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New Yorkers Care About Democracy Thats Why They Given Up On Voting

Democracy NYC Not

NY Disgraceful Voting Turn Outs is Caused By Its' Corrupt Election System

In 2009 11.7% of all the registered voters voted in the city voted re-elect Bloomberg.  Just 548,660 out of the 4,657,516 registered voters show up at the polls.  Mayor O’Dwyer election in 1941, which took place one month before the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor received 1,100,649 more votes than Bloomberg. There has been a 50% drop in primary turnout since '89.  New Yorkers are Not Voting Because They Given Up On A Gamed Election System That Elects 98% of Incumbents. 


Note to A Reporter: Not Voting By Giving UP On Democracy is Very Relevant to New Yorkers

Colin Campbell a reporter for The Pol is Totally Wrong When he writes like other reporters have that "Redistricting simply isn’t relevant to most New Yorkers." After years of dumbing down by the press New Yorkers simply do not have the skill to articulate in the press or the the political leaders their opposition to  gerrymanderingA reporters job is to find out the cause of the not voting Mr. Campbell, which you have not done.  But you do analysis redistricting importance to New Yorkers.  What is your evidence?  A poll on redistricting would not help here because the public does not understand the election law.  To understand why people are not voting a reporter has to do an autopsy of dead or broken election system.  What they will find young reporter Campbell is that the public has given up voting because they know the incumbents have fixed the system.  In Fact the 2012 election might be the most fixed election in history.  After the delay the incumbents will get the lines they want.  How can a challenger who is not a billionaire have enough time to race money and conduct a proper campaign. 

Breaking Redistricting News Court Rules court hearing has ended. Federal magistrate to begin drawing own congressional map; proposal due March 12 * For now, federal judges will not get involved w/ Senate & Assembly , but will monitor lawmakers' progress.

Federal judge seizes Congressional redistricting(TU) * Federal Magistrate Judge Roanne Mann has been named special master to draw the Congressional lines. * Clyde Haberman decries the process of redistricting for going on, and on.

Getting the lines straigh(NYP) Barry Price, an eighth-grade math teacher in the Bronx, is the only man among the 15 teachers with a top score in the city’s controversial ratings, reflecting in part a dearth of male teachers. *Word at week’s end was that a compromise might be upcoming in Albany’s ongoing battle over legislative redistricting. Yes, on Thursday he said: “If they send me these lines, these lines will be vetoed.” Problem is, it’s highly unlikely that “these lines” will be the ones that the Legislature approves — given that they’re already in the process of being altered.  So what Cuomo has denounced as “political theater” will doubtless continue. 

Unmapped: Update on New York Redistricting(NYT) * Dems in feud over new Rangel district(NYP)Assemblymen Carl Heastie, the Bronx Democratic chair, and Keith Wright, the Manhattan party chair, are at odds over redrawing Rep. Charles Rangel’s district, with each eyeing a run in it later * State lawmakers on verge of blowing March 1 deadline for passing plan to write legislative district boundaries (NYDN) No vote this week, Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver says. Silver said there is no agreement on redistricting of congressional lines and he does not expect a vote this week, while a court appointment of a special master over the process is also possible * A Call For New Congressional District(Fox 5) * Lawyers representing legislative leaders are scheduled to appear before a three-judge panel in Brooklyn today at 2 p.m. to discuss a possible court takeover of the redistricting process.

* Assemblyman Jack McEneny, Democratic LATFOR co-chair, echoed Silver’s comments, saying: “There is no agreement yet on the Congress. I’m hoping that we can come to terms. If we can’t come to terms, I don’t know what will happen.” * It’s possible the Assembly and Senate will pass their own versions of the House lines and then kick the matter to a special master, as has been done for the last two redistrictings. But legislative leaders are apparently not eager to kick things to the court (which has already involved itself anyway) just yet. * Twitter rumor erupted over the weekend – started and fueled by Republicans – that Queens Democratic Rep. Gary Ackerman, 69, is about to follow Hinchey’s lead and retire.* Ackerman (or someone who controls his Twitter handle) Tweeted that the Republican rumor mill is “100 percent” wrong and he’s planning to seek re-election.* Dean Skelos said he expected a vote on the lines by Thursday. * Ruben Diaz Sr. Blasts Congressional Redistricting Efforts: ‘The Bronx Is Not a Colony’(NYO) * Fred Dicker says this dispute has delayed the lines: power brokers in the Bronx are angry Rangel’s seat would take so many voters in their county but be held by someone from Manhattan. Now they’re hoping a federal court, which meets this afternoon, will just take over the process. (NYP)* Common Cause’s Susan Lerner and SUNY Buffalo Law School’s James Gardner urged Cuomo to veto the lines and send redistricting to the courts. (D&C/Newsday)* Latino Groups Push Cuomo On Redistricting Veto(YNN) * Gardner: Gov. Cuomo should veto the maps (Newsday) * The Senate Republicans' lawyer insisted there's no such thing as nonpartisan.

