Thursday, December 22, 2011

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Will Kruger Lose His House or Can His Play Hide the Money?

‘Poor’ old Kruger (NYP) Bentley-boy con: I’m broke Kruger claims he’s a man of no means — but insiders say he has hidden his wealth by laundering it through friends. Kruger’s lawyer says the lawmaker has no assets, but sources say he lived lavishly with a mansion, a Bentley and a yacht registered under the name of his co-defendant Michael Turano or Turano’s brother * He may be headed to federal prison, but newly-former Sen. Carl Kruger may still be a million-dollar man. He is eligible for a state pension (estimated at $69,534.61 per year by the Times Union)He’s hiding his assets through the Turano family. (NYP)

The new ethics law stripped lawmakers convicted of felonies connected to their public positions only applies to future elected officials.  Kruger had more than $1 million in his Friends of Carl campaign account at last filing. That money is supposedly only to be used for campaign expenses, but in practice can be used for almost anything – including, perhaps, his high-priced criminal defense lawyer, Benjamin Brafman. “My guess is we’ll see a lot of that money will be gone by January,” said Bill Mahoney of the New York Public Interest Research Group.(CHN) * Editorial: Ethics is more than just a theory (TU)


Top NY Political Scandals of 2011(NBC) 

Former Congressman Anthony Weiner's wife gives birth to baby boy(NYP)

Edward-Isaac Dovere (Twitter) NYPost, never letting go: "Little Jordan had a good shot at growing up in Gracie Mansion until his dad .. tweeted a lewd crotch shot"

Cuomo Bloomberg Spin The Media to Take Credit for New Taxi Law and Who Got the Better Deal

In Cab Industry, Shrugs and Concerns Over New Livery Law(NYT) A law allowing livery cabs to pick up street hails outside Manhattan has those in the yellow cab business worried while livery drivers say it may have no effect.  * Cuomo Signs Livery Cab Bill(NY1) * Bloomberg Celebrates Livery Cab Compromise(NY1) * NY1 Online: Taxi Commissioner Breaks Down New Cab Deal * Cuomo gets leverage on Bloomberg in city's new taxi deal(NYDN) * NY state gov can delay approval of 1600 new medallions(NYDN)Insiders say the leverage Gov. Andrew Cuomo maintains over Mayor Michael Bloomberg in the livery cab deal could be used to convert insurer EmblemHealth to a for-profit company. * Hail No! Nissan Was Ready for Handicapped Cabs, but Bloomberg Put On the Brakes(NYO)


Boyland Back to the Future

A New Indictment For Boyland: ‘The Carnival Scheme’(YNN)






 A Place Not to Be Found?

The Mystery Of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s Missing Records (CHN) A year ago, as Gov.-elect Andrew Cuomo prepared to move out of the state attorney general’s office after one term, his records officer directed staff to pack old memos, along with hard copies of emails, press releases and other correspondence, in large boxes. The records, documenting the inner workings of Cuomo and his administration, were destined for the State Archives for “permanent historical preservation.” The whereabouts of the records since then remain a mystery. * Breaking Cuomo’s Boxes Located(YNN)

Upstate legislators are harming the political process with their appeal of a ruling that upholds a state law ensuring fairer representation of inmates by counting them in their home communities says NYT

Prisons and Redistricting (NYT Ed) A New York State court rightly upheld a law requiring that prison inmates be counted in their home communities rather than where they are incarcerated. 




Will the Turner Vote Hold?

G.O.P. Is Hopeful as Race to Replace State Senator Takes Shape(NYT) The Democrats have a more than three-to-one enrollment advantage in the district, but the Republicans are emboldened by the success of Representative Bob Turner, who won the special election in September to succeed Anthony D. Weiner in a Congressional district that includes most of the area that Mr. Kruger represented. Brooklyn Councilman Lew Fidler has enough support to secure the Democratic nod for former state Sen. Carl Kruger’s seat, while local Republican leader David Storobin is moving quickly on his possible bid.* Cuomo appears likely to call the special election in “early March,” according to the NYT. (Village elections are scheduled for March 20).* The governor doesn’t have to call a special, and if he leaves Kruger’s old seat vacant until the 2012 elections – and after redistricting – the Republicans could have a real shot at winning.* Republicans will use Kruger’s guilty plea as fodder in next year’s elections. (TU) * Kruger’s State Senate Seat: What’s Next? (Daily Eagle)


Senator Moynihan: NY Does Not Get It Fair Share in Tax Dollars Back

The shift of billions in tax dollars from downstate to upstate areas robs the rich to give to the poor, just like Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s Robin Hood deal that raises taxes on millionaires, the Post opines  The Robin Hood syndrome (NYP) The study shows a massive shift of state revenues from Downstate to Upstate: Folks in the city shipped some $6 billion more to Albany than they got back in state spending in 2010. 


M.T.A. approved a budget with no fare increases or service cuts but leaves a $68 million budget hole

Will the MTA Budget Hold?

M.T.A. Sets 2012 Budget With No Cuts(NYT) After an unusually contentious meeting, the MTA Board approved a $12.6 billion budget for 2012 that called for no new service cuts or fare increases, even though the plan leaves a $68 million deficit. * A rare debate broke out at the meeting where the transit agency’s budget was approved.


