Wednesday, February 15, 2012

NYP Says Tighter Policing of Lobbyist Industry and Leaves Out Most of Lobbyist Breaking the Law

Ratner's Lobbyist Trial
Ratner's lobbyists Tip of Corrupt Crime Wave Which the Media Ignores

Albany’s favorite felon (NYP Ed) The Post calls for tighter policing of the lobbying industry, citing the fact that former Sen. Nick Spano is retaining his lobbying license despite a guilty plea on tax evasion charges. Empire City Casino at Yonkers Raceway still pays Spano between $6,000 and $15,000 a month. And Western Region OTB pays him $50,000 a year.  Genting aqueduct just took him off the payroll this week. * The Post says that Nick Spano’s trip to prison is a temporary detour before he resumes a lucrative lobbying career. *New twists in Ridge Hill corruption trial: Forest City consultant Pirro said to claim job for defendant Jereis would get defendant Annabi to flip her City Council vote(Atlantic Yards Review) * Former Sen. Nick Spano lost another lobbying client.


NYP Left Out Lobbyist Lipsky Bribed Kruger

The NYP failed to mention in its editorial that Lobbyist Richard Lipsky who worked or the same developer Forest City Ratern involved in the Spano case, was convicted of bribing Carl Kruger. Besides paying $250,000 An FBI raid of Lipsky's house uncovered $100,000 in cash and $4,000 in "crisp" bills in his suit pocket. We still don't know who gave Lipsky all that cash.Lobbyist Pleads Guilty to Paying Bribes to a State Senator(NYT)


Lobbyist Hank Morris Payed Off Many Lobbyist Who Helped Him Elect Hevesi with  Pension Fund Deals

The NYP did not talk about another lobbyist Hank Morris who is in jail now for ripping of the pension funds.  Other lobbyist who got in trouble for pension fund abuses besides Morris, Kevin McCabe, Global Strategy, Patricia Lynch, Andrew Cuomo pay-to-play pension probe nails Hevesi pal Patricia Lynch * HANK MORRIS PLEADS GUILTY IN PENSION FUND PAY-TO-PLAY SCANDAL 


NYP Used By Sheinkopf When They Allow Him to Attack Liu A George Arzt Client

 Ridiculous: NYP Uses Consultant Who Took the 5th to Judge Liu's Conduct(True News)* Lobbyist Hank Sheinkopf Took the 5th in the Aquduct gambling investigations


More Lobbyist Corrupt To Come 

Lobbyist Bill Lynch set up a meeting with Rev. Flake with Patterson, even though Lynch was a lobbyist against a company against Flacke. Carl Andrews was just order by the court to tell what he knows about the AEG mess. Many Political Consultants/lobbyist Breed Corruption: Political Insiders Use Pols to Become Rich From Government * Andrew Cuomo Goes to Albany, Where Lobbyists Are Waiting - (Village Voice) * State Lobbying Soars Passed $200M * Stanley Schlein Rides Again A Bronx fixer's scandalous history doesn't bother Yankees or Democrats * Bronx Lobbyist Serves as Espada's Lawyer in Senate Talks -


Queens Dictator Lobbyist  Stavisky Above the Law in the Banana Republic of Queens

Modern Boss Tweed

In 2005 in a NYT article Dick Dadey executive director of Citizens Union expressed concern about what he called "a growing problem" of council members being lobbied by firms that serve as political consultants to many of them. "It clearly gives a lobbyist who does campaign work unfair advantage, because it gives them a level of access to the elected official that they otherwise would not have." In 2005 the Parkside was paid a total of $1.7 million by more than 40 clients last year, many of them nonprofit receiving member items from the city council.  
The Parkside Group, carved out a dual role in New York politics: as lobbyist for nonprofit groups seeking city money and as a political consultant to a dozen council members, including the speaker and the Finance Committee chairman, who have a major hand in approving budget requests from those same groups. Miller who became so close to Parkside after it helped him win his speaker post asked one of Parkside partners to help him hire a chief of staff. Did Parkside Get Funds from Millers Slush Fund?  In 2004, Miller launched his ill-fated drive to become mayor right from Parkside's offices. Lobbyists' Role in Council Slush Fund Scandal Probed (City Sun 2008) * A Letter to Garcia: (Michael) Garcia U.S. Attorney | Room Eight * O'Hara and Stavisky Voting Residence Injustice While the Media looks the other way

