Friday, December 16, 2011

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More Liu Secret Bundlers Found

The FBI issued subpoenas to some of Comptroller John Liu’s most generous donors and bundlers in connection with an inquiry into possible campaign. He still hasn’t revealed the names of his bundlers, as required by law.

More Liu Donors Said to Be Examined in Fund-Raising Inquiry(NYT)  * Liu Poll Numbers Suffer(WSJ)

THE BELEAGUERED city controller has a stern message for his staff — Liu-oose lips sink ships

Embattled controller John Liu tears down office walls but skeptics tear at his explanation(NYDN) Liu tore down the cubicle walls in his office last week, in hopes the open space would make it harder for staffers to leak information to reporters * Job-Approval Numbers Fall for Embattled City Comptroller (WSJ) 

Union Turn Against Liu On Pension Deal

Liu’s labor loss(NYP Ed) In a devastating new radio ad, the union went for the reeling Liu’s jugular: “You’ve probably heard an awful lot about New York City Comptroller John Liu and his affairs: The scandal. The indictment of his fund-raiser. The federal investigation of his campaign. “Now we learn that John Liu has a plan to deliver your tax dollars, with limited oversight, to Wall Street bankers.”


Monserrate's Conviction Upheld

Hiram Monserrate’s 2009 assault conviction upheld on appeal(NYDN) Four-judge panel ex-pol's claim that his girlfriend did not endure "substantial pain" during attack


Was Justice Done?  Seabrook, Boyland  Escape Conviction  On Fraud Charges




City's 2013 Mayoral Candidates Don't Speak on Solving Unemployment and How NYC Will Cope As A Result of Wall Street's Retrenchment

City Jobless Rate Rises, Exceeding the Nation's 8/9% (NYT) * Wall Street, Europe Weigh on City Budget(WSJ) * The Bloomberg administration may have to deal with larger-than-expected budget gaps due to ongoing economic uncertainty and Wall Street’s anemic performance, state Comptroller Tom DiNapoli warned. "[nyc] unemployment rate is now higher than the nation’s for the first time since March 2010 * Sooner or Later, the Cuomo Fare Hike Is Coming(Street blog)




Taxi bill, Emblem health, taxing the rich, the 9/11 Memorial. Is there anything Cuomo & Bloomberg aren't fighting over? 

Cuomo: Lawmakers To Take Up Livery Bill Again In January(NY1) * Gov Cuomo riled over taxis(NYDN) Tense exchange focuses on how many taxis would be available for passengers who use wheelchairs. The taxi summit Cuomo hosted at the Capitol Wednesday got heated as the governor grilled NYC Taxi & Limousine Commissioner David Yassky on why the Bloomberg administration has been insisting there’s a deal on the livery cab bill. Why is Cuomo refusing to help non medallion taxi drivers? El Diario La Prensa * Livery Cabs Idle as the Power Couple Bickers (NYT) * Bloomberg criticizes the state's willingness to undermine the M.T.A's finances (Capital)

Capital Tonight (Twitter) Cuomo on taxi bill: "I'm not going to have anything to do with a bill that does not respect the disabled."

And Cabbies Want Higher Fairs

Cabbies’ fare fight (NYP) Taxi drivers are pushing for a fare hike after New York state courts ruled that drivers are liable for state sales taxes. TLC chief David Yassky said none is imminent.


Cuomo on Economic Development 

Cuomo on Paterson Radio Show

Gov. Andrew Cuomo wants time to plan casinos (Gannett Albany)

Capital Tonight (Twitter) Cuomo: "We're going to put the state's reconstruction program on steroids." * Cuomo on Legislature: "The seriousness of the time brought them together. Unemployment is high. They get it." * Cuomo: "We can't afford and sustain this level of bureacuracy." * Cuomo sez institutional forces in Albany fighting his restructuring of government, other reforms. * Cuomo: "we've been watching Washington, we've been watching gridlock." * Cuomo on Legislature: "The seriousness of the time brought them together. Unemployment is high. They get it." * Cuomo on taxi bill: "I'm not going to have anything to do with a bill that does not respect the disabled." 
Cuomo Bashes Lobbying Culture(YNN)mOf course, a considerable chunk of that money has been spent by campaigns backing Cuomo himself. The Committee to Save New York — a consortium of business interests aligned with Cuomo’s fiscal agenda — spent nearly $10 million so far this year and is running another television ad in favor of the tax code overhaul. The 1199 SEIU/GHNYA Health Care project spent $6.8 million backing the ongoing Medicaid overhaul, another Cuomo proposal.

Guess Who Sticking A Knife In Former PA Boss Chris Ward? . . .  Who is the NYP Working For?

