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Who Else Goes Down With Kruger? . . . What Taxi Fight?. . . Quinn the Scrooge

True News Wags the NYP Again

Yesterday True News: Pig Kruger Cries Because He Got Caught and is Going to Jail

 Today's NYP Editorial:  One sorry senator (NYP Ed) What a wimp. That would be former state Sen. Carl Kruger, who in federal court yesterday cried his way through guilty pleas on four bribery and fraud charges. “I accept responsibility for my actions and am truly sorry for my conduct,” Kruger sobbed to Manhattan Federal Court Judge Jed Rakoff. Isn’t that what they all say? Translation: I’m so very, very sorry that I was caught, sir. Now won’t you pretty please go easy on contrite little ol’ me?


Another Amigo Bites the Dust

State Sen. Ruben Diaz Sr., the last of the Four Amigos, says his colleagues were targeted for being independent and were criticized unfairly, unlike the Independent Democratic Conference

Kruger Still Gets His State Pension

Former Sen. Carl Kruger’s annual pension is $74,071.80, and he will be collecting it despite his guilty plea. The provision that strips lawmakers convicted of felonies in connection with their public posts that was included in the new ethics law does not have a grandfather clause

Crybaby senator going to jail(NYP) * Senator Admits Bribery Charges(WSJ) * Tearful Senator Pleads Guilty to Accepting Bribes(NYT) * GOP vows to compete for Kruger seat(NYP) * Kruger Resigns, Pleads Guilty To Federal Corruption Charges(NY1) * Carl Kruger breaks down sobbing as he pleads guilty to bribery(NYDN) * Carl the crud (NYDN) * New York Senate's ‘Four Amigos’  down to just 1 (NYDN)* Cuomo Calls Kruger Case ‘Unfortunate’(YNN) * Reform isn’t exactly sweeping through Albany, as Kruger’s guilty plea won’t take away his “lush legislative pension” while the state’s ethics commission held a secret session at its first public meeting (NYP) * The plea was an about-face for Kruger, who vehemently declared his innocence and pleaded not guilty when he was indicted in March.* Rory Lancman wants to expand the Martin Act. * Kruger can, and has been spending campaign funds on his legal defense *A Language of Corruption, Spelled in Sobs and Shame(NYT)* The Bigger They Come Winners Are Sinners In Too Many Cases(NY Civic)


Did the NYT Cover the Kruger Plea As A Gay Soap Opera to Protect Developer Rattner Who Gained State $$$ From the Ex-Senators Bribes

"Baby Talk"  From NYT: "As Mr. Kruger read his allocution and broke down, wiping away tears, his emotion seemed to spread to Michael Turano, who held his eyes and wiped away his own tears.  . .  The people said that the senator wanted to spare his companion the rigors of a high-profile trial and the possibility of a much higher sentence, but that the decision was a complex one and that he chose to plead for other reasons as well. . .  

The Baby Talk Plea Coverage
The FBI agent said that a wiretap, which captured the men in nearly daily contact, revealed that they “sometimes spoke to one another in baby talk..  Beside him, separated by one of Mr. Kruger’s lawyers, sat the gynecologist who court papers suggested was the senator’s intimate companion; he, too, would weep uncontrollably as he pleaded guilty to a lesser charge a few minutes later. . . ” "Tearful Senator Pleads Guilty to Accepting Bribes(NYT)

NYT Covered Krugger Indictment and Bribe Payment to Developer Bruce Ratner Company