The Trial That Can Up End The Lobbyist Takeover of Politics  . . .  Pirro Kiss of Death

Judge Allows New Claims in Bribe Trial(WSJ)  A Manhattan federal judge presiding over a Yonkers corruption trial ruled Tuesday that prosecutors can introduce previously unknown allegations involving former state Sen. Nick Spano, who pleaded guilty last week to tax evasion. * With Action by Judge, Details in a Yonkers Corruption Case Emerge (NYT) 

Was Councilwoman Sandy Annabi Bribed to Vote for A Ratner Project

An account released in court included statements, said to be made by Albert J. Pirro Jr., suggesting how a member of the Yonkers City Council Sandy Annabi could be persuaded to vote for a development. Mr. Pirro was quoted as saying to Dennis Robertson, then a councilman. “We will just give Zehy a consulting contract, and we will get. Prosecutors have also charged that Mr. Jereis repeatedly asked Forest City Ratner’s representatives to hire him as a consultant, and that the developer agreed in 2006 to give him a job “sometime after Annabi formally voted in favor of the Ridge Hill project,” according to a federal indictment. He eventually received a $60,000 consulting deal. her vote.”* l Pirro was caught on tape telling developers that he could get a Westchester lawmaker’s approval for a project by offering an associate of hers a job.

Judges Begin to Push Albany Pass Congressional Lines Now

Stealing An Election As Good Government Groups Disgrace Themselves By Remaining Silent

Panel of Judges to Review State's Redistricting(NYT) * Three-Judge Panel Appointed To Oversee Redistricting Efforts(NY1) * NY1 Online: State Senate Majority Leader Expect Congressional Redistricting Before March* The TU on redistricting: “Make no mistake about it, New York: This is as close to stealing an election as politicians can get without risking indictment.” * A three-member panel of judges will decide whether to appoint a special master to take redistricting out of lawmakers’ hands. * Newsday editorializes against three primaries in NY this year.* Bloomberg swore in 25 new judges.* Skelos: ‘Non-Partisan’ Maps Also Draw Incumbents Into The Same Districts(NYO)

What Do You Do When You Fail to Pass News District Lines?
Assembly and Senate Go on Vacation for 2 Weeks


Albany Finds New Tax on Poor & Middle Clase And is Addicted

Racino double-down eyed(NYP) An expanded racino at Aqueduct would more than double the state’s annual take from the racetrack gambling hall, raising the projected payout to $700 million. * A new Quinnipiac University poll this morning finds a gender gap about casino gambling in New York – while 56 percent of men support a constitutional amendment to create casinos, only 44 percent of women do * New Yorkers are souring on legalized gambling.


After Winning the Battle of Albany Cuomo  Builds His Navy 

Cuomo touts 'back office' consolidation(TU) Cuomo is defending language in his proposed budget that has been criticized by legislators, saying it will allow him to consolidate "back-office" functions across state agencies * Cuomo defended language in his proposed budget that has been criticized by legislators as a power grab, saying it will allow him to consolidate “back-office” functions across state agencies and better manage government. * Cuomo also played the efficiency card while defending his effort to reduce state Comptroller Tom DiNapoli’s auditing powers.* Andrew Cuomo said that language in his budget that seemed like a power grab may sound “ominous” to legislators, but is actually about increasing government efficiency. * The word of the week in Albany: “Tension.” The latest to employ it: State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli in describing his otherwise “good” relationship with Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

