Thursday, March 22, 2012

Assembly and State Senate Lines Must Still Be OKed By Federal Courts and Justice Department

Stop the Presses

Brooklyn Court Prepares To Draw New Lines For State Legislative Districts(NY1)

The fight over new state legislative district lines might not be over yet. The three-judge panel overseeing the process ordered expert Nathaniel Persily to review – at the state’s expense – the LATFOR lines and determine is “any further action” needs to be taken by the court. Another hearing will be held in mid-April. (Scroll down to the bottom).* The liberal Daily Kos blog this morning posted a short item pointing out that the federal court asserted in a filing that it was still very much involved in approving the state Assembly and Senate lines. The redistricting court ruled their expert should take a look at state legislative lines.   * Court Ruling  * State Lines Not Set In Stone Yet(YNN)

Storobin Leads Fidler by 118, Now We Count Paper 

In Overtime, Tight Race for Senate Rests With Vote Counters(NYT) * No Winner in Brooklyn Election(WSJ)Absentee Ballots May Decide Brooklyn's Special Election For State Senate(NY1) *  As of 7:30 p.m. last night, David Storobin maintained a slim 143-vote lead over NYC Councilman Lew Fidler in the 27th SD. That’s up from 120 votes on election night, and after a recanvass of all byt four voting machines. 757 absentee ballots. There are 354 affidavit ballots in . Not all may be valid. Fidler 10365 Storobin 10508 * 2:05 PM The new margin between Republican candidate David Storobin and Democrat Lew Fidler is 118.

* Down to the wire in too close to call Southern Brooklyn(NYDN)* Kruger’ recount(NYP) * The takeaway from this too-close-to-call race: Orthodox Jewish voters actually don’t like being told who to support. Go figure.* The longer the fight over the ballots in the 27th drags on, the shorter the time the winner gets to spend actually serving in Albany.* GOP Chair Cox (belatedly) on Storobin success: How can Dems win in Nov when they can't win district w/nearly 70,000 more Dems than GOPers?* Dispatch: Orthodox ‘inevitability’ pushback lifted Storobin(WNYC) * War of Words Continues Over Disputed Storobin-Fidler Results [UPDATED](C&S) * Orthodox Pundit connected Brad Lander’s 2009 campaign to David Storobin’s. *Republican Candidate's Lead In Special State Senate Election Shrinks (NY1)


Even Sen Savino Agrees Parkside Sucks So Why Does the Press Continue to Protect Them?

Sen. Diane Savino went off on the Senate Democrats about Fidler’s election night performance. * In Wake Of Undecided Senate Race, Savino Critical Of DSCC(BensenhurstBean) * Senator Blasts Parkside(Queens Politics)

 The Parkside Monopoly (True News)



According to Roberto Perez, Sen. Adriano Espaillat called Rep. Charlie Rangel Monday to tell him their primary battle is indeed a go.  * The WFP endorsed Assemblyman Hakeem Jeffries over Rep. Ed Towns and NYC Councilman Charles Barron, but held off on picking a favorite from among the three Democrats fighting over the new NY-6.* Bob Turner’s campaign makes a bold prediction about Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand. * Sen. Marty Golden says the results bode well for the Senate GOP. * Dan Halloran Considering Congressional Campaign(NYO) *

 Gary Ackerman’s retirement could create a free-for-all of open legislative seats in Queens.* member Liz Crowley is kicking off her campaign for today at 4 in front of the Unisphere. * Another name on Espaillat's petitions for the Rangel race: district leader Mark Levine | Capital * Even More Candidates Angle for Boyland Jr. Seat (NYO) * Filmmaker Michael Moore and Clinton Strategist Involved in UWS Council Race (DNAInfo) * Former Clinton Aide Launches Bid For Rangel Seat (YNN) 

