Sunday, December 18, 2011

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Last US Troops Leave Iraq, Ending War

Elated, Last US Troops Leave Iraq, Ending War(ABC) * Elated, Last US Troops Leave Iraq, Ending War * Capping U.S. Withdrawal, Final Convoy Leaves Iraq(NYT) * The 4,474th death ... and the last?(Wash Post) * Taking Leave of Iraq - Los Angeles Times* As Wars End, Young Veterans Return to Scant Jobs (NYT)

NYP Calls Organized Labor the Next Mayor of NYC 

New York’s Next Mayor (NYP Ed) Topping The Times’ list of probable favorites were City Council Speaker Chris Quinn, Public Advocate Bill de Blasio and former Comptroller Bill Thompson. The three Democrats have a great deal in common — most notably, each worships at the altar of organized labor. Each counts the union-front Working Families Party as a supporter.

Liu's Sunset Boulvard
I Ready for My Mayoral Campaign Chung Seto

Allies: Liu is ‘screwed, bro’(NYP) Embattled city Comptroller John Liu is getting no respect from union workers — even when attempting to spread cheer at their holiday parties. * Fundraising Controversy Cuts Liu's Approval Rating, But Campaign Continues * Plea deal is being discussed for Controller John Liu's fund-raiser Xing Wu Pan(NYDN)

Andy saying ‘hail, no’(NYP) * Livery Cab Bill May Violate Americans With Disabilities Act, Cuomo Says(NY1) * Gov. Andrew Cuomo tells David Paterson about his push for more wheelchair-accessible taxis(NYDN)

Occupy Group Faults Church, a Onetime Ally(NYT) * Occupy Groups Take It Home(WSJ) The Occupy Wall Street movement is following the money. From the rich summer playground of the Hamptons to the affluent enclaves of Darien and Greenwich, Conn., offshoots of the activist group are organizing protests in wealthy suburbs to target the so-called 1% where many of them live.  * NYC protesters to mark 3 months of Occupy(WSJ)  

Occupy Wall Street – less comprehensible than ever(NYDN Ed) * 'Occupy' guys, including bishop, arrested in new anniversary protest(NYP) * U.S. News - 50 arrested as Occupy Wall Street tries to seize church lot for new camp *Hundreds Demonstrate Against Church (NYT) *Protesters Celebrate 3 Month Anniversary (LIVE BLOG)(Huff Post) * Livestream of Occupy Wall Street Manhattan March(NYT) * Cops stop ‘Occupy’ storming at Trinity Church(NYDN) * Dozens of Wall Street protesters arrested(WABC) * Trinity Church Statement on OWS Protests(NBC) * Occupied Bishop: Occupy 2.0

Why Are There No Editorial to Reform the Arraignment Circus?

Aiding and abetting (NYP)  That sure was some fancy footwork by Brooklyn DA Charles Hynes on Thursday — as he tried to acquit himself of having helped free accused cop-killer Lamont Pride in an unrelated case last month. In trying to defend his office’s record, Hynes said he wouldn’t blame the judge for the fatal mistake. How gracious. “She didn’t think that bail was appropriate,” Hynes said. “We strenuously disagreed.”

Gaveling away at the judge (NYP)

“There are plenty of people who defend her and say, given the realities that we don’t have enough facilities and judges, they have to move their calendar along, they don’t have the time to give to each individual that comes before them. “I would argue in this case there were probably enough warning signs that she should have said to the clerk, ‘Call just to make sure [whether Pride should be held],’ ” Bloomberg said.

Thugs indicted in slain cop Peter Figoski's 'murder'(NYP) * Few Hard Rules for Backup Officers(NYT) * Wake For Fallen NYPD Officer To Be Held This Weekend On(WCBS)* 5 Indicted On Murder Charges In Officer Peter Figoski’s(WCBS)* Gun buy-back being held Saturday in Brooklyn(WABC) * Gunman who fired at officers identified(WABC) *Hundreds honor slain cop Figoski at wake(NYP) * Wake held in Long Island for slain NYPD officer(News12) 

 Peter Figoski's partner weeps for dedicated fallen hero (NYP) * NYPD Arrests ‘Occupy Wall Street’ Protesters Who Scale Fence (WCBS) * Hundreds Attend Wake For Fallen NYPD Officer Peter Figo(WCBS) * Slain officer remembered at Brooklyn toy drive(WABC) * Wake Held for Slain NYPD Officer(NBC) * Legacy of slain officer Peter Figoski  A life dedicated to city’s deadliest corner(NYP)


Out of Control Charity $76 Million in Slush Funds From Columbia U

Charity helps itself (NYP) Another $trike against sketchy Harlem fund

An Opposing View

Did Bloomberg's Olympic legacy really pay off? Some dissent to the new narrative, and an odd attempt to shoehorn in Atlantic Yards(Atlantic Yards Report)





Bungled beginning for revamped Albany ethics commission(NYDN Ed)






Crown Heights, NY - Satmar Rebbe Condemns Jews Who Bash Obama(Vos Lz Neias)



De Blasio Backs Wage Bill in a Challenge to Quinn (NYT)





No more gerrymandering during redistricting (Queens Crap)

Thirteen civic organizations in northeastern Queens believe there’s strength in numbers and have come together to ensure they stay as one during upcoming state legislative and federal congressional redistricting.


