Monday, January 30, 2012

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Albany's Redistricting Scam On the Public II

The Daily News editorial was interesting for what it hinted out and what it did not say more than what it said.  The news attacked Skelos and his Republicans butchers for cutting up the state to ensure they continued majority in the senate.  What the paper did not ask for was an independent commission.  It also hinted that it was very important to put party picked or incumbents in district they can win in.  We thought the good government goal of redistrict was to keep neighborhoods together and give independent challenges a chance to beat party picks. Inkblot districts are visible proof of Albany’s gerrymandering(NYDN)  Senate GOP flouts Constitution to keep power * Controversial Albany redistricting plan realigns large swaths of the Bronx; pleasing some, angering others(NYDN) * New plan creates Brooklyn’s first Asian-majority legislative district; other pols’ territories reshaped (NYDN) * Albany Redistricting Plan Faulted as Unfair to Minorities (NYT) * State's Redistricting Plan Goes Up For Discussion(NY1)

Sunday Redistricting Scam Update The Bad Map Good Map Setup (True News)
GOP operative reports that there are already a second set of lines draw that are must less political and accomplish the assembly and senate leaders goal of keeping their party in charge. Everyone involved in the scam believes that the press and public will be so relieved with the news lines and the short time allowed for approval that they will be able to push throw these lines with a bill to support a constitutional amendment for the 2022 redistricting.




City & State Agrees With True News Who Reported Sat on the Existence of A Secret Second Set of Map

TRUE NEWS WAG THE DOG: The outrage has not quieted from last week’s release of LATFOR’s exquisitely gerrymandered Senate maps, and Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s discouraging words last week set the tone for sending LATFOR back to the drawing board. But we picked up strong rumors over the weekend that LATFOR has already done so, and that their second batch of less-outrageous maps is drawn up and ready to be released when the time is right. “There are always multiple maps and scenarios,” said someone involved in the process, which is far short of a denial. Assemblyman Jack McEneny promised only one set of Assembly maps exists now, but said the task force fully expects changes after nine public hearings in the coming weeks. (C&S) * Liar's Poker Truth is the First Casualty  In Redistricting, as in War(NY Civic)

Albany's Redistricting Puppet Show

Secret Deal of Bate and Switch Already Struck “We’ll tweak what needs to be tweaked,” he said. “I’m not expecting major changes in the Senate maps.” *Shooting The Messenger(YNN) ICYMI: Sen. Mike Gianaris is pushing back very strongly against the growing belief that a deal is in the works for a constitutional amendment that would reform redistricting in time for the 2022 election cycle, but leave the current partisan process in place for this year’s elections. 

NYP No Comment on Redistricting  . . .  Daily News and NYT Says Veto the Lines Gov

The NYP Which in the Past Has Supported Independent Redistricting is Strangely Silent on the Proposed Lines . . .  What Game is Bob McManus Playing This Time?

When former Governor Spitzer promised to push for changes in redistricting A NYP Editorial wrote on January 8, 2007,"An independent redistricting panel, are long overdue." * No reform here On July 8, 2011 the NYP said NY will not get independent redistricting until the ballot access law are changed





Silver Believes Weprin Not the Democrats Lost the 9th 

Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver has emerged as an unlikely ally for Republicans who want to preserve NY-9 when LATFOR redraws the House lines. “I believe it’s a Democratic seat and would be won by a Democrat,” the speaker explained.  * Shelly Silver and Assembly Democrats want to keep Bob Turner and his district around–mostly because they think it can be won by a Democrat in November.



Guilty Conscience: Did Liu Know His Stay Would Be Short?

Liu's staff are using old business cards from predecessor Bill Thompson. [Josh Margolin] *  Koo Defends Liu From ‘Political Entrapment’; Calls Media ‘Unfair’ (NYO)






June re-trial set for city Councilman Larry Seabrook(NYP)





It’s Time to Police the N.Y.P.D.(NYT Op)

Cuomo’s ongoing efforts to increase the already considerable powers of the executive branch

Expanding Reach, Cuomo Creates Second Cop on Financial Beat(NYT) The New York Times notes how Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s new Department of Financial Services is encroaching on Attorney General Eric Schneiderman’s traditional turf *Cuomo Seeks Civil Service Law Changes(WSJ) Cuomo’s budget seeks to overhaul 19th-century civil service rules to make it easier to hire and transfer state workers, which union leaders say would open the door to patronage abuses, the Wall Street Journal* Buried in the governor’s budget bills are changes to civil service laws would provide him with more leeway to hire and transfer state employees outside of a competitive process – a move unions say would weaken civil service rules designed to prevent patronage.* By expanding the reach of former top aide Ben Lawsky’s portfolio at the Department of Financial Services, is Andrew Cuomo trying to take the AG’s job with him.*  NY1 Online: State Attorney General Explains Role In Mortgage Crisis Investigation


Not That Independent IDC

Because they are not a part of any particular political party, members of the IDC may have trouble spending all of the money they raise.