DSCC Pushes Back On GOP Victory Lap In 27th SD(YNN) * Sen. Toby Stavisky hasn’t yet decided whether she’s going to seek re-election. If she does, she would have to either run in a primary with Sen. Tony Avella, or move into the new Asian-majority district.* The other factor that could decide the Senate contest in Brooklyn(Reform NY) *Liz Crowley Kicks Off Congressional Primary Run(NYDN) * Clever headline of the day: “Lancman wants to be your landsman in Congress.” * Stavisky Now Says She’s Definitely Running For Re-Election (C&S) * Clyde Williams Launches Bid V. Charlie Rangel((NYDN) * Charles Barron hopes to capitalize on anti-charter school sentiment for his campaign. *Adriano Espaillat is reportedly supporting his old opponent, Mark Levine, for his seat. *  Redistricting Could Bring Congresswoman Velazquez A Difficult Primary  (NY1) * In Manhattan, Transgender Candidate Hopes to Make History on City Council (NYT)


Media Black Out of City's Rising Unemployment Rate

and not a single newspaper story or comment by any elected official






Bloomberg Dearly Loves His Control Corporate Press Who Help Him Get His Third Term

Bloomberg griped that social media makes it harder to govern.  Twitter gets in the way of long-term decisions. "Like a referendum" every day





NY Times Spinning for Quinn Should the Paper Be Listed as an Inkind Contribution in Her CFB Filings

Instead of Asking the Speaker Why Under Her Leadership the Cities Unemployment Rate Has Reached 10% NYT Spins Her Campaign Platform Again and Prints Her Baby Pictures. What her Wedding and Honeymoon Pictures?: Message to Jill Abramson: Why doesn't the Times just endorse Christine Quinn for mayor right now?

NYT Today

To Quinn, No City Child Should Miss Kindergarten(NYT)

NYT Feb 8, 2012

Quinn to Propose Mandatory Kindergarten – SchoolBook

What is Next from the NYT Pictures of John Liu Visiting a Sweatshop?


Paying Pedro is #1

How Espada gave up nada (NYP) Federal regulators told Espada when he was about to be promoted to state Senate majority leader that his added responsibilities in Albany would take him away from his work at the Soundview Healthcare Network. So his Soundview salary would have to be cut by 25 percent, they said. But Espada didn’t lose money, because Soundview, which he controlled, gave him a steep pay hike just before the pay cut mandated by the regulators. * Espada's Former Lawyer Claims He Misinformed Feds On Former Senator's Pay(NY1) * Espada scammed higher salary: clinic lawyer (NYDN) As embezzlement and fraud trial continues, a Bronx caterer and a Bronx equestrian company owner also take the stand  Federal prosecutors say ex-Sen. Pedro Espada hoodwinked the general counsel of his non-profit health clinic into believing the senator had reduced his salary by nearly $60,000, when he had actually substantially raised it three weeks earlier * Witnesses Testify That Espada Used Nonprofit Group’s Checks to Pay for Personal Services(NYT)

Liu and his Legal Time Try to Save His Job
Liu to Name New Treasurer for Campaign (WSJ) Comptroller John Liu has selected a successor for his campaign treasurer who was charged with fraud last month, though that person’s identity remains unclear.




Ratner Lobbyists Corruption Trial Goes to the Jury

Yonkers corruption case goes to jury after vastly different accounts from Jereis's lawyer, prosecutor(Atlantic Yard Report) Federal Jury to Get Corruption Case From Yonkers Sandy Annabi, a former councilwoman, is charged with accepting money in exchange for her votes on two development projects. Rashomon at Ridge Hill moved toward a close yesterday in the Yonkers corruption trial: the lawyer for defendant Zehy Jereis conducted a powerful attack on the government's witnesses, while a prosecutor, in rebuttal, scoffed at the defense. * Yonkers corruption trial: Jurors start deliberations this morning on Annabi, Jereis (LoHud)* At Yonkers Corruption Trial, the ‘Sugar Daddy’ Defense(NY Mag)

How Bruce Ratner Wins Approval for his Projects (True News)

A request to review Gov. Andrew Cuomo's records as attorney general is delayed

Cuomo papers as attorney general still denied public  Over a year after becoming governor, Andrew Cuomo has sent virtually none of his records as attorney general to the State Archives * Another look at transparency in the Cuomo era -- what happened to records from his time as attorney general? The TU isn’t alone is seeking to review Cuomo’s AG records.


