Friday, December 23, 2011

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Espada's Long Goodby Continues

Court decision could spell the end of the Soundview Health Care Network

State can bounce Pedro Espada Jr. health care operation from Medicaid, judge rules (NYDN) A Bronx judge ruled that the Cuomo administration can drop former state Sen. Pedro Espada’s Soundview Health Care Network from the state’s Medicaid program *Judge’s ruling dooms Espada’s clinics(NYP)

Why Does the NYT Talk About His Crying and Not About What Conditions Allow Kruger for 16 Years to Abuse His Public Office?
Why does the NYT look at why the DA's never catch corrupt pol? Only when the feds do a sting operation on the pols do they get convicted.  The DAs have never done a sting operation.  Does the city's criminal justice system of DAs dependent on the political machines and corrupt pols to win reelection need to change?  Why the ethic committees of both Albany and City Hall never caught a single corrupt pol. Why did the NYT look into why Seabrook beat the rap? 

When Tears Flow in Court, It’s Pass a Tissue and Just Wait for the Agony to End(NYT) Defense lawyers say there is no easy response to a courtroom blubberer except embarrassment; judges say crying won’t influence them.   * The Brooklyn G.O.P. chairman said having a special election for Carl Kruger's seat on the same day as the Republican presidential primary, which would greatly help the Republican candidate, will be the "quickest and most cost effective way to do this." [Paul Katinas] * Newsletter Mailing Suggests Kruger Resignation May Have Been Last Minute Decision (Sheephead Bites) * Yeshiva World News games out the Jewish endorsement race between Fidler and likely Republican nominee attorney David Storobin.




Did Liu know, and what was his role in the Illegal Fund-Raising?

Liu in FBI cross hairsDonor probe heats up (NYP) A federal probe into the campaign fund-raising operations for city Comptroller John Liu is now focused on the candidate himself, The Post has learned. *  Liu insisted he is still running for mayor.

Do the Chinese Leaders Think the Hevesi, Kruger, Boyland and Mclaughlin Were Politically Inspired? . . .  Why Was This Silly Story Written in the NYT?

NYT Political Correctness Insanity

“Yesterday’s paper showed that Danny Chen suffered racism, bigotry and abuse,” said Virginia M. Kee, a founding member of the Chinese-American Planning Council. “I see another assassination. This is a character assassination. Worse than death, you lose your good name.” The NYT talks about the Liu fundraiser who was indicted John Liu Fund-Raiser Xing Wu Pan Charged With Illegal Campaign But said that Liu has not been been accused of any wrongdoing. Does the NYT really believe Liu campaign was collecting illegal contributions without the candidate knowing about it?  Especially when the candidate says he runs a hands on campaign.

Comparing the Liu Inquiry to a Soldier’s Hazing(NYT) Chinese-American leaders suggested that the federal examination of campaign fund-raising for Comptroller John C. Liu of New York City was politically inspired. John Liu sits there and hears other speak on what he is going through is worst than the death of Pvt. Danny Chen. Sick. More: The NYT did not even cover Boyland indicted last night

Azi Paybarah (Twitter) . defender: "This is a character assassination. Worse than death, you lose your good name." via

City Controller John Liu insists he’s still running for mayor despite ongoing probe (NYDN)

Arthur Sulzberger Jr. has made "moves that have angered and dismayed those of us who work for the Times."

Newspaper Guild Writes Open Letter Arthur Sulzberger Jr.(Fishbowl)



Federal grand jury charged Boyland with soliciting $250,000 in bribes, fast-tracking development projects helping carnival company

Grand Jury Indicts Boyland, Aide On Bribery Charges(NY1) * Boyland charged with soliciting more than $250,000 in bribes (NYP) * Assemblyman William Boyland Jr. and his chief of staff were each indicted on 19 counts of fraud, bribery and extortion. Boyland Indictment

Campaign Finance Law Survives Another Court Challenge(NYT)



How much is NY State paying in pension costs to lawmakers who admitted to breaking the law?

Kruger: Another Conviction, Another Pensioner?(WNYC) *  The Daily Q: How much is New York paying in pensions to disgraced lawmakers? (NY World)





 OWS . . .

Signs May Be Allowed Into Public Atrium Used by Protesters(NYT) * Deutsche Bank and NYC gov lawyers respond to Norman's letter No more sign prohibition* Video

Albany Police say only two people were pepper sprayed last night at the eviction of Occupy Albany, but TU reporters spoke with “at least half a dozen people” who had signs of being hit.* Occupy Buffalo members feel confident the city will abide by its agreement and let them stay in Niagara Square even after a breakaway group was removed by police from Lafayette Square.





