Wednesday, March 21, 2012

All the King Men and All the Corrupt $$$ Could Not Put Fidler Back Together Again

Shocking Results Last Night For Kruger Seat
Fidler Gets His Ass Kicked by A Nobody 
 "100 percent in from NYC BOE Storobin up 120 votes 10756 to 10636"  There are still 757 paper ballots outstanding will decide who wins.  But in any event political insiders on the blogs this morning see this as the end of Fidler's political life because even if he ekes out a win he has nowhere to run for reelection with the new districts.  NYC requires full hand recount if race within 1/2 of 1%. on the cusp. Could take a while. Not opening paper 'til next wk. 2-3 wks best * It was 60/40 for storobin among russians it was significantly higher among orthodox. What happened to Greinfield's influence?* The late count by the BOE The real fault lies in the new voting machines. Instead of sending results straight to BOE they are printed and verbally transmitted. Can't wait till the general election.  Hawaii will come in before NY. * Skelos says Storobin "is going to win" in : "Our message is resonating in a district that's five-to-one Democrat." * The Daily Q: A legal battle ahead for Brooklyn Senate seat? (New York World) * As of 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, Storobin held a lead of 143 votes. *11PM In Overtime, Close Senate Election Shifts to the Vote Counters (NYT)

Fidler's Club Now Called the Thomas Dewey Club
Fider Club No Longer Called the Harry Truman Democratic Club

 BOE says Fidler Down unofficial by 126. But Fidler Declears Victory By 207Fidler Like Dewey Gives Victory Speech and Loses the Night
Last Night the Thomas Jefferson Club Went Down for Good

: Fidler just gave victory speech, but senate gop source says storobin won by 120 votes...  (Twitter) Lew Fidler declares victory. Says he's 207 votes ahead with almost all of the votes counte.  Fidler Day Of Lies despite claims, nypd spox says no campaign volunteer was hit by a car.

Quinn, de Blasio and Thompson On An Empty Quest to Southern Brooklyn For Votes

Thomas Jefferson Club Impotent . . .  Where Have Your Gone Tony Genovese?
PS How many jerky mayoral candidate will still run to the Thomas Jefferson Club even after their candidate Weprin got blown out of the water last year?  Perhaps Kruger before he goes to jail can give them some baby talk on how they were going to win.  Or Filder can tell them the club is still a powerhouse and does not need to be helped with millions in government member item funds the same way Vito Lopez run his government funded machine. * Pork Pig Fidler’s Media Friends Put Lipstick On Him (True News) * Reading the tea leaves for the next Brooklyn election (Brooklyn Political Blog) * Why is the Press So in Love with Lew Fidler? (Press Loves Fidler) * It’s A Tie! Fidler And Storobin Both Declare Victory In Race For Kruger’s Seat(Sheephead Bites Video) * Fidler Narrows Gap With Storobin 38 votesStorobin (R) 10,260; Fidler (D): 10,222. Doesn't include paper!(Not all the machines are counted with this recount.

The Cinderella Couple for the Night At Least

Golden Last Night: Bring On That Bum Fidler

Experts Say No Way He Can Challenge Marty Golden With Such A Poor Showing Against A First Time Candidate. Thomas Jefferson Club Smoke and Mirrors Power Long Gone.  * Gatemouth: If Fidler ekes out win, "clear he should not run in the new Super Jewish" distr. All indications = clock cleaned w/Orthodox. * Republican David Storobin on his lead – and, according to him, outright win – in the 27th SD: “It’s a Cinderella story. It’s an ugly duckling story. I am proud and humbled to be elected to New York State Senate. It’s only something that can happen in America.”* Republican Holds Lead In Brooklyn State Senate Race(NY1) * Skelos Spins Storobin Stalemate(YNN) * Another special election, another (possible) Republican win–but can it last?(WNYC)*Nachman Caller says he’ll step aside in the so-called super Jewish Senate district if David Storobin wants to run there – assuming his lead in the current 27th SD holds.