Funding For City's Head Start Programs In Jeopardy(NY1)


The City's legal strategy to recover the up $9.6 million they lost could be jeopardized because Liu hired two of MF Global’s top officers

MF Screwy Louie

‘Liu conflict’ in NYC lawsuit vs. Corzine (NYP) City Comptroller John Liu’s hiring of two MF Global executives could jeopardize any attempt by New York City to lead a lawsuit to recoup millions in losses to pension funds from the bankrupt firm

In Response For Union Opposition to Liu's Plan to Turn Over Pension Control to Wall Street the Comptroller Wants Refunds For Unethical Behavior 

New York City Pushes Tougher 'Clawbacks'(WSJ)  New York City Comptroller John Liu and the city's pension funds want Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan and Morgan Stanley to impose tougher clawbacks on executive pay. * Controller takes on Wall St. firms(NYDN) Liu: Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, Morgan Stanley should recoup pay for unethical behavior * Liu criticized the conduct of top Wall Street firms, which led Teamsters head Greg Floyd to say “This guy, at this point in time, I don’t think he’s in any position to criticize anybody in the financial industry. One doesn’t know what goes through his mind at any given time.”

Build a better district map (Newsday)

$4 Dollars A Hotdog?

Food Vendors' Holiday Price Hikes(Fox 5)




WATCH: Occupy Protesters Plan To 'Occupy Christmas'(Huff Post) * Occupy Albany’s deadline to vacate Academy Park has arrived; the fight is likely to end up in court.* Albany, unoccupied(YNN)




NYC To Plug Leaky Water System 

NYC to spend $2 billion to fix leaky aqueduct(WSJ)


Mayor's Race 2013: Media Focuses on Entertainment, Not Serious Issues

Balwin: "The Other Candidates Are To Horny For the Job"

Baldwin Says He's Lost Interest in Mayor's Job(NYT) * Alec Baldwin Loses ‘Appetite’ For NYC Mayoral Run Due To(WCBS)* Alec Baldwin will not run for mayor(WABC) * 2013 Mayoral, Alec Baldwin Is So Not Into You(NYDN) *  Alec Baldwin no longer hungry for mayor's office in NYC(AMNY) * Smart Alec: Forget about my running for mayor(NYP)


Lots of Muck $$$

City Grinds Out a Market for Muck (WSJ) The boom in muck mining, which is purely a byproduct of work on some of the largest underground construction projects New York has seen in decades, has been a boon to construction sites around the region that need fresh, clean dirt.

In Islamic Law, Gingrich Sees a Mortal Threat(NYT) * Ron Paul Storms Out of CNN Interview(The Daily Beast) * Michael Tomasky on the GOP’s Christmas Gift to Obama (The Daily Beast) * Lobbyists Plan Holiday Travel to Early Primary States (Roll Call) *Why Obama's Winning Payroll Tax Fight - Noam Scheiber, New Republic * Newt Challenges Romney to "Test the Heat" - Dan Balz, Washington Post * Gingrich's Bad Judgment Threatens GOP - George Will, Boston Herald * Romney Hits Stride in New Hampshire - Maeve Reston, Los Angeles Times * Mitt, RomneyCare, and Teddy K - Steve McCann, American Thinker * What Ron Paul Thinks of America - Dorothy Rabinowitz, Wall Street Journal  * Rep. Ron Paul Gets Irked By Newsletter Questions, Walks Out Of CNN Interview
Barney Keller (Twitter) RT : says would look at reinstating Glass-Steagal

Behold Rick Perry’s Cat-Like Pounce on His Wife

Vulcan Society To Begin FDNY Candidate Follow-Ups(NY1)

What Fannie and Freddie Knew - Wall Street Journal

Politi-f**ked: Why Politifact’s ‘Lie Of The Year’ Is Not Just Wrong, It’s Irresponsible

Ward: It's A Family Affair

Upholding a Commissioner's Legacy (WSJ) When Benjamin Ward became an officer in 1951, he was the first black patrolman in the Crown Heights section of Brooklyn. On Thursday, his grandson will be among more than 1,500 New York Police Department recruits graduating to the rank of police officer.

Thanks a million (plus)!(NYP Ed) * Promotions for Figoski’s partner, boss(NYDN)

Brooklyn cafe owner who disappeared on Halloween identified as man found shot to death the next morning in Pennsylvania(NYP) * Brooklyn's Whisk Bakery Cafe owner Joshua Rubin found dead in rural Pennsylvania(NYDN) * Burned body in Pa. ID’d as B’klyn bizman(NYP) * Brooklyn Man’s Burned Body Identified In Pennsylvania(WCBS) * Burned body identified as Brooklyn man(WABC) * Burned Body ID'd as Brooklyn Cafe Owner(NBC)


Before a Brutal Death, a Reputation for Generosity and Eccentricity(NYT)


YPD Searches For Subway Assault Suspect (WCBS) * Suspect Sought In UES Subway Attack(NY1)

Assemblyman Blasts Accused Child Killer's Lawyer Over "Inbreeding" Comment(NY1) * Lawyer For Accused Killer Levi Aron Says Inbreeding Partially(WCBS)

Law and Order

Only a few doctors are using a database that monitors narcotic prescriptions. (Newsday)

Teen charged in scissors stabbing of Alfredo Allen at Brooklyn HS had shrink appointment that day, mom says(NYDN) * Cops hunt duo linked to 12 robberies in Astoria(NYDN) * ns. ripper will rot(NYP) * Anti-Semitic Graffiti on Temple(Fox 5) * Suspect wanted in sex assault, attempted robbery(WABC) * Dad of 12 Killed in Attempted Robbery(NBC) *Lawyer's "Inbreeding" Defense in Child Killing(NBC) * Anti-Semitic Graffiti Scrawled on Temple(NBC) * Cops release photo of 2 suspects in murder of Bronx father (News12)City on pace to have fewer murders than last year (AMNY)