Friday, April 16, 2010

Many Political Consultants/lobbyist Breed Corruption: Political Insiders Use Pols to Become Rich From Government

Breaking News U.S. Accuses Goldman Sachs of Fraud * Bank sued over role in subprime crisis that trashed economy * Lehman may have grounds to sue Goldman, Barclays

Political Consultants/ Lobbyists Breed Corruption

Political Insiders Use Pols to Become Rich From Government

How is the world can a political consultant firm Global Strategy Group paid $2,000,000 Two Million in a fine to the AG for illegally arranging a meeting between the current comptroller, Tom DiNapoli, and an investment fund and still stay in business. That fact alone tell you how much money they make off of government. They are the new prince of the city, Pay to Play millionaires. We know how they got the power to influence the pols, they help elect them. Just look at who is at the heart of the pension scandal, Hank Morris. He used the fact that he elected Hevesi to the Comptrollers office to loot pension funds not only in New York but in LA, New Mexico and who else knows where. Morris and Global are not the only lobbyist consultant who are at the center of corruption today in New York. Consulting Firm Among Five to Settle in Pension Corruption Probe * Democratic consulting firm Global Strategy Group also settled with Cuomo, but Roberto Ramirez’s lobbying firm, the Mirram Group, remains under scrutiny.

The AEG Bunch
Consultant Bill Lynch phone call to Paterson aboard Amtrack had to have to have a lot to do with AEG losing it winning bid at aqueduct and the federal investigation of it partner Flake and it political supporters Meeks and Smith. Lynch who must have been a follower of the late Roy Cohen school of business, set up a meeting between Paterson who he was an political advisor and Flake a day after AEG won the contract for video slots at Aqueduct. The thing is that Lynch was being paid by SL Green a competing company to win the contract for them. It is clear the the political consultant lobbyist business is not only corrupt it is very inse Cheating, Lying, Stealing --"Not me?" said, Mr. SL Green * Queens residents rallied against what they see as “racist” coverage of the death of the AEG deal * Hundreds of people rallied in Queens against “racist journalism” of the Aqueduct deal. (City Hall)

Council Slush Fund and the Parkside Consult Group
Yesterday the New York Appellate Court ruled two to three against Normal Siegel Petition to set up a public inquiry into who was responsible for the Council Slush fund scandal. Siegel is expected to appeal. If one more judge sided with the inquiry we might have gotten some answers to who was behind the slush fund which we have not gotten to date from the federal investigation or the press. Siegel would have been able to question former Speaker Giff Miller and Speaker Quinn why the Parkside consultant/lobbying group had some many non profits funded by the city as clients. Parkside had worked closely with Miller until press reports during his campaign for mayor forced him to put some distance from Parkside. This blog story has a lot of question Siegel could have asked Miller, Parkside and the other Council Bums A Letter to Garcia: (Michael) Garcia U.S. Attorney

There are other consultant lobbyist like the biggest Harold Rubinstein who is so metastasized into the city' government, politics, media and establishment it is impossible to document how he operates

Pensiongate Investigation Quadrangle quickly threw Rattner under the bus, calling his behavior “inappropriate, wrong and unethical.” *SEC enforcement chief: "The victims were New York state's hardworking retirees, who were entitled to have honest advisors manage their hard-earned dollars." * Ben Smith: "The scandal that erupted in the office of former New York State Comptroller Alan Hevesi is a study in contrasts: High flying private equity titans, allegedly caught with their hands in the pockets of teachers, clerks, and sanitation workers. Top politicians whose salaries are stuck in the low six-figures, suddenly in control of pots of money running into the twelve-figures. And top Democratic donors who cast themselves as high-minded, disinterested dabblers in the public good are revealed to have quite a bit of interest after all. * Quadrangle said Steven Rattner is the one who hired Hank Morris. * Cuomo wants pension reform * Brown University invested with Quadrangle, but didn't comment when reached by the school paper.

Cuomo targets Rattner * Investment Firm Agrees to Settle Kickback Inquiry * Investigators are closing in on DiNapoli * DiNapoli Meeting Under Investigation By AG's Office * Cuomo’s State Pension Inquiry Extends to the Current Comptroller’s Office *Keep it coming, Andrew (NYPEd) * The Morning Leverage: Masters Of Universe? Or Bunch Of Turnips?

It is amazing that the US Senators in this state get away with not cleaning up the corrupt politics. Schumer with his Independent Party ties and now Gillibrand will not distance herself from a consultant lobbyist which has pleaded guilty to pay to play.

