundraising scandal: If he didn't really know, how can he be trusted to be comptroller? And if he did know...

A Plea Asking Goo Goos Not to Sell Out On Redistricting

New congressional district lines expected in NY(WSJ) Don't make bad deal for bad maps(Newday) Todd Breitbart argues in Newsday that reformers should not accept the promise of a future constitutional amendment on redistricting in exchange for approving unfair maps now * Analysis: The Quest for Honest Election Districts(NBC) 

Cuomo on redistricting; Most of this is going to be decided by a court

Redistricting Dummies Piss on the Public and Democracy

The Assembly and Senate majorities are expected to file their respective – or a jointly agreed upon – House redistricting map(s) to the three-judge panel in Brooklyn by the close of business today.* Much hinges on the redrawing of Rep. Charlie Rangel’s Harlem district, which can’t remain a “black” seat unless it skews into the Bronx.* The D&C is angry the public won’t get a say on the House lines.* Says the TU: “There may not be enough bad words in a thesaurus to fully describe the state Legislature’s handling of redistricting.” * * Read the original document: Mario Cuomo explained his decision to sign gerrymandered lines into law (Capital) * NY lawmakers decides 2 eliminate district of departing congressman (Capital)


 Albany No Shame

 Ruben Diaz, Jr. wants congressional lines that will keep the Bronx intact. * Rangel’s district is in serious jeopardy of changing dramatically. *  Charlie’s Angles: Will Rangel See The End of The Harlem He Helped Build? (NYO) * . confirms no deal on Congressional . Assembly will unveil its own proposal sometime today.


Cuomo Pushing for DNA: "Why wouldn't you want to get the guilty people off the street if you have the information?"

Push for DNA testing for all crimes. Cuomo says it's not a civil rights issue, but a tool like fingerprinting *  Cuomo hit on pensions(NYP) * Committee to Save NY honorary chairman Felix Rohatyn, who helped save NYC in its 1970s fiscal crisis, will assist Cuomo in getting his New York Works Fund (a $25 billion infrastructure bank) off the ground.* Cuomo was one of the few governor’s who did not sign a letter to Defense Secretary Leon Panetta to protest proposed cuts to the Air National Guard. He plans to send his own letter of objection. * Over 1,200 workers top Gov. Andrew Cuomo in pay, chief among them SUNY chancellor Alain Kaloyeros, who was was paid $792,583. * Cuomo: Anything Less Than Tier Six Won’t Do(YNN)


 Cuomo: No Felonies With Me LOL

CUOMO STARTS SPEECH WITH SWIPE AT PATERSON AND SPITZER: Gov. Andrew Cuomo drew gasps, laughter and applause last night at the Citizens Budget Commission when he bragged that New York has gone 14 months without a governor admitting to major felonies. "Relatively, we have made progress in Albany. It has been 14 months since the governor of the state was indicted or admitted committing major felonies," Cuomo said.


Election 2012 GOP Senate candidate Wendy Long tours upstate NY(WSJ) * Large Orthodox Newspaper Knocks Fidler(NYO) * A Sephardic magazine is going all-out for David Storobin. * A deeper look at Rep. Yvette Clarke’s primary challenger. * Did a Canarsie Council Race Lead To ‘Pressure’ In Brooklyn Delegation Leadership Vote? (NYO) * Hedge-Fund Manager Announces Campaign for Senate(NYO) * Fidler cancels 27th SD debate appearance tonight, citing ongoing health problems * Candidate in Uphill Quest Against Nydia Velázquez Cites ‘Favorable’ Polling(NYO)* The Brooklyn Young Democrats were also critical of a Hamodia op-ed * Ken Biberaj has the start of his City Council campaign website up.

Education Wars Continue

Charter teachers’ turn (NYP) Ratings released for 32 schools * Performance Ratings for Charter School Teachers Are Made Public(NYT) * Teacher Data Aid Parents, Mayor Asserts(WSJ) * Mayor Stands By Released Teacher Rankings As Charter School Data Is Published (NY1) * Charters outshine public schools(NYDN)* The Case for Large High Schools(NYT)* After releasing information on 18,000 public school teachers, the city did the same for 217 charter school educators, but warned that information is incomplete.  * Praise for Cuomo’s teacher evaluation system deal from the Mahattan Institute’s Marcus Winters.* Bloomberg and NYC Schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott will participate in a panel discussion on education with their Chicago and LA counterparts in Washington, D.C. Friday.* It’s right to release the teacher ratings to show how our kids’ educators are doing (NYDN E) Quinn, de Blasio, Liu, Stringer and others shamelessly cave to union demands

AG is JCOPE Plumber

Public Ethic Commission Leader's Ties To Cuomo Raises Some Objections(NY1) *JCOPE commissioners expressed surprise the IG has the authority to investigate leaks by themselves or staffers – an act punishable by Class A misdemeanor charges. JCOPE Executive Director (and former IG) Ellen Biben insisted the body is an executive agency, but nevertheless independent


Shocking: Forest City Had No Idea of Their Lobbyists Criminal Backround

 We didn't know we hired a crook: Ratner firm (NYP) 6:00PM  Officials of developer Bruce Ratner’s firm are claiming the company had no clue it recruited a convicted drug dealer and election fraudster to salvage a stalled $842 million mixed-use development in Yonkers.

