Tuesday, January 31, 2012

In 2009 True News Warned That Fanny Mac and Freddie Mac Were Breaking Their Prime Mission to Help Developers Purchase Stuy Town

Romney Wins Florida, Regaining Momentum(NYT) * A Distant Second, Gingrich Pledges to Stay in Fight(NYT) * Romney Wins Florida Primary to Reclaim Lead in Race(Bloomberg) * Even in Defeat, All Eyes Are On Gingrich (Forbes) * Delegate Count: Romney 84, Gingrich 27, Paul 10, Santorum 8.* Mitt Romney’s Florida sweep — and how it changes the presidential race(Wash Post) * FL night speech: Newt wages war on Obama, not Mitt(Wash Examiner)


Washington Post Reports Freddie Mac Bet Against Homeowners

ProPublica’s Jesse Eisinger reported yesterday that Freddie Mac has used a complex derivative transaction to place large bets that rely on millions of American homeowners remaining in overpriced mortgages to pay off. The bets in Freddie’s investment portfolio — which totaled $3.4 billion in 2010 and 2011 — directly contradict the housing giant’s stated mission to provide affordable mortgages to Americans. At the same time Freddie was trapping their mortgage holders who were over their head by making it harder for homeowners to get out of such high-interest mortgages.  Freddie Mac Bets Against American Homeowners (PUBLICA) * Freddie Mac’s big bet against homeowners(Wash Post)

True News Reported in 2009  Fannie Mae Was Being Used by Developers to Destroy Stuy Town As A Middle Class Complex

In October 2009 True News reported that Tishman Speyer and Blackrock were used Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to back $1.5 billion in debt of their $5.4 Billion purchase of Stuy Town and Peter Copper Village. True News point out before the purchase that the only way the buyers were going to make a profit with their 5.4 billion purchase price was to move the rent stabilized tenants out and sell or rent at 2008 market rentsWall Street Hijacks Federal Agencies Created to Provide Affordable Housings 

Developers Looted Fanny Mae and the Pension Funds to Buy Stuy Town & Peter Cooper Village
Tenants Roiled by Challenges on Residency - NYTimes.com. The mayor who fought tenant and community opposition said let the market place decide.   Well the market crashed in 2008 along with the city's economy and real estate market and the building are now worth about 2 Billion.  It gets better Blackrock which got part of the 1.5 billion debt covered by Fanny Mae is an advisor to Fanny Mae BlackRock gets third rescue mission from the federal governmen. Fannie Mae created in 1938 as part of Franklin Delano Roosevelt's New Deal mission is to tear down barriers, lower costs, and increase the opportunities for home ownership and affordable rental housing for all Americans.   

Roosevelt Created Fannie Mae to Increase Home Ownership and Provide Afforable Rental Housing
The Tishman and Blackrock also used their political connect to use the  California and Florida pension funds and who knows how much for the secretive New York pension funds (no transparency and everything is chopping up through middlemen investors).  In 2010  with the complexes worth less than $2 Billion and Facing Bankruptcy, Stuy Town Owners Hand Keys to Investors The $1.5 billion to Fannie Mae and billions to the pension funds lost and must now be paid by the taxpayer back to those funds. * Bill Moyers:  How Big Banks are Rewriting the Rules of our Economy

True News Yesterday Pointed Out That the NYP Had Not Done An Editorial About Redistricting

We Also Noted That the NYP Supported Independent Redistricting in the Past *  A NYP Editorial wrote on January 8, 2007,"An independent redistricting panel, are long overdue." * No reform here On July 8, 2011 the NYP said NY will not get independent redistricting until the ballot access law are changed

Today NYP Finally is the Last Paper to Call on Cuomo to Veto the Proposed Lines  . . .
But Does Not Call for An Independent Redistricting Committee Like They Did in 2007
New lines, same game(NYP Ed) Despite pledging during last year’s campaign to defer to an independent redistricting commission, Assembly Democrats and Senate Republicans drew the new maps themselves. The NYP says the lines are meant to serve political machines — and their ability to hand-pick candidates.  The NYP says that even bigger problem is Albany's failure to come up with congressional lines.

Albany Redistricting Plan Faulted as Unfair to Minorities(NYT) * Redistricting Taskforce Still Receives Plenty Of Albany Venom(NY1) * 

Voting Rights Lawsuit Against the New Proposed Lines . . .  What About Rangel Gift?