Series of Hits From PA Reported in NYP and WSJ

Sept. 11 Museum Rhetoric Heats Up(WSJ)  The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey is "on the verge" of suing the National September 11 Memorial & Museum foundation over hundreds of millions of dollars in disputed costs related to redeveloping the World Trade Center site. * ‘Current’ event: PA meter-mess probe(NYP)

No Bail Judge No Show At Work Yesterday 

Brooklyn District Attorney Defends Judge(NYT) * Cop-slay judge bails MIA after Mike’s lashing * Pols blast thug’s release * DA defends her blunder * Jim Dwyer, who notes that the shooter’s case was one of 122 that came before Judge Laporte between 5 p.m. on Nov. 4 and 1 a.m. the next morning.Cop-slay driver saw the gun(NYDN) * Accused Wheelman in NYPD Killing: I Was Threatened(NBC) * DA Cy to DC: Put lid on guns(NYP) * NYPD Officer Peter Figoski, will be buried Monday after a two-day wake.*  In Wake Of Cop Shooting, Bloomberg Laments ‘Turnstile Justice’ (NYO) *  All 5 suspects indicted in Officer Peter Figoski's murder(NYP) * As Mayor Lays Blame on Judge, a Court’s Chaotic Context Is Lost (NYT)

Azi Paybarah (Twitter) "if ur a drug dealer, ud think he'd have much more $ in his pocket than that" re: $2,500 bail 4 guy now accusd of killing cop

Invites Congress to Figoski's final goodbye after cop killed by illegal gun(NYP)

Albany must  pick one date for state and federal primaries (NYDN) Extra election would waste time and money $50 Million

Charter School Leaders Hunt for Their Mayoral Candidate(NYT) concerned that the leading Democrats all seem close to the teacher’s unions.* Nearly a quarter of all principals in the state have signed a letter objecting to the system of teacher evaluations. (That’s more than 1,000 signatures). * The Pre-K Underground(NYT)

Elevator Was Serviced Just Before Accident(NYT) * Cuomo Hints at More State Money for Schools Next Year(NYT)


Occupy Wall Street Prepares For Occupation 2.0(Huff Post) * At 60 Wall, Objections Are Raised to Signs Prohibiting Signs (NYT)

Tom Robbins returns to the pages of The Times to look at a political power play in a local tugboat captain’s union.

End Of An Era (YNN) In an effort to cut costs, the Assembly majority has decided to end a Capitol tradition of providing members with free copies of the New York Redbook, which has long served as the go-to who’s who and how’s-that-work guide to state government. 


 Juan Gonzalez exposes Bloomberg tech disaster NYCHA not NICE

NICE system on naughty list(NYDN) NYCHA’s inept cyber program cheating Section 8 landlords, tenants

Courts OK Superfund Cleanup and Hydrofracking Debate

Court of Appeals Rules That State Can Seek Full Cleanup of Superfund Sites(NYT)

NY1 Online: Inside City Hall Debates Hydrofracking(NY1)



Dems Are Losing Voters In Southern Brooklyn 

Orthodox Jewish Vote and Russian Trending GOP

The desire to oust GOP Sen. Marty Golden is uniting Democratic foes in Brooklyn.  Both Lopez or so called reformers got beaten in the Weprin race which covers some of that area 3 to 1.  Look for Lopez to duck most of the Democratic district leaders and elected officials very close to Golden.

Gingrich’s Past on Health Care Policy at Odds With G.O.P.(NYT) * Star Treatment for Huckabee in Return to Iowa(NYT) * Gingrich Parries With Challengers in Iowa(NYT) * The Caucus: Iowa Debate Fact Check(NYT) * Newt holds his tongue with GOP opponents, attacks Obama instead(NYDN) * Rivals pounce on Gingrich at last Iowa debate(Yahoo News) * Rick Perry Declares Himself 'The Tim Tebow Of The Iowa Caucuses'

Brokered Conventions, Last-Minute Comebacks, and Other Crazy Ways the GOP Could End Up With a Nominee (The New Republic) * GOP Rivals Take Their Swings at Gingrich - Erin McPike, RealClearPolitics * Newt's Shameless Chutzpah Saves Him - Paul Begala, The Daily Beast * Perry, Bachmann Had To Do Well - and They Did - Eric Erickson, Red State * Young Voters Disenchanted With Obama? - Carl Cannon, RealClearPolitics * Video Highlights: Republican Presidential Debate in Sioux City, Iowa *South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley Endorses Mitt Romney On Fox and Friends



Jon Stewart Stages An Anti-Newt Intervention For The GOP: ‘Don’t Do It’

Jon Corzine Can't Answer $1.2 Billion Question About MF Global at Hearing (The Daily Beast)

Ex-Freddie, Fannie Chiefs Sued by SEC

NY1 Online: Former U.S. Attorney General Mukasey Defends NYPD Counterterrorism Tactics(NY1)


NY1 Exclusive: Buses Receive New Partitions To Protect Drivers Against Attacks(NY1)

Law and Order

Tea Party Group Leader Is Arrested at La Guardia(NYT) * Tea-Party Leader Arrested on Gun Charge(WSJ) *  Pot-smoking SI thug who died of apparent heart attack after fleeing cop was violent fugitive from Texas(NYP)On Long Island, Theory of Single Killer Divides Officials(NYT) *  Hot-tempered Queens lawyer busted for drunk driving (NYP) * YPD cadet arrested for allegedly stealing this mother’s Credit Card(NYDN) * Fight between delivery men leads to stabbing(WABC) * Tea Party Chairman Arrested at LGA(NBC) * ‘Perv teach’ bust (NYP) * DA: 55 Indicted In NYC Cyber Crime Ring (WINS)

Queens Teacher Charged With Statutory Rape Of 13-Year-Old Student(NY1)



NYT Pays Hush Money?

Newspaper Guild of New York Not Pleased with Janet Robinson’s Fat Fee

$4.5 Million to Robinson as paper asks for giveback from other workers