Thursday, December 15, 2011

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Seabrook Plays the Victim on NY1

A victim whose mistress and relatives got more than $600,000 in Government Funds

Baloney on a bagel(NYP Ed) Tuesday Seabrook portrayed himself as a victim of run-amok prosecutors leveling spurious allegations? Seabrook thinks folks will believe that he and those many friends and relatives of his who got jobs at taxpayer-funded nonprofits are no different than, say, John and Robert Kennedy or ex-Gov. Hugh Carey and his kin — even Mario Cuomo and son Andrew, the current governor. * Was Justice Done? (NY Civic)

Member Item Breeds Corruption
The Post argues that city and state laws encourage politicians like Larry Seabrook to steal from taxpayers. Legislators get millions each year to butter their own bagels; they use the dough to buy political backing or enrich themselves and others — a sorry state of affairs indeed. As long as the pols refuse to outlaw the underlying temptations and make it truly difficult for each other to steal from taxpayers, New Yorkers, alas, will continue to see more Larry Seabrooks.

Comptroller Liu’s approval rating has plummeted to 38 percent from its May level of 57 percent

In Wake of Investigation, Liu's Approval Ratings Plummet(NYT) The poll found that only 25 percent of New York City voters said they think that Mr. Liu would be a good mayor, compared with 46 percent who said he would not be. The remainder had no opinion on the question. Only 28 percent said he should resign, and 43 percent said he should not. * Scandals sink NYC comptroller job approval rating(WSJ) * $candals taking poll toll on Liu(NYP)


Liu Still Standing Up to Bloomberg

Little Love For Quinn, De Blasio or Thompson For Mayor 

Mike Attack Cop Killer Judge . . .  Mayoral Candidates Remain Silent

A Never Never 2013 Mayoral Campaign

At the 2013 candidates for mayor make the rounds of holiday parties, met with ethnic leaders and complain about budget cuts, with the help of media enablers they are allow to duck the serious issues they will face if elected as our next mayor. * Figoski helped Brooklyn teen turn life around(NYP) * Loving daughters coping(NYP) * Solemn farewell being planned for slain NYPD officer(NYP)

No Bail Judge Laporte

Mayor Criticizes Judge for Releasing Murder Suspect(NYT) * Mike rips into ‘free him’ judge(NYP) * Actions Defended in Warrant(WSJ) North Carolina prosecutors and police vigorously defended decisions that allowed an accused gunman to avoid extradition to their state when he was arrested last month in New York—a chain of events that culminated this week when the man was charged with fatally shooting a New York City police officer. * Bloomy rips judge who freed accused cop killer(NYDN) A transcript of the arraignment in Criminal Court shows that Judge Laporte was informed about the North Carolina warrant and was aware that he was wanted for a shooting, which Brooklyn Assistant District Attorney Evan Degrees cited as a reason for setting bail at $2,500. * Bloomberg Slams Judge In Cop Shot Case(Fox 5) *  Critics Slam Brooklyn Judge's Prior Decision To Release Accused Cop Killer (NY1) * Judge At Center Of Accused Cop Killer’s Release Controversy Has Critics, Defenders(WCBS)

11 Minute Phone Call to Brooklyn DA Office

NYPD, N.C. Phone Records on Lamont Pride(NBC) Phone records obtained by NBC New York on Wednesday show that NYPD did reach out to North Carolina police on Nov. 3 while Lamont Pride was still locked up in Brooklyn after the drug arrest. The NYPD said it wanted Greensboro police to upgrade their warrant immediately, which would have forced the judge to keep him in custody. After a second call from the NYPD to Greensboro, the warrant was upgraded on Nov. 8 to apply outside the state of North Carolina. But by then, it was too late -- he was released. Until Wednesday night, the Brooklyn District Attorney's office has insisted it never received a phone call about that change. But phone records show that within minutes after the warrant was upgraded, Greensboro Police called the Brooklyn DA's office and spoke for almost 11 minutes. * Brooklyn District Attorney Defends Judge (NYT)

The Daily News calls on Congress to act on illegal gun sales online uncovered by the Bloomberg administration

