Thursday, January 12, 2012

Bronx Borough President Diaz: Kingsbridge Armory Do-Over; Mayor Going After Bad Teachers

Trying to Hold On To the Education Mayor Title

Mayor, "UFT insisted on provisions that makes it harder to remove bad teachers...Not going to accept that."

Bloomberg vows to nix bad instructors in bombshell state of city speech(NYP)* Bloomberg Takes on Union With Education Proposals(NYT) * Considering the State of the Schools(NYT) *Mayor Bloomberg Makes Student Loan Offer To New Teachers In State Of The City Address(CBS) * Dennis Walcott discussed deadlines in getting federal education money. * Mayor Bloomberg dangled a lot of dough at teachers on Thursday in a move to force the hands of union officials in the debate over teacher evaluation. In a groundbreaking State of the City address, Bloomberg proposed giving $20,000 pay bumps to “highly effective teachers,” but tethered the raises to creating a rating system for the city’s teaching force. (NYDN)*  State Of The City Address Underscores Tension Between City, Teachers Union (NY1) * NY1 Online: Mayor Bloomberg's 11th State Of The City Address * How Bloomberg could still win missing millions for failing schools | The New York World  *Mayor Confronts Union With Education Proposals(NYT)


NY1 Reporter Gets A "C Grade" For Her Question to the Mayoral Candidates On the Mayor's Speech
A Safe Question Vs. the People Right to Know

The problems from the question NY1 reporter Courtney Gross asked the mayor candidates was that it was too general.  The question she did not ask the candidates is what would they do to solve the teacher evaluation dispute between the teachers union and the city, that is costing the city $60 million dollars in federal education funds. The NY1 report allowed the pols to duck the important issue of the loss of federal education funds and the teacher evaluation conflict, while protecting their hope of getting the union's campaign endorsement and support.  Elected Officials Criticize Bloomberg's Approach To Education In State Of The City Speech (NY1)

"I think the lone ranger approach to education reform just doesn't ever seem to work, and to use this forum to go after teachers in a very hostile way just is not going to get us the changes that we need," said Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer. "Rather disheartening that he almost threw down the gauntlet against our teachers, who have already been through a great deal of anti-teacher rhetoric where City Hall takes credit for everything that goes right in schools and blames teachers for things that aren't going so well in school," said City Comptroller John Liu. "This struck me as an attempt to set up a line between them and talk about differences rather than unify," said Public Advocate Bill de Blasio. City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, known as a Bloomberg ally, took a different tact. She said the mayor set forth an aggressive education agenda and that it was up to the teachers union to respond.* BP Stringer's Statement on the Mayor's State of the City Address


Speaker Silver Makes the Case for the UFT On Teacher Evaluations  

Cuomo Accuses Speaker of Putting Teacher Ahead of Students

Pros: Silver not about to be steamrolled by Andy (NYDN) A rift is beginning to form between Cuomo and Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, stemming from their disagreement over landing $700 million in federal education funding * Cuomo's Remarks On Education Draw Fire From State Assembly Speaker, Teachers Union(NY1) * The Post slams Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver for his close ties to the Alliance for Quality Education, a group funded by the teachers union  Silver’s big-bucks buddy (NYP Ed) * Assessing the State of the Schools(NYT) * The WSJ says Cuomo’s goal of becoming the school reform governor is “going to require bolder leadership than setting up another education commission.” * The Post sides with Cuomo against AQE and its “ever-preening” executive director, Billy Easton, calling the organization a “front group” for the teachers union. 


Does Anyone Believe That if The UFT Did Not Have Super Power Over Re-Election Campaigns the Pols Would Risk Losing $60 Million in Education Funds From the Feds?

Assembly Democrats Rally Behind Silver(NYDN)

BBP Diaz Blinks
Unlinks Kingsbridge Armory From Living Wage Bill to Run for PA?

Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz, Jr’s agreement to reopen the bidding at the vacant Kingsbridge Armory may be motivated by a desire to win backing from the business community for a possible run for public advocate (NYP) Deal near after armory debacle * Living wage backers are not thrilled with Diaz Jr. for cutting a deal with Bloomberg to accept a “preference” rather than a mandate.* Is Ruben Diaz’s desire to run for public advocate the key to a deal on the Kingsbridge Armory?

As Wage Concerns Ebb, Bronx Armory Push Is Revived(NYT) * Bronx Armory Effort Revived(WSJ) * NYC mayor to take 2nd try at redeveloping armory(WSJ) * Bloomberg Administration To Accept New Proposals For Kingsbridge Armory (NY1) * NY1 Online: Bronx Borough President, Deputy Mayor Wolfson Describe New Armory Plan

Mayor's State the State Speech

Bloomberg Sides With Silver On Minimum Wage Hike(YNN) *WATCH: Bloomberg pays tribute to Lady Gaga during spoof taxi ride * Governor Cuomo Responds to Mayor Bloomberg’s State of the City(NYO) * Here's the full text of Mayor Bloomberg's State of the City address.  * WNYC unpacks the content. * Watch the video in low or high bandwidth* During Address, Murdoch Goes After Cuomo on Twitter(NYT)




Out of Jail Ex Assemblywoman Diana Gordon May Run Again Against Inez Barron

Make Sense Albany Half Way House

On April 8, 2008, she was convicted on eight of nine counts, including: Two counts of receiving bribes, two counts of official misconduct and two counts of "receiving awards for official misconduct. Gordon offered to help a contractor obtain a $2 million parcel of land from the city if he would build her a house. *Assemblywoman Diane Gordon Convicted; Faces 10 Years(Village Voice) 


Asm. Boyland responds to alleged per diem abuse(CBS 6) * Boyland saga goes on(Amsterdam News)

Quinn Maintains Strong Fundraising Lead Over Other Potential Mayoral Candidates(NY1)

The Old Mayor Tries to Build Up His Record

Mayor Bloomberg is giving his annual State of the City address in the Bronx at the Morris High School Campus at 1 p.m. He’s expected to focus on education – much like Cuomo did in his State of the State.


Panel Chief Raises $450,000 as She Eyes Manhattan Post (NY1)











Good Government Fakes: Another Dive in the First Round Like Sonny Liston

Anyone who believes that the Good Government Groups Are Controlled By the Elected Officials Just Got More Proof

Good Government Groups Seem Resigned to Cuomo Cutting Redistricting Deal (C&S)



Gov Respects Union Power

Triborough Labor Law Likely to Survive(WSJ) People familiar with the Cuomo administration's thinking said the governor won't pursue repealing a law that keeps public-employee union contracts in effect even after they expire. * Cuomo may have pledged to take on mandate relief (for real) this year, but he reportedly won’t touch the Triborough Amendment that keeps public union contracts in place even after they expire.



Cuomo and Bloomberg to Cut

New Agency Cuts Slated in Budget(WSJ)  Details of Gov. Andrew Cuomo's coming $130 billion budget plan for New York state are becoming clearer, including what an official said will be another round of agency spending cuts. All state agencies have to cut spending by 2.5 percent.* Today is the State of the City, and Henry Goldman notes that Bloomberg will struggle to enact his agenda because the city is facing the prospect of 10,000 lost Wall Street jobs and a $2 billion budget deficit.


 Where is My Bus? Check Your IPhone



Two men wanted for subway muggings(WABC)


E. Siders’ ‘2nd’ look(NYP) The MTA is conducting locals-only tours of the $4 billion project to appease the well-heeled squeaky wheels, who have blamed the subway extension for everything from a rat infestation to blasting-induced dust storms plaguing their neighborhoods. * MTA down and ‘dirty’(NYP) The cash-strapped MTA wants to lower the starting pay for cleaners in its ongoing contract negotiations, * MTA's new chairman sees hope for the future(WABC)* MTA Chairman Joe Lhota says he’s fully committed to the subway smart card program that stalled under his predecessor, even as state lawmakers privately say they’d prefer to leave the system as is. 