NY1 and Daily News Differ On Why Eric Eve Left Liu . . . Chung Continues the Lobbyist Crime Wave

Deputy’s exit eyed to spat with Liu fund-raiser (NYDN) Source says exit of John Liu deputy Eric Eve linked to spat with controller's fund-raiser  Eve butted heads with Chung Seto, Liu's top campaign bundler, insider says

Very Different That What Was Said on NY1 NY1 Online: Exclusive Interview With Outgoing Deputy Comptroll

Breaking NYC Comptroller John Liu’s fundraiser, Xing Wu Pan, was indicted on federal wire fraud charges for allegedly funneling $16,000 to Liu’s likely campaign for mayor.*  Fund-Raiser for Liu Indicted in Campaign Finance Case (NYT) * Fundraiser For Comptroller Liu Indicted On Federal Wire Fraud Charges(NY1)

Pedro stole ‘expense’ funds: feds(NYP) Prosecutors charge that ex-Sen. Espada used taxpayer money to rent a villa in Puerto Rico, later classifying the spending as legal fees * Federal prosecutors accused ex-Senate Majority Leader Espada of using cash he stole from his Soundview health clinic to rent a vacation villa in Puerto Rico and then pass off the charge as legal fees.


More Goo Goo Bull Shit From Some of the People Who Failed At Independent Redistricting

Rich people for campaign finance reform(TU) *Well-Heeled Group Pushes For Leveling Campaign-Finance Field(YNN) * Wealthy Donors Join Effort to Improve Campaign Finance System(NYT)


NYT Takes A Another Shot At Congressman Grimm 

Problem is Nobody Reads the Manhattan Centric NYT on Staten Island Anymore

Congressman’s Business Ties Are at Odds With Upright Image (NYT)



 Harlem Gentrification and Race

Pol in black-&-white eatery fight(NYDN) Manhattan Deputy Borough President Rosemonde Pierre-Louis in black-&-white eatery fight.  Pol threatened to shut Harlem bistro down, restaurant owner says * A Fault Line in Harlem Plays Out at Tables 2 and 3(NYT) In an episode that reflected the changes in a neighborhood undergoing gentrification, black customers at a new Harlem bistro were angered after being asked to move for white diners.


Happy 70 Bloomberg

Mayor Bloomberg started his 70th birthday with his favorite breakfast – salted burned toast – compliments of his staff. 

The bad-teacher test (NYP Ed) The Post is not optimistic about what kind of deal Cuomo will likely strike by Thursday on new teacher evaluation rules * Gov. Cuomo steps in on teacher evaluations(NYDN) *  Affluent, Born Abroad and Choosing New York’s Public Schools(NYT)* City to Release Teacher Ratings After Union Loses Suit(NYT)*The governor changed his tune about not intervening in teacher evaluation talks between the UFT and the Bloomberg administration because things between them had become “very toxic,” according to top Cuomo aide Larry Schwartz.* However, Cuomo insisted the deal between the UFT and Bloomberg (assuming there is one) will be largely “locally bargained.” He also refused to use his budgetary powers to help the mayor win a dispute over how teachers will appeal their ratings.* The head of the state’s school boards association said that the problem with the teacher evaluation system is that it gives teachers too much say over how they will be evaluated. * Gov. Cuomo won’t use the power of the purse to force the UFT and Bloomberg to come to a deal.

 Fired Staten Island teacher wins her job back(NYDN) * Controversial teachers ratings to be released(NYDN)

Churches gotta go, says city(NYDN ) * The Bloomberg administration rejected a federal judge’s request to delay the eviction of religious groups from city schools, noting the case has been litigated for 16 years.


