Tuesday, February 21, 2012

NYT Don't Count on the BOE to Fix Itself

Tammany Hall Still Runs the BOE

NYT Repeats Daily News Editorial on the Board of Elections incompetent counting system. Give up its arcane paper balloting system before the April primaries City Board of Elections still stuck in its impotent rut - NY Daily News

An Absurd Vote-Counting System(NYT) With the New York primaries fast approaching, the Board of Elections in New York City has a lot of work to do to ensure that voters can cast ballots with confidence.

True News Has Written for Years How Tammany Hall Still Runs the BOE . . .  5 Mayors Have Failed to Reform the BOE

History of BOE Corruption (True News) * More on the Problems with the BOE

If the NYT Can Go After David Paterson, John Liu and Michael Grimm Why Can't They Go After the Corrupt Bums That Run the BOE?

The NYT Has the Power to Change the BOE All They Need to Do is Demand DOI do Its Job
Once law enforcement gets the goods on how Gonzalez Tried to Fix An Election, he will reform the BOE by spilling the beans on corruption, cleaning the place out
WNYC Radio and Others Reported He Was Fired And DOI Was Investigating Him on October 26, 2010

Head of Board of Elections Fired One Week Before Election (WNYC) Sources at the Board of Elections say Gonzalez was fired over irregularities that initially appeared on the ballot of a special election in Queens for the City Council seat in the 28th district. His lawyer is Stanley Schlein who runs the Bronx county and helped Bronx DA Johnson win and residency case against him the first time he ran for district attorney.  Schlein is also represented the losing bidder for new voting machines that the BOE brought last year and is now being investigated by the feds.

The ballot in question had all of the candidates lined up one slot to the right of where they should have appeared. For example, the name of the first candidate on the ballot slot, Democrat Reuben Wills, was listed under the slate of Republican candidates. However, the ballot that voters will receive on November 2 has been corrected.  The issue is still under investigation by the New York Department of Investigations.  Tammany Hall Board of Election Control Goes On and On (True News)


Judge Rules City Cannot Enforce Homeless Eligibility Policy(NY1) * Bloomberg will appeal a judge’s ruling on the homeless proving their eligibility for shelters.* Court Keeps City’s Homeless Shelters Open to Those Who May Have Options(NYT)




Cuomo Redistricting Veto Soap Opera

Cuomo set to veto pol boundaries (NYDN) Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s administration pushed back on reports of a compromise with the legislature on redistricting and told the Daily News the governor is still ready to veto unfair lines * Members of the Assembly and Senate majorities are expected to trade notes on their respective congressional maps this week.* In a joint filing last Friday, attorneys for the Senate and Assembly contended there’s still enough time for the Legislature to act on a redistricting plan on its own, but asked a panel of judges to limit its purview to congressional maps if it decides to get involved. * Joe Nocera sees Andrew Cuomo’s embrace of gay marriage as a way to appeal to progressives while being a fiscal conservative in advance of 2016. * Here is the legal document filed this past Friday to appoint a Special Master to resolve the Congressional... http://t.co/RiuYsHtH * Cuomo on Redistricting: Will He or Won’t He? (NYO) * The law firm Boies, Schiller & Flexner “owns” New York’s congressional delegatio



8 Benedict Democrats

Senate GOP: 8 Dems Prepare To Abandon Ship(YNN)



 The pressing need for pension reform to save New York (NYDN Ed) Andrew Cuomo is right; Dean Skelos and Tom DiNapoli are wrong.  The Daily News chides Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos and state Comptroller Tom DiNapoli for not supporting Cuomo’s pension reform plan


Public Advocate Hires Consultants for a Likely Mayoral Run(NYT) Bill De Blasio hired John Del Cecato, now working on President Obama’s re-election campaign, and Anna and Stanley Greenberg, advisers to several federal races. Public Advocate Bill de Blasio has hired John Del Cecato and Anna and Stanley Greenberg, former consultants to Barack Obama, Rahm Emanuel and Bill Clinton, in advance of his increasingly-likely mayoral ru

In Bronx, FreshDirect and Land of Great Promises (NYT) To wander the industrial prairies that edge the Harlem River in the Bronx is to discover an archaeological dig of government subsidies and unfilled promises. * Michael Powell takes a look at the sweetheart deal Fresh Direct took to stay in New York City, the first of several the company has benefitted from and one of  series of subsided projects that have gone to their new home in the Bronx.

Wendy Long, a potential challenger to Kirsten Gillibrand, will announce her intentions this week.

‘Witness-tamper’ hit vs. Espada(NYP) The feds claim former Senate Majority Leader Espada coached a woman to lie before a federal grand jury investigating corruption allegations against him * Bronx health clinics founded by ex-state Sen. Pedro Espada get another reprieve in court battle with state (NYDN) Soundview Health Care Network clinics will remain open until Mar.5

 Brooklyn's Hospital Crisis Deepens

Renegade CEO at Bushwick’s Wyckoff Heights Medical Center drops out of three-way merger (NYDN) He wants beleagured hospital to go it alone. Wyckoff Heights Medical Center Interim CEO Ramon Rodriguez will not allow the hospital to merge with two others, in defiance of a state advisory panel’s recommendation *Catholic-run hospitals are increasingly merging with smaller, secular hospitals, which often results in a limit of services provided – particularly when it comes to women’s reproductive health.


