Monday, December 12, 2011

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The NYT Asks Are All Bloggers Journalists?

True News Asks Are All Journalist Free to Write What Every They Want

At the Uneasy Intersection of Bloggers and the Law (NYT)




The NYT Should Sponsor A Series of Debates About What The Next Mayor Should Accomplish . . .  Not Cover It As A Horse Race

To Find the Perfect New York Mayor, Only 2 Years Left(NYT) Former stock exchange chairman Dick Grasso, Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr., and former Port Authority Commissioner Chris Ward are among the many candidates mulling mayoral runs in 2013





Liu Likes Some Outside Contracting

Lawyers get Liu-bricated  Despite stated opposition to outside contracting, Comptroller John Liu’s office approved $9.9 million in contracts with private law firms over the last three months, including $754,284 to the law firm where State Sen. Jeff Klein is a partner(NYP)

Cuomo Needs to Focus on Transit

Transportation advocates are worried Cuomo “cares more about muscle cars than a muscular transit system.”

Sharpe To Rule On Primary By Dec. 27(YNN)

Livery Drivers Begin 10-Day Rally For Legal Street Hails(NY1) * Livery Car Drivers Urge Street Hail Bill(Fox 5) * Silver: Pass Livery Bill, Make Amendments In Jan(YNN)




State New Voting Machines Lost 50,000 Votes in 2010 

State Board of Elections lost thousands of votesAfter 50,000 votes were disqualified in 2010 elections, the Daily News says the state Board of Elections must revamp its voting machines


We Need A Judge Seabury on the New State Ethics Commission Not Another Do Noting IG 

At Deadline, Ethics Unit Is in Limbo(WSJ)Appointments to Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s new Joint Commission on Public Ethics are expected to be announced today * One byproduct of the new ethics law: Legislative receptions are back, complete with cheese cubes and “gratuitous liquid propulsion for bipartisan camaraderie.”





William Boyland Jr.: ‘Too Determined To Be Defeated’ (NYO)




NYP Calls Albany Senate GOP Puppets For Not Protecting Millionaires

Hypocrites – for voting unanimously in favor of the tax code deal

New York’s Republi-crats (NYP Ed)  The Post chides Senate Republicans for their approval of Cuomo’s tax reform bill, calling them “Republi-crats,” for their justifications of the tax increases * Santa Cuomo” made sure Christmas came early to Albany this year. * “Cuomo’s news conferences sound like a conversation between Woody Allen and Christopher Walken in which Cuomo plays both parts. Although the press is in the room, he asks the questions and he provides the answers. Under this arrangement, he is always right.” * The agreement hits NYC particularly hard, since the bulk of the state’s wealthiest residents are Manhattanites.

In the 1930s, Mayor Fiorello La Guardia called Surrogate's Court "the most expensive undertaking establishment in the world."

Bx. judge on trial for a$$isting donor (NYP) Surrogate’s Court Judge Lee Holzman will be the subject of a rare public disciplinary hearing before the state Commission on Judicial Conduct over allegations he rubber-stamped a lawyer’s excessive fees and looked the other way as the attorney helped himself to unearned advances. 

Surrogate's Court And Why It Should Go

Union Leader Mayoral Candidate Blasts Liu For Giving Away the City's Pension Funds to Wall Street
Nobody puts Greg Floyd in a corner. That’s one lesson from the 60-second ad his Teamsters Local 237 is putting on WINS and WCBS radio this morning, taking blistering aim at city Comptroller John Liu and his plan to merge the city’s five pension boards under high-paid managers. “John Liu has a plan to deliver your tax dollars with limited oversight to Wall Street bankers,” an announcer says, after listing a litany of Liu’s ethical problems. “The comptroller is elected by the people to watch our money, but Liu wants to give that job to people you’ve never met.” Liu didn’t clue Floyd in before announcing his pension reform proposal in October, and Floyd has questioned whether the plan would hurt pensioners ever since. Spokesmen for Liu did not respond to a request for comment. * Floyd vs Liu, Round I(YNN)

Web’s ‘Ladder’ climber vs. Gilly(Dicker, NYP) * Turner Touted To Take On Gillibrand (YNN)




The NYT Wants More Oversight Before the State Starts Hydrofracking

The Times suggests that the Department of Environmental Conservation establish an oversight authority and more detailed rules before issuing a decision on whether New York should allow hydrofracking




Nine former staffers of ex-Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno got the state to pick up their legal fees in connection with his corruption trial, but some high-profile participants did not.