Senate Dems plan to file a lawsuit today challenging LATFOR(NYT) * The Senate Democrats plan to file a lawsuit today challenging LATFOR’s plan. They are particularly concerned about the disenfranchisement of minority voters. The Rev. Al Sharpton said he’ll ask US AG Eric Holder to review the proposal. * LATFOR co-chair Sen. Mike Nozzolio had a testy exchange at yesterday’s hearing with NYPIRG’s Bill Mahoney over whether the GOP’s plan is partisan.* For proof of redistricting’s partisan nature, look no further than the Assembly’s long-standing of protecting Rep. Charlie Rangel and putting his needs first, says Bill Hammond. GOP lawmakers are starting to make noises about how complying with Judge Gary Sharpe’s June 26 primary order isn’t possible because of redistricting and the political calendar.*Skelos Set on September Primary: Sources (NYDN) * In Lawsuit, Senate Dems Decry “Blatantly Unconstitutional” Redistricting (YNN)* Ruben Diaz Sr. on Farrell's redistricting comments: "We do not need Charles Rangel to come to the Bronx." * Skelos doesn't want three primaries but says he still is opposed to a June date. *  Silver Shrugs Off Three Primary Possibility(YNN) * NAACP To Cuomo: Veto The Lines(Albany Watch) * Deadline Arrives for Super PACs to Reveal Their Donors (Roll Call) * Jerry Nadler on redistricting, "courts are gonna end up having a large role to play in this" (Capital) * Rep. Charlie Rangel isn’t thrilled with the idea his district must be pushed north so his seat can remain “black,” saying: “I’ll be damned if I want the district to go to Mt. Vernon. Hell, Canada sounds just as likely.” * Redistricting heads to court(YNN) * Can The Senate Dems Regain Their Squandered Majority? (NYO) * Sen. Ruben Diaz says "We don't need Rangel to come to the Bx

NYP Does Not Report in Today's Story That A Central Figure in the Liu Investigation Worked for the Speaker 
NYP Reports Quinn Returned $4950 From A Straw Donor Who Got the Money from the Serial Creator of Fake Donors
Mei-Hua Ru has emerged as a central figure in a continuing federal investigation into whether thousands of dollars in illegal contributions have been funneled to the Liu campaign through a network of fictitious donors in the city’s Asian-American communities.  Now after Ms. Ru was working for Quinn a straw donor has been discovered in the speakers contributions. Are there more?

How Big is Quinn's Liu Straw Donor Problem 
Quinn to return tainted cash(NYP)City Council Speaker Christine Quinn will return a $4,950 donation made in 2007 by Suzanne Raffaelli, an actress and model who was a straw donor for convicted fraudster Norman Hsu. The media report that Ms. Ru worked for Liu but  not Quinn. Clinton to Return Funds from Fundraiser Hsu : NPR

City Shifts on Teacher Evaluations: Says State Should Scrap the 2010 Law

City want state to put in new language in the budget to make it easier to fire bad teachers

Walcott: Cuomo’s plan is for the grader good(NYP) The city is urging Albany lawmakers to revamp the state’s 2010 teacher-evaluation law amid disagreements with the teachers union over how a new ratings system should work. * Put this teacher to work!(NYP) * A creep & his friends(NYP Ed) * City Shifts on Teacher Evaluations After months of talks with the teachers union, the Bloomberg administration is asking Gov. Andrew Cuomo to help put an end to the labor dispute by scrapping the state's teacher evaluation law. * More City Principals Sign Letter Protesting Evaluation (NYT)* Walcott said the law is “not going to work as constructed,” because it doesn’t give the city enough power to fire teachers who had been deemed ineffective. * City Forges Ahead on Restructuring at 33 Schools(NYT) * Group sets cost of teacher fight at $1.7B (WOR)

Questions About the Small Schools Study

Scrap over  small HS  grad study(NYDN) Critics blasted findings from a new study that gives Mayor Bloomberg an “A” on his small-school movement and finds that thousands of students* Tutor Network Scores to Grow(WSJ) * Financial Improprieties Found at All-Girls Charter School(NYT)

Brooklyn Rabbi Tells Fidler To Back Off (NYO) * Rise Above Lew Fidler's Hate!(GOP Young Republican)

Speaker Silver gave Cuomo a stellar first year in office, now he’s increasingly staking out his own agenda 

Silver Speaks 

Sheldon Silver staking out his own positions(Gannett Albany) Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver went along with what Cuomo wanted in his freshman year as governor, but the speaker is now staking out his own agenda as the budget cycle progresses.

Silver Minimum Wage Increase Push

Raising min wage razes jobs: study(NYP)* Minimum Wage Boost to $8.50 Is Proposed(WSJ) * The Daily News urges the governor and Legislature to pass Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver’s minimum wage increase, saying it will show New Yorkers they value work over dependency*Skelos says he hasn't seen minimum wage bill, but calls a hike a "job killer."


Who Us, Fight? (YNN) AG Eric Schneiderman dismissed any talk of rivalry or tension between himself and Gov. Andrew Cuomo, calling reports to the contrary “silly.” 




