Tuesday, December 6, 2011

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The Liu $800 Parties Are Over

More signs of Liu's Guilt As He Nixes Fund-Raiser Over Legal Questions

Liu cancels Xma$ (NYP) Comptroller John Liu’s plan to turn a Chinatown holiday bash into a campaign fund-raiser has been nixed over legal questions.Want to bet that the Chinese New Year fund raiser which is still on is canceled also.


Wounded Liu Still Punching Back At Bloomberg

Parks Dept. Forfeited Millions in Revenue, Audit Says(NYT) * Comptroller's Audit Finds City Parks Lost Millions Through Poorly Managed Concessions(NY1)* Audit: Parks Miss Millions in Concession Fees (WSJ)



Jury in Councilman’s Trial Says Its Split Has Widened(NYT) * Jurors Remain Deadlocked In Seabrook Corruption Trial(NY1) * Jury Deliberating In Corruption Case Against NYC Councilman Larry Seabrook (WCBS)





The NYP:  Cuomo’s tax plan “Andrew’s surrender . . . Cuomo lacks the skill, the stamina and the imagination needed to defeat Albany
Cuomo wants income tax rates to rise with every $500,000 of income between $1 million and $2.5 million, while cutting taxes for those who make less than $125,000 Rate-fink Cuomo in tax-hike powwow(NYP) * Andrew’s surrender(NYP Ed) *  Mario’s son after all(NYP) * The tale of two Gov. Cuomos: Suddenly, he wants to tax the rich (Hammon, NYDN)* Cuomo Weighing Tax Rates(WSJ) * Bloomberg Signals Discomfort With Higher Taxes on Rich (WSJ) Overall, Cuomo aims to raise $2B more than NY would have if current PIT rates sunset as scheduled at end of this month.

In Essay, Cuomo Offers His Case for Amending State’s Tax System(NYT) * The Assembly Democrats are conferencing at 3 p.m. on the yet-undisclosed tax code reform proposal that would be the centerpiece of a special session – if one occurs this week.* Cuomo met with legislative leaders last night. Under discussion: A potential 8.82 percent rate for $2 million earners (down slightly from the current 8.97 percent) , coupled with reductions for taxpayers who make under $125,000 – or maybe $300,000? – and potential cuts in the MTA payroll tax and business taxes. * Overall, Cuomo is aiming to raise $2 billion more than the state would have if the current PIT rates sunset on schedule at the end of the month. But there’s a lot of moving parts here, and no final deal – yet. ****  

NYS Deal to Tax the Wealthiest 

Breaking 420PM  Cuomo Strikes Deal to Raise Taxes on the Wealthiest(NYT) * NY'ers earning over $2M to see hike, those under $300K to see cut  (NYP)* Council Committee Endorses Cuomo's Tax Plan(NYT) * Albany Lawmakers Reach Tax Reform, Jobs Creation Deal(NY1) * “Governor Cuomo Backslides.” (National Review) * “U-Turn alert.” (Metro Focus)  * “We applaud Governor Cuomo and both houses of the legislature for putting New York’s economy back on track.” (Outgoing AFL-CIO President Denis Hughes) * “(T)he process by which the deal was struck is a continuation of the backdoor-deal making that has defined Albany culture.” (Civic groups) * Reactions Galore To Deal In Albany(Albany Watch) * With New Tax Deal, Cuomo Wins Again(NY Magazine) When is a millionaires’ tax increase not really an increase? When Governor Andrew Cuomo says so. (And the media write whatever he says)

Capital Tonight (Twitter) PEF re tax deal: "Step in right direction...falls short in obtaining the goal of a fair tax system." Rich get bigger cut than middle class.

Capital Tonight (Twitter) Updated NYT story, new headline: Cuomo And Leg Leaders "Agree to Overhaul Taxes." 1st version was on taxing rich. Hm.

Cuomo Strikes Deal to Raise Taxes on the Wealthiest(NYT)  * Council Committee Endorses Cuomo's Tax Plan(NYT) 

Nick Confessore (Twitter) Cuomo tax deal oh-so-artful: The richest (>$2m) will pay more than pre-'09-schrge. But they still get a tax cut over current effective rate.

Michael Powell (Twitter) As Republicans and Democrats declare victory on tax plan that raises rate for millionaires, Governor smiles like cat that ingested canary



State's Growing Budget Deficit Not OWS Protests Moved Cuomo (insiders)

ken lovett (Twitter) The tale of two Gov. Cuomos: Suddenly, he wants to tax the rich - NY Daily News
The Daily News gives Cuomo room for limited tax hikes but urges him to hold the line on spending and reform public employee pensions and health benefits. Not buying the line pushed by team Cuomo Andrew Cuomo’s tax-the-rich plan has big promise  for New York (NYDN Ed) * Newsday praises Cuomo’s burst of progressive policy ideas, saying it’s absurd to suddenly tackle them all in a special session, but that’s the way Albany works. Newsday wishes for more transparency in this horse-trading process, and hopes lawmakers and Cuomo have the “decency” to leave redistricting out of it.* Writes Charles Gasparino: “It took less than a year, but the Andrew Cuomo who learned politics at the knee of his ultraliberal father is finally showing his true colors.”

Citigroup to Cut 4,500 Jobs(NY Magazine)

Team Cuomo Says Who Cares What the Media Thinks
Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s most detailed statement to date about overhauling New York’s tax code was an op-ed released yesterday for the state’s newspapers to run – not a formal statement or a news conference. Capital Tonight host Liz Benjamin called it "mystifying," while New York Times reporter Nick Confessore noted it was a bold move from a governor who rarely gives interviews. Not that it bothered the governor – asked about the hubbub, one Cuomo insider said, "So what?"