Albany's Pay to Play Redistricting

Redistricting: A pricey affair for some in Congress(TU) Several members of New York’s congressional delegation spent over $160,000 lobbying state officials related to the redistricting process, a Times Union analysis has found. * Rep. Nita Lowey and Rep. Richard Hanna have given lawmakers $10k in campaign contributions, likely in an effort to have favorable congressional lines drawn for them. 


The News Should Demand DOI Finish Its' Investigation of BOE If They Seek Change At the Board

Board of Elections does nothing as hundreds of Bronx votes go missing (NYDN) Ignores warnings of busted ballot scanner  The Board of Elections is ignoring voting machine errors discovered at a South Bronx polling site that botched scores of votes in the 2010 elections *  True News Has Pointed Out the Problem with the Board of Elections Against and Again  * Gonzalez Firing, DOI Investigation, Could Ease Awaited Bloomberg BoE Power Play(CHN) Gonzalez was fired over irregularities that initially appeared on the ballot of a special election in Queens for the City Council seat in the 28th district. The ballot in question had all of the candidates lined up one slot to the right of where they should have appeared.  Giving the candidate in the special election under the democratic line the better shot.  * The Feds are also investigating a Board Of Election (the cesspool of political corruption) contract for new machines that Sheinkopf was a lobbyist for. Feds investigate switch by Board of Elections (NYP)

Female Teacher Tops; Union Fights Back and More Hot to Read Rating Spin

Talk about your ‘classy’ ladies! (NYP) Women are tops in teacher ratings Barry Price, an eighth-grade math teacher in the Bronx, is the only man among the 15 teachers with a top score in the city’s controversial ratings, reflecting in part a dearth of male teachers* With Release of Teacher Data, Setback for Union Turns Into a Rallying Cry(NYT)* Teacher-Data Reactions: Absorbing New Rankings With Caution(WSJ)* Live Chat: Michelle Rhee on Teacher Ratings (WSJ) * Local News Outlets Vary Greatly As They Publish City Teachers' Rankings(NY1) * Good teachers, good schools(NYDN) * Parents Have Mixed Views on Teacher Rankings(NYT) * No Way Out of the Evaluation Trap(NYT)


de Blasio Changes FOIL Policy to Cater to UFT

Public Advocate Bill de Blasio put out an angry statement Friday about the city’s release of teacher ratings under the Freedom of Information Law, saying it was “making a grave mistake.” Yet last fall, de Blasio called for a new law to nudge city agencies to respond to FOIL requests more promptly. “Public access to information ensures that taxpayer dollars are being used wisely and that government is working as it should,” he said in October. Asked to reconcile the two statements, spokesman Wiley Norvell said Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s administration was pushing flawed data out the door for political reasons. “Requiring its release is contrary to at least the spirit of the law,” Norvell said. “The FOIL law should not require disclosure of information that is so deeply flawed and unreliable as to be tantamount to speculative opinion.”(City and State) * The controversy over NYC’s release of public school teacher rankings has stirred questions over the viability of Cuomo’s recent teacher evaluation system deal.

The Ratner Lobbyists Trial Media Black Out Day 5

How Bruce Ratner Wins Approval for his Projects(True News)

Campaign 2012/13 Potential NYC Mayoral Candidates Weigh In On NYPD Surveillance(WCBS) * THE PEREZ NOTES: Comrie Ramps Up his FundraisingSylvia Kinard, Ex-Wife of Bill Thompson, To Run for Congress(NYO) * National Organization for Marriage Enters Brooklyn State Senate Race(NYO) * Campaigning for Reelection: Grimm Scores Painters’ Union Endorsement(NYO) * Joyce Johnson hopes for a resolution to the conflict over Charlie Rangel’s seat.

New York's trash could be your treasure on public auction site(AM NY)

Cuomo Twitter Buzz on Pensions Cuomo: "this year is about pension reform." (Capital Tonight) * Cuomo calls public employee union concerns "absurd."(Capital Tonight)* says without pension reform "we could literally bankrupt the state."-Without pension reform the only one left in cities/villages will be the tax collector...* Cuomo: "We need to change the relationship with special interests, because we can't afford the pensions and the taxpayer is broke."