NYT March 10, 2010
Also highlighted in the criminal complaint was “a significant real estate development firm,” identified as “Real Estate Developer No. 1,” that was “spearheading an over $4 billion, multiyear, mixed-use commercial and residential development project in Brooklyn.” 
The description left little doubt that the firm was Forest City Ratner, the developer behind the Atlantic Yards project, a 22-acre residential and retail complex in Brooklyn that includes a new home for the Nets.. . . The complaint accused Mr. Kruger, a Brooklyn Democrat, of taking at least $1 million in bribes in exchange for help on state matters, including bribes from Richard Lipsky, a lobbyist for Forest City Ratner, and other clients. The complaint said the company’s “vice president of governmental affairs and public relations” — Bruce R. Bender has that role at Forest City Ratner — had asked Mr. Kruger last December for state money for three projects: $9 million for the Carlton Avenue Bridge, which is to be replaced as part of the Atlantic Yards project; $2 million for a retail development in the Mill Basin neighborhood of Brooklyn; and $4 million for the renovation of the skating rink in Prospect Park, a public project.* Quietly, and without allegations of FCR-related influence or bribery, Prospect Park's Lakeside project gets $2.687 million from the state (Atlantic Years Report) * State Senator Kruger pleads guilty, resigns; no mention of "Real Estate Developer #1," but plea includes admission that legislator helped Forest City Ratner executive(Atlantic Years Report)

Kruger Lipsky On FBI Tape: 

Lobbyist Richard Lipsky would ask Kruger if he got the memo yet? According to the FBI that question was asked by Lipsky to make sure Krugrer got the bribe pay off.



Ethics Behind Closed Doors

JCOPE held its first public meeting, but addressed matters of substance behind closed doors despite a challenge from the AP’s Mike Gormley.  * New York’s Troubled Politicians: A Roll Call




Turner Victor Opened the Kruger District to the GOP

GOP vows to compete for Kruger seat (NYP)  Republican and Conservative Party leaders promised that Democrats, whose likely candidate is Councilman Lew Fidler, will face a tough fight holding onto the seat of disgraced State Sen. Carl Kruger. The Senate Democrats insist getting rid of Kruger will help them in 2012 – a belief that is not universally held.  Fidler and Kruger Funded A Non-Profit Machine Just Like Vito Lopez(True News) * Vito Lopez Uses Government Funds to Run His Machine(True News) * Long: Turner Victory Bodes Well For Senate Special(YNN) * Best Senate District 27 Rumor Yet* fyi: Davidzon isn't registered to vote. Hard to see him become a candidate in the special... * Court Dismisses Campaign Finance Challenge (NYO) * Another potential 27th SD candidate: Russian-language media mogul Gregory Davidzon, who played a key role in Rep. Bob Turner’s election. He doesn’t appear to have a preferred party. * G.O.P. Is Hopeful as Race to Replace Senator Takes Shape (NYT)

Senate Democrats Alone? Andrew Cuomo declined yesterday to say if he will support the Senate Democrats for re-election.

gberardelli (Twitter) Brooklyn GOP Chair Craig Eaton to Gov. Cuomo - Schedule Special Election in NOW!


Media Coverage:  No Fight Between Cuomo Bloomberg. . .  Nobody Blinked . . .  Want to Buy A Bridge?

Taxi On Duty 

The deal on expanding taxi access in New York City was a win for nearly everyone but especially so for Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who helped his case with the city’s minority voters and even in Iowa says the Daily News. Not a word in the press on how Bloomberg used Sharpton, Koch and others to others. Deal Clears Way For New Taxi Class(WSJ) * Deal Will Broaden New York Taxi Service(NYT) * Nicely played, Andy: Everyone seems happy (for now) (NYDN) * Cuomo, Taxi Officials Reach Deal On Livery Cab Bill(NY1) * Deal lets livery cabs pick up street hails in outer boroughts(NYDN) * Livery cab deal another victory for Cuomo(NYDN)* Albany Reaches Livery Taxi Deal(Fox 5) * Cuomo To Sign Off On Livery Cab Deal(NY1) * Gov. Andrew Cuomo gets leverage on Mayor Mike Bloomberg in city's new taxi deal(NYDN) * Mayor Touts Livery Cab Deal As ‘Right Thing For New York City’(WCBS) * Taxi Bill Signed By Cuomo(NYDN)