Probe Finds Illegal Gun Web(WSJ) * Over a barrel(NYDN Ed) * Mayor Bloomberg slams Craigslist over shady gun sales(NYDN)




Taxi High Noon Next Wednesday. . . . Heavy Backroom Politics Until Then

Livery Cabs Idle as the Power Couple Bickers (NYT)

Cuomo Stays Firm On Livery Cab Bill(NY1) * For Mayor Bloomberg, things aren’t dandy with Andy Cuomo and Albany (NYDN) In Capitol, Bloomberg set up for embarrassing loss on taxi bill in spat with Governor Cuomo *  NY1 Online: Inside City Hall Debates Livery Cab Bill(NY1) * The governor says he has concerns about accessibility for handicapped cab riders. But not everyone believes that, suggesting former Gov. Mario Cuomo might have something to do with his son’s reticence.* ‘Hail’ talks stalling(NYP) * The taxi bill battle is just the latest in a series of fights between Cuomo and Mayor Bloomberg. Says Baruch College Prof. Doug Muzzio: “They’ve both got big egos, and neither wants the other to be the biggest man in town.” * The business-backed, pro-Cuomo Committee to Save NY spent the most on lobbying this year in Albany.  *

Cuomo: Lawmakers To Take Up Livery Bill Again In January(NY1)

The Taxi Industry Owns the City Council

Influential members of the City Council are solicitous of this (Taxi) industry. All of which explains why Mr. Bloomberg turned to the State Legislature in the first place. (A Bloomberg administration official freely acknowledged this, telling me: “We ran to Albany before the industry had time to reload.” (NYT)


Is the Mayor Having Second Thoughts About Quinn?

Mayor Bloomberg Won’t Anoint a Chosen Heir–Just Yet (NYO) * Ruben Diaz Jr. On 2013: ‘I’m Considering It, Absolutely’(NYO)

Gov. poo-poohs separate primary idea(NYDN)* The state Senate Republicans have appealed the rejection of their prisoner counting lawsuit to the state’s highest court, arguing the law lacks a provision for inmates who don’t provide a valid former home address.



City Approves Moskowitz's Charter School in Brooklyn

Charter School Approved for Affluent Brooklyn Enclave(NYT) * Poll: 1/3 disprove of Dennis Walcott’s work (NYDN) * Organizing Communities to Improve Schools(NYT)* A full one-third of the state’s school districts would have blown the 2 percent property tax cap this year had it been in place, according to a state School Boards Associations survey * Parental Involvement is Formula for Success in Brooklyn Schools (Gotham Gazette)

Ydanis Rodriguez Time Magazine Man of the Year Mention

Occupy Wall Street Protesters Report to Court(NYT) * Councilman Ydanis Rodriguez, who was arrested during the city’s raid of Zuccotti Park last month, is featured in Time Magazine’s “Man of the Year” salute to protesters (Time) * 139 of those arrested at Occupy Wall Street demonstrations are moving ahead with a trial; 182 sought and were granted dismissal agreements * Occupy Wall Street Fights Trinity Church For ‘Occupation 2.0′ (NYO) * OWS, Chinatown Groups to March for Answers in Soldier Death(NBC)

Bloomberg Knocked for Protest Raid(WSJ) New York City voters disapprove of Mayor Michael Bloomberg's handling of the Occupy Wall Street protest by a margin of 51% to 42%, a poll released Wednesday showed.


The MTA wants transit workers to do more subway cleaning, which could become an issue as the transit workers union enters contract negotiations next month

New York City mass transit system and union disagree on changes in cleaning assignments (NYDN)

Wall Street Downturn Adds to Fiscal Pressure on New York City Budget Faltering returns from Wall Street, an uncertain economic recovery and the threat of further cuts in federal and state aid could mean that New York City’s budget, while balanced in the current fiscal year, will face increasingly larger budget gaps in the years ahead, according to a review released today by New York State Comptroller Thomas P. DiNapoli. 

