Wednesday, January 11, 2012

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Kruger Groundhog Day

Another Fixed Special Election

More rigged elections(NYP) Another special election were party bosses handpick nominees, in lieu of primaries. And contenders for the Senate running as independents get just 12 weekdays to round up 3,000 petition signatures — a high hurdle meant to ensure that the bosses’ picks prevail. How ironic: 

 Corrupt Kruger Was Boss Picked in Special Election Also

Corrupt Kruger’s successor will be chosen in precisely the same manner he was — by party leaders, who tapped him in a special election in 1994.(The turnout back then was just over 2 percent; he won with a whopping 85 percent of the vote — all 3,044 of them.) Nothing, it seems, ever changes. 



True News Wags the NYP
If you read yesterdays NY Still Has A Poll Tax and the True News Wags the NYT Again your read today's NYP Editorial More rigged elections

The NYP Agrees With True News
"The goo-goo groups speak loudly about their desire to stop the gerrymandering that protects incumbents — but, really, what’s the point if the whole system is rigged? A whole range of issues needs to be addressed along with the redistricting now under way — and ballot access should be near the very top of the list. What’s the point of tight district lines if the pols are just going to handpick the candidates anyway?"

Yesterday True News
New Yorkers Have Stopped Voting In Local Fixed Elections
"200,000 less New Yorkers voted for Bloomberg in 2009 than elected Mayor Jimmy Walker in 1925 when the city was two million smaller.  One of the most shocking statement made by Cuomo in his State of the State address last week was that New York ranked 48th in voter participation.

Today's NYP Turn Low Voting Into An Attack on Public Financing
Reporter  BRADLEY A. SMITH tried to turn the low turnout into an attack on campaign financing.  Smith said that since the city started subsidizing campaigns with tax dollars, its turnout has declined, even as turnout has increased elsewhere in the state, and it has consistently been far behind the rest of the state.  What smith did not look at was that state elected officials who get elected in the city also get reelected in low turnout elections.  Off years election like in 2011 which contain no candidate eligible for matching funds turnout are pathetic. In 2011 in Brooklyn Civil Court primary race less then 40,000 people voted in a borough that has close to a million registered voted * An awful elex fix Copy NYC? Gov has it all wrong


Bloomberg Push for Non Partisan Elections Grandhog Day

No New Push for Nonpartisan Elections(WSJ) Bloomberg has given up his long-time policy goal of abolishing partisan elections in New York City, saying he believes there's insufficient public support.

The 63rd Extra Senate Seat Will Cost $1 Million
Republicans push option for 63rd district(Ithaca Journal) * Eastern Queens civic groups want redistricting to keep neighborhoods intact(NYDN)  * Sen. Martin Dilan called LATFOR’s deliberations a “farce,” and said he has asked the AG to review them.* Goo-Goos: No Time For Cuomo Redistricting Plan, But…(YNN) * The memo for the 63rd State Senate seat didn’t account for the prisoner population shift.

Another Dive By the Goo Goos 
Democratic donor/reform advocate Bill Samuels says the good government community has come to the unhappy conculsion that Cuomo will cut a redistricting deal with the Legislature. 

IDC: Senate Democrats “Aren’t Serious,” “Incapable of Self-Reflection”(City and State)

Thanks Comptroller Murdoch

NYC has a Comptroller Who Can't Pay Bills Without Being Threatened By the Finance Company

The NYP Says Glad to be of service, John Liu City Comptroller John Liu took time out Monday night from doing what he seems to do best — raising campaign cash — to thank this newspaper for calling attention to the fact that he’s being sued for not paying his bills. The Post’s Carl Campanile had reported earlier in the day that Liu’s 2009 campaign committee has been hauled into court by Con Edison for an unpaid $500 electric bill, and by the state Tax Department for a $943 payroll-tax liability. 


 Boyland's Plea?

In Court Papers, Feds Predict Boyland Guilty Plea (City and State) 



Rather than choose between three of its clients who all want to be mayor of NYC, Global Strategy Group is going to sit out the 2013 election. Greg Kelly, “Good Day NY” host and son of NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly, who is often mentioned as a 2013 mayoral contender, isn’t sold on NYC Council Speaker Christine Quinn for mayor. $$$$ Quinn Maintains Strong Fundraising Lead Over Other Potential Mayoral Candidates.