Audio in Albany: Sampson expects Cuomo to back Senate Democrats (BN) Sampson on Cuomo: "Members are disappointed with the governor. But, hey, that’s politics...We’ll get over it." * Election-year tensions are flaring in the Senate.* The Senate Dems expect to get campaign help from Gov. Andrew Cuomo. * Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver wouldn’t say if he’d let Mickey Kearns join the Democratic conference. (BN) * Twisting the dagger into the Senate Democrats’ hide on Fred Dicker’s radio show this morning was former Cuomo aide Steve Cohen. “Those same people who are ignoring it, they were in the majority,” Cohen said. * Is Andrew Cuomo A Liberal?(NYDN)


Taxi commission to hear livery car owners’ concerns on street hails(New York World)




NY Imposed Health Care Exchange

In a Newsday op-ed, Ben Lawsky urged lawmakers to adopt a health exchange before the federal government imposes their own. * State Compliance With Federal Health Care Law Could Stall Albany's Budget (NY1)


Edwards Was Client #?

John Edwards is First Name Uncovered in 'Millionaire Madam' Investigation (DNAINFO)* DNAInfo breaks John Edwards link to NYC prostitution story. With DANinfo who needs NYPost. *  John Edwards Denies Link to "Millionaire Madam" (WPIX) *  John Edwards Denies Prostitute's Claims(NYT)



After All These Years The Mob Still Runs the Water Front

Audit: City 911 Call System Is $1B Overbudget, Seven Years Behind Schedule(NY1) * No-Show Jobs and Overstaffing Hurt New York Harbor, a Report Says(NYT) Jobs held by relatives of mobsters and other well-connected people continue to vex government officials trying to make the ports more efficient and more competitive. * Want a Job That Pays $400K for ‘Little or No Work’?(NY Mag)


Support loss Because of Marriage Vote

State Senator Loses Support of Local G.O.P.(NYT) James Alesi, one of four New York Republicans to vote in favor of same-sex marriage, is unlikely to receive the nomination of a main committee in his district. * Jim Alessi, one of four GOP senators to vote in favor of same-sex marriage, is suddenly a man without a party as his local GOP doens’t want him to run and the Democrats are unwilling to bring him over to their side.

NY Poor Record of Care for the Disabled

State Faults ‘Needless Risk’ in Care for the Disabled(NYT)Nearly 300,000 disabled and mentally ill New Yorkers face a “needless risk of harm” because of conflicting rules, a lack of oversight and conflicts over what constitutes abuse, a draft report says. Sen. Roy McDonald called it “gross negligence” that report, which has been circulating since October, hasn’t yet been released. 


Guilty Plea Expected in New York Housing Agency Bribery Case(NYT)

Daily News Exposes Pay to Play in Albany

Union’s pension threat exposes Albany ’s pay-to-play ways (NYDN) CSEA President Danny Donohue is angry that pols didn’t stay bought. The News writes that CSEA president Danny Donohue’s recent comment about pulling donations from lawmkaers exposed his true, transactional attitude toward the Legislature * Cuomo and Bloomberg Rescue a Lawmakers' Conference(NYT) Several major labor unions pulled their support for a conference for Latino state legislators over the Legislature's approval last week of reduced retirement benefits for newly hired public workers. * Bloomberg And Cuomo Donate To Somos After Unions Withdraw Support(NYO) * Angry at Pension Vote, Unions Plan to Skip Hispanic Event(NYT)

Occupy the Hood


OWS protester caught on video dumping human waste in lower(NYDN) * Man Arrested in Alleged Urine-Dumping Incident (WSJ) * NYPD Says OWS Dumped Feces & Urine In ATM Vestibule And(WABC) * Video captures OWS protesters pouring feces(WABC) * Bloomberg’s press team found Occupy Wall Street’s poop protest hilarious.

