Friday, February 10, 2012

Quinn: Can I Fool All New Yorker All the Time?

Quinn Fix What I Caused

All the new programs called for in her speech yesterday could have been implemented by her any time during the last six years when she has served as council speaker.  The NYT quited her as saying “Slumlords will have to spend real money and fix the real problem, or we’ll haul them into housing court,” she said. But the NYT did not ask Quinn what stop her from forcing them into court as a councilmember or housing activist her first job on the government payroll? In fact you can say that the problems she outlined yesterday were caused by her poor leadership during her rule as speaker.

Ms. Quinn did not talk about the major problems facing NYC, like rising costs of pension, budget cuts, education failures, loss of obs and business leaving because of the high cost of doing business here.  What she did offer was limited solutions to problems which would effect less that .001% of New Yorkers on chronic unemployment and  housing, education and health care. * Mayor Bloomberg said Quinn’s mandatory Kindergarten idea would cost $30 million.


A Tale of Two Reporters: Chen Kisses Quinn Ass While Errol Lewis Attacks 

While the NYT Chen and Taylor did the usual kiss Quinn Ass story we expect from the Times which is trying to lead the speaker 2013 campaign, NY1 Errol Lewis was loaded for bear when he interview her yesterday.  Why Lewis the normally professional reporter who is not know for his hard hitting interviews turned on Quinn can perhaps be found in his politics but we will lever that part for another day. Council Speaker Previews Bid for Mayor in Address(NYT) *NY1 Online: Speaker Quinn’s Vision For New York City * Christine Quinn Distances Herself from Mayor in State of the City Address(DNA Info)


Round #1  Slowing opening up on Quinn Lewis asked if she had any concerns that changing rent restrictions from 30 to 60 years would drive away developers from building new housing. (you can see and hear the speaker get upset as she cleared her throat why answering the question).

Round # 2  Lewis asked where is the money coming from to fix one hundreds thousand repairs? Quinn said ten million would come from the capital budget.  (Quinn cleared her throat again). Lewis then followed her talk to the head of the housing authority who said his agency is multi-billion behind in their capital budget.  Quinn responded that the authority must do better with less and get more money out of Washington. Washington - Federal Cuts Could Hit NYC Housing Agencies(2011)


Round #3  Require 5 years old to attend school.  Lewis says 2000 kids last year could not get into kindergarten and what Quinn is asking for is an unfunded mandate. Quinn get the birth certificates to do better planning so the board can take all the kids.  She says the DOE says it can talk all the kids but we know they can't.  Lewis says someone can be assigned to the united nations for six months and not think it is important to send their kid to school or developmental issues.  Lewis asks Quinn if she is comfortable if a cop or sheriff come to a parents door to bring their kid to school.  Quinn says people have the option to home school. Says early  childhood education is the key to success.  Lewis says should we have hearings before we commit. Quinn says you have to do legislation in Albany.    

Lewis did not ask any questions beyond the speech

Round #4  Quinn want to pass a human rights law to make it illegal to discrimine against someone who is long time unemployed. Lewis regular employment job applications asks for past job experience.  Employment can change overnight, not really a class of people.


Round #5  Lewis you gave shout outs to 30 council member who did not get mentioned and and why?  Quinn I do not know.

Round #6 The Mayor talk about firehouse closing, day care slots to be lost because we a low on money? Quinn says she will respond in march on those issues when the budget is due.

Liu says Quinn Educational Proposals Are Weak But She is OK on Bundlers

Prelude to Mayor’s Race? Liu Faults Quinn’s Education Proposals (WSJ) *

Show Liu the Money 

Comptroller Liu Continues To Court Donors Despite Investigation Into Campaign Account(NY1)

A Battle In the School Closing Wars 
Why Not A Debate Between Bloomberg and Mulgrew
New York City Board Votes to Close 18 Schools(NYT) The board shrugged off the vigorous protests of hundreds of teachers’ union members, parents and students. The city’s Panel for Education Policy set a record for the number of schools closed in one night, voting to shutter 23 schools in a raucous meeting packed with parents, union members and Occupy Wall Street protesters* Bloomberg slams Obama for allowing states to opt out of federal 'No Child' law(NYP)
Union, Parents and Occupy Protest Closing
 Panel For Educational Policy Votes To Close 23 City Schools(NY1) * Protesters Rally Against Closures To No Avail(NY1) * Quinn Calls For Mandatory Kindergarten In State Of The City Speech(NY1) * 2,000 protesters swarm city hearing on school closures(NYDN)* Parents, students furious as city votes to shut 23 scho(NYP) * NYC’s Panel For Education Policy Votes To Close 18 Schools(WCBS) *Educational Policy Meeting Protest(Fox 5)* Panel Votes to Close 23 NYC Schools(NBC)