It is Funny How Lentol Alway Has Organize Crime Goodfellows Around Him and Forest City Bribers Around Them and Both Are Never Charged With Wrongdoing

Lentol On Team Bruce Ratner

Assemblyman  Joe Lentol, some curious connections, and the Ridge Hill/Yonkers  corruption trial that resumes today(Atlantic Yards Report)

How Bruce Ratner Wins Approval for his Projects

Today's Trial
trial Bruce Bender says he's left Forest City, admits he and Cantone starting consulting firm. Is jury thinking: whyd they leave? * trial Bruce Bender memo to lobbyist Mike Spano: "No fucking around Get Sandy on board Tell your brother [Nick] we need help now." *
  trial Bender memo 2 boss Ratner "We may have 2 put some funds away 4" concessions but "good chance" it "will never be drawn down" * trial Bender sez he wouldn't take credit 4 persuading Annabi to vote 4 project on its merits But he did when he was b4 grand jury *  trial. Bender says he never asked Annabi if her vote depended or was contingent on Forest City hiring of Jereis * trial Who at Forest City Ratner hired Jereis? Bender: the company is a collective Judge: did some individual offer him a job? * trial Bender obliquely answers judges ? about Jereis hiring: "Ultimately, it's based on the approval of Mr. Ratner." Blame Bruce? * 
trial Bender admits discomfort: finally got Annabi meeting, but Jereis wanted job "We were caught between a rock & a hard place." * trial: Annabi asked Forest City Ratner to create education fund as concession. FC agreed. Didn't happen. Nor did Annabi follow up * trial Bruce Bender on stand Meeting w/Jereis, Annabi described on his calendar as "Friends of Yonkers." Forest City lies to self? * trial moment of levity #2: Yonkers Council member Barbato (apparently) called the project "Wally World" Question struck, hearsay*  Norman Oder@AYReport trial Forest City Ratner copied Jereis on emails to Annabi about her vote, but didn't copy Annabi on emails to Jereis about a job * 
trial Forest City Ratner exec says he saw nothing wrong with Jereis's sketchy invoices after he was hired as consultant trial moment of levity: Forest City exec Cantone sez he's kicked colleague Bender under the table "a # of times" during meetings * trial Forest City acknowledges Jereis never was threatening, or said request for a job after he secured vote was a quid pro quo * trial Forest City meeting with Annabi and Jereis described on FC expense report as "lunch meeting with consultants, Ridge Hill." * trial Forest City Ratner exec admits concern about not hiring Jereis before Annabi vote. So they strung him along, didn't say no. * trial Forest City Ratner had spent $70M by the time it needed Council Member Sandy Annabi's vote in 2006. Zehy Jereis could help. *

NYC’s TLC is letting thousands of cab drivers off the hook for overcharging riders, a move that reflects poorly on City Hall

The TLC’s un-fare decision(NYP Ed) New York City cab drivers, your first nine ripoffs are free — with the blessing of the Taxi and Limousine Commission. That’s the message the TLC delivered as it wiped the slate clean for 90 percent of the drivers caught in a highly publicized fare-gouging scandal two years ago.* More Decide to Charge a Taxi Ride(WSJ) More than half of New York City taxi fares are now paid by credit card, and while cabbies say passengers pay bigger tips when they use plastic, fleet owners are taking a larger bite of the pie


Weak Office Market More Space to Get Weaker

Space Influx Will Challenge Office Market(WSJ) The New York office market is about to face its toughest test since the downturn, as developers prepare to deliver more new space in 2013 than in any single year since the late 1980s. 



NYC $5 Gas Soon

Oil big: NY gas to hit $5(NYP) * 5 a gallon gas soon?(WABC)

If You Build It the Birds Will Come

 City ‘trashes’ rules on waste plant near LaG(NYP) 


Pensions: Dollars Not Politics

Show us 
the pension numbers(TU)The future of the state’s pension system should be decided by thoughtful debate based on facts, not a “political squabble” between Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Comptroller Tom DiNapoli * . & allies will be in Albany on Wednesday pushing for new pension tier, according to wor710

NYC federal judges, some of whom are well into their 80s, do not like to speak of retirement

Green Book, the City’s Long-Out-of-Date Directory, Is to Get a New, Online Edition(NYT) New York City plans this spring to print a new Green Book, the thick directory of government phone numbers, for the first time in four years, while also putting those numbers on the Internet for the first time

Another School Sunday for Churches(WSJ)  * Dozens Of Congregations Offer Thankful Prayers From Inside City Schools Once More(NY1)




Members of the New York State American-Irish Legislators Society decided not to invite newly-minted Cardinal Timothy Dolan to be honored at their annual dinner due to some Assembly Democratic members’ upset with the church’s vehement opposition to same-sex marriage and contraception.  * Andrew Cuomo skipped the National Governor’s Association annual meeting in order to honor Dolan Saturday night.

