Thursday, December 8, 2011

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Three Stealth Men

Fairer Taxes But With the MTA Cut Will The Trains Run On Time?



Behind Rapid Deal on Taxes, Stealth Maneuvering by Cuomo(NYT)The remarkably rapid progress of the tax revisions — without a single public hearing or town-hall-style meeting — provided the most striking illustration to date of Mr. Cuomo’s policymaking strategy: information is tightly controlled, negotiations are carried out behind closed doors and the debate is limited to just a few people. Cuomo insisted the issues behind the new tax package were fully aired for the last three years, despite the lack of public input as it was created * After the passage – albeit not quite as quickly as everyone had hoped – of his big tax code reform/jobs bill, Gov. Andrew Cuomo held a (solo) press conference and called the plan “the best path for the state at this time,” and the best choice for a “new” economic reality.* Bloomberg vowed not to follow Albany’s tax-raising lead, despite facing a $2 billion budget deficit next year.* Video: Cuomo’s late-night spinning(TU) * Cuomo Defends Transparency(YNN)


In an interview on Wednesday, Mr. Cuomo said that the current tax issue had been fully aired before the legislation was unveiled.  . .  Mr. Cuomo, who vowed during his campaign that his administration would be the most transparent in the state’s history, has concentrated power even further.

A Word about Openness (updated)(David Grandeau)  * Tax Changes Pose Problem For the GOP(WSJ) *  State Senate Approves Plan For Middle Class Tax Break, Millionaire Tax Hike(NY1) 

 Skelos: Coward's Way Out?

In May, Skelos insisted any attempt to raise taxes on the rich was “dead.” In ’09, he said closing the budget deficit by raising taxes was the “coward’s” way out. Cuomo’s Grand Bargain Maintains Senate’s Status Quo (City and State) A bad ‘state’ of tax 'cuts'(NYP) * The tax code overhaul bill, clocking in at 33 pages and over 19,000 words, was posted online 26 minutes before the Senate began voting on it.


“Maybe (Assembly Speaker) Shelly Silver is raising taxes, but we’re cutting taxes,” Skelos told reporters yesterday.




Squardron the Fake Who the Media Brands As A Reformer Covers His Ass

Azi Paybarah (Twitter) .: "3 reforms that wud make a big difference are a more open system to give major bills like this one a full public hearing..."



A Deal Within the Tax Deal: Transit Riders Beware(NYT)






Taxi Industry and Their Lobbyist Have More Power Than Outer Borough Residents

Livery Cab Proposal Faces New Uncertainty(NYT) * Bill to Overhaul Taxi Industry Goes to Cuomo (WSJ) * Livery Cab Bill Declared Dead By Silver(NY1) * Gov. Cuomo set to slam brakes on Mayor Bloomberg's livery car street hail bill(NYDN)






One of Liu's MF Global Executives Gone

Liu Official Steps Down (WSJ) A former chief executive of MF Global Holdings Ltd., Kevin Davis, resigned abruptly from New York City Comptroller John Liu's office on Wednesday, one week after critics questioned the comptroller's decision to hire him. * Kevin Davis, a former chief executive of collapsed trading firm MF Global, has abruptly resigned from his job handling commodity investments for city Comptroller John Liu’s office


Liu Trying to Prevent A Mass Exodus

John Liu awards raises to staffers amid fund-raising scandal(NYDN)




Liu's Top Political Fund Raiser Owes IRS

Liu’s top aide owes $175K in taxes (NYPLiu’s top political aide Chung Seto is facing $175,000 in IRS liens for unpaid federal income taxes(NYP)


 What Did Huntley Know?

Her Kin and aide indicted and she gave the money in the form of member item funds to a non profit they controlled

4 Accused in Theft of Aid Meant for Nonprofit(NYT) * State Funds Theft Alleged(WSJ) * Pol’s kin, aide face charges(NYP)


Deadlock Remains Unresolved In Seabrook Trial (NY1)









Is the NYP Helping to Separate Quinn From Her Puppet Master to Elect Her? 