NY Post: Forest City didn't conduct background check into Jereis, spokesman claims they had "no way of knowing" his criminal past(Atlantic Yards Report)

Past press coverage of Jereis Legal Problems: NY Times, Journal News, NY Daily News


The Daily News Does Not Cover the Trial But Does PR for Forest City Ratner

Barclays Center looks for Brooklyn foodie vendors at new Atlantic Yards Nets arena  (NYDN)  Looking for local eateries to sell 'Everything from pickles to pizza,' say officials

Ridge Hill trial: Forest City execs pushed payment for no-show job despite internal resistance; prosecution's case complicated by Bender's agreement that developer convinced Annabi to switch vote

After all, testimony yesterday indicated that Forest City executives had no problem with Zehy Jereis's seemingly no-show job and, even though he hadn't submitted required monthly reports and a lower-level employee had raised a red flag, two of the firm's top government relations executives, Bruce Bender and Scott Cantone, ordered that he be paid $15,000.

Seabrook's Secret World: Union Leader Uses Hate and Profanity Ethnic Slurs to Rally His Members
Correction officers union leader's profanity and slur-filled rant caught on tape (NYDN) Taped tirade of Norman Seabrook posted by his nemesis, Chandra LaSonde  Corrections union head Norman Seabrook used racial and ethnic slurs in a speech to Rikers Island officers that was secretly taped and posted online by a union nemesis.

What Are the Plans Of the Next Mayor to Deal With the Falling Tax Revenue From Wall Street?

DiNapoli Forecasts Sharp Decline In Wall Street Bonuses(NYO) * DiNapoli: Wall Street Bonuses Fell 14 Percent in 2011(Albany Watch) * State comptroller Tom DiNapoli reports this morning that financial industry profits fell by a staggering 50 percent in 2011, cash bonuses dropped by 14 percent, and that the city shed 4,300 Wall Street jobs between April and the end of last year. * As Profits Plunge, Wall St. Bonuses Fall Modestly(NYT)Report Finds Wall Street Bonuses Likely To Drop 14 Percent

TLC says it's lights out for cabs’ confusing on-/off-duty(NYDN)





Projects to Add Wind Power for City Gain Momentum (NYP)A  series of new wind power projects in and around New York City raises  the prospect of developing wind as a significant part of the region’s  power supply  Wind Power Gaining Popularity in New York City(Earth First)* The Department of Environmental Protection is soliciting bids for the city’s first wind turbines, on Fresh Kills landfill in Staten Island.


We want a total ban on cars from Prospect Park,  Brooklynites(NYDN)

State shutdown of Peninsula Hospital’s lab bleeds into ongoing bankruptcy proceedings (NYDN) U.S. Trustee seeks appointed administrator to run Peninsula instead of current CEO

Mechanic on death elevator back at work(NYP) Update: Five repairmen involved in botched job that led to ad exec death fired(NYP)

Crane man squirms(NYP)


Names Of NYPD First Responders Added To Cancer Study(NY1)

Arrival of Whole Foods Could Accelerate Change in Brooklyn Neighborhood(WNYC)

New York Post, Daily News Defend NYPD's Surveillance Of Muslims As New York Times Remains Silent(Huff Post)

Attorney General reviewing NYPD spying complaints(WSJ) Attorney General Eric Holder said the Justice Department is just beginning to review the NYPD’s surveillance of American Muslim neighborhoods for any potential civil rights violations * Feds review complaints over NYPD spying(WABC) * Columbia University is investigating if Columbia students were spied upon. * Muslims in New York are wondering if they should change their behavior, mindful that the NYPD may be watching.

State Keeps Death Files of Abused Children Secret(NYT) The state Office of Children and Family Services has quietly and persistently tried to limit public access to case reports on child deaths that show how government agencies responded to earlier abuse reports,


Two of former SU basketball coach Bernie Fine’s accusers, stepbrothers Bobby Davis and Mike Lang, were joined in Albany by Gloria Allred, their high-profile attorney, in pledging support for a bill that would extend the statute of limitations for sex crimes against children.




A Season Premiere, a Falling Man and Memories of 9/11(NYT)



Elect 2012  Michigan: Romney 41.1% Santorum 37.9%

Mitt wins Michigan, cruises in Arizona(NYP) * Michigan and Arizona primaries 2012: Mitt Romney wins ugly (Politico) * Romney Claims Victory in Two States(NYP) * Narrow Margin in Michigan, but Easy Win in Arizona(NYT) * Romney Faces Stubborn Question, Despite Victories(NYT) * In Ohio, Santorum Tries to Widen His Message(NYT) G.O.P. Greek Tragedy(Dowd, NYT) * Romney Regains Campaign Momentum(WSJ) * Scores Wins In Michigan And Arizona(WSJ) * Santorum Looks for Silver Lining(WSJ) * Obama Hits Back Over Auto Bailout(WSJ) * Wall Street Money Provides Large Chunk Of Romney's Super PAC Intake(NY1) * CNN’s Wolf Blitzer Fact-Checks A Surprised Newt Gingrich* Chris Matthews On Romney’s Gaffes: ‘I Don’t Think He’s Trainable’ * Despite victory, Romney may split Michigan’s delegates with Santorum(Wash Post) * 