Media Reports Quinn Bloomberg Fake Fights Designed to Give Her Distance From Her Puppetmaster and Elected Her in 2013, As Real

Aides to Mayor Michael Bloomberg are discussing raising property taxes to avoid cutting agency budgets by 10 percent or more, but City Council Speaker Christine Quinn says it would be dead on arrival, the Post reports






NYS Has It Own Hanging Chad Problem After Spending Millions on New Machines

100,000 Voters in the NYS Presidential Election May Not Be Counted

60,000 NY votes were tossed out last year(NYDN) * Study: Confusion Led To Thousands Of Tossed Votes Across State (Ny1) * New Yorkers Throwing Their Vote Away With New Machines (WCBS)*

Facebook and other high-tech giants love New York(NYDN Ed) But city schools must start supplying computer talent*  At Harlem Arts School, New Chief Hits Her Stride(NYT)







Cuomo Vs. Bloomberg On Connecting Outer Borough Taxi Service and Handicapped Cabs

 Cuomo will veto a bill allowing New York City livery cabs to pick up fares on the street unless at least 1,500 new yellow cab medallions are for handicapped-accessible cabs, the Daily News reports.  * Sources: Cuomo To Veto Livery Cab Bill Unless Amendment Is Met(NY1)

Bloomberg Pushes Back Over Wheelchair-Accessible Cabs (10/21/2011, NY1)


“You would cut the number of teachers in half and just have good teachers"

Small Classes Unimportant to Bloomberg (NYT) There is an “autumn of the patriarch” feel to Mayor these days.  Freed — perhaps — of presidential daydreams, freed — perhaps — of desire for another term as mayor, Mr. Bloomberg sounds unburdened by inhibition and convinced that Americans hunger for his insights.

A New York Map Service Saves Brokers’ Shoe Leather (NYT)

Occupy Our Homes

OWS gal cheered & jeered (NYP) *  Occupy Wall Street Targets Housing Crisis (NY1) * Occupy Wall Street’ Resurfaces With March On Foreclosed Homes In Brooklyn(WCBS) * Occupy Our Homes: OWS Encouraging Families to Move Back Into Foreclosed Homes, But is the Law on Their Side?(NYO) * Occupiers in East New York Retake Foreclosed Home (Brooklyn Daily Eagle)




Paterson: Maybe A Little Less Sunlight 

The Cuomo administration has an extra $250,000 on hand because former Gov. David Paterson’s papers will not be going to Cornell, as he originally planned, but to the more traditional State Archives instead.




Some trustees of the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum pressured their colleagues to donate to Cuomo’s re-election event, while they seek approval to expand the museum on state-owned land (NYT) * Cuomo reportedly raised $500,000 during his brief trip to LA last week, where he “simply riveted” a crowd of Hollywood cynics who left saying “2016


Churches to Lose Use of School Space After a Legal Push Fails(NYT) * Supreme Court Sides With City On After-Hours Worship At Public Schools(NY1) * Churches Grapple With School Ruling(WSJ)



Locals stamp feet over post office cutbacks(NYDN)






2nd Ave. Subway’s new bang a whimper(NYP) * Underground Blasting Resumes On Second Avenue Subway(NY1)




Its Aqueduct racino by a nose! A $9.9 million weekly take beats Yonkers’ Empire City as state’s top earner  (NYDN)


The "Do-Nothing" Congress Really Did Nothing This Year (The Atlantic Wire)






Jon-Bubba twist (NYP)  Even as Jon Corzine’s MF Global was collapsing, a firm that includes former President Bill Clinton in a senior post was raking in huge fees for public-relations and financial advice from the ill-fated brokerage* Corzine Rebuffed Warnings(WSJ) * Financial Crimes Vex Prosecutors(WSJ) * The fall of ‘key man’ Corzine (The Hill)


In Insider Trading Congress It is Not the 1% It is the 47%

Congress Discusses Enacting Stricter Insider-Trading Laws (NYT)

47% of Congress Members Millionaires (Yahoonews)


The Libertarian Intelligentsia Is Freaking Out Over Newt (TPM) *


 Campaigns Take Ad War to TV After Months of Holding Fire (NYT)

New Ron Paul Ad - BIG DOG


Donald Trump vs Chuck Todd - The Highlight Of The Day (TPM) * Karl Rove Has Had It With The Donald Trump Debate: ‘This Is Not A Newsman’ Krauthammer: Trump Debate Where ‘Moderator Chooses A Nominee Afterward’ Is A ‘Joke’ * Romney says he will not attend Trump-moderated debate(NYP)

N.Y.C. Police Maligned Paradegoers on Facebook(NYT) A Facebook group formed for NYPD officers who hate working the West Indian American Day Parade was filled with comments disparaging paradegoers as “animals” and “savages,” the New York Times says




The MTA is installing cameras and driver partitions on hundreds of buses after a string of violent incidents.





After Jailhouse Bar Mitzvah, Rabbi Is Fined for Accepting a Gift(NYT)


 Law and Order

NYPD: Thefts of smartphones and iPads now more prevalent than cash as criminals turn focus on (NYDN)

Blog-of-blood family murder (NYP) Wife, daughter shot * Grisly new search at Gilgo Beach(NYP) * Astoria Man Charged With Killing Stepdaughter, Wounding Estranged Wife(NY1) * 2 Women Injured in Shooting(WSJ) * Another NYC school pepper spray incident(WSJ) * Authorities vow crackdown on drug dealing(NYDN)

Hero cop hails thug's 20-year sentence for botched B'klyn robbery(NYP)



Lawsuit claims Poly Prep covered up iconic football coach Phil Foglietta's sex abuse of young boys for decades(NYDN)