Move of pivotal vote on controversial charter school has Cobble Hill locals fuming (NYDN) Success Charter opponents charge meeting was moved from Manhattan to Queens to thin out angry crowd

PA: Higher Toll but Subsidized Utility Bills For Their Tenants At Kennedy
PA ‘jolted’ by $17M waste(NYP) It’s plane crazy. The Port Authority is losing out on an estimated $16.9 million a year by undercharging Kennedy Airport tenants — including British Airways and Delta Air Lines — on their utility bills*New Port Authority boss Pat Foye has ordered a review of who gets agency-owned cars and whether they merit that perk.

Developers Launch Battle Of Brooklyn (WSJ) The battle to build Brooklyn's tallest tower is about to begin with two developers planning to break ground next year on residential buildings that will loom nearly 100 feet over any of their predecessors.

NYP Continues to Attack OWS

OWS teach faked docs (NYP) * Occupy Our Homes Wins Hearts Along A Brooklyn Street(Huff Post) * Protesters Eye West Coast Ports(Huff Post) *Occupy Wall St rally and march from zuccotti park to Goldman Sachs HQ @ 200 West St now till about 10am this morning. * Brookfield Deals With Protesters Again, but Not at ZuccottiNYT) * Police arrest OWS protesters at World Financial Center


 The Russian Are Coming Shooting Hoops

Nets billionaire owner Mikhail Prokhorov to run for Russian presidency(NYP) * Nets Owner Prokhorov to Challenge Putin for Presidency(NBC) *Billionaire to Oppose Putin in Russian Presidential Election(NYT)


GOP wanted to take me down, not fix country’s problems: Obama (NYDN)*I dont have a problem with the rich, I've a problm with people being homeless, unemployed, not having healthcare, unaffordable education...* Obama's 2012 Strategy: Blame the GOP - Peter Beinart, The Daily Beast * Comeback for Romney? He'll Need Help - Alex Roarty, National Journal * Obama Sides With the 99% - Doyle McManus, Los Angeles Times

Will Congress Ban Corruption in Its Midst?(NYT Ed) Congress would be wise to pass the Clean Up Government Act of 2011, which would strengthen bans on fraud and bribe-taking. * Democratic Sen. McCaskill finds House defense bill riddled with earmarks(McClatchy) * A new Gallup poll rates the ethical standards of Congress lower than telemarketers, lobbyists and car salesman.

A Romance With Risk That Brought on a Fatal Panic(NYT) *  MF Global execs don't know where customer money is(NYP)

NYPD Sean Bell Undercover Cop Rules

New Undercover Rules (WSJ) The NYPD Commissioner Kelly has instituted about 40 protocol and policy changes for undercover officers since the 2006 fatal shooting of Sean Bell, an incident that sparked deep criticism of the force's undercover operations.


Police Investigate Deadly Shooting At Bronx Nightclub(NY1)



New Bronx PAL center, funded with seized drug money, hailed as safe haven for youth(NYDN)




Law an Order

Ex-Officer Kills His Wife, a State Tax Agent, in Queens, the Police Say(NYT) * Officer Accused of Killing Wife(WSJ) * Queens Man Charged In Wife's Fatal Shooting Death(NY1) * Ex-cop Clarence Cash charged with murder(NYDN) * Stray bullet hits bystander in stomach in gentrifying Harlem neighborhood (NYDN) * Police play i-Gotcha in Grand Central station robbery try(NYDN)