1199  Needs Pension $$$ Again
Union Seeks New Bailout in Budget Deal(WSJ)As Gov. Andrew Cuomo and lawmakers lurch toward a budget deal, the state's largest health-care union is asking Albany for another bailout of its troubled insurance fund. The state's largest health-care union, 1199, is asking Albany for an $80 million bailout of its troubled insurance funds so it can keep on providing health insurance to 15,000 personal-care aides. It wants the state to give it $80 million so it can keep providing coverage to health care aides, after getting approved by Cuomo for $50 million just last September.

Panel For Educational Policy Approves 19 School Co-Locations(NY1)

Under a plan floated by Senate Republicans, taxpayers would be on the hook for buses that transport yeshiva students home from after school activities.  


Bike-Sharing at N.Y.U. Offers a Hint of How City Program Could Work(NYT)




Select buses get ‘B’ from East Side riders (NYDN)

A wheelchair-bound native New Yorker says his home city has let him down (NYDN) Can't catch a cab -- and Bloomberg doesn't seem to care.  The needs of the physically handicapped has continually let him down * Appeals Court Upholds City's Plan To Expand Taxi Service(NY1)



 Election 2012

Romney’s Day to Relish Is Marred by Aide’s Gaffe(NYT) Jeb Bush endorsed Mitt Romney, sending a strong establishment message after Mr. Romney’s victory in Illinois. But the Romney campaign also gave life to its rivals.  * Frank Rich: Why's Mitt So Easy to Parody?(NY Mag) * An Air of Inevitability Grows Around Romney - Niall Stanage, The Hill * Romney's Big Day Marred by Etch-A-Sketch Remark - Tom Cohen, CNN * Romney Needs to Fire Eric Fehrnstrom - Bill McGurn, Ricochet * Santorum's Lost Message - A.B. Stoddard, The Hill * Joe Biden in 2016? Not So Crazy - Glenn Thrush, Politico * Romney Credits Wall St. Bailout for Saving Economy - Mike O'Brien, NBC * Paul Keeps On Truckin', But to What End? - Scott Conroy, RealClearPolitics * Divisive Obama Has Lost His Credibility - Michael Graham, Boston Herald * Perhaps Obama's Visit to Oklahoma Will Be Instructive - The Oklahoman * Romney in 2006 said high gas prices were 'probably here to stay'(The Hill) * Castro on why it's time for Espaillat to replace Rangel: 'It's a totally different Harlem'|CapitalNewYork* When Romney Liked High Gas Prices - Alec MacGillis, The New Republic * Santorum's Limited Appeal & Warning Signs for Mitt - Henry Olsen, NRO * RCP Averages: Obama 48.7, Romney 43.4 | Obama 50.7, Santorum 42.0 * CREW bopped New York’s Congressional Members on nepotism. * Jim DeMint is excited about Mitt Romney. * Jeb Bush says Marco Rubio should be Romney's VP:(Slate)

Evil eyes on New York City(NYDN)

Kelly sees parents of slain teen (NYP) * City pols rip cop stops(NYDN) * A Balancing Act for the Police Department(NYT) *  * Official: NYPD Aware Of "Pre-Op" Surveillance At City Landmarks(NY1) * Leaders, community tell NYPD to halt stop-and-frisk(Amsterdam) * Taking On Police Tactic, Critics Hit Racial Divide(NYT)



Another shooting death in neighborhood adds  pressure for group combatting Soundview crime  (NYDN) Clayton Graham shot in Monroe Houses

Man gunned down inside B'klyn home: police(NYP) * Man found fatally shot in Brooklyn apartment(WSJ)  * Deadly shooting in Brooklyn apartment (Fox 5)



Former Rutgers student who faces jail for spying on gay roommate doesn't regret passing on plea deal: report(NYP) * Dharun Ravi to appeal Clementi verdict(NY1) * Dharun Ravi speaks out after conviction(Fox 5) * Dharun Ravi Does Not Regret Turning Down Plea Deal(NY Mag)

NYPD releases image of Queens bodega robber(WABC)