As NY Pols Cut Their Redistricting Deals Good Government Groups Hide

State Senate Republicans cut a prisoner-counting deal, and LATFOR’s redistricting maps could be out early next year. * 46,003 prisoners currently in prison in New York State will, for redistricting purposes, be counted as residents living at other addresses within the state. [Jimmy Vielkind]









 Cuomo and Bloomberg Still Fighting After Taxi Deal

Round 2: Mayor Bloomberg bucking Gov. Cuomo over health insurance (NYDN) The Bloomberg City officials are looking to pull out from Emblem Health, the city’s not for-profit insurer, just as Gov. Cuomo is trying to convert it to a for-profit outfit.

City and State Made Cuomo and Not Bloomberg One of Its Winners of the Week 


Continued Illegal Pick Ups Could Kill Taxi Deal

If the gypsy cabs don’t stop making streetside pickups, it could lessen the value of the new medallions and scuttle the livery deal hatched between Cuomo and Bloomberg.




Vulcan Society To Begin FDNY Candidate Follow-Ups(NY1) * Bravest’s battle(NYP)* Firefighters continue to recover from injuries(WABC)* Hurt Firefighter Faces Long Recovery(NBC)

Al Vann keeps Rolling

Key figure in Ocean Hill-Brownsville education fight, Al Vann, complains nyc dept. of ed outreach to local community

Willowbrook Mental Health Type Problems Continue 40 Years After Geraldo Rivera Exposed Them

In Treating Disabled, Potent Drugs and Few Rules(NYT) State employees with little training or oversight often give too many mind-altering drugs to control disabled people living in state-run group homes.


Nurses Plan Walkout at St. Luke’s-Roosevelt(NYT) * Over 1,000 Manhattan Nurses To Strike If Contract Talks Fail(NY1)

The New York City Housing Authority shouldn’t be booting churches that rent space in its buildings for worship services, the Daily News argues, saying the rule is inconsistent:

The Republicans' Payroll Tax Gift to Obama (The Daily Beast) * Number of Independent Voters Keeps Growing - Richard Wolf, USA Today * The GOP's Challenge w/Independents - Kimberley Strassel, Wall St. Journal * The GOP's Payroll Tax Debacle - Charles Krauthammer, National Review * President Obama's Xmas Present to America - Kevin Drum, Mother Jones * Do Old Racist Newsletters Disqualify Ron Paul? - Nick Gillespie, Reason * It's Official: Romney Is Choice of GOP Elite - Jonathan Tobin, Commentary * Perry in Iowa: Less Roar, More Whisper - Sandhya Somashekhar, Wash Post * Romney Gaining "Super Tuesday" Advantage in Ohio - Erin McPike, RCP * The House Backs Down - New York Times * Holder's Voter ID Fraud - Wall Street Journal * Huntsman Is the Best Choice for GOP - Concord Monitor * GOP Candidates Flood Iowa With Negative Ads - Abcarian & Mehta, LAT * Blame Florida for the GOP's Holiday Craziness - Byron York, DC Examiner * For Romney, a New Phase of the Campaign - Ashley Parker, New York Times * Why the Establishment Fears Gingrich - Robert Walker, Washington Post * President Obama: A One-Termer - Steve Forbes, Forbes

Trump Register As Independent

Donald Trump bails on GOP (again) as he eyes online push for  — surprise — president  (NYDN)

Federal Judge Pimp-Slaps the SEC Over Citigroup Settlement (Rolling Stone)

Kills self on anniversary of subway shoot(NYP) * 27 years after Goetz shooting, victim dies in NYC(WSJ) * Goetz victim found dead - exactly 27 years after subway shooting (NYDN)

 Law and Order

Coffee Shop Owner’s Killing Is a Puzzle in 2 States(NYT) * Plaza theft rap(NYP)* 5-shot survivor(NYP) * Asthmatic break-in suspect dies in custody(NYDN)* Jose Feliciano Found Guilty Of Murder In Chatham Priest’s(WCBS)* Chinese Food Deliveryman Shot By Thug(Fox 5) * Police hunters are in the wind(NYP) * 5-shot survivor(NYP) * Police in Queens search for livery robbery suspect(WABC)* NYC Murders Slightly Down in 2011(NBC) "shootings are up 2.8 percent" & "sex crimes rose 3.5 percent" in nyc.

Cafe dream turns tragic(NYP)

Biggest Media Gaffes Of 2011(Huff Post)