Ferraro to Be Remembered With Center at Fordham Law School(NYT)





Goodbye wooden subway benches(NYDN)





I Gladly Pay You When I am Gone to Build A Bridge Now

 The cost of rebuilding the Tappan Zee could climb to $6 billion, $2 billion of which the state is seeking from the federal government in the form of a loan. '


The Jerk Wants To Run Again

David Weprin: Not Ruling Out a Rematch Against Turner(NYO)



Criticism of FreshDirect Deal Is Off Base, City Officials Say(NYT) Amid criticism, the Bloomberg administration is defending an unusually large $128 million subsidy to keep FreshDirect and 2,000 blue-collar jobs in the Bronx * An $83M ‘Direct’ deposit(NYDN * Liu's appointee cast the sole vote against giving Fresh Direct $83.5 million in city tax breaks to move from Long Island City to the South Bronx. [Daniel Beekman]


More TV on the Internet

New Service Will Stream Local TV Stations in New York(NYT)


When Tents Rise in a Park, Residents See a Takeover(NYT)



Election 2012: Romney Defense On His Home Feild Detroit

Economic Growth Gives Lift to Obama in New Poll(NYT) * Santorum is up over Romney in Ohio.* No one expects Newt Gingrich to step aside. *Obama to Cities: Drop Dead—the Life and Death of a Great American Urban Policy(NYO) *  The latest 538 forecast has Santorum with a 77% chance of winning Michigan (NYT) * antorum Surge Forces Romney to Adjust - Michael Levenson, Boston Globe
How Likely Is a Brokered Convention? - Sean Trende, RealClearPolitics * Romney's Strategy to Sideline Santorum - Jon Ward, Huffington Post * Why Republicans Don't Trust Romney - Ed Rollins, FOX News * President Holds Edge Over GOP Hopefuls - Brian Montopoli, CBS News * GOP Drums Up Phony War on Religion - Eugene Robinson, Washington Post * Is Romney More Electable Than Santorum? - Jonathan Chait, NY Magazine *  The GOP's Emerging Bob Dole Problem - Steve Kornacki, Salon *  Romney-Santorum Ad Wars Intensify in Michigan(NYT) * President Obama’s reelection prospects are looking nicer.* Here’s a chart to help follow the delegate race.

In China, a Star and an Emerging Symbol(NYT) * Lin's Legend Grows With Late Theatrics(WSJ)

Fierce firefight as police track gal’s shooter to subway(NYP)*Fleeing Suspect Fires on Officer, Then Is Fatally Shot, at an Uptown Subway Station(NYT) * Officer Shot, Suspect Dead(WSJ) * Gunman Killed, Detective Wounded In Hamilton Heights Subway Station(NY1)

Civil Rights Advocates Slam NYPD Over Record Number Of Stop-And-Frisks(NY1) * Critics Assail NYPD Stop-and-Frisk Tactics (WSJ) 

 Law and Order

Subway-push victim relives horror at trial(NYP) * Shrink’ rap in 9/11 plot(NYP) * ‘Perv’ eye doc busted(NYP)  * Husband back in Queens after wife-slay bust(NYP) * Pistol-whipped(NYP) *Officials Seek More Access For Defense In Proposed DNA Databank Expansion(NY1) * top-and-frisks' soar to record (NYDN) * Good Samaritan foils iPhone theft in Midtown(WABC) * Armed Robber Holds Up Park Slope Bodega(NBC)* At his annual State of the Judiciary address, chief judge Jonathan Lippman said that instituting new safeguards against wrongful convictions and raising the age at which criminal defendants are considered adults should be top priorities of legislators and the legal community in New York. * Koch says he doesn't know whether the NYPD spied on Sharpton in the 1980's * Dead woman discovered stuffed inside laundry bag, dumped in empty lot (NYP)

Queens ‘jihadi’ on 911(NYP) * 911 call reveals terror suspect's frantic prayer to All (NYDN)* NYPD Terrorism Expert Warns NYC Could Be Target(WCBS)* Accused Subway Terror Plotter's 911 Call(NBC) * Heightened Security in U.S. Over Iran Threat...