Disgraced 'ogle' teacher retires(NYP)




Fidler the Hate Candidate . . .  Mr. Fider Nazi Bashing Words Have Meaning

“I beat myself up on a regular basis for giving him the gotcha moment." Fidler 

In Brooklyn, Senate Race Veers Onto Bitter Ground(NYT) Lewis A. Fidler, the front-runner in a race to replace former state senator Carl Kruger, accused his opponent, David Storobin, of having neo-Nazi ties. The special election to replace state Sen. Carl Kruger has turned nasty in a hurry, though Councilman Lew Fidler now says he regrets attempting to tie his opponent David Storobin to neo-Nazi groups * In this matter, I just do not agree with Fiedler. I do not think David or a racist, not a Nazi. It is ridiculous to talk about it," said Democratic assemblyman Alec Brook-Krasny. [Gennady Katsov] * Video: Fidler Says Opponent Has Ties To White Supremacists(Sheephead Bites)

When campaign manager Corey Bearak ran a campaign that used Nazi bashing to like Fidler beat an opponent, he lost his Queens Crap: Nazi mudslinging in 24th AD race * Queens Crap: Bearak resigns as prez of Queen Civic Congress



ODDO: Keep the Pork Coming 

Oddo: I Want to Endorse Quinn, But Can’t (For Now) Says his desire to be the next Staten Island BP is preventing him from endorsing her.


Lowey Who Backs Bill to Ban Insider Trading Connected to Insider Trading

Lowey: Do As I Say Not As I Do

Insider-Trade Suspect Tied to Rep. Lowey(WSJ) The husband of a Westchester congresswoman who backed a bill to ban insider trading by federal officials has put $350,000 into an investment fund founded by a businessman facing criminal insider-trading charges, according to records and her spouse. Westchester Rep. Nita Lowey’s husband Stephen invested $350,000 in a fund founded by Rajat Gupta, who is facing criminal charges of insider trading

Bloomberg said he had watched as PA's former director Ward transformed ground zero into an elegant memorial site that draws millions of tourists

Two Governors’ Sucker Punches at the Port Authority(NYT)  The Time’s Michael Powell calls the latest Port Authority audit a “political bill of indictment” that appears unhinged from reality.So in October, a Cuomo official appeared to whisper to the New York Post columnist Fredric U. Dicker that the audit had found that Mr. Ward engaged in “extravagant overspending.” This was curious, as the auditing firm had only just commenced its work. Mr. Christie’s timing, too, was not ideal. Nine days earlier, The Record of Bergen reported that the governor had larded the authority with 50 patronage appointees. Michael Powell slams the revisionist history audit of ex-Port Authority Executive Director Chris Ward’s tenure ordered by the “gubernatorial bruise brothers” (Cuomo and NJ’s Chris Christie). $1B messtimate(NYP) The Port Authority brain trust that orchestrated last year’s toll hikes failed to include a billion dollars in their accounting of World Trade Center costs — and no one at the agency yesterday could explain why.

What the NYT's Powell Did Not Write In His Article is That 98% of Press Reported As Fact the PA Audit That He Called A Sucker Punch

PA Missing $1,000,000,000,000

The Port Authority failed to include an extra $1 billion in their estimate of the cost of rebuilding the World Trade Center.


 NYP Hit For Rape Lady Cover

The NY Post is under fire for naming “Good Day NY” co-chost Greg Kelly’s accuser, putting her picture on its front page and calling her a “rape beauty.” 




Why is the NY Congressional Delegation Being Bitch Slapped By House GOP?

In Transit Politics, New Yorkers Have a Lot to Lose(WSJ) House Republicans want to change the way the federal government funds mass-transit projects -- and New Yorkers, among the heaviest transit riders in the U.S., should be worried, local leaders warned this week.