New York City's 10 worst elevators(NYP)








Unions: NY Times CEO’s $4.5M stinks(NYP) 


Stanford Drops City Bid(WSJ) * Michael Bloomberg, Science Nerd(NY Mag)






The Pre-K Underground(NYT) Priced out of private preschools and unable to place their children in public ones, many middle-class New York parents are forming their own co-ops. * Kindergarten Test on Hold(WSJ) * Brooklyn school in test-score probe(NYDN) * Brooklyn junior high school racks up most suspensions in city for sexting(NYP)* Old school, new school (SI Advance)


A record 50 million tourists are expected to visit the Big Apple this year. 






Patrick V. Murphy, who advocated police restraint during 1968 D.C. riots, dies at 91(Wash Post)


Delta Bulks Up at La Guardia(WSJ)


Quinn Critical of Restaurant Grade System(WSJ)


Gingrich of Freddie Mac(WSJ) The Speaker's defense is hurting him as much as his $1.6 million payday. * Obama's Beatable, but GOP Could Still Blow It - Jay Cost, Weekly Standard * Dems Plan to Paint Romney as a Predatory Capitalist - Greg Sargent, WP * GOP Rivals Take Their Swings at Gingrich - Erin McPike, RealClearPolitics * Perry, Bachmann Had To Do Well - and They Did - Erick Erickson, RedState *  Republican Presidential Primaries: Iowa No GOP Crystal Ball (The Daily Beast) *  USA Today/Gallup Poll: 70% Of Americans Can’t Wait For The 2012 Race To Be Over * Rick Perry Has Retired ‘Retired’(NY Magazine) * MSNBC’s Ed Schultz And Guest Defend Ron Paul From Fox News Attacks?

Candidates Hit Trail as Paper Endorses Romney(NYT) * Mitt lands major lowa endorsement(NYP) *   Newt Gingrich Launches Broad Attack on Nation’s Courts (The Daily Beast) *  Ron Paul’s Nostalgic Appeal Shakes Up the 2012 Primaries (The Daily Beast) * Texas Primary Postponed, Further Hurting Rick Perry’s Chances(NY Mag) * Republican candidates turn fire on Ron Paul’s foreign policy (The Hill) * Gingrich’s assault on judges gets louder, but some say it goes too far(Wash Post) * Romney wins endorsements from Bob Dole, Iowa newspaper(CNN) * Gingrich's Iowa Fate - Jennifer Jacobs, Des Moines Register * Newt's Unorthodox Campaign - David Shribman, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette * Bachmann, Perry Go After Paul on National Security - Erin McPike, RCP * s Huntsman in the Hunt in N.H.? - Michael Warren, The Weekly Standard * Gingrich of Freddie Mac - Wall Street Journal *  As Gingrich’s Star Rises, So Do G.O.P. Concerns (NYT)

Des Moines Register Endorses Romney(NYT) * The Des Moines Register’s GOP caucus endorsement: Mitt Romney is best to lead

 Des Moines Register Iowa Caucuses Blog



CBS’ Bob Schieffer Blasts Congress, Proposes ‘Second Congress’ That Would Take On Important Issues (CBS)




Parallels between MF Global and Madoff(NYP) *  Wall St. Shenanigans Fuel Public Distrust - Robert Reich, SF Chronicle



SEC Turns Back On Big Bank Crimes

SEC like dog, belly up & whimpering, as Big Banks step on it. Nerve Failure w enforcer who worked 4 banks (Propublica)


Family: Maniac who burned woman to death in elevator had grudge over firing (NYP) * Police Question Man in Burning Death of Woman(NYT) * Suspect arrested in death of woman burned alive in Brooklyn elevator(NYP) * Suspect Charged With Murder, Arson In Brooklyn Elevator Fire (NY1) * Police Arrest Man in Burning Death of Woman(NYT)


Woman killed by molotov cocktail in elevator. Shockingly, suspect is thought to be her ex. . .  Caught

Suspect in horrific elevator attack turned himself in stinking of gasoline

Breaking 9AM Police Question Man In Fatal Brooklyn Elevator Fire (NY1) * Man who could have burned woman to death in police custody(NYP)

Woman burned to death after fiend set her alight in Brooklyn elevator(NYP)Woman Is Burned Alive in an Elevator in Brooklyn(NYT) * Woman burned to death in elevator (NYDN) * Police Search For Man Who Set Brooklyn Woman On Fire(WCBS) * Cops: Man Burns Woman Alive(Fox 5) * Woman set on fire in Brooklyn elevator, dies(WABC) * Woman Torched By Molotov Cocktail in Elevator(NBC)

 Buyers of Stolen Gadgets Are Arrested(NYT) * Police Arrest 141 Suspects In iPhone, iPad Sting(NY1) * NYPD Cracks Down On Sales Of Stolen iPads And iPhones(WCBS)* NYPD iPad and iPhone Sting(Fox 5)* 141 arrests in NYC iPhone sting against merchants(WABC) * 141 Arrested in Stolen iPad Sting Op(NBC)


Law and Order

Dollar-van rob mayhem(NYP)

Access to Details on Wealthy Donors Fueled Theft Ring(NYT) * Fake-beard fugitive wanted for attempted murder on two(NYDN) * LI remains are missing prostitute, police confirm (NYP) * Body Found on Long Island Is Identified as Missing Woman’s(NYT) * Brooklyn gun-buyback program takes in 182 firearms(NYDN) * Critics furious at Brooklyn DA for refusing to name Orthodox child-sex suspects(NYP) * Young, Black and Frisked by the N.Y.P.D.(NYT) * Man found shot in the head in Washington Heights (WABC) * Slashing At Manhattan Subway Station(WCBS)


Top Ten News Stories of 2011

Osama Bin Laden Death Top News Story Of 2011: AP 


Alec Baldwin’s Apology, Paris Jackson on Her Dad, and More Viral Videos (The Daily Beast)




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