Tuesday, December 20, 2011

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Carl Kruger's resignation letter has been filed with Senate Secretary — effective immediately.  full text:"I hereby resign my office as State Senator effective immediately"

Breaking Ex Senator Kruger

Brooklyn Senator Pleads Guilty to Taking $1 Million in Bribes(NYT)

Kruger, an influential Democrat and 16-year legislator, stood before Judge Jed S. Rakoff in United States District Court in Manhattan and pleaded guilty to four of the five counts in the indictment against him. The charges included two counts of fraud conspiracy, for which he could face up to 20 years in prison, and two counts of bribery conspiracy, which carries a maximum term of five years.

Pig Kruger Cries Because He Got Caught
Kruger pleaded guilty to 4 cnts. Cried while admitting bribery, mail fruad. Deal = max sentence 132-135 mos. $450K fine. Charges = 50 yrs. * AP: Kruger agreed not to appeal any prison sentence up to 11 years and three months. His sentencing was set for April 26. * State senator resigns, admits to role in corruption scandal * Kruger_ Carl and Turano_ Michael - Plea Agreements(NYDN)* Photo: Shades Drawn, Gates Down At Kruger’s District Office(Sheephead Bites) * Kruger’s official Senate Webpage is no more.

Carl will cop to corruption raps(NYP) * Brooklyn Senator Expected to Plead Guilty in Corruption Case(NYT) * Source: State Sen. Carl Kruger to plead guilty Tuesday(NYDN) * Michael Turano, one of the gynecologist brothers with whom Kruger lived in Mill Basin and had an “intimate” relationship, according to investigators, is also planning to plead guilty today.


Hsggerty Support Bloomberg and Bob Turner against Ragusa and the Queens GOP establishment

Was the $700,000 a payoff to Haggerty for forcing Ragusa and the Queens organization to support Bloomberg

Steal cage(NYP) * Ex-Consultant to Mayor Gets Prison for Theft(NYT) * Convicted of Stealing Mayor's Money, Queens Politico Gets 1 to 4 Years (WSJ) * Haggerty’s attorneys are planning to appeal his conviction.*  A Sentence for Stealing From Bloomberg That Doesn’t Compute (NYT) * John Haggerty was essentially a political orphan.

Roger Stone (Twitter) When Manhattan DA Cy Vance caught dem op Kelly Colin stealing from NARAL she got off w/ no jail time- John Haggerty ? Cy wanted 5 to 12


Crooks Investigating Crooks Liu Vs. Klein

NYC Comptroller John Liu is taking a close look at the money Sen. Jeff Klein’s law firm made through suits filed against the city. 

40% of NYS voters think the state just passed a tax hike, 28 percent think it was a tax cut, and 35 percent are undecide

Plurality of Voters in Poll Fault Cuomo on Tax Deal(NYT) * Poll: NYers mixed on new millionaire tax hike(WSJ) Cuomo hits new Q poll high: 68%. Tax code reform spin success, voters divided: hike or cut? Rich still don't pay enuf. * Q-Poll: Tax Code Confuses Voters(YNN)* Just three states — New York, Rhode Island and Wyoming — reported increases in their unemployment rates in November.

Thomas Kaplan (Twitter) .: Voters fault Cuomo for breaking pledges on taxes, transparency—but still love him.


 The Taxi Fight Continues

Breaking 5:30PM   Cuomo will sign the original bill with promise legislature will take up changes in jan

 18,000 livery licenses will be phased in over 3 yrs.  3,600 will be accessible. City will pay up to $54 million to subsidize purchases of wheelchair-accessible livery cabs

Hidden taxi agendas Why it’s so hard to hail (NYP) * Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s opposition to a bill to increase the number of NYC taxi medallions could ultimately hurt the disabled community he says he’s trying to protect * The taxi bill deadline is tomorrow, and no deal is in sight, though the Rev. Al Sharpton is now involved.* VeriFone signs taxi ad deal with NBC(Yahoonews) *. urges to sign taxi bill & notes it "passed overwhelmingly by the Senate and the Assembly..."* Bloomberg says Gov. Cuomo will not veto taxi expansion bill(NYP)

Streetsblog compares Cuomo’s transit policy to that of other Democratic governors – including his possible 2016 primary opponent, Mayrland Gov. Martin O’Malley – and finds it lacking. 


LATFOR’s co-chairs are predicting their redistricting plan will be released after the holidays; it has been held up by the fight over counting prisoners. 





 The Last Amigo

The last amigo standing, Sen. Ruben Diaz Sr., believed ex-Sen. Carl Kruger’s claim of innocence. 



Samuels'  Cuomo Do As I Say Not As I Do $$$

Dem donor Bill Samuels on Cuomo "he...continued to raise $ in the same manner which he claims 2 find fault with"  Capital)


NYC Never Get Its Fair Share

 Rockefeller Institute study: NYC pays 45% of NYS taxes, gets 40% of spending. Suburbs: 24%/18%. Capital Region: 4%/7%. Upstate: 24%/35%.