Will Carolyn McCarthy Sink Gary Ackerman's Boat? 

Rep. Carolyn McCarthy is prepared to fight to save her political life if LATFOR redraws her into a primary battle with Rep. Gary Ackerman.  * Ackerman argues that he should get to keep his district due to seniority. (That’s not how it has worked in the past; quite the contrary, in fact, just ask ex-Reps. Ben Gilman and John LaFalce). * Code Pink Targets Congressman Gary Ackerman's Boat | Fox News * In order to implement US District Court Judge Gary Sharpe’s ruling to move the House and US Senate primary to June 26, NYC needs two additional computer servers and systems software at a cost of $75,000. * Minority groups on Long Island slammed the new Senate and Congressional maps. * Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos is reportedly “optimistic” there will be a new Latino majority congressional district in Northern Manhattan and the Bronx.* Bronx BP Ruben Diaz Jr. is worried his borough is going to get carved up in redistricting.* The Center for Urban Research, with their cool mapping system, will be ready to display the results when they come out. * Adriano Espaillat, who wants to run in the new Latino-majority Congressional district, was quiet about his ambitions today. * Ruben Diaz Jr. is fine with new Congressional seats in the Bronx, but wants them to be mostly in his borough.


NY is the only state in the nation not to have congressional lines. . . 

Why are the Good Government and Newspapers Ducking Pols Playing With Us and the Lines?


Goo Goos Missing From Redistricting Debate

Silver On McCarthy vs. Ackerman: ‘I Don’t Believe That’s True’(YNN)





Speaker Silver: Battle For the Meaning of the Separation of Church and State

King Solomon Silver

Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver has to let members save religious services(NYDN Ed)   In crafting a deal on whether to allow religious groups access to public schools, Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver should carefully consider the facts. Democratic conference is said to be split down the middle. On one side is a wing that views a religious presence in a public building as an affront to the First Amendment. On the other is a contingent whose constituents attend the services and are largely black and Hispanic.* Religious Groups: NYC Suffering From An ‘Over-Separation’(WABC)

Call For Pay Cut and Less Work for Albany 
In a move that is sure not to win him any new friends in Albany, Assemblyman Sean Hanna is advocating cutting lawmakers’ pay to $35,000 from $79,500 and shortening the session by three months.

Jailed cop: Ticket fixing not a crime (NYDN)


Congressman Mailbox Missing

NYPD goes postal (NYP)  Pol mailbox tizzy



Mortgage Plan Aids Homeowners, but With Limits(NYT)* Mortgage Lending Settlement Will Provide Help For New York Homeowners(NY1)

Ethics Czar Possible Conflict of Interest

Ethics Czar's Dual Role(WSJ)  Westchester County District Attorney Janet DiFiore once vowed to be a voice for prosecutors in Albany but now won't lobby. Chairwoman of New Watchdog Agency Also Advocates for District Attorneys. Cuomo’s hand-picked JCOPE chairwoman, Westchester Da Janet DiFiore, also heads the state DAs Association, which presents a potential conflict of interest. The organization is pushing for passage of a new state law that would send more money to local prosecutors. 


Another Corrupt Lobbyists Former Elected Official

A former State Senator turned lobbyist pleaded guilty to a felony today. *  Don’t worry, he can still lobby.

Maybe A Connect to Second Forest City Ratner Trial

Bruce Bender Leaves Forest City Surrounded By Corruption and Right Before Another Bribe Trial Involving the Company

Yonkers pol Nick Spano to plead guilty to tax evasion; brother Mike, now mayor, served as FCR agent on Ridge Hill; did Nick have a Ridge Hill connection? (Atlantic Yard Report) * Media Black Out Shake Up At Forest City Ratner Surrounded in Kruger Corruption(True News)


Velmanette Montgomery Should Visit Staten Island

The Staten Island Advance isn’t willing to let Sen. Velmanette Montgomery off easy for insulting the fifth – and often forgotten – borough. * Another cheap shot at our borough(SI Advance)

In Jackson Heights, Views of Emptiness(WSJ) Negotiating space in the city is never easy. And so the closure of one block in Jackson Heights has created a firestorm of controversy in the metropolitan region's South Asian hub of commerce. 