Election 2012 Polls are converging. Mitt likely to win AZ & MI. Once again, his early-vote bank paying off. Romney $ + organization edge working

Obama’s Deficit Dilemma Shows Caution on Budget(NYT) * Christie would listen if Romney asked him to be his vice-presidential(NYP) * Health Law Hurting Obama in Swing States - Susan Page, USA Today * Obama In Good Shape, But Hasn't Won Yet - E.J. Dionne, Washington Post * Colorado Braces for Big November Storm - Carl Cannon, RealClearPolitics * Is the GOP Handing Michigan to Obama? - Michael Tomasky, Daily Beast * Romney & Santorum: Different Americas - Michael Barone, DC Examiner *Ron Paul Never Attacked Mitt Romney During GOP Debates, Study Finds(Huff Post) * Democratic mischief in Michigan(CNN) *Could crossover voters play spoiler in Michigan?(Wash Post) * Rick Santorum penned an economic op-ed in the Wall Street Journal. * Newt Gingrich kept things classy. * Nate Silver suggests it is a true toss up.





GOP Fears 2012 Is Last Chance to Stop History - Jonathan Chait, NY Mag *My Economic Freedom Agenda - Rick Santorum, Wall Street Journal * Santorum's JFK Story Makes Me Want to Throw Up - Joan Walsh, Salon * Michigan: Latest Polls Show Close Race | Arizona: Romney Up 13 Points

Inquiry Leader Says Murdoch Papers Paid Off British Officials(NYT) * Details about the Gray Lady’s $25,000-per-hour consultant…

Manhattan Elected Officials Rally Against NYPD's Stop-And-Frisk Policy(NY1) * Calls to end NYPD stop and firsk practice(WABC)* White House Drug Program Helped Pay For NYPD Surveillance Of Muslim Neighborhoods (Huff Post) * Ray Kelly: ‘Spying’ Is a ‘Pejorative Term’(NYO) * NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly Stands By Mulism Surveillance(WABC) * Governor Cuomo won't second guess the NYPD over the surveillance flap.

Kin of 1993 WTC bombing victims mark 19th anniversary(NYDN)
* 19 years since 1st attack on World Trade Center(WABC) * 1993 WTC Bombing Remembered(NBC)

White House helps pay for NYPD Muslim surveillance(WSJ)


Bronx Boy Arraigned For Attempted Murder Of Soundview Boy(NY1) * Gunshot victim gets Lin bobblehead(NYDN) * Alleged gunman in shooting of Bronx boy has violent past(NYP)


Cop Stares Down the Man Who Tried to Kill Him

Det. Kevin Brennan, the hero cop shot in the back of the head, stares down alleged shooter in court (NYDN)  Accused gunman pleads Luis Ortiz pleads not guilty to attempted murder charge 


NYPD officer saved as bullet pouch stops shot: police (NYP)* Officer Escapes Injury in Gun Battle(NYT) * Police Officer Saved After Bullet Strikes Gunbelt During Lower Manhattan Shootout (WCBS) * Police: Man Who Exchanged Shots With Two Officers In Custody(NY1)* Suspect wounded during gun battle with police(WABC)

Report: Elevator Safety Device Disabled(NBC)

Law and Order

Stabbing at Lenny’s(NYP) * Cop’s slaying could cripple cig-smuggling case(NYP) * Because U.S. Erred in ’90, Bronx Resident Becomes a Man Without a Country(NYT) * Fund Dead in the Bronx(WSJ) * Father, Son Found Dead In Bronx Apartment(NY1) * A Father and His Grown Son Are Found Dead in the Bronx(NYT) * Inseparable ’til sad end(NYP) * Trial set for NY man charged in triple slaying(WSJ) * Woman found dead in apartment(NYDN)* Misfiring ‘mugger’ shoots thug partner(NYP)* Queen DA: Real time for fake-IDers(NYP) * Beefed-up presence of transit cops on subways has led to uptick in arrests in 2012: NYPD (NYDN) Effort to fight rise in thefts of iPhones and other electronic gadgets * Argument ends in stabbing inside deli(WABC) * Drug reform laws aren’t working as expected. * Subway arrests are up.

Indictment Said to Be Near for Man Charged in Terror Case(NYT)



Sacha Baron Cohen Arrives At The Oscars As ‘The Dictator,’ Dumps ‘Ashes’ On A Very Unhappy Ryan Seacrest