Corrupt Surrogate Court Groundhog Day

Shocking the Bronx Surrogate Court is Being Investigated
In the 1930s, Mayor Fiorello La Guardia called Surrogate's Court "the most expensive undertaking establishment in the world." He believed it was control of the Surrogate's Court of New York County, more than any other factor, that kept the Tammany Hall political machine alive through the lean years when he deprived it of city jobs and President Franklin Roosevelt denied it federal jobs Bronx Surrogate Judge, Facing Discipline, Defends Himself(NYT) Judge Lee L. Holzman is in the midst of a disciplinary hearing in which he is charged with allowing his staff to run amok and to take fees that were excessive and unearned. * Surrogate's Court And Why It Should Go (True News)

Breaking Keep Drinking

Bloomberg nixes idea to cut number of bars & liquor stores(NYP)


Bloomberg: I Love A Dry New York

Don't expect bar and club owners to be happy about today's Bloomberg's spin Now nanny Mike out to slash booze(NYP) * Mayor Bloomberg wants to slash the number of establishments in the city that sell booze, according to a DOH planning document obtained by The Post.





Kingsbridge Plan B

Mayor Bloomberg is going to try again to redevelopment Kingsbridge Armory – an effort that kicked the living wage battle into high gear two years ago.  * Bloomberg Administration To Accept New Proposals For Kingsbridge Armory(NY1) * As Wage Concerns Ebb, Bronx Armory Push Is Revived (NYT)



Charles Barron: “Delusional” Jeffries Running as a Spoiler for Towns (C&S)






Delegates Picked By Political Bosses

The list of President Obama’s NY convention delegates is out

Teacher-Evaluations Melts Down To A Pol Blame Game As School Lose Millions  

New Urgency on Teacher Evaluations (WSJ) New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Tuesday blamed the Assembly for the failure of a new statewide teacher-evaluation process, saying lawmakers needed to overhaul the way teachers and principals are assessed. * Charter Network Facing Closure(WSJ) * Gov, Shelly in spat over ed funds (NYDN) * An Alternative Way to Test Students' Progress(NYDN) * Editorial They’re blowing $700M(NYDN Ed) * The DN agrees with the governor’s assertion that the Assembly Democrats are only interested in protecting the teachers union.* Andrew Cuomo slammed Assembly Democrats for putting in place a teacher evaluation system that was unworkable, and led to the state losing millions of dollars in federal financing. *

Cuomo's Remarks On Education Draw Fire From State Assembly Speaker, Teachers Union(NY1)


Wimpy Says We Will Pay the Pension Costs Later 

Passing the bucks on pension (NYP)





New MTA boss Joseph Lhota was the city’s former “rat czar”



A Seismic Shift for the Subway: Closing Lines for Night Repairs(NYT)




Officials Unveil New Wheelchair-Accessible Cab(NY1)





NY1 Online: NYCHA Commissioner Lays Out Plan For Financially Troubled Agency(NY1)




Jersey In-Direct?

New Jersey is aggressively trying to lure Fresh Direct to Queens, promising a package of $100 million in tax breaks, land and other subsidies. 

U.S. Report Criticizes New York on Monitoring Care of Developmentally Disabled(NYT)


Trump Rep Defends Controversial Bronx Golf Course Deal(NY1)






Bloomberg Defends Graphic Anti-Obesity Ads(NY1)


Too Many Notable People to Name Street for Just One(NYT)




Las Vegas Want A Piece of the New York Action

Is NY On the Verge of A Gambling War?

Vegas, Atlantic City operators don't like Genting's favored status in New York, plan to put up a fight.  Cuomo Casino Plan Roils Las Vegas(WSJ) Some Las Vegas casino companies hope to prevent a rival from cornering the New York City gambling market after Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced a handshake development deal for a convention center and casino complex in Queens.