The lady and the tramps (NYP Ed) The Post says questions City Council Speaker Christine Quinn’s fitness to be maor, saying her lawsuit against the Bloomberg administration’s new homeless housing policy would return New York City to the bad old days:




Thompson Collects $$$

Bill Thompson raked in $250,000 at a Hudson Hotel fundraiser Monday night, which may put to rest critics who say he’s not bringing his A-game to the 2013 mayoral campaign. “You just try to do the best you can,” he said yesterday while in a car heading to another fundraiser. One area where he will make a comparison: He bets he’d be able to get along better with Cuomo than Mayor Michael Bloomberg has. Cuomo appointed Thompson to run the Battery Park City Authority, while he barely speaks to Bloomberg. “I don’t think this mayor has had a lot of success with anybody in Albany,” Thompson said.

City in Fight for State Funds (WSJ)  Navy Yard, Hunts Point Among Projects Awaiting State Decision on $200 Million





Occupiers home free(NYP)*  Occupy gets OK to stay for now in Albany (TU) * VIDEO: Chris Christie Heckled by OWS(NBC)



New York’s Math Scores Dip on U.S. Student Tests, Diverging From Trend in Other Big Cities(NYT)



NAEP: City Kids' Math, Reading Scores Unimproved Since 2009 Tests(NY1) * Final List Of Schools Facing Closure To Be Released This Week(NY1) 









 Cuomo Has Not Named Any Appointments Blocking Art Center At WTC

Art Wars?

Arts Center Plan in Limbo(WTC) The fate of a performing arts center slated to be designed by Frank Gehry for the World Trade Center site is in limbo as its boosters await the creation of a board of directors necessary for $100 million in funding.



Is the Daily News Against Rent Laws?

Supreme Court must hear, decide New York rent control case (NYDN Ed)


School Closing Announcements Start Thursday(NYT) * The Names: Schools the City Wants to Shut(NYT)






Cuomo Show Me the Study

Brooklyn BP Marty Markowitz wants Cuomo to rescind a DOT decision to terminate environmental studies for the rehabilitation of the Gowanus and Brooklyn Heights portions of the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway. 


Private Firms Not Fixing Subway Escalators And Elevators As Required, Report Says(NY1)

Push to Ban New York Carriage Horses Gains Steam(NYT)


Alleged NYPD Racist Comments Involved Officers, Kelly Says(NY1) * Police Comm. Kelly is right to probe W. Indian parade slurs(NYDN Ed)* Kelly: Officers' parade rants unacceptable(WABC)


Arrests for pot have dropped after Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly issued a warning(NYDN)



Karl Rove (Twitter) With the Iowa caucuses just 26 days away, the Republican presidential contest is now a two-man race. * Gingrich's Organization Deficit Disorder - Karl Rove, Wall Street Journal * What GOP Voters Are Thinking as Voting Grows Near - Sean Trende, RCP * Newt Looks Stoppable, But Probably Not by Romney - Major Garrett, NJ *  Christie Talks Up Romney, Himself in Iowa - Scott Conroy, RealClearPolitics * Perry Gets Chilly Reception From DC Republicans - Alex Isenstadt, Politico * President Embraces Progressivism - Matthew Rothschild, The Progressive

Ex-MF Global CEO to tell committee he doesn't know where missing millions are(NYP)

Missing Prostitute’s Clothes Found on Long Island(NYT) * 94 Indicted in Scheme Exploiting a Bank(NYT) * 94 Accused in Bank Fraud Scheme(WTC) * Manhattan District Attorney busts  check-fraud  scheme that may have cost TD Bank more than $1M (NYDN) * FBI to change definition of ‘rape’ for the first time since 1929 (NYDN) * Judge refuses to free boy who confessed to tossing shopping cart in Harlem that put woman in a coma (NYDN) * Woman charged with stabbing boyfriend to death in Washington Heights (NYDN) * Mom of 15-year-old killed at prison gets $3.5M(NYDN) * Gambino ‘Soprano’ gets off easy(NYP) 

Terrorism  Police Step Up Security After Deutsche Bank Letter Bomb(NYT) *

Mail Bomb Threat Puts City's Deutsche Bank Offices On High Security Alert(NY1)



Coalition for Accountability in Political Spending





Fix was in: Bloomberg mag seconds a scoop (NYP)








Jon Stewart Makes A Case For Obama’s Indefinite Detention Without Trial



'Plugola': Some News Guests Receive Payment To Promote Products (VIDEO)