9.8% Jobless Rate Increase

 City Jobless Rate Rises, Exceeding the Nation’s 9.8% (NYT)


RV Takes Justice to Streets(WSJ)  An RV parked at a bustling corner in the Bronx beckoned passersby Wednesday with a mission stenciled in large red letters: "Mobile Legal Help Center." Greeting them inside was the state's first roving law office and civil courtroom.

Marty Cut Baloney 
Not to be outdone by mere ribbon cutting ceremonies, Borough President Marty Markowitz participates at a sausage cutting at the opening of a kosher deli in Mill Basin.

Iowa: Romney 23%, Gingrich 20%, Paul 18%...  (Rasmussen) * New Rasmussen poll shows Gingrich at 20% in Iowa, down from 32% last month. Romney now leads the Iowa race with 23%.
In a Tactical Shift, Romney Trains Sights on Gingrich(NYT) * Gingrich Summons the Cold War, but Enemy Is Iran(NYT) * Iowa Radio Host Draws G.O.P. Hopefuls(NYT) * Mitt’s cash and spurn $10M NY haul as foes ‘let fly’(NYP) * National Review Bashes Gingrich(The Daily Beast) * Shifting Tactics, Romney Attacks Surging Newt - Zeleny & Barbaro, NYT * Gingrich Brushes Off Rivals' Attacks - Sarah Huisenga, National Journal * The Facts That Will Determine Iowa - William Galston, The New Republic * Romney Bets on the Old Rules - Michael Barone, Washington Examiner * It's Gingrich-Huntsman - Ben Stein, The American Spectator * Perry Kicks Off Bus Tour Seeking Second Look in Iowa - Erin McPike, RCP * GOP Chase Is On for NH's Independents - Maeve Reston, Los Angeles Times * GOP Elites Unhappy Romney Is Losing - Brent Bozell, Investor's Biz Daily  * Obama's Creepy Campaign Emails - James Taranto, Wall Street Journal * Iowa (Rasmussen Reports): Romney 23, Gingrich 20, Paul 18, Perry 10  * GOP Voters Should Forget Gingrich, Perry, Bachmann & Paul - NRO *A Weak President: From Obama to Romney - New Hampshire Union Leader *  Bill Bennett: Gingrich Is Like ‘A Box Of Chocolates, You Never Know What You’re Going To Get’ * Debate Hazards Play Outsize Role in Volatile G.O.P. Race(NYT)


Gingrich We Deserve Solutions

MSNBC ‘sorry’ for report comparing Romney campaign slogan to Ku Klux Klan hate rhetoric (NYDN)* MSNBC Apologizes To Mitt Romney, Condemns Its Own Anchor(Huff Post)

Insider Trading

Illegal, Just Not on Capitol Hill(NYT Ed) House Republican leaders sidetracked a sensible and overdue bill to ban members of Congress from using inside information in stock trades. 

 Corzine Testifies Rep. Michael Grimm Interrogates Jon Corzine Over MF Global in Hearing(Video)



CNN confirms Piers Morgan to testify next week at Leveson inquiry in UK - by remote video feed from LA.



Harlem on edge after shooting on rising block(NYDN) Block full of trendy shops faces violence


 Law and Order

A Renewed Push to Allow Later Reports of Sexual Abuse(NYT) * Malcolm X’s daughter locked up after swindling elderly woman(NYDN)  * Andy bill hits coach pervs(NYP) *  2010 Elevator Injury in Brooklyn Leads to Repairman's Indictment(NYT) * Officer who cuffed cop accused of rape threw suspect's shield to the ground(NYP)* A very distrurbing trend. There is a 14 percent jump over the past year in the number of police killed in the city. (WNYC) * Queens Teacher Charged With Statutory Rape Of 13-Year-Old Student(NY1)

FBI Making Fun Of NYPD Terrorism Unit 

FBI Director Robert Mueller has had difficulty convincing employees not to criticize the NYPD over its handling of the Jose Pimentel terror case FBI to grunts: Stop mocking NYPD for pipe bomb operation(NYDN)


Report: Most Newspapers Will Fold Within Five Years(Fishbowl) * New York Times Co. CEO Janet Robinson Is Out, Suddenly (Gawker)