Romney Survives Michigan, Looks to Super Tuesday - Dan Balz, Wash Post * Good Signs - and Bad - in Romney's Wins - Carl Cannon, RealClearPolitics * Romney's Frontrunner Status Restored - Nolan Finley, Detroit News * The "Frontrunner" Is Bleeding - George Neumayr, The American Spectator * The GOP's Greek Tragedy - Maureen Dowd, New York Times * The Big Picture Looks Good for GOP - Charles Hurt, Washington Times * GOP Race to Reset in Ohio Next Tuesday - Erin McPike, RealClearPolitics * Mitt Romney, Mormonism, and Race - Jason Horowitz, Washington Post * The Possum Republicans - David Brooks, New York Times * GOP Nomination: Delegate Count | Popular Vote | Election CalendarRace to Far Right Dims GOP's Chances in November - Detroit Free Press * Romney Continues Hitting Santorum For Robocalls To Mich. Democrats(NPR)* Ron Paul will be on the top of New York’s ballot. * Ohio Offers Chance for a Santorum Rebound(NYT) * Why Was Michigan So Close? - Jonathan Cohn, The New Republic * Romney Takes a Victory Lap - Jennifer Rubin, Washington Post * An Uninspiring "Win" for Mitt Romney - David Brody, CBN News * The GOP's Grind-It-Out Battle for Delegates - Peter Hamby, CNN


Jon Stewart Blasts Fox News: ‘Rooting For America To Fail Since November 2008′

James Murdoch steps down as executive chairman of News International * James Murdoch resigns from News International (CBC News) * James Murdoch Gives Up Role at British Unit(NYT) * News Corp. stock trades higher after Murdoch announcement(Poynter)

Times Employes Protest

New York Times Employees Protest Contract Negotiations(Huff Post)

Snowe falls: Maine Sen. quitting(NYP) * Olympia Snowe Won’t Seek Re-election(NYT)* Rep. Dreier won't seek reelection(CNN) * Olympia Snowe's Huge Gift to Democrats - Steve Kornacki, Salon


Few Signs of Criminal Case Against MF Global(NYT) 

Hero cop: ‘I don’t know how he didn’t hit me from that range’(NYP)

Law and Order

Holy smokes! Rabbi in cig-tax bust(NYP) * Panty ’fess by ‘sex’ cop(NYP) * ‘Mob’ bank bust(NYP) * Fatal friendly-fire cop won’t be charged(NYP) * Cart-toss kid’s break(NYP) * Bx. DA sued over prosecution based on ‘lies’(NYP) * Para-more trouble for Rikers warden(NYP) * Brooklyn Police Officer Is Accused of Driving Patrol Car While Drunk(NYT) * Arrest made in theft at Queens synagogue(WSJ) * Dorm Neighbor Testifies in Rutgers Webcam-Spying Trial(WSJ) * ROTC Teacher Charged With Groping Manhattan High School Student(NY1)* Liu "Stunned" By Fraud Charges Against His Campaign Treasurer(NY1) * Arrest Made In Connection With Queens Synagogue Burglary(NY1) * Boy sentenced in tossing of shopping cart(NYDN) * Jail looks good on Vinny Gorgeous(NYDN) * On-duty cop in drunken-driving smashup(NYDN) * Internal Affairs Investigating DWI Arrest Of NYPD Officer(WCBS) * Arrest Made In Queens Synagogue Robbery, But Some Items (WCBS)* Manhattan ROTC Instructor Arrested For Forcible Touching(WCBS) * NYPD Officer Charged With DWI(Fox 5) * Boy sentenced in NYC shopping-cart shove(WABC) * NYPD officer accused of crashing cruiser drunk(WABC) * Ex-Marine Arrested on Gun Charge Had Poor Record, Manhattan Prosecutor Says(NYT)*Dozens Said to Be Arrested for Health Care Fraud(NYT) * Sicko tells victim to 'learn to let go' as he's sentenced to 47 years in prison(NYP) * Another Republican Wants Gillibrand's Senate Seat(NYT) * Bill in Albany Would Bar Condoms as Evidence of Prostitution(NYT) * Three Dozen Charged With Largest Fraud Under No-Fault Auto Insurance Law (NY1) * East Harlem 'Scarface' sent to prison; first sentencing under tough state 'kingpin' statute (NYP)

VIDEO: Cops Seek Upper East Side Groping Suspect(NBC)

* Arrests and Protests With New Occupy Wall St. Push(NYT)



East Harlem Drug Kingpin To Serve 20 Years To Life Behind Bars(NY1)

* Manhattan Bomb Plot Suspect Charged With Terrorism Crimes (NY1) * Accused Police Car Bomb Plotter Indicted(NBC)

Photographer Captures The Residents Of NYC's Most Dangerous Zip Code (PHOTOS) (Huff Post)