Huntley Funded Group Protest Arrests of the Senators Aids for Member Item Corruption

A church coalition protesting the arrest of a top aide to Queens Sen. Shirley Huntley and three other people for allegedly misusing taxpayer money has itself received taxpayer money from Huntley. Clergy United for Community Empowerment has received $70,000 in member items from Huntley since 2007, according to government transparency website Project Sunlight. Last week, the church group announced plans to rally outside a Nassau County courthouse Feb. 1 to protest the indictments of Patricia Savage, a legislative aide to Huntley, and three other individuals – Lynn Smith, Roger Scotland and David Gantt. The four were indicted last month by Attorney General Eric Schneiderman on charges they falsified documents to steal $30,000 in taxpayer money meant for an education nonprofit. Lelani Clark, a spokeswoman for the coalition, said she couldn’t comment on whether the group should have disclosed its connections to Huntley in announcing plans to rally in support of the senator’s aide. “The focus of that press release was the rally,” Clark said. “I don’t have any comment on that.” A spokesman for Huntley also declined comment.(C&S)


After a jury deadlocked in his first trial, Larry Seabrook will face federal corruption charges again in a trial set for June.

GOP Says Gillibrand knows the Insider Game

New York GOP Accuses Gillibrand of Hypocrisy With Insider Trading(NYO) * BREAKING: Marc Cenedella not running for US Senate. * Marc Cenedella Exits U.S. Senate Race(Politico)

NY's Bad Economic Signs

New Construction Slid 31% in 2011(WSJ) * In Studios and Grand Halls, Feeling a Pinch From Italy(NYT) As Italy reins in its spending, institutions in New York City dependent on the European nation’s money are being affected.


Koo's Opponent is Spending $999

Newly-minted Democrat NYC Councilman Pete Koo has a 2013 opponent who pledges to spend just $999 on his race. 

Staten Island Rep. Michael Grimm faces an uncertain future (SI Advance)


The state is considering selling its Shirley Chisolm State Office Building in Brooklyn because a private developer talked about buying it, but Sen. Velmanette Montgomery vows to fight the move.

Matthew Wambua testified against a bill which would require the Department of Housing Preservation and Development to maintain weekly pay records for every worker on every affordable housing project, as well as to disclose the name, address and tax identification number of the people behind every company involved in those projects, saying that even in light of a recent contracting scandal, the requirements were too onerous.

After Communication Breakdown, MTA Contract Talks to Resume(WSJ)

Commute’s no hoot: poll(NYP) An overwhelming majority say their commute has become more miserable since the MTA approved service cuts and fare hikes three years ago. 


Millions Wasted

It’s one world-class foul-up at 1 WTC (NYP) The Port Authority will spend tens of millions of dollars to build a temporary loading dock for 1 World Trade Center because the permanent one won’t be ready when tenants move in

State Officials Assured That Indian Point's Containment Buildings Are Sound(NY1)


Election 2012:  30 Million 10 Day TV Ad Campaign Were 92% are Negative  

Buoyant Romney Speaks of Victory in Florida Vote(NYT) * Don’t Stop the Debates(NYT Ed) * Florida Vote Sets Stage for Final Push(WSJ) * Florida Race Ends on a Hostile Note(WSJ) * Sarah Palin: No more lies about Newt Gingrich and Ronald Reagan (Politico) * Worst place to lose your job: Florida(CNN)Daughter’s illness is quandary for Santorum(Wash Post) * Newt Gingrich Needs Second Comeback If He Loses Florida Primary 2012(Huff Post) * Mitt Romney Singing 'America The Beautiful'(TPM) * Romney Sinks Among Independent Voters (TPM) * Romney Ramps Up Attack Ads Against Gingrich to Unprecedented Levels (Daily Beast) * The folks at 538 give Romney a 14 point edge heading into tonight’s Florida primary. * The Democratic Path to Victory - Michael Tomasky, The Daily Beast * Gingrich & Romney Are "Unelectable?" So Is Obama. - Sean Trende, RCP * GOP Race Likely to Grind On After Florida - Aaron Blake, Washington Post 