The fate of NY’s nervous GOP is riding on the outcome of tomorrow’s presidential primary in Florida

New York GOPers fearing a ‘disaster’ Gingrich victory(NYP) GOP's leaders believe the ability to defeat incumbent Dem Sen. Gillibrand and retain control of the state Senate later this year depends on Romney’s ability to decisively beat Gingrich and end the controversial former House speaker’s chances to be their party’s nominee.  From the party that ran Carl Paladino for Gov ?

What About the NY's Rising Unemployment Rate?  

New York State Democrats will propose hike in state minimum wage to $8.50 an hour(NYDN Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver’s plan to raise the minimum wage from $7.25 an hour to $8.50 emerged last night, with the Daily News saying Senate Republicans were noncommittal.  The GOP say they will block the increase to protect businesses Min-wage bill push (NYP) * With Focus on Income Inequality, Albany Bill Will Seek $8.50 Minimum Wage(NYT) * Mayor Bloomberg, still a fan of increasing the minimum wage, might not support the Assembly Democrats’ specific plan * Governor Cuomo is evaluating it. * Minimum wage debate pits business against labor, but does little for most New Yorkers (WNYC)

Construction in New York Takes 'Troubling' 31 Percent Dip (DNAINFO)

Fidler Free Illegal Parking

Fast & Lew-se with parking laws(NYP) *  Golden, Fidler & Turner Weigh In On New Jewish District(NYO) * Assemblyman Dov Hikind may be plotting an expansion of the family “brand” by running his son, Yoni, a political unknown, for the new Super-Jewish Senate seat.*  So Who Is The “Super Jewish” Candidate? [UPDATED] (C&S)


Has Reduced Taxes for Businesses Become the Third Rail of New York Politics? 

NY: Closed for business (NYP Ed)  A Tax Foundation report ranked NY 49th in business climate. NY’s tax burden remains oppressive. And a huge disincentive to businesses. In NY pols love to give tax breaks to individual business or develop zones were taxes are reduced to do business.  But that is not enough to stop the city unemployment rate from rising to 9%. It does help pols line their pockets with campaign contributions when they choose which companies will move into the economic zones or receive tax brakes. New York has lost 140,000 predominantly middle-wage manufacturing jobs in recent years while only gaining 21,000 new jobs.


Flaws Seen in Vocational Education(WSJ) Nearly four in five vocational programs in city high schools aren't directed toward high-growth careers, meaning it could be tough for graduates to land jobs, according to a report to be released Monday by Public Advocate Bill de Blasio. * 82.7 percent of CUNY community college freshman needed remedial reading, writing or math classes last fall. [Sudan Edelman]



Paul Browne, NYPD Spokesman, Comes Under Fire(Huff Post)


Gentrification Rock

DOT officials installed fencing over a walkway connecting two housing projects in Fort Greene after residents hurled projectiles at bicyclists using the newly paved bike path below; the incident in indicative of larger tensions in the community, residents say.

New York City agencies still using typewriters (NYP) Bloomberg is enamored of high tech, but New York City is seeking bids to replace 1,172 typewriters at agencies that still use the old machines for filling out forms

'Occupy' Movement Tries Again in Another Park(WSJ) * 12 Arrested at Manhattan March for Oakland Protesters(NYT) * 12 Occupy protesters arrested in NYC(WSJ)


Study proves new small schools are key to student success (NYDN Ed) Shutting down and opening from scratch is the way to go* Assemblyman Keith Wright plans to propose a bill that would repeal mayoral control of NYC’s public schools.


OWS . . . 

Push on for worshipers to meet in city schools (NYDN ) More than 1,000 people take part in march over Brooklyn Bridge * Rally on Brooklyn Bridge against ban on renting schools for worship (AM NY) * Thousands March To Protest Ban On Using Public Schools For(WCBS)* The immediate future of Occupy Buffalo will be determined Wednesday. * Rally For Religious Gathering In Schools(Fox5) * No Evictions at Occupy D.C.(NYT)


Going deeper into the fingerprinting-for-foodstamps debate.* The Clash Over Fingerprinting For Food Stamps (NPR)

MTA Faces Poor Service and Union Contract Slowdowns

 Most subway and bus riders say service has gotten worse, poll finds(AM NY)  * As MTA contract talks hit a stalemate, the Daily News finds a union flyer urging subway operators to enter stations “with extra care” as a potential slowdown. SLOWDOWN! Transport Workers Union flyer urges ‘extra care’ at stations  Subway motormen told to be cautious for safety, the union says, but timing with contract talks stalled is questionable. MTA union railing over quota e-mail(NYP) A high-ranking MTA superintendent instituted a quota on the number of disciplinary violations that his underlings must dole out to subway workers each month — infuriating the agency’s largest union in the midst of tense contract negotiations. * The MTA released its first-ever late night subway map.* Good Government Group: Wage freeze for transit workers is a fair deal Cites compensation gains TWU Local 100 has made over the last decade

911 Groups Outraged Over Generous Golden Parachute 

Sept. 11 Memorial's Compensation Deals Called an 'Insult'(WSJ) A former employee with the National September 11 Memorial & Museum at the World Trade Center received a nearly $300,000 severance payment, sparking outrage among victims' family members and others who say executive compensation at the not-for-profit is out of control.