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand’s GOP challenger David Malpass
Kirsten Gillibrand’s chief political advisors (Global Strategy Group) were involved in the biggest pension fund scandal in New York State history, yet Ms. Gillibrand is keeping them on her payroll.” Malpass Keeps The Heat On Gillibrand * DiNapoli Squeezed On State Pension Probe

True News Background on the Pension Scandal

The Media is the Best Disinfectant
One the movie was made the media and the UFT could not ignore the rubber room which have been around for decades. Not on pol in Albany or City Hall said one word against the rubber room because of the fear of the turn the strong UFT political operation against them. Rubber rooms to get bounced Deal shuts wasteful do-nothing centers for 'bad' teachers. * Teachers Set Deal With City on Discipline Process (NYT) * Rubber Room Movie Trailer * Chancellor Joel Klein says teachers answer survery questions honestly because they are anonymous

Editorial Boards Celebrate A Win
The Daily News and the NYP editorials not able to change Albany or the slush fund council is so happy it finally won one with the end of the rubber rooms celebrated today Bouncing rubber rooms(NYPEd) * The rubber hits the road: Stupid warehousing accused teachers is ending (DN Ed)

FDNY electricians, kings of overtime are related

Did the Developers Close St. Vincent? There is no dispute that developers have long had their eye on St. Vincent building. The hospital for the past several years has been trying with extreme community opposition a plan to build a new hospital and turn over the existing building to developers. Now because of the economy and the state's budget deficits it has become impossible to fund a new hospital, but some think the developers who always seem to win with their lobbying money to the pols won anyway. The loses the sick Housing Plan Survives For St. Vincent’s Site * Before the Doors Close, Delivering One Last Baby

New York's Economic Melt Down Department of Youth and Community Development axes after-school programs for city's neediest kids * There’s a $450 million hole in the workers compensation fund. (TU) * Bloomberg: 'Craziness' and 'Feel Good Politics' in Albany Bloomberg doesn't want Albany lawmakers to cut property taxes.At least, not until they say how they'd replace that lost revenue stream, which usually goes to fund schools * Hummus manufacturer leaving NYC

Not Just on Orwell's Animal Farm
Some Pigs are More Equal Than Others
Union workers are asked to give up their 4% pay raise while Gov's wife got 40% pay raise

The Dumbest Generation Hipsters say the reason they are not filling out the census form is it does not effect them. From the greatest WWII generation to the dumb and arrogant generation
Hipsters Fill Out Census At Record Low Rate In New York * New York's Hipsters Too Cool For The Census NPR

Rep. Rangel struggles in latest fund-raising period

Law and order
Convicted murderer in custody after firing gun twice (NYP) Paroled Murderer Shoots His Parole Officer at His Desk in Brooklyn (NYT) * Budget Ax Falls in Vance’s Office New DA cleans house

Kerik Stop Spinning Do Your Time
Bernard Kerik Says He Never Betrayed Public's Trust * En route to prison, former NYPD Commissioner Bernie Kerik says he was targeted to hurt Rudy Giuliani and insists he never betrayed the public’s trust * Bernie Blogs

Terrorism Wrist slap for Zazi's 'tip' imam * Imam and Informant Tells Why He Lied * Bloomberg to Holder: Time to make a decision on 9/11 trials * New Yorker Accused of Helping al-Qaida About to Go on Trial (Gotham Gazette)

Election 2010 Former city Comptroller Liz Holtzman is now “seriously considering” an AG run, thanks to a poll conducted by Doug Schoen * Both Levy and Rick Lazio attended tea parties yesterday. (Newsday/Press-Republican) * Behind an Ex-Madam’s Run for Governor, a Spitzer Antagonist * Cuomo's Tax Comments Spur Facebook Debate

Wall Street and the City's Economy

Schumer stands up against the Wall * Congress v. New York Mayor Bloomberg went to Washington on Monday to sound the alarm over Wall Street-bashing * Schumer “has become a symbol for the political bind facing New York Democrats” who are trying to balance the public’s distaste for Wall Street with their need for finance industry cash, writes Reuters * Book Review Preview - The Big Short by Michael Lewis; and The End of Wall Street by Roger Lowens...

Watchdog Web Sites Exploit Bad NYC Subway Behavior

Steinfield's News About Nothing
Leaping to defense Mike backs scary Empire State statue * Some at MoMA Show Forget ‘Look but Don’t Touch’

Citizens For A Better New York want 212 Albany lawmakers to sign a pledge on ethics and campaign finance, among other things * Giuliani Joins Forces With Koch on Albany Reform Crusade * Charter Revision Panel In Queens On MondayFirst Look at Untitled Spitzer Documentary by Alex Gibney

The Post estimates about 1,000 people attended a Tea Party rally in midtown.

NY1 gal: Every station interlude was lewd * Tape of ex-NY1 reporter Adele Sammarco deemed key evidence in harassment suit a dud
Barack Obama extended hospital visitation rights to same-sex couples. (WP)

NYT Going Going Gone You know your a newspaper is at the end when the only one who covers a fight between your two top economic writers is the Village Voice NYT Public Editor Brings Down Wrath in Krugman Vs. Sorkin Schooling, Basically Like "Foster Was Right."

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