Beep betting on Coney casinos(NYP)*Bugsy Siegel - The Man Who Invented Las Vegas* Cuomo promised to work with the Legislature on the casino/convention center agreement with Genting, but refused to release any copies of the state’s working drafts of that deal. * Cuomo To Cooperate With State Legislature On Queens Convention Center Plans




Welcome Home OWS

Zuccotti Barriers Come Down(WSJ)* Zuccotti barriers dropped(NYP)* Occupy Wall Street, again (NYDN)* Barricades removed from around Zuccotti Park(WABC)* Councilman Seeks to Donate Money From Speaker to Occupy Wall Street(NYT) * Occupy Wall Street Protesters Stream Into Zuccotti Park(NY1) r Rodriguez wants to donate his $5,000 "lulu" from the Speaker's office to :* Councilman Seeks to Donate Money From Speaker to Occupy Wall Street (NYT)

Occupy Wall Street Protesters Return To Zuccotti Park(NY1)



The Department of Financial Services is investigating several large banks to see whether they fraudulently steered homeowners into overpriced insurance policies. Superintendent Ben Lawsky issued 31 subpoenas or other legal notices related to the case in early October, just as the state’s insurance and banking departments were merged under his new agency.

  • Filling NY'S Bagel Void
  • Bagel 'Heir' Rolls Into H&H's Void (WSJ) For years, Davidovich Bakery's name was little-known. But now, as the city's once-dominant bagel manufacturer crumbles, Davidovich is stepping out of the background and positioning itself to fill the void.


Romney Sweeps First Two Critical Contests of Presidential Race(NYT)  * Ron Paul Finishes Second in New Hampshire(NYT) * As Romney Advances, Private Equity Becomes Part of the Debate(NYT) 

In South Carolina, Challenges on Ideology and Faith(NYT) * Huntsman’s ‘Country First’ Slogan(NYT) * Romney Wins New Hampshire Primary(WSJ) * Paul Second; Huntsman Runs Third(WSJ) * Chances to Slow GOP Leader Dwindle(WSJ) * Poll: Mitt Romney closes in on Obama (Politico) * Victory Puts Romney in Driver's Seat - Dan Balz, Washington Post * Never Has a Winner Looked So Beaten - John Podhoretz, New York Post * Mitt Romney: A Perfect Doll - Maureen Dowd, New York Times * From Bain to Main - William Kristol, Weekly Standard * President Obama Builds His Mojo - Justin Frank, Time * Lap Dog Press Remarkably Uncritical of Obama - Michael Goodwin, NY Post * Conservatives Must Make Peace With Mitt - Jonathan Tobin, Commentary * RINO Romney Is Unelectable - Peter Ferrara, The American Spectator * Paul Movement a Headache for Romney - Major Garrett, National Journal * Private Equity President Romney? Don't Bet On It - Robert Lenzner, Forbes * The Flailing Republicans - New York Times * Romney's Granite Statement - Wall Street Journal * Romney Says N.H. Results Show Attacks on Him Failed(NYT) * Romney Rivals Beat Obama to the Punch(NYT) * Romney: NH Shows Attacks Have Failed - Michael Shear, New York Times  * GOP Hopefuls Playing to Racial Divide - Marc Hill, Philadelphia Daily News * The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Poll Numbers - Neal Boortz, Nealz Nuze * Why Bain Capital Is a Real Weakness for Romney - Michael Walsh, NRO * 


Obama’s New Chief of Staff Is Little Known Among Bronx Neighbors (NYT)


‘Rapist’ falls for DNA trick(NYP)*Cab Driver Charged With Raping Passenger May Be Linked To Second Attack(NY1) * Clever ruse catches cabbie in rape(NYDN)* Cabbie accused of rape says he had 'no idea' how his DNA got on woman (NYP


‘Hate’ firebombings in Jewish 'hood an insurance scam, cops say(NYDN)

Law and Order

 New push to expand DNA samples from NY offenders(WSJ) * Well-Dressed Bank Robber Is Arrested, Authorities Say(NYT) * Bandit in pile of trouble(NYP) *9/11 gun gal may Tenn. waltz(NYP) * Police Search For Bronx Man Who Allegedly Killed Girlfriend(NY1) * 'Dapper bandit' faces 10-year sentence(NYDN) * Dapper Bandit’ caught(NYDN)* Police: Bronx Man Used Glue To Exact Revenge Upon Parking(WCBS) * NYC High School Teacher Accused Of Forging Jury Duty Note(WCBS) * FBI: 'Dapper Bandit' busted in NYC bank jobs(WABC) * Police Investigate 3rd Night of Tire-Slashings in Bronx(NBC) * Profanity-laced rants revealed in McDonald's beatdown case (NYP)


Jon Stewart Roasts Obnoxious Cable News Show