Friday, December 9, 2011

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In One Year Cuomo Has Changed Dysfunctional Albany Into His Pet

NYT: "Governor Cuomo is certainly getting things done. We assume he was just kidding last month when he told a radio interviewer, “I am the government” of NYS"

You Mean Those People Who Put Me Here? (NYT Ed) While Gov. Andrew Cuomo revamped the state income tax code, voters and taxpayers were left out of the debate. This is no way to run a government. Mr. Cuomo’s main pitch is that this new tax structure benefits the middle class. But most New Yorkers will see only very modest tax cuts. The biggest break goes to those with taxable income from about $300,000 to $2 million a year — their taxes will drop to 6.85 percent from as much as 8.97 percent. (That really stretches the concept of “middle class.” )

 Cuomo Made An Offer That GOP Could Not Refuse

Governor to Assembly GOP: Vote for tax code unanimously or risk seats (TU) Gov. Andrew Cuomo threatened Republican Assembly members that if they did not vote unanimously for his tax plan, he would campaign in the district of every member who voted no * Tax Plan Passed, Legislature Faces Smaller Budget Gap(NYT) *  Good-Government Groups Upset By State Tax Deal Negotiated Behind Closed Doors(NY1) * Gov. Cuomo gets the job done*NYDN) * Mike Lupica: The President must wish that he could work with the lawmakers in Washington the way Cuomo does in Albany, where this week he again looks like the only politician in the country doing anything. * Lawmakers still face a $2 billion deficit, but Shelly Silver said he was leery of making any further cuts. * Cuomo’s tax reform victory lap rolls through Brooklyn (WNYC)

Capital Tonight (Twitter) Cuomo claims TU story on strong arming Assembly GOP inaccurate, only trying to exlpain merits of bill.

NYP "If Liu is too stupid to be a law-abiding candidate, he’s way too dumb to be comptroller"

NYP to Cuomo Remove Liu

The Post says Cuomo should not be afraid to remove city Comptroller John Liu from office for a variety of ethical transgressions amid an FBI probe of his fundraising: And the beat goes on (NYP Ed)




Breaking 4:30 PM   Mistrial Declared in Councilman’s Corruption Case(NYT) * U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara pledged Friday to re-try Bronx Councilman Larry Seabrook and prove he "exploited his official position." * Judge Declares Mistrial In Seabrook Corruption Case(NY1) * Mistrial declared in corruption trial of Bronx Councilman Larry Seabrook(NYDN)


What is Going On With Seabrook and the Boyland Juries?

Deadlock Remains Unresolved In Seabrook Trial(NY1) *Jury says it's deadlocked at trial of NYC pol(WSJ)

Jury in Seabrook Trial Says It Is Still Deadlocked(NYT)

New York pols have a history of surviving criminal prosecution

Helen Marshall Get A Gambling Job for Her Daughter
Competition was fierce this summer for jobs at the new Resorts World Casino in Queens, with more than 45,000 people applying for a meager 1,500 positions. One of the lucky hires was Agnes Marie Marshall – who happens to be the daughter of Queens Borough President Helen Marshall, a staunch supporter of the long-stalled development. But those who might find patronage in the hire should look elsewhere, said one source involved with the racino. The job is as a fairly low-level "purchasing agent" in the human resources division. Our source also insisted Marshall simply applied online for the job like everyone else, and that Genting officials were unaware whose daughter she was until they ran into the BP at a recent dinner. A spokesman for Resorts World declined comment and the Queens BP's office didn't return a phone call. (City and State)

12 With Low State Test Scores Are Put on School Closing List(NYT) * 25 City Schools Set to Close(WSJ) *City DOE proposes list of school closures(NYP) * Large Troubled Schools Are Better Off Closed(NYT)* More Schools Added to City's Closing List

DOE Reveals First Half Of Proposed School Closure List(NY1)






The Bloomberg and Cuomo administrations are fighting again, this time over the livery cab bill 

Gov needs to sign livery bill(NYDN) * Juan Gonzalez can’t understand why Cuomo would install a progressive tax system and stall on the livery cab bill. * Bloomberg warns taxi deal may fall apart if not passed now(NYP) * Bloomberg's taxi bill, which would put credit card readers & meters in outer-boro livery cabs, now on Cuomo's desk. 10 days to veto or sign.*  Cuomo on Taxi Bill: ‘It’s Complicated’ (NYO)


Now We Know Why the PA Changed It Reasons for the Toll Increase. . .   A Lawsuit

Auto Club and Port Authority Fight in Court Over Rise in Toll(NYT) AAA, the automobile club, said the increase is being illegally used for World Trade Center redevelopment; the authority said the revenue is for transportation. * Port Authority changes reason for toll increase | * Port Authority Lowers Threshold For Discounts For S.I. Bridge Crossings (NY1)







Where is the 500 Million CityTime Owes the City?

Back In Its Old Chambers, City Council Overrides Mayoral Veto Of Outsourcing Bill(NY1)







Ratner's Atlantic Yards Creates Poverty
Two state agencies created a gerrymandered map of unemployment around the Atlantic Yards project in Brooklyn to help Forest City Ratner get a low-interest loan from Chinese investors, the Atlantic Yards Report says

Occupy “Law and Order” was a success 

Wall Street protesters crash 'Law and Order: SVU' set; film permit revoked (NYP) * N.Y.U. to Offer Classes on Occupy Wall Street (WSJ)* Protesters shut down 'SVU' OWS set(NYDN) * NYU To Offer Classes On Occupy Movement; OWS Protesters(WCBS) * "Occupy" Movement Inspires Two New Courses At NYU (NY1) * Charlotte, North Carolina is prepared to keep Occupy Wall Street protesters away from the upcoming Democratic National Convention.