Storobin Has No District to Run in Either Thanks to Golden the GOP His only move may be Diana Savino which will with start a war between the GOP and the IDC *  Liz Benjamin notes that Andrew Cuomo didn't provide any help to Fidler, although he did for Assembly Democrats running yesterday. * Savino on DSCC: ‘Their maiden voyage has been a disaster’(TU) *Sen. Gianaris “I’m not interested in responding to a group of people that were responsible for losing that majority and saddling us with $3 million in debt before they cut and ran,” Gianaris said. “ I surely understand Senator Savino is having a rough day, after all, the redistricting plan she voted for put David Storobin into her district,” said Stavisky.

Bad Night For Frank Seddio and Vito Lopez
Seddio already announced his candidacy for Fidler seat.  Vito Lopez pushed Fidler to run so Seddio can enter the council before redistricting.  Because of the changing neighborhood both man are afraid that the new district will be drawn to favor a minority candidate * Gatemouth: Last night’s results in Brooklyn should worry Assemblymen Steve Cymbrowitz and Bill Colton, even if they did vote “no” on same-sex marriage.

NYT did call Fidler an "overwhelming" fave
Both Sides Declare Victory in Bumpy Race for a Brooklyn Senate Seat(NYT)


Beware Grace Meng Run Away From Parkside

After Losing the State Senate, Weprin Parkside FK Up Again With Fidler

Parkside Got $2.2 Million from the Democratic State Senate Committee 

The rumor floating through Democratic circles during the Weprin disaster were about the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee steping in to take control of Assemblyman DavidWeprin's floundering campaign from the Parkside Group. Everyone involved denied it, and the DCCC would legally only be allowed to work in coordination with Weprin's campaign, but there's no denying the Democrat's half-million-dollar ad buy has also garnered it a stronger role in the Ninth Congressional District race. "Everyone has just been alarmed at how badly things have gone," one leading Dem said. It's not unusual for the DCCC to jump heavily into a special election - but in a 3-to-1 Democratic district, Weprin wasn't supposed to need it. "There's so much more to lose here than a single congressional seat," said one Democratic strategist. * Both Weprin and the DCCC deny rumors that the Parkside Group has been squeezed out of running the assemblyman’s campaign as he appears to be foundering against Bob Turner.* How the Media, Pols and DA's Protect Parkside and Ignore Injustice (True News) * NY's Politicals Consultant Monopoly Parkside Consultants Lobbyist Can't Lose When They Lose Pathetically (True News)

A Rangel Challenger Makes Bid for Ballot(WSJ) Several weeks ago, State Sen. Adriano Espaillat in an interview denied having any interest in running in a primary against Rep. Charlie Rangel, who currently occupies the Northern Manhattan congressional seat. “He’s a well liked guy. And he’s a legend. It’s tough to run against a legend,” he said. Several weeks later, Espaillat opened a congressional exploratory committee. And yesterday, a source close to Espaillat confirmed that the senator has begun circling petitions to collect signatures for a run for Congress. 
He testified in federal court last week in support of a Congressional district that solidifies an African American voting block as well as the creation of a new Latino seat. And after all that advocacy for a Latino-majority district, Espaillat had little choice but to put his money where his mouth is. Rangel responded by releasing a laundry list of his 30-plus-year career in Congress, and reaffirmed his intent to run for re-election. * Rep. Charlie Rangel Announces He’ll Run Again(WABC)* Lancman Grabs RWDSU(NYO) * As Sen. Adriano Espaillat circulates petitions for a potential primary challenge, Rep. Charlie Rangel issued a lengthy statement insisting he’s seeking re-election in his newly-drawn district.* Adriano Espaillat starts collecting signatures for run against Rep. Charles Rangel *NYDN) Stops short of committing to primary challenge against veteran congressman * Assemblyman Nelson Castro, who’s on Sen. Adriano Espaillat’s Committee to Fill Vacancies, explained why he backs a potential primary challenge by the senator to Rep. Charlie Rangel: “It’s time for a Dominican to go to higher office, meaning Congress. We have the numbers.”