The Post calls on lawmakers not to raise the minimum wage.

NY Dems: let’s kill jobs (NYP) Albany Democrats are determined to push through a 17 percent hike in New York state’s minimum wage, despite repeated warnings that it would hurt the economy — especially small-business owners. Coincidentally, both The Post and The New York Times ran stories yesterday in which several local owners said any hike might well put their businesses in jeopardy.


NY1 Exclusive: Subway Blasts Rattling Historic UES Homes, Owners Say(NY1) * Amid a Subway Project’s Dust and Noise, No Complaints About the Rent(NYT) On Second Avenue, a new corridor of real estate bargains has opened for those willing to live with the inconveniences of construction.

Bloomberg Defends Police’s Monitoring of Muslim Students on Web(NYT)

Supreme Court Interested In Tenant Case That Could Affect City's Rent Regulation Laws(NY1)

Replace Javits With Center in Queens? Too Far From Sights, Convention Experts Say(NYT)

Knish Shop Sees Business Drop(Fox 5)  The Yonah Schimmel knish shop has been around since 1910. But the owners say construction on East Houston Street in Manhattan's Lower East Side is hurting their business.


Food Co-op Readies for Boycott Vote(WSJ) Next month, the Park Slope Food Coop will decide whether to hold a referendum on what may be the most controversial issue in its nearly 40 year history: a boycott of products made in Israel.




Whole Foods fight on the banks of Gowanus (NY Metro)A hip, organic-friendly store — even one topped with a greenhouse — apparently does not make the grade for some near the Gowanus Canal.




Debate over noise in Hell's Kitchen(WABC)

Practice Makes Perfect: Repeat Inspections Let Most City Restaurants Earn A’s (City and State)

CUNY Students Cite Tuition Costs In "State Of The Students" Address(NY1)



Bloomberg Defends NYPD Spying on Muslim Students, Rafting Trips [Video]




Digging out school pervs(NYP) * A Father's Place Is in the School(NYT)


Trial starts for owner of E. Side’s killer crane(NYP)* Victim’s dad to see crane owner at trial (NYDN)






Ferries Hit by Winter Chill(WSJ) Average daily ridership on the ferry fell by nearly 50% from its June launch to December





Considering a Successor for the TVs in Taxicabs(NYT) Under a proposal by Square, a mobile payment company, riders in New York City could play games or swipe credit cards with embedded tablet computers.



Election 2012

Campaigns Grow More Dependent on ‘Super PAC’ Aid(NYT) * Mitt Romney Has His Own Billionaire Guardian Angels (NY Mag) * New Yorkers might see presidential contest political ads coming to their airwaves soon.* Rick Santorum could take Republicans down with him (Wash Post)  * Why Romney Is Confident About Winning MI - McKay Coppins, BuzzFeed * Mr. Right Eludes the GOP - Jonah Goldberg, Los Angeles Times *  Will Romney Swing Reagan Dems to Obama? - Andrew Romano, Newsweek * Sex, Lies and Rick Santorum - William McGurn, Wall Street Journal * Adelson Might Give $100 Million to Gingrich - Steven Bertoni, Forbes * The Economy's Numbers Are Ominous for Obama - Gene Epstein, Barron's * n January, Mitt Spends Nearly 3 Times His Haul - Gregory Wallace, CNN * The MSM-Generated "Tests" of Romney - Hugh Hewitt, Townhall * Latest GOP Polls: Michigan: Romney +2 | Georgia: Gingrich +2  * Donald Trump says “seriously, seriously” consider changing his mind and running if Rick Santorum gets the GOP nod. *New York donors give more to candidates than Super PACs. * The NYT has a new Super PAC donor feature. * Why Obama Will Embrace the 99 Percent - Nate Silver, NY Times Magazine * Will Money & Organization Carry Romney in MI? - John Dickerson, Slate * '08 vs. '12: Different Romney, Different Electorate - Carl M. Cannon, RCP *Arizona (CNN/Time): Romney 36, Santorum 32, Gingrich 15, Paul 8 * In Republican Race, a New Breed of Superdonor *  Rising GOP stars Rubio, Christie top picks for vice prez(NYP)*


Jon Stewart Blasts Religious Leaders’ ‘Punanny State’ Control Of Women



Knife terror aboard N train(NYP)


 Law and Order

Tourist’s WTC ‘bomb threat(NYP) * NYPD sarge is arrested in Bronx DWI(NYDN)* Off-Duty NYPD Sergeant Arrested After Car Accident(NBC)

 Nabbed as rat in cheesy thievery(NYDN) * Feds bust heroin operation in Bronx auto shop(NYDN) * Rutgers University wants a “thorough investigation” of the NYPD’s monitoring of its students.* The arrest of a building manager on the Lower East Side demonstrates the difficulty of keeping affordable housing in low-income areas. * Occupy Wall Street protesters are next taking a look at the prison system. *Cyclist Shoots Boy Inside A Bronx Deli(NY1)Bronx Substitute Teacher Charged With Forcibly Touching Student(NY1)*