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One Year Ago Today the Great Nobody In Charge Snow Storm

NYC Pays Out $1.8 Million In 2010 Blizzard Claims(Fox 5) * $1.8M in snow ‘suits’(NYP) 

Goldsmith's Other Bad Snow Day - NYTimes.comBloomberg Defends His Handling of Aide's Arrest -




Cuomo on Control of the Senate, Wait Till June

Cuomotion on Senate control to wait until June(Dickert, NYP) In a disclosure sure to disappoint many Democrats and thrill most Republicans, a political source close to Cuomo told The Post that the governor won’t decide until the end of the next legislative session — in late June — whether to launch an all-out effort to wrest control of the Senate from the Republicans, who hold a tenuous one-vote majority there.


Gov. Cuomo puts full-tilt casino in city on table (NYDN) EXCLUSIVE: In wide-ranging interview, Andy reflects on successes in his first year, and the "eye-catching" moves he wants to make in 2012 * Analysis: Cuomo's focus to be running gov't in '12(WSJ) : campaign finance reform is one of 's "big campaign promises that he hasn't touched as governor"

Capital Tonight (Twitter) Cuomo: Capitol restoration explains gov't overhaul plan: "I like to build. I have seized this building as a metaphor for the whole process."


Bloomberg and Kelly Visit Figoski Pct

Mike & Ray at tragic precinct(NYP)


de Blasio Attacks Quinn
NYP Takes Shots at de Blasio for pressuring Quinn to support the living wage bill Public joblessness advocate * A Living Wage, Long Overdue (NYT Ed)

2011 Criminal Justice Year In Review: NYPD Faces Ticket-Fixing Scandal, Occupy Wall Street Protesters(NY1)

Good Government Citizens Union Leader Dadey Gives Member Items Corruption Cover
Dadey says that the new transparency measures on member items are a success.  In spite of the fact that Seabrook and Vito Lopez and all the others continue to fund their political machines with council grants.  The Citizens Union Dadey ignores the help member items give incumbents to get reelected.  We have a government that almost every incumbent get reelected.  Pork chops simmer: Funds cut, but City Council members tried to shovel 100G to groups investigated by NYC or feds (NYDN)Nearly $1M in aid to community groups and charities slashed, but pols still attempted to fund questionable groups. 
What does Dadey think about Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer who said there is no “rhyme or reason” for how the City Council allocates millions of dollars in “member items,” and that rich neighborhoods often get more money than poorer communities. What does Dadey think of Quinn using city money to enforce control of the her power base?  The speaker cut member item funding to Vallone after he criticized her push to name a bridge after Koch?  What does Dadey think of Quinn collecting over 100,000 in campaign contributions from the Highline which was heavily funded by council grants?

Lopez Pick Fidler Funded the Same Programs As Kruger

The parties vs. the people (NYP) No wonder Kruger-style corruption pervades New York politics: “Elected” officials owe their jobs more to the power brokers who install them than to actual voters. ating power serves no one but them. This time, notably, instead of Crowley, it’ll be Assemblyman Vito Lopez and the Brooklyn machine he runs that bless Fidler for the Dems. Lopez, recall, lords over a social-service empire, the Ridgewood Bushwick Senior Citizens Council, that’s been the focus of recent city, state and federal investigations.* New York's Especially Undemocratic Elections - * This scam (special elections) is even worse in state races in New York. Citizens Union reported recently that a third of the Legislature was first anointed as candidates in these back-room, special-election deals. * Pork Pig Fidler's Media Friends Put Lipstick On Him | Room Eight  * Cuomo bowed to party bosses in setting rigged elections to fill congressional, Assembly seats(NYDN Ed)

True News Wags the NYDN Again

Last Friday True News Wrote:
Do the Chinees leaders Think the Hevesi, Kruger Boyland and Mclaughlin investigations were politically Inspired?  . . .   Why was this silly story written by the NYT?


Why Didn't the NYT Report David Chen Question Virginia Kee Inappropriate Statement?

Comparing the Liu Inquiry to a Soldier’s Hazing (NYT) 

Kee Member Item Payback?