Borough President Calls for Ban on 'Pink Slime' Meat in Schools (DNAINFO) * Crowley selected to get Grace elected (Queens Crap) * Cuomo takes heat for NOT gerrymandering congressional lines(Roll Call) *In Brief Interview, de Blasio Sketches Campaign Themes For 2013 [Video](NYO) * Tom Allon says he lost Lisberg because of Cuomo's pension change, not his mayoral(Capital) * Queens Dems Back Towns; WFP Likely To Go With Jeffries Tonight(YNN) * Grimm Continues Reelection Roll Out; Hints At Big Weekend Endorsement (NYO)* Grace Meng was interviewed by Susan Arbetter. * Rory Lancman was interviewed by Jacob Kornbluh. * Republican Holds Lead In Brooklyn State Senate Race(NY1)* Working Families Party Endorses Hakeem Jeffries For Congress Against Rep. Ed Towns In New NY-8(NYDN)

Redistricting Court Review Breaking
The redistricting court ruled their expert should take a look at state legislative lines.
Court Ruling

Campaign 2016 Gov. Andrew Cuomo and his perceived top rival in the next Democratic presidential primary, Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley, handled congressional redistricting very differently, and it could make a difference in 2016.


Liu Backs His Indicted 25 Year Old Treasurer

Liu backs $$ gal(NYP) Embattled city Comptroller John Liu sprang to the defense of his indicted campaign treasurer and defiantly insisted his staff did everything it could to make sure donations were legal, despite federal charges against the treasurer and a key fund-raiser. Embattled Comptroller John Liu sprang to the defense of his indicted campaign treasurer and insisted his staff did everything it could to make sure donations were legal*Liu: 911 upgrade is $1B over budget(CainsNY) * Audit: City 911 Call System Is $1B Overbudget, Seven Years Behind Schedule (NY1)

 Liu Campaign Saw Nothing, No Corruption  

Liu: "Not our responsibility’ to check donors"

“I don’t believe it’s our campaign’s responsibility or any campaign’s responsibility to verify the home address, to verify the work address, to essentially run a credit check on any donor,” Liu said in response to allegations that his campaign made use of straw donors who funneled illegal contributions from wealthy individuals into the campaign.
Espada scammed higher salary: clinic lawyer (NYDN)  As embezzlement and fraud trial continues, a Bronx caterer and a Bronx equestrian company owner also take the stand

The Selling of the New Mayor 2013
Mayoral Hopefuls Woo Teachers’ Union Leader(NYT) Michael Mulgrew, the president of the New York teachers’ union, has not been the most popular figure at City Hall under Mayor Michael Bloomberg, but his endorsement is coveted by the 2013 mayoral candidates *School Battle Takes a Turn(WSJ) * State Official Is Named to Combat Cheating(WSJ) * Mediator To Help Impasse Over State Teacher EvaluationsNY1) * Albany Still Working Out State Budget's Education Funds *Spanish language classes help open the door  to English(NYDN) * Mediator Assigned in Dispute Over 33 Schools(NYT)* Cuomo removed a stumbling block to budget talks by saying he’s “flexible” on competitive education grants. 
The governor to legislators: No pork for you. 

Pension Double Dipping Vito Lopez and His Pol Pals
Sitting Lawmakers Collecting Retirement Benefits: The Sequel (City and State) * The list of double-dipping state lawmakers – those who “retire” and then go back on the payroll so they can collect a full salary AND pension – is growing.