Soho Residents Vs. Real Estate Titans and Tourists

Critics of SoHo Proposal Ask, You Call This Improvement?(NYT) The plan for a business improvement district in SoHo would help with the trash problem, but some residents don’t want to cede more ground to tourists and real estate titans.

Imagine His Shock. His Leg Had Vanished (NYT) * Man With ‘Missing Leg’ Wants Revenge (NY Mag)

Election 2012 
Negative Super Pac Campaigns Work

Romney surges ahead before primary(NYP) * Years of Despair Add to Uncertainty in Florida Race(NYT) * A Florida Bush Stays Silent, and to Many, That Says a Lot(NYT) * Romney Regains Edge(WSJ)

Newt Gingrich is just a sad, old clown(NYDN)  Presidential contender boo-hooing yet again * Fight for Florida: Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich will battle for 50 delegates in biggest primary vote yet * Why the Florida primary vote matters(NYDN) *  Trump coy on prez run(NYP) * How NY might actually matter in this year’s presidential primary.* In Florida, a Bush's Silence Speaks Volumes - Jeff Zeleny, New York Times * Romney Looking for a Florida Knockout - Niall Stanage, The Hill 


A Two Million Dollar Pig: That is What Romney Campaign Probably Paid to Set Up This Event to Appeal to Florida Large Latino Vote 

The History Of Presidents And Other People’s Fingers: Brian Williams Once Pointed At George W. Bush

Super Pacs Are Brain Washing

Newt blasts 'carpet-bombing' Romney(Politico)

Now We Know Why Frank is Getting Out

Freddie Mac Bets Against American Homeowners (PUBLICA) * Freddie Mac’s big bet against homeowners(Wash Post) * Auction 2012: How The Bank Lobby Owns Washington(Huff Post)


Prosecutor Hints: Bankers Will Be Going To Jail (Buzz Feed) New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has been pushing to prosecute bankers over the financial crisis * Schneiderman made the national TV rounds this weekend to tout the new mortgage crisis investigation he’s spearheading at the behest of the president.* Schneiderman: ‘We’re Going After The Stuff That Blew Up The Economy’ [Video] 

Bronx woman busted after alleged elaborate scam against NY Archdiocese(NYP) * Bookkeeper Accused of Stealing $1 Million From Archdiocese (NYT)


Jon Corzine's Magic Disappearing Act

MF Global Funds Feared Gone(WSJ)


Off-Duty Officer Fatally Shoots Brooklyn Teen During Alleged Robbery(NY1) * Off-duty NYPD detective fatally shoots man during botched robbery (NYP)

For Family of Burned Woman, an Offer, but No Help(NYT)

Crime on rise in city parks (NY Metro)

Kelly's Investigation 

Kelly's accuser hurting own case with candid conversations: sources(NYP) * Greg Kelly rape probe will wrap up quickly, says legal expert(NYDN) * The Manhattan DA’s probe into the rape allegation lodged against “Good Day NY” co-host Greg Kelly could be wrapped up this week, and likely won’t linger into next week.*Leak After Leak Surface Questioning The Credibility Of Police Commissioner’s Son’s Accuser (WABC)


Law and Order
Heartless mom dumps young daughters on sidewalk with nothing but extra diapers(NYDN) * 2 girls abandoned on NYC street(WSJ) * Update Mother, Accused of Abandoning Children, Is Arrested (NYT) * Foul-mouthed B'klyn mom busted after abandoning 2 daughters (NYP)

‘Gorgeous’ rat’s D-Day(NYP) * Proposal to Cut Some Felonies From Records(NYT) * Man charged with smuggling drugs into NY prison(WSJ) * Off-duty cop shoots, kills crook who tries to mug him: police(NYDN) * MTV rapper in Bronx gun bust(NYP)* Exec choked gal: cops(NYP)* The New York State Bar Association is proposing a change to state law that would allow more types of criminal records to be sealed, saying the shift would give offenders who stay out of trouble a better chance to rebuild their lives. Two bills seeking similar changes stalled in Albany last year.* Off-Duty Cop Involved In Shooting(Fox 5) * Off-Duty Cop Fatally Shoots Man in Brooklyn: Police(NBC) * Paul Begala: “When I look at the economy, I think Obama can’t win, but when I look at the Republicans, I think he can’t lose.” *Falling Shopping Cart Injures Two Men By Home Depot Store In The Bronx (NY1)

Thugs review botched Times Square bombing to plan for future attacks(NYP)