In the last line of his story Chen said Kee the head of Chinatown Planning Council was going to raise campaign funds for Liu.  Where did we hear this before.  A head of a non profit funded with member items raising campaign funds for the pols that fund them.  It would have been journalism if the NYT Chen asked Kee if it was right for a non profit raising funds for pols who fund them?


  Daily News Asks Virginia Kee to Apologize

This despite the fact that the investigations have found credible evidence of fund-raising improprieties that the controller has had the opportunity — and failed — to explain.  But comments made by Virginia Kee of the Chinese-American Planning Council were particularly foul. “Danny Chen suffered racism, bigotry and abuse,” she said. “I see another assassination. This is a character assassination. Worse than death, you lose your good name.” Worse than death? She should tell that to Chen’s parents, who lost their only child at the tender age of 19. And then she should apologize. *

Kruger and Liu's Talk is Cheap . . .  They Must Be Going
“I am here to represent the people of my district,” repeated to reporters in Albany during his first public appearance since his arrest last week. “I am here to do my job and that’s what I’m doing.” Kruger March 15, 2011 * As Inquiry Widens, Comptroller Is Busy Showing That All Is Calm (NYT)

Pension Secrets 

A penchant for secrecy(NYDN) The state’s highest court has received a request to hear a lawsuit vital to the public’s right to know where its money is being spent: the case of a nonprofit suing the NYPD pension fund for pensioners’ names.




\Alliance Formed Secretly to Win Deal for Campus
Alliance Formed Secretly to Win Deal for Campus(NYT)Over three days, more than a dozen top officials from Cornell University and the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology barely ventured out of that 14-story clubhouse near Grand Central Terminal.

Schumer Makes A Family Member A Judge Just Like Vito Lopez 

Schumer bro-in-law judge nod stuns NJ(NYP) Schumer’s brother-in-law was quietly nominated this month to a federal judgeship in New Jersey — a move that has some in the Garden State crying political foul, The Post has learned.

Yes Virginia . . .  If You See It In the New York Sun It is True News
On Sept. 21, 1897, The NY Sun published what was to become the most widely read letter to a newspaper. It was sent by 8-year-old Virginia O’Hanlon, who lived with her parents in Manhattan. (Letter and Editorial)

New York's Hatfield Vs. Mccoy

BREAKING: NYC Mayor and NY Governor have big personalities and occasionally conflicting agendas

They Fume and They Bicker While Running City and State(NYT) * Bloomberg Predicts Fair Deal if Health Insurer Gets For-Profit Status(NYT) 

Cuomo Reaches Contract Deal With State Law Enforcement Union(NY1) * Analysis: Gov. Cuomo’s Focus For ’12(WCBS)




NYT Leaves Out Independent Redistricting In Their Call For Cleaning Up Albany 

Looks Like Silver Has Already Played His Magic on the NYT

Gov. Cuomo’s Next Big Task (NYT) Cuomo’s top priority now should be a complete reform of New York’s campaign finance fund-raising system.  $83 million in individual contributions to candidates in 2010, one-fourth came from just 169 contributors. That’s in a state with nearly 20 million people.



How Come State IG Cracks Down On State Worker and Not Boyland for Pay Scams?
 State worker in pay scam(NYDN)* FBI Taped Boyland In Brooklyn While He Claimed Albany Expenses (Capital)

One Day Seabrook Holds A Rally With His Community Against Property Tax Hikes A Few Day Later He Votes for A 25% Increase

Seabrook More Taxes More Money To Rip Off

Seabrook is his own district’s worst foe (NYP) Seabrook Still facing retrial for alleged extortion, money-laundering and fraud, but for 10 years City Councilman Larry Seabrook has gotten away with the biggest crime of all — selling out his poor and middle-class constituents. 


Dick of the Year - Here Come the Awards

The Reliable Source Person of the Year 2011: Anthony Weiner (Wash Post)  Weiner’s scandal didn’t just represent the volatile mix of sex and power — an old story — but the new impulse-control risks of Twitter


Winners Are Sinners In Too Many Cases(Stern, NY Civic)

Gambling Helps Close Budget Gap

Ruling by Justice Dept. Opens a Door on Online Gambling (NYT) New York officials welcomed a legal opinion removing a big obstacle for states that want to sanction Internet gaming to help fix their budget deficits. 