As More and More Muggers Get Caught on Video the City's Should Be Pushing High Tech Cameras . . .  Not Out of Order 

City surveillance camera blind during mugging(NYDN)



 Food stamp recipients have mixed feelings about being finger-stamped.





In the Restaurant Business C Means Failure

New York City Charter School Finds That a Grade of ‘C’ Means Closing(NYT)



S.I. Company Pleads Guilty In Access-A-Ride Scam(NY1)



Organizing Meeting for Bloomberg for 4th Term

Bloomberg will not be backing a Health Department proposal to curb alcohol consumption in NYC. 

Occupy Wall Street's New Home: Churches(WSJ) * New arrests at Zuccotti(NYP) * Zuccotti Park Tent Standoff(Fox 5) * Occupy Wall Streeters plan a vigil and marches in NYC to mark MLK Day.


NYT) Churches have already lost a court fight to continue to hold worship services in New York City public schools, but with a February deadline looming, they have not given up hope.

Large Stores in Crosshairs (WSJ) A proliferation of banks and chain stores on New York's Upper West side has prompted the city to change to zoning regulations that would severely curtail the size of most future storefronts in the neighborhood.


City's First Gay Wedding Expo Coming To Brooklyn This Weekend(Huff Post)





FreshDirect may produce new Bx. site(NYP)





 Residents Celebrate Legal Victory Over Mayor's Housing Plan For "Broadway Triangle"(NY1)



Muni-meters to replace old meters throughout Queens(NYDN)

More College-Educated NYers Struggle To Afford Food, Report Finds(NY1)

Bloomberg to Host Fund-Raiser for Newark's Booker (WSJ)






20,000 Comments and Earthquake Fears

State Gets 20,000 Comments on Its Gas Drilling Rules by Deadline(NYT) * City quakes over gas fracking zone (NYDN) The Bloomberg administration has asked state environmental authorities to keep proposed upstate natural gas drilling as much as 7 miles from the city's water tunnels to protect them from earthquake *After getting 20,000 public comments – more than state environmental officials have ever received on an issue – state officials are finalizing hydrofracking rules * Hydrofracking Battle Continues(Fox 5)

Hydrofracking Opponents Call For A Ban As Public Comment Period Ends(NY1)


Opposing Sides Clash At Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant Hearing (NY1) *  Vision for Affordable Energy Even if Indian Point Nuclear Plant Is Shut Down (NYT)



GOP Head to South Carolina With Guns Blazing

Republican Rivals Batter Romney in South Carolina(NYT) * Beliefs Resonate, Putting Perry at Ease(NYT) * Romney’s Hard Line(NYT) * In allying himself with the anti-immigrant activist Kris Kobach, Mitt Romney has lurched toward the extremist right. * President Obama raised almost $170 million for his 2012 re-elect in 2011(The Fix) *Obama Re-Election Campaign Exceeds Fundraising Goals(Huff Post) * Newt is now out-Mitting Mitt(Slate) * Florida GOP Primary: Romney 41%, Gingrich 19%, Santorum 15% (Rasmusson Poll)* Romney Makes History - Karl Rove, Wall Street Journal *

Michelle Obama joins Twitter (Wash Post) * An Enthusiasm-Free Victory in NH - Mike Littwin, Denver Post * Is Romney Vulnerable in General Election? - Dan Balz, Washington Post * Obama Camp Locks In on Romney as Opponent - Alexis Simendinger, RCP * GOP Timidity Is a Path to Defeat - Joseph Koenig, American Thinker * The Man Who Could Stop Romney - Ari Fleischer, CNN * Where Are Romney's Tax Returns? - Elizabeth MacDonald, FOX Business * Mitt Romney's Clear Path - Eugene Robinson, Washington Post * In Rand Paul, the Movement Sees a Successor - Rosie Gray, BuzzFeed 