Everything Mets Do Suck
Mets owners to Supremes: Yes, we’re losers(NYP)  Wilpon’s Sterling Equities, which owns the Mets, filed a petition with the high court in a bid to recover money the firm says it lost to Ponzi king Bernie Madoff.

NYPD Commissioner's son returns to air after 'rape' investigation dropped(NYP)


 Election 2012

Rick Santorum, Family Values Candidate and Pro Wrestling Advocate? (Daily Beast) * Romney Bids to ‘Reconnect’ With Top Conservatives(NYT) * Romney Follows Obama's Lead on Super PACs(WSJ) * Republicans Growing Concerned About Romney - Amy Gardner, Wash Post * Low Turnout and the Big Tune-Out - Peggy Noonan, Wall Street Journal *  Romney Tries to Woo Conservatives at CPAC - Shear & Eckholm, NY Times * The Very Weak "Front-Runner" - Erick Erickson, RedState *Obama: Chess Master or Pawn in Over His Head? - James Fallows, Atlantic * After Wins, Santorum Now Eyeing Michigan Upset - Byron York, Examiner * Romney’s Record as Governor Resumes Central Role(NYT)

After Outcry, Obama Shifts in Birth Control Fight(NYT) * Bishops Were Ready for Battle Over Birth Control Coverage(NYT) * Health & Faith: Why Obama Altered Course - Kate Pickert, Time * Santorum Rips Romney on Healthcare Law - Erin McPike, RealClearPolitics * Can Republicans Get to a Brokered Convention? - Jonah Goldberg, NRO * Romney Still Looks Like the Front-Runner - Frank James, NPR * What Was Romney Thinking? - Fred Barnes, Weekly Standard * Rule Shift on Birth Control Is Concession to Obama Allies(NYT) * N.Y. Law on Contraceptives Already in Place, and Catholic Institutions Comply(NYT) * The Rope-a-Dope President(NY Mag)


Bill Maher: Republicans Divide Americans Into ‘The Heartland And… The Rest Of The Country’



More MF Money Missing

MF Global trustee raises tally of missing funds to $1.6B(NYP)




Banned in Boston

Some Saner Voices on ‘Super PACs’(NYT Ed) Senate candidates in Massachusetts and Montana hope to keep third-party spending out of their races.  

B’klyn jihadi admits Net threats vs. ‘ South Park ’ (NYDN) 




Critically injured NYPD officer set to go home(WSJ) * Cop Shot Leaving Hospital(Foix 5) * Officer who survived bullet to head leaves hospital, gets visit from Giants star Tuck (NYP)

Bronx teen slay bares cops’ ‘nonsense’ training(NYP)* After Suspect’s Killing, Kelly Orders Review of Drug Units(NYT) * Albany Wants More Oversight of City Police(NYT) * Lawyer wants probe of cops in teen beatdown (NYDN)

Woman Charged With 1987 Baby Kidnapping to Plead Guilty(NYT) *Plea in Harlem Kidnap Case(NYT) * Hosp snatcher to cop plea(NYP) * Ann Pettway to plead guilty to kidnapping(WABC) * Guilty Plea in ’87 Kidnapping May Bring Life Sentence(NYT)


Law and Order

 Sex Assault Suspect Sought In 2011 Attack In The Bronx(WCBS) * Major Counterfeit Electronics Bust(Fox 5) * High school basketball player stabbed in Queens(WABC) * Police continue to search for sex assault suspect(WABC)* Police Arrest Man Accused of Subway Assault(NBC)* Burglaries, Laptop Thefts Alarm Manhattan's East Side(NBC)* Former NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton has a new book out.* MTA worker scares off fiend raping woman in Bowery J train tunnel(NYDN) * In a Mailbox: A Shared Gun, Just for the Asking(NYT) * Prison for Father Who Lied About Terror Plot(NYT) *Sanit. man cuffed in iPad swipe(NYP)* Sanitation worekd arrested in iPad theft(NYDN)* Bronx Vigil for Ramarley Graham(Fox 5)  * Brooklyn store owner fights off shoplifter(WABC)

Lawmakers Seek Condom Distribution In Prisons To Prevent HIV Infections(NY1)

Aide at Upper West Side School Charged With Sexually Abusing Student(NYT)* School Aide Accused of Sex Abuse(Fox 5)