Gone But Never Forgotten

Slain NYPD hero's girls remember their dad(NYP) * Cop-killers' worst nighmare(NYDN) * Fallen officer's partner elevated to detective(WABC) * Fallen Detective's Partner, Commanding Officer Receive (NY1)* Officer's Daughters Recall Their Dad(Fox 5)


Judge Rules Taxi's Violates Disabilities Act

City’s Taxi Fleet Violates Disabilities Act, Judge Rules(NYT) * Judge Faults Taxi Access for Disabled(WSJ) * Judge Rules New Medallions Must Go To Wheelchair-Accessible Taxis(NY1) * Judge rules taxi system discriminates (NYDN) * Sting of Illegal Airport Pickups(Fox 5) * Judge: NYC taxi agency must help disabled riders(WABC)

Mounting interest in civilian park patrol(NYP) * Parks Department Recruiting Horse Riders To Patrol Various Parks(WCBS)




Classic Columbus Circle newsstand being converted to bike rental station(NYT)




Archiving the Occupation - Day 100

Occupy Wall Street Movement To Mark Christmas In Zuccotti Park(NY1) * Museums are collecting Occupy Wall Street artifacts (NYDN)* Wall Street protesters plan Christmas gathering(WABC) * Historical Institutions Collect Occupy Wall Street Artifacts(WCBS)* Occupy Wall Street marks Christmas with prayers (WABC) * Occupy Wall Street’ Marks Christmas In Zuccotti Park(WCBS) * Occupy Wall Street Marks 100th Day Of Protest With Christmas Celebration


Obama Signs Bill Honoring 9/11 Victims(Huff Post)* Archbishop Dolan Brings Christmas Mass To NYC Firefighters(NY1)

FDNY Seeks Donations After Brooklyn Fire Severely Injures Firefighters(NY1)



New York City taps Donald Trump to run golf course (NYP)




Donors Fund Summer Class(WSJ) The New York City Department of Education, using $1.7 million from private donors, will open summer-school programs for students who need some extra help—but who aren't technically required to go to summer school.





The Court Shuts Ron Kuby Up

Silence Outside Court(WSJ) On Friday, a state judge in Manhattan upheld a request by a team of assistant district attorneys to avoid engaging attorney Ron Kuby in any communication that is not supervised by the court. According to Mr. Kuby, the decision is a significant blow to his client's right to adequate counsel.


Was Judge Phillips Estate Rip Off By the Legal System?

Seeking Justice for the Kung Fu Judge Samuel Boykin, nephew and administrator of the estate of late Brooklyn Civil Court Judge John Phillips Jr. (a/k/a "The Kung Fu Judge") has filed a complaint with the State Attorney General's office alleging that the Prospect Park Residence, where Phillips died in 2008, fraudulently marketed itself as a licensed assisted living facility. (Bay Ridge Journal)

The Making of A President 2012 

Romnry At Harvard, a Master’s in Problem Solving(NYT) *Did CNN Unfairly Edit The Ron Paul Walk Off Interview? Watch The Uncut Interview* State Still Footing the Bill for Perry Security Detail(NYT) *Many Iowans struggle with political indecision(Wash Post) * NH is Rom-tough (NYP) *  Bam’s still pocketing MF money(NYP) * In 1995 Video, Ron Paul Takes Credit For The Ron Paul Survival Report(Buzz Feed)

Ron Paul Newsletter Ad Warned Of 'Coming Race War'(Huff Post) *Obama returns Corzine campaign contributions (Political Wire) * Gingrich and Perry Fail to Qualify for Virginia Primary(NYT)* Newt Gingrich and Rick Perry will not be on Virginia ballot for GOP primary(NYDN) * How Ron Paul's Newsletters Got Back In The News(Huff Post)*"Groundhog Day II": New payroll tax fight ahead (CBS)* Under Obama, Four More Years of Gridlock? - Eleanor Clift, The Daily Beast * Gingrich, Romney & Paul Against the Odds - George Will, Washington Post * 