 Pat Moynihan's Tax Lessons for the States(WSJ)






All the Daily Newspaper Wood Is Officer Figoski Farewell  

20,000 in final salute to hero cop Figoski(NYP) * In a Sea of Blue, a Fallen Officer Is Remembered(NYT) * 'Sea of blue' turns out for funeral(NYDN) * Mourners Remember a Fallen N.Y.C. Officer, Peter Figosk(NYT)* Friends, Family, Fellow Officers Gather For Final Farewell(WCBS) *Alleged cop killer, accomplices plead not guilty in B'klyn cop shooting(NYP)




Thousands Pay Tribute At Fallen NYPD Officer's Funeral(NY1)






City Cracks Down on Non Profits

Crackdown on nonprofits(NYP)  About 2,000 nonprofits in New York City that missed filing deadlines or no longer qualify are set to lose their tax-exempt status, potentially saving the city millions of dollars * About 2,000 not-for-profits that own land in the city could soon lose their property-tax exemptions due to filing delays or other disqualifications.

Subway Cops Down Crime Up

Subway cops harder to find as crime jumps (NYDN) The MTA has reduced the number cops patrolling subway stations by 10 percent as crime in those locations has increased 18 percen

The MTA is facing “credit strain” on its revenue bonds after the partial elimination of the payroll tax in the tax code deal

2011 Transit Year In Review: MTA Chairman Resigns, Joseph Lhota Steps Up(NY1)* Moody's frowns on tax cut (LOHUD)




"The winner is NYC -- Cornell and Technion-Israel to create super science school" 

Cornell alum and billionaire Charles Feeney was behind the $350 million gift to the university that helped it win a competition to build a high-tech campus on Roosevelt Island

Tech of the town Cornell’s Roosevelt I. plan unveiled (NYP) * Bloomberg tech(NYP Ed) * Cornell Alumnus Is Behind $350 Million Gift to Build Science School in City(NYT) * Eager to Emerge From Its Slumber, but Seeing a Threat to an Idyllic Life(NYT) * Donor Steps Forward(WSJ) *Stroke of geniuses(NYDN Ed) * Cornell wins competition to build ‘genius’ school(NYDN)

Cornell Wins Bid For Roosevelt Island Tech Campus(NY1)

State Tests Extended to About Three Hours(NYT) * For Students, Added Time Taking Tests(WSJ) * State tests will be 3 hours — teach union blasts decisi(NYDN) * State math and language arts tests for elementary and middle school students will each be lengthened to about three hours beginning this April, Commissioner John King announced. The decision extends math tests to a third day, as language arts tests are set up now.

 Tell parents about PCB-tainted schools, Council says (NYDN)* Council Mandates City Alerts on PCB Dangers(NYT)


Homeless In New York Highlighted In Aftermath Of Occupy Wall Street Zuccotti Eviction(Huff Post) * In Gilded City, Living Wage Proposal Still Stirs Fears (NYT)



David Letterman - Top Ten with Mitt Romney 


You Now Have Until March To Visit Mayor Bloomberg's Muppet At The Museum Of Moving Image



Law and Order

Suspect cleared amid cop’s lie(NYP) * Swan song for gangster(NYP) *  Fake-beard gun arrest(NYP) * Police Arrest a Suspect in Bizarre Queens Shooting Case(NYT) * Police: Suspect Who Fired At Two Queens Officers In Custody(NY1) *Man shot in Queens while sitting in car, then drives it into (NYDN) * Judge upholds hate-crime conviction(NYDN) * Video shows boys pushing shopping cart off walkway(NYDN)* Video Of Shopping Cart Injury(Fox 5) * Man shot in groin crashes car in Queens(WABC) * Police arrest suspect accused of shooting at officers(WABC) * NYPD Arrests Suspect in Fake Beard Shooting(NBC)* Newt Falling? It's An Old Story This Race - Alex Roarty, National Journal * A Brokered Convention Just Might Happen - Michael Medved, Daily Beast * Bachmann, Perry Vie to Be Surprise Iowa Finisher - Scott Conroy, RCP 


Ugly inside & out(NYP) * Brooklyn Man Charged With Murder In Woman's Burning Death(NY1) * No Bail For Man Accused Of Burning Woman Alive In Brooklyn(WCBS)



Subway Rider Snaps Pic As Perv Exposes Himself (WPIX)


NYT is selling its newspapers and purging its management...2012 should be interesting year * The New York Times is Raising Home Delivery Rates (Fishbowl) * New York Times Veterans Take Buyouts, Memos Leaked(Fishbowl) * More NYT Buyouts: Diana B. Henriques, Eric Dash, Bob Harris, and The Reporter Who Didn’t Get One


Piers Morgan Faces Tough Questions At Phone Hacking Inquiry(Huff Post)

Is New York Magazine Running Out of Reasons to Love New York? (NYO)