Newt Gingrich’s Fear Factor: What If He Loses the Florida Primary? (Daily Beast) * Jeb Bush's 2012 Role - Fred Barnes, Weekly Standard * Capitol Hill Republicans Worry About Long Race - Manu Raju, Politico * GOP Establishment's Strategic Blunder - Steve McCann, American Thinker * Why Mitt's Wealth Matters: It's Policy, Not Envy - Jonathan Cohn, TNR * Romney Passes the Trash-Gingrich Test - John Podhoretz, New York Post * The Florida Smear Campaign - Thomas Sowell, Investor's Business Daily * How Mitt Can Finish Off Newt - William McGurn, Wall Street Journal *Panicked GOP Insiders - Milton Wolf, Washington Times *  Sorry, Republicans: You Are Stuck With Romney - Alex Pareene, Salon *  How to Listen for Racism on Campaign Trail - Jeffrey Goldberg, Bloomberg * Romney Outspends Gingrich By $12 Million in Florida Ad Wars * Gingrich Stays Defiant in Face of Polls as Florida Votes(NYT)

The final forecast model for Florida shows Mitt Romney winning by 15 points.Primary Forecast(538) * Super PAC Adviser Rick Tyler is Newt Gingrich’s Mini-Me (Daily Beast) * Gingrich robocall hits Romney, invokes Holocaust (The Hill) * Exits: 39% not satisfied with GOP candidates and 57% want someone else to jump in * Romney Reasserts His Frontrunner Status - Michael O'Brien, MSNBC * After 2010 Revolt, GOP Elite Back in Control? - John Cassidy, New Yorker * Romney Won't to Be Able to Outspend Obama 4-1 - David Paul Kuhn, RCP * Public Divided Over Romney's Bain Record - Josh Kraushaar, National Jrnl * Racial Code Words and the 2012 Campaign - Juan Williams, The Hill * Mitt Romney dumped $16M of negative ads on Gingrich, compared to Newt's $4M * Rush Limbaugh: GOP Establishment Declares War On Tea Party (RealClear)* Only 4 debates between now and the end of March. That's not good for Newt

Stephen Colbert Chases Jon Stewart, Regains Control Of Colbert Super PAC (VIDEO) 


Stephen Colbert Super PAC raises more than $1 million(Wash Post) * Stephen Colbert teaching America about super PACs(Wash Post)

NYDN Daily Politics(Twitter) going aggro on Rep. Jerry Nadler for not giving back donations from Jon Corzine... * Wall Street pays big to influence Washington(CNN)

Jon Stewart uses Mortal Kombat to illustrate Romney's assault in Florida

Jon Stewart: In The Newt Vs. Mitt Mortal Kombat Battle, Mitt Wins


 No Free Speech At A Firehouse

Free Opinions at Firehouses(NYT Ed) The New York City Fire Department’s commissioner should craft a policy with firefighters that respects free expression without violating employment laws.



 Newest Police Dogs Equipped With Cameras

A City So Tough the New Police Dogs Shoot (NYT)

In Million-Dollar Theft Case, Church Worker With a Secret Past(NYT) * Church Clerk Charged With $1 Million Theft(WSJ) * D.A.: She's an ‘evil church lady.’(NYDN)

Bronx Shopping  Cart Terror
2 crushed by thrown shop cart(NYP) * Cart Hurled at Bronx Mall Injures 2 Men(NYT) *Falling Shopping Cart Injures Two Men By Home Depot Store In The Bronx(NY1) * Two injured by falling shopping cart(NYDN) * Police Looking Through Surveillance Video In Bronx Shopping(WCBS)* Two men injured from falling shopping cart(WABC) * 2 Men Hurt by Falling Shopping Cart(NBC) * Sources: Bronx Shopping Cart Assault May Have Stemmed From Livery Dispute (NY1) *  Livery 'Turf War' May Have Sparked Bronx Shopping Cart Assault(NY1)

NYPD Investigates Bronx Violent Arrest Caught On Video(NY1)

Law and Order

Co-ed death plunge (NYP)  Suicide eyed from beau’s E. Side balcony *Officer Shoots Teen In Alleged Robbery(WSJ) * Two Toddlers Left on Street(WSJ) * Manhattan Man Charged With Driving Away Van With Bronx Boy(NY1)* Pregnant teen shot on the Lower East Side (NYDN) * NYPD: Suspect In Bronx Carjacking Arrested(WCBS) * Man on bike wanted for stealing iPhone(WABC) *  U.S. Attorney Announces Gang Indictments For Murder, Racketeering In Brooklyn (WABC) * Officer Accused of Stealing iPads(NYT) * 5-story NY building used as pot factory (WOR) * Eric Schneiderman gets GOP backup on his prescription drug proposal. * The Senate passed DNA database legislation. * Governor Cuomo hopes the Assembly will too. * Cops raid Bronx pot farm(NYP) *Mayor Bloomberg to run anti-illegal gun ad during Super Bowl(NYP)* Brooklyn Residents At Odds With DOT Over Surveillance Camera (WCBS)

 Bloomberg, Boston Mayor Team Up On Super Bowl Ad Against Gun Violence

TSA finds devices at airport, waits 6 hours to call the cops(NYP)