Campaign 2012's Harsh Backdrop(WSJ) Most elections turn on the economy, but that figures to be especially true this time, meaning Obama would seem to face bleak prospects. But he holds some advantages.  * The Weekend Interview: Mitt Romney - Rago & Gigot, Wall Street Journal * GOP Establishment Slaps the Tea Partiers - Gail Collins, New York Times * Ron Paul's Moment--& His Weakness - Jeffrey Kuhner, Washington Times * President Obama Comes Out Ahead in 2011 - Ezra Klein, Washington Post * Obama's Misconceptions About America's Economy - Peter Ferrara, Forbes * The GOP's Challenge w/Independents - Kimberley Strassel, Wall St. Journal * Washington's Banana Republic Budgeting - Washington Examiner* Gingrich, Perry disqualified from Va. primary ballot(Wash Post)* Gingrich attacks Va. for keeping him off ballot (AP) * President Obama's Re-election Chances*(Fox News)*Gingrich’s Ballot Miss Could Shake Voters’ Confidence(NYT)*  Romney: On Taxes, 'Modeling,' and the Vision Thing(WSJ)* S.I. dad says Marine son victim of hate, just like Chen(NYDN)

VA Has Made Itself Irrelevant

Larry Sabato (Twitter) Won't this VA ballot news have some effect in IA, NH as voters weigh which candidates are "serious"? No one likes to waste a vote. * Keep in mind the VA GOP just disqualified the VA frontrunner. Newt led Romney in last week's VA Q-Poll.* VA ballot fiasco has turned national GOP field into a Keystone Kops production. Only 5 of 7 could make ballot in 12th largest state. * The incumbent party loves anything that reduces competition & consolidates power: restrictive ballot rules, partisan redistricting, etc. * VA's D legislature thought the rules up, knowing they would benefit themselves & friends. Then Rs, once in power, liked restrictions too.

President Obama To Barbara Walters: Biggest Misconception Is That I’m ‘Detached Or Spock-Like’


The Pentagon Spin

SERIOUSLY? Pentagon Finds No Fault In Its Ties To TV Analysts(Huff Post)

Behind TV Analysts, Pentagon’s Hidden Hand(NYT) In April of 2008, The New York Times published a front page article by David Barstow, "Behind TV Analysts, Pentagon's Hidden Hand," accusing the Department of Defense of mounting a propaganda effort using retired military officers working as on-air analysts from various broadcast media organizations. I was named as one of the analysts involved.

Monday Crime Update  Tidal crime wave hits Rockaways (NYP)

Several People Sought In Connection With Queens Sexual Assault(NY1) * Police Impersonator Assaults, Robs Woman(NBC)

Law and Order

James Ramseur, Wounded in ’84 Subway Shooting, Dies at 45(NYT) *Bernie Goetz: Ramseur was probably "depressed" when he died (NYDN)

Conviction in Priest Slaying(WSJ) * Two Suspects Charged After Police Discover Guns, Explosives In Bronx Raid (NY1) * Bronx cop charged in DWI in crash, partner in coma(NYDN) * Cop charged with drunk driving and vehicular assault after(NYP)* Police impersonator sought in sexual assault, robbery(WABC)* Police Impersonator Assaults, Robs Woman(NBC) * Explosives Found Inside Bronx Home(NBC) * Looter looted: Con man cries, ‘I wuz robbed’(NYP) * Cafe Owner Found Killed Was Facing Money Woes(NYT) * Crash cop ‘DWI’(NYP) * Questions Arise Over Handling Of NY Cop Suspected Of DWI (WCBS)

Sulzberger Killing Morale at the Troubled Times
An Open Letter to the NYT Owner Arthur Sulzberger, Jr. 250+ NYT employees sign letter expressing "dismay" over pension developments

Gathering to Mourn the End of a Show That Celebrated Brooklyn(NYT)





Manhattan's Score Stores Face the Music (WSJ)