Monday, December 5, 2011

True News Update 24/7 Analysis Not Availabe in the Old Media

Cuomo Pushes Higher Tax Rates for Big Earners(NYT) * Cuomo Sets New Agenda: Jobs and Taxes(WSJ) Cuomo, laying out a jobs-creation agenda for his second year, said he would pursue a "comprehensive reform of our tax code," urge an expansion of gambling, and give employers new tax incentives to hire and train urban youths. Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s rollout of new tax rates for the rich – lower than the expiring millionaires’ tax rate but higher than the old base – has won the support of the Partnership for New York City business group. The governor’s new agenda doesn’t include mandate reform, a new pension tier or the MTA’s regional payroll tax, the Wall Street Journal. * State lawmakers mull changes to controversial  MTA payroll tax (NYDN) * Sources briefed on those talks say the new tax rates being discussed would last for several years. A commission would be created to come up with permanent new rates and to address tax loopholes and changes to business taxes. * Cuomo wants to expand non-Indian gaming in NYS, but that would require a (time consuming) constitutional amendment. * EJ McMahon points out that what is getting lost in Cuomo's talk about a tax overhaul is that he intends to raise taxes. * Bloomberg Wary of Reports on Cuomo's Tax Agenda(NYT) * In Essay, Cuomo Offers His Case for Amending State’s Tax System (NYT)

NYP's Dicker Defends Cuomo

Tax & don’t spend Gov’s hope for next budget (NYP) Despite a newfound willingness to raise taxes on the rich, Gov. Cuomo is still insisting he’s fiscally prudent and will hold the line on state spending next year.The Post’s Fred Dicker says Cuomo has vowed to limit next year’s budget growth to 2 percent, while Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver hopes to lower taxes for those making up to $125,000 * Cuomo has a speaking problem (BN) Gov. Andrew Cuomo has mastered the art of saying not much of anything," especially when it comes to taxing the rich. State Conservative Chairman Mike Long believes Cuomo has “lost his will to stand up to special interests” (AKA unions and their allies) when it comes to taxes.* Biz Council’s Statement No. 2: ‘No Doubting’ Cuomo(YNN)

City & State (Twitter)  Cuomo mulling a plan to both raise AND lower taxes on the rich. Figure THAT one out, Silver & Skelos!

Nick Confessore (Twitter) 2) Can he get business lobby (vs. wealthy-guy lobby) to go along, maybe w/non-tax measures, maybe by reducing NY corporate franchise tax? * Key questions, to me, on prospective Cuomo plan: 1) Is it revenue-neutral or does it raise revenue? If so, from who?


Cuomo Threat To Vito Albany's Political Redistricting Will Disappear Next Year

Andrew’s lip service (NYP) The Manhattan Institute’s E.J. McMahon writes in the Post that Cuomo is pushing his tax plan so quickly because his leverage over legislative leaders will only last until redistricting in mid-February. The Times Union says Cuomo should urgently push for campaign finance reform to limit the flood of money from unions and other special interests threatening to swamp New York next year Bad to worse in New York (TU)

 Liu Like Father Like #1 Son 

Liu got $$ from dad’s co-crook(NYP) Embattled Comptroller John Liu, the city’s chief fiscal officer, took an $800 campaign contribution from a man who was convicted of bank fraud along with Liu’s father * The Liu clock ticks (NYP Ed) Liu seems to be admitting that the gifts he got were likely illegal — and yet his campaign took them anyway. Which means Liu also took taxpayer money — in the form of public matching funds based on apparently phony private contributions from 2009.

Andrew Hevesi may be gearing up for a nasty personal war against the man who put his father behind bars

Hevesi's son may be gearing up for nasty war against Cuomo(NYDN) Assemblyman Andrew Hevesi, newly appointed chairman of the Investigation Committee, may use the post’s subpoena power to probe Cuomo, whose pay-to-pay probe jailed his father, former state Comptroller Alan Hevesi . Cuomo's people wants Silver to “control” him.


Andrew's Father Got Him His Assembly Seat With Corrupt Pension Funds

Andrew wanted his father to get the same sentence as former Liberal Party Chair Ray Harding. Who Mr. helped arrange a $150,000-a-year job for Michael Cohen, then an assemblyman in a Queens district, at the Health Insurance Plan of New York, a company for whom Mr. Harding had been a lobbyist so Andrew could take over the Assembly seat

The Political Sons Fight

Azi Paybarah (Twitter) Hevesi source: "real dysfunction in state gov't is not the Legislature, it’s the executive branch & their agencies"


Deadlocked Jury To Resume Deliberations In Seabrook Trial(NY1) * Seabrook Jurors Say They Cannot Reach a Verdict(NYT) 

TNPM Update* Jury in Councilman’s Corruption Trial Says Its Split Has Widened, to All 12 Counts(NYT) * Jurors Remain Deadlocked In Seabrook Corruption Trial(NY1)









Bruno Want to Do A Boyland . . .  Use Taxpayer Funds to Pay His Legal Bill

Former Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno plans to seek taxpayer funding for his $2 million legal bill after his corruption conviction was thrown out, invoking an obscure provision of the Public Officers Law, the Times Union* Bruno and Boyland Could Get Legal Costs Reimbursed




NYT Says CUNY Students Not Ready for College, The DN Says Its OK to Charge Them More 

CUNY tuition hikes were a painful but needed measure (NYDN Ed) * The Times says New York City and state need to strengthen their curriculum and teacher training so high school graduates are ready for college, while state lawmakers need to put more money into CUNY’s early intervention programs Where Schools Fall Short(NYT Ed)


Churches to Lose Use of School Space After a Legal Push Fails(NYT)







DN Pushes Protect the Aqueducts From Fracking

New York’s lifeblood flows from its upstate reservoirs Fracking must wait until system’s safety is sure (NYDN Ed) The Daily News says the Department of Environmental Conservation must accept whatever buffer around New York City aqueducts a city study determines is necessary to protect them from hydrofracking – even if it’s 17 miles. The Post, on the other hand, accuses DEC Commissioner Joe Martens of trying to kill fracking via “death by 1,000 stalls.”