Romney: Wall St. Talk Driven by "Envy" - Greg Sargent, Washington Post * GOP Campaign Revives Old Debate on Private Equity - Shira Ovide, WSJ * Why Won't Romney Release His Tax Returns? - Washington Post * Mitt Romney's Bain Advantage (Open Secrets)* Presidential candidates have accepted $588K from lobbyists and employees of lobbying firms (Open Secrets) * Rudy Giuliani is “outraged” by Republican attacks on Mitt Romney’s success at Bain, calling them “dumb,” “totally ignorant” and “bad for the Republican Party.” He also asked Newt Gingrich: “What the hell are you doing?” * GOP presidential hopeful Jon Huntsman is coming to NYC tonight to raise campaign cash at the home of a staunch Hillary Clinton backer from donors who give to Democratic Sens. Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand.* The elections so far have only determined 12 of the 2,286 GOP delegates. * In SC, GOP Rivals Try to Take Romney Down - Lucy Madison, CBS News * Is SC Really the "Last Chance"? - William Kristol, Weekly Standard * Huntsman's Ideas Deserved a Bigger Run - Robert Robb, Arizona Republic * GOP Anti-Labor Zealotry - John Nichols, The Nation * Why Obama's Florida Numbers Should Worry Him - Sean Trende, RCP * Newt Gingrich: If Mitt Romney wins South Carolina, ‘he’s probably going to be the nominee’ (Wash Post) * PACs’ Aid Allows Mitt Romney’s Rivals to Extend Race(NYT)


Peter King on Gingrich: “All Newt ever cared about was Newt. He’s the single most narcissistic guy I’ve ever met in politics.”

Newt Gingrich And Eric Bolling Battle Over Mitt Romney’s Venture Capitalism




Molotov Cocktail Thrown Into the Home of a Rabbi(NYT) * Authorities Think Rabbi Was Targeted In Rutherford Firebomb Attack (WCBS) * Police Probe Suspicious Fire at NJ Synagogue as Attempted Murder (NBC)



Phony Utility Workers Burgle Two Brooklyn Homes(NY1) * Elderly people robbed by fake utility workers(WABC)* Fake Utility Workers Burglarize Homes: Police(WNBC)

Drivers Find Their Tires Slashed In Morrisania (WCBS) * Police looking for vandals who've slashed dozens of car (NYP) * Drivers Find Their Tires Slashed In Morrisania(WCBS) * Bronx residents waking up to slashed tires(WABC) * WATCH: Bronx Tire-Slasher in Action(NBC)



Women in McDonald’s Fight Seen Widely Online Plead Not Guilty(NYT)


Law and Order

Expanded N.Y. DNA Database Would Seek To Exonerate The Innocent, Expose The Guilty(WCBS) * Find 2 cops guilty for ‘arrests in bad faith’(NYDN)* Kin lambastes evil killer of  4 (NYP) * Cab Rapist’ in DNA denial(NYP) * The Democrat & Chronicle says Cuomo’s plan to expand the state’s DNA database must take into account privacy concerns * To support his real-time drug-tracking system introduced last year, AG Eric Schneiderman released a report showing the rapid spread of prescription drug use and abuse in New York. * NYPD cop to plead guilty after allegedly making false arrest, racist remarks(NYP) * Hiring Freeze Hinders a Fight Against Police Misconduct(NYT) * Bronx Man Arraigned On Assault Charges In Connection With Fatal Parking Lot Fight(NY1) * Police Arrest City Employee In Connection With Noose Found In Parks HQ(NY1) * Vow to Fight Police Misconduct Faces Skepticism(NYT)


Titanic Times

Joe Nocera and A. O. Scott Will Host New York Times Cruise and Conference At Sea


New York City's Changing Scene: The Third Avenue El #2