In November Nadler Wants A Crack Down At OWS . . .  Today He Protests the Police Action? 

An Attempt to Protect Nadler Liberal Credential For Reelection?

Mayor and Congressman Clash on Police at Occupy Wall Street Protests(NYT)

In A November letter it sounded like Nadler and the other pols wanted the protesters out of Zuccotti Park

Nadler and Other Lower Manhattan Pols Urge Zuccotti Park Crackdown(WSJ) The lawmakers can’t tell the mayor how to enforce the city codes, but it could squeeze the administration, lending weight to the perception among some residents that Bloomberg is tolerating lawlessness. The lawmakers said they’ve lost faith in more diplomatic options, saying efforts by the local community board to enforce an ad hoc “good neighbor policy” have proven futile. * Mayor Bloomberg Calls Jerry Nadler’s Push For Federal Investigation Into Occupy Wall Street Raid ‘Ridiculous’(NYO) * Jerry Nadler pushed back on Mayor Bloomberg’s dismissal of his call for a DOJ investigation into Occupy Wall Street, accusing the mayor of ”spewing nonsense and so wildly contradicting himself.” * Anti-incumbent sentiment is at an all-time high. 


John Farley, a journalist for WNET Arrested OWS

Mayor Bloomberg Says Police Didn’t Prevent Reporters From Covering Occupy Wall Street(NYO)


Bill de Blasio (Twitter) . Bloomberg- Would not call being held several blocks away 'stepping aside.' So the new rationale is protecting frm press? Really?


What Is Cuomo Buying  From Lopez . . .  Support of A 2013 Mayoral Candidate?

Lopez's Nonprofit Wins State Grant (WSJ) A Brooklyn nonprofit connected to a powerful state lawmaker and under scrutiny for alleged financial improprieties was awarded $845,806 in state grants. * Cuomo spokesman Josh Vlasto “did not respond directly” to questions about why a nonprofit founded by Assemblyman/Brooklyn Democratic boss Vito Lopez, which is reportedly under federal investigation, is slated to receive close to $900,000 in economic development cash.

Vito Wins City Loses

New York City lost out, but the business community called the whole thing “a charade.”




NYC Councilman Vincent Gentile was fined nearly $27,000 by the CFB, most of that was for exceeding spending limits in the 2009 election. * Brooklyn City Councilman Is Fined(NYT)


DEC: NY drilling regs would prevent pollution(WSJ) * EPA: Fracking May Have Led To Groundwater Pollution At Wyoming Drilling Site(NY1)



GW Bridge to Get 8-Year, $1 Billion Makeover(NBC) *  Now 80, George Washington Bridge Will Undergo Repairs(NYT)





 The number of bicyclists in the city keeps climbing


Super PACs now a force in the presidential race(WSJ) *  President Obama taunts GOP foes, says ask Osama Bin Laden about his appeasing terrorists and tyrants (NYDN)* Newt the Supply-Side Sizzler - Larry Kudlow, National Review * What Obama Left Out of His Big Speech - Michael Kinsley, Bloomberg * Gingrich Is Inspiring -- and Disturbing - Peggy Noonan, Wall Street Journal * The Question of the Moment for Newt - John Ellis, RealClearPolitics * No Need to Rush Primary Process - Jonah Goldberg, Boston Herald * Romney's Granite Fortress Under Siege - Jonathan Martin, Politico * Turnout Is Critical Variable in Iowa - Scott Conroy, RealClearPolitics * The 2012 Field May Not Be Closed - Rhodes Cook, Sabato's Crystal Ball*  Mitt Romney's Return to Negativeland - Michael Scherer, Time * Why Washington Is Shocked by Newt's Rise - Christian Whiton, FOX News * Why I'm Not Sold on Newt - Charlie Cook, National Journal * GOP Playing Politics w/Ambassador Confirmation - Maria Cardona, CNN

Jon Stewart: What Candidate Won The ‘Tuches Kiss-Off’ At The GOP Jewish Forum?

Stephen Colbert Defends Rick Perry’s Pro-Christmas And Anti-Gays In Military Campaign Ad





Corzine: I Simply Do Not Know Where the Money Is?

Corzine Defends His Actions at MF Global(NYT)  * Corzine's Loss May Be Soros's Gain(WSJ) * Corzine Defends Tenure, Puzzles Over Missing Funds(WSJ) * Video: Corzine Testifies Before Congress(WSJ) * Corzine tries to distance himself from MF Global's downfall (NYP) * Corzine’s ‘clueless’ confession(NYP)

All the G.O.P.’s Gekkos(Krugman, NYT)

Hotel Video in Strauss-Kahn Case Resolves Little(NYT) * Hotel workers' dance stirs suspicions of political plot against DSK(NYP) * Surveillance Video Reveals More Questions Than Answers In(WCBS)





Upper East Side stick-up crew wanted for three iPhone robberies (NYDN) The pair hit three in the East 70s on Madison and Lexington

WATCH: Cops hunt Qns. serial rapist(NYP)

Southeast Queens serial rapist eyed in three attacks (NYDN)

 Law and Order

Manhattan DA: Two Indicted In Fast Food Beat Down(NY1) * Two women get a side of felony charges in caught-on-video McDonald's beatdown(NYP) * NY police seeking serial killer resume search(NYP) * Queens bank robber panics after firing gun at the ceiling (NYDN) * Officer Wounds Groping Suspect in Harlem Subway Station(NYT)