How Long You Wait Depends on the Hood

Access to Doctors Varies Widely Across Neighborhoods(WSJ)

Time Out to Push the Education Reelection Third Term Mayor BS

City took 5 yrs. to probe school’s grade scam(NYP)


On A Day the Post Office Will Eliminate 100,000 Jobs the NYP Thinks This is Front Page News

NYC Unemployment Rate Close to 9% (Real 16%) for three years

Wall Street firm hires OWS protester(NYP) * Occupy' Protester Gets Wall Street Job(Fox 5)

3 hunger-striking protesters cuffed in trespas(NYDN)  * Zuccotti owners owe city $139G in back taxes(NYDN) * Mediating the Sound of Drums for Occupy Wall Street(Forbes)



 Hanging Chads

 Study: 20K Votes for NY Governor Voided in 2010(NBC)  As many as 20,000 votes cast for governor in the 2010 state election were voided because voters unintentionally cast their ballots for more than one candidate, according to a new study.


City Cracking Down on Performers in Washington Square Park(NYT) * Street Performers Speak Out Against Summonses Issued At Washington Square(NY1)



Underwater Drones Giving More Eyes to Police Harbor Unit as Searches Grow(NYT)





America’s Top Heathen Odin himself might have had a hard time predicting Dan Halloran’s strange career on New York’s City Council (Village Voice)



The Post says Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand’s new “Moderate Senate 2012” political action committee shows she is all over the ideological map and needs a Republican challenger: A reasonably ripe target (NYP Ed)

No Change to Pass Congress, Campaign BS  Gillibrand Aims To Reduce Illegal Gun Sales In New York(NY1) * Gillibrand Backs Bill To Battle Illegal Gun Sales(WCBS)


Gingrich Promises Reagan's "It's Morning In America Again" Again

The previously unimaginable Newt scenario(Salon) * Cain set to back Gingrich(NYP) * Romney Girds for Gingrich(WSJ) * Analysis: Newt Gingrich gains steam, but must shed divisive past (NYDN) * Herman Cain to endorse Newt Gingrich: report(NYDN) * GOP candidates say Trump's debate is a joke(NYDN) * Newt's literal new ad (Politico) * Forget Hope. Obama Has a New Strategy - Zeke Miller, Business Insider * Why Obama Can't Play Teddy Roosevelt - Jonathan Tobin, Commentary * In Gingrich, Romney Now Sees a Grave Threat - John Harwood, NY Times * The Insider-Outsider Divide Over Gingrich - Byron York, DC Examiner * Trump Should Not Moderate GOP Debate - Hugh Hewitt, DC Examiner * A Totally Clueless Republican Field - Paul Krugman, New York Times * Donald Trump's Sideshow Debate - National Review *Vetting Newt Gingrich - Washington Post * Trump attacks Chuck Todd on air (Politico) * Gingrich called FDR "the greatest political leader of the 20th century"(MSNBC) * Fund-Raising Gains New Urgency for Gingrich Camp(NYT) * When Gingrich’s Big Thoughts Backfire(NYT)

Newt Gingrich Pitches Queens Republicans(NYO) * A rare sight in New York: a presidential contender stumping for votes * Gingrich Attacks Gov. Cuomo, Romney, Pelosi During Fundraising Trip To NYC (WCBS) * Newt Gingrich Says He Can Win in New York (NY Magazine)




Calls The Donald 'a great businessman'; mogul says Gingrich resonates (NYP) * Trump announced – again – that he is not running for president next year as an independent, and plans to “support and endorse” the GOP contender. * Gingrich Seeks Trump's Presidential Nod In Manhattan(NY1)


Jon Stewart Says Goodbye To Herman Cain With His Own Pokemon Quote



Law and Order

Bouncer slain(NYP) * Drug bust for dad of shot SI tot(NYP) * Levi’s nuts or I’ll quit: att’y(NYP) * Grand Jury Delay for Accused Bomber(WSJ) * Lupica: Bus killer is latest example of New York gun nightmare (NYDN) * Ex-McDonald's cook cleared after whacking customers plans to sue(NYDN) * Bus-slay victim an ex-cop (NYP)*  Cops: Gunman In Upper West Side Double Shooting On The Loose (WPIX) * Ex-husband ranted on blog before allegedly shooting wife, daughter (NYP) * Family of accused Queens bus gunman apologizes to victims(NYP) * Mother, Daughter Shot In Head Inside Astoria, Queens Home(WCBS) * Ex-husband ranted on blog before shooting family(NYP)


Grand Jury Has Another Month To Consider Case Against Manhattan Terror Suspect(NY1) * Attorney: Grand jury delayed in NYC bomb plot case(WNBC)

At TV and Radio Outlets, Little-Known Trove of Kudos and Complaints(NYT) 

Yahoo!: Weiner Top Scandal of Year

President Van Buren honored in NY on his birthday(WSJ)

Postal Service Cuts To Lengthen Delivery Time (NY1) * Cuts to first-class mail to slow delivery in 2012(NYP) *  Cuts by Postal Service Will Slow First-Class Mail(NYT)






Behind the financial crisis: A fraud investigator talks (60 Minutes)

New York Magazine Ramps Up 2012 Coverage