Senator Moynihan Was the First To Point Out That Government Always Shortfalls NYC
Albany shorting city $6B in taxes(NYP)
The late Democratic Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan of New York used to obsess over the flow of funds between the federal government and the states. He even launched an annual report, nicknamed “The Fisc,” that highlighted New York’s “balance of payments deficit” with Washington. * City $lams 2 OT kings(NYP)




Quinn Running for Mayor By Protecting the 1% $$$

Speaker Christine Quinn acting Scrooge by blocking Council vote on living wage bill  (NYDN) 

As Legislators In Albany Design District to Reelect Easily Reelect Them . . .  Good Government Group Look the Other Way

Where are the Good Government Lawsuits?
Support for independent redistricting among New York state voters has risen to 52 percent, 64 percent of voters support casino gambling, and voters split 44 percent for and 45 percent against hydrofracking, a new Quinnipiac University poll Q-Poll: Support For Independent Redistricting Passes 50 Percent (YNN)


NYC colleges students were already flocking in higher numbers to study tech-related disciplines before the Bloomberg administration announced its competition to build a tech campus on Roosevelt Island. 


2011 Education Year In Review: Chancellor Change-Up Rocks DOE(NY1)

Here Come the Tour Buses, Minus the Loudspeakers, and Maybe Human Guides(NYT)

Fulton Mall Gentrification

Opinion: Fulton Mall gentrification is only good for some (Brooklyn Paper)



Will Haggerty Lose His Bribe Home?

FOR JOHN HAGGERTY, HOME IS WHERE THE HURT IS: When John Haggerty was sentenced to jail yesterday for stealing money to buy his family home, his lawyer portrayed it as an attempt to save something from a childhood branded by his father’s absence to work in Albany:



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Gov. Perry Participates in Lighting of Hanukkah Menorah

Hedge-Fund Titans Got Inside Political Tips(NY Magazine)


 E-Mail Clues in Tracking MF Global Client Funds(NYT) Federal authorities have uncovered e-mails that detail the transfers of money in the firm’s last days, including transfers of customer money.

Journo: Morgan must have known about hacking (CBS) * Mike Barnicle: ‘Preposterous’ That Piers Morgan Wasn’t Aware Of Phone Hacking* Countrywide Agrees To $335 Million Settlement Over Discriminatory Subprime Loans(TPM)




Robinson exit to cost New York Times over $15 million (Wash Post)


No deals for cop ‘killers’(NYP) * Defendants Deny Guilt in Police Slaying(WSJ) * Five Plead Not Guilty In NYPD Officer's Death(NY1)

IT geek’s apt. gizmo catches burglar(NYP)



‘Fire fiend stole keys’ (NYP)



 Law and Order

Sibs’ funeral-fury stab(NYP) * Nightmare HS stabbing(NYP) * Noose Found in Parks Office(WSJ) * Judge to Police: Relax About the ‘Weed Man’(NYT) * Rabbi’s Followers Blame Aide for Missing Millions(NYT) * In New Guidelines, Officials Affirm That State’s Family Courts Are Open to Public (NYT) * Brooklyn Student Stabbed in Head With Scissors(NYT) * Drug busts bring hope for peace in Bronx complexes(NYDN) * Brooklyn teen stabs another over stolen basketball at Erasmus (NYDN)* Neighbors Hold Vigil In Memory Of Brooklyn Woman Burned(WCBS)* Vigil Held for Elevator Torching Victim in Brooklyn(NBC)* Duo Wanted in String of House Burglaries in Queens(NYT) * Levi Aron's lawyer blames client's actions on inbreeding (NYP) * Sources: Brooklyn Teen Charged With Attempted Murder Of Classmate(NY1) * Assemblyman Blasts Accused Child Killer's Lawyer Over "Inbreeding" Comment(NY1) * Pair Sought In Rash Of Queens Burglaries  (NY1)


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