City's Unemployment Rate Hits 10%

True News Making Connections
We Like to See the Mayor Cadidates Ask the UFT to Help Hunt Down Teacher Sex PredatorsAnother DOE bust: Teacher booked for sex abuse(NYDN) * nother Teacher Arrested on Sex Abuse Charges1(NYT) * New York City teacher charged with sex abuse of student(WABC)
Espada Sock Puppets

Pedro’s board stiffs (NYP) Were his puppets: witness

A former employee testified that ex-Senate Majority Leader Pedro Espada manipulated the board of directors of his Bronx nonprofit, changing official records, getting a huge boost in severance and permission to use a shady system for paying expenses 


Gun Rule the Streets of Brooklyn Last Night

Two die in bloody day of violence in Brooklyn(NYP) *  Bullets fly in chase (NYP) * Ex’s ‘stalker-killer’ busted(NYP) * 5 shot & 2 dead in night of mayhem(NYDN) Five people were shot — one fatally — in an hour of bloody mayhem across Brooklyn and the Bronx Tuesday night, police said.* Two teens shot in Crown Heights(WABC) * 2 Teens Shot in Crown Heights(NBC)

Another High Tech City Contract All Fucked Up and Over Budget
Mayor Michael Bloomberg's planned repairs to the 911 emergency call system are $1 billion over budget (NYDN) City bungled the job, according to a new audit by Controller John Liu * In Singapore, Mayor Bloomberg said the US economy is improving, but still “fragile.”* As deadline looms, city struggles to slim ranks of provisional workers (New York World)

City to Tax Christmas

City to slap $100 fines for Christmas tree violations(NYP)

PENSION REFORM FALLOUT EXPLAINED: After the arm-twisting and the tears, Gov. Andrew Cuomo and legislative leaders are left to deal with a grumpy Legislature and an infuriated labor movement * An excess of candor? (NYP Ed  The Post writes that CSEA President Danny Donohue may have admitted to “criminal activity” by the threatening to pull all political donations because the Legislature passed Cuomo’s Tier VI pension reform last week * Cuomo insists pension reform is good for public employees, no matter what their union leaders think.* State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli, who opposed Cuomo’s pension reform plan, says he’ll do his job and implement Tier VI now that it has been enacted.* Norman Seabrook says that the administration had to subvert democracy to get the reforms passed. * The pension vote is already becoming a campaign issue.

The Ratner Lobbyist Corrupt Trial Going to the Jury

Rashomon at Ridge Hill: divergent conclusions drawn by opposing sides in Yonkers corruption trial; also, the "sugar daddy" excuse and questions about Forest City's ethics(Atlantic Yards Review)
After a month of testimony, closing arguments capped  the Yonkers corruption trial yesterday, with a prosecutor and a defense attorney weaving dramatically different  conclusions from the same sets of facts, notably a seven-year stream of payments from Yonkers political operative Zehy Jereis to his "political creation," friend, and purported object of desire, Council Member Sandy Annabi. * Yonkers corruption trial: Jurors to begin deliberations this afternoon(LoHud)
* Federal Jury to Get Corruption Case From Yonkers (NYT)

How Bruce Ratner Wins Approval for his Projects (True News)

Albany Boosts Private Schools(WSJ) Gov. Andrew Cuomo and state lawmakers have proposed increasing public funding for religious and private schools, potentially reversing years of cuts and handing the Roman Catholic Church a political victory.




FDNY creates new position to strengthen diversity(WSJ) * FDNY gets first diversity recruitment czar(NYDN)

On the White Waterfront

The longshoreman’s union is resisting efforts by the government to diversify its hiring practices. *No-Show Jobs and Overstaffing Hurt New York Harbor, a Report Says(NYT)


 Vandals Destroy New Queens Playground(NBC)

Mad Man
Anthony Weiner and his wife, Huma Abedin, attended a VIP screening of “Mad Men.”

Homeless Ruling Backed(WSJ)

An appeals court on Tuesday affirmed a decision allowing New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's administration to terminate a rent-subsidy program for formerly homeless families and individuals. * NYC shelters cannot accept food(Fox 5)

After a new ruling, Bloomberg's outer-borough taxi plan inches toward reality(Capital)

Mutiny at Peninsula Hospital(NYDN)

Occupy Fred Dicker

Occupy Albany Protesters Focus Anger On New York Post(NY1) *Protesters See Tweets Used Against Them(WSJ) * Cops oust protesters from Union Square(NYDN) *

Election 2012

Romney Is Victor by Wide Margin in Illinois Vote(NYT) * ‘Super PACs’ Supply Millions as G.O.P. Race Drains Field(NYT) * Romney Solidifies Status Atop GOP Pack(WSJ)  * Morning Joe: Gingrich’s Favorable Romney Comment May Mean ‘It’s Over For Santorum’* Rick Santorum’s and Newt Gingrich’s SuperPacs are low on funds.* BREAKING: Former governor endorses for nomination

Etch-A-Sketch-y: Romney Adviser Compares Campaign To Erasable Toy On CNN * Romney Cruises to Victory in Illinois - Bevan & Cannon, RealClearPolitics * The Race Goes On With Divided GOP - Ronald Brownstein, National Journal * Election 2012: GOP Delegate Count | Primary Calendar | Obama vs. GOP * Illinois Moderates Remain GOP "Firewall" - Chicago Sun-Times * Jeb Bush Backs Romney, With More in G.O.P. Set to Follow(NYT) * Santorum Puts a Stress on History, in Hopes of Making It(NYT) * Obama Takes On Republicans Over Energy Policy(NYT) * Occupy Protesters Are Arrested at Union Square Park(NYT) * GOP Budget: Burn the Safety Net! - Robert Reich, Salon * Illinois Victory Signals an End to the GOP Primary - Mark Halperin, Time * Shapeless Romney's "Etch-a-Sketch" Problem - Howard Kurtz, Daily Beast * What Do Republicans Believe? - Armey & Kibbe, Wall Street Journal * Romney Tries to Move Spotlight Off ‘Etch A Sketch’(NYT)


NYPD and FBI Bickering Not Ideal for National Security(NY Magazine) * NYPD-FBI Relationship Strains Over Security As Trust Rift Widens(Huff Post) * Dept. of Homeland Security Hopes to Be Anti-NYPD When It Comes to Domestic Surveillance(NY Mag) * Rep. King Rips Gov. Christie For Criticizing NYPD Muslim (WCBS) * NYPD Director Of Intelligence: ‘Hezbollah And Its Supporters Also Have Presence In NYC’ (WCBS) Congress Hears All About Iran's Latest Quest To Find Viable Terror Targets Here * NYPD says Iranian spies have conducted 'hostile reconnaissance' in NYC(NYP)

Another McDonald's Fight Caught on Tape(NBC)* WATCH: Brawl ensues outside Greenwich Village McDonald’s(NYP) * GRAPHIC VIDEO: Three Brawls, One McDonald's(Huff Post)

Cart mom wants to meet hero(NYP)



Arrest in Staten Island ‘pee’ slay(NYP) * Suspect in Staten Island Killing Is Held in Illinois(NYT)



Man Arrested Over Fires Set in Trash Cans(NYT)



Photo furor at Colombo murder trial(NYP) * Former Underboss Offers Primer on Mob Life(NYT)* Mobster whined about running 2 'families'(NYDN) * Mobster whined about running 2 'families'(NYDN) 

Authorities Release Video Of Alleged Manhattan Child Molester(NY1)

Law and Order


Doc nab in coin caper(NYP) * Gym teach hit with perv rap(NYP) *Brooklyn Teacher Is Accused of Sexually Abusing a Student(NYT) * Brooklyn Gym Teacher Charged With Groping Student(NYT) * Madam and me: prober(NYP) * Cop rips punk in hero brother’s gun death(NYP) *  NY1 Online: Manhattan DA Vance Discusses New DNA Database * Ex-Marine From Indiana Takes Deal on Gun Charge(NYT)* The plague of 'synthetic pot' (NYDN)* NYCLU rips grilling of repless susps in Qns.(NYDN) * Vandals ravage new playground(NYDN)* Tears flow from Queens mom whose son was murdered(NYDN)* New video of Gramercy Park groper(WABC)* Louise Meanwell to face charges for 'extorting' $6,000 from Yankees GM(NYP) * Cops hunt for suspect in robbery of $24,900 purse from UES Ralph Lauren store (NYP) 

* NYPD cracks decades-old unsolved murde(NYDN) * NYPD detective cracks 32-year-old cold case in death of (NYP)