Sunday, December 4, 2011

True News Update 24/7 Sunday Update - Analysis Not Availabe in the Old Media

The Daily News Says Council Speaker Chris Quinn’s homeless lawsuit a big stunt (NYDN Ed)

She says the notion of asking applicants whether they truly need shelter is “cruel and punitive.” Wow. What’s punitive is to ask taxpayers to shelter people who have other options, at a potential estimated cost of $4 million annually. . .  Quinn faces charges that she filed her own suit to score points among hoped-for liberal supporters by distancing herself from Mayor Bloomberg.
If the NYT Can Blame Boyland for Poverty Why Can't the Daily News Blame the Council For the Homeless?

Why Doesn't the Daily News Hold the Council Accountable for Creating More Homeless and Not Fixing the City's High Unemployment? . . .  Thursday the NYT said in the eight years he was in Albany, records show Assemblyman William Boyland Jr. did little to help alleviate the crime and poverty that runs rampant in his Brownsville, Brooklyn district. A Lawmaker Back in Trouble, in a District That Knows Despair(NYT)

Jury at Impasse on First Count in Councilman’s Trial(NYT) Liu, the city comptroller, had resisted calls to release the names of fund-raisers, after questions about the source and legitimacy of some of his campaign contributions. * Jury Split In Seabrook Corruption Trial(NY1) * Larry jury can’t ‘count’(NYP)








Mr. Liu called the accusations of improprieties “quite embarrassing” and promised a full accounting Next Week

Facing Scrutiny, Liu Will Disclose Names of Fund-Raisers(NYT)*

Liu's Fundraising Scandal Could Stall Pension Overhaul, Bloomberg Says(NY1)





It’s impossible to do business in NYC, to do a carnival, without paying a Pol

The Feds Always Uncover Corrupt Elected Officials. Never the DA's DOI, Investigative Reporters or state ethics groups.

Brooklyn Assemblyman William Boyland Jr.'s arrest shines light on corruption in carnival industry(NYDN) Tilt-a-whirls and other amusement rides part of carnival corruption involving William Boyland Jr.. Lawrence Carr Amusements is one of the larger operators. Records show that since 2003, Carr and his relatives donated $27,500 to 15 New York politicians.  DCA requires letters of support from local pols

It Was Monserrate Carnival Also

When he was arrested in August, the FBI singled out campaign checks totaling $5,000 that Carr wrote in 2006 to an unnamed elected official, as well as a $5,000 check to a not-for-profit organization the official controlled. The feds characterized the payments as attempted bribes. The carnival operators lawyer identified the official as then-state Sen. Hiram Monserrate of Queens. He has not been charged or implicated in wrongdoing. 


Boyland Takes A Bribe to Pay His Legal Fees Which Are Being Paid for By the State?

F.B.I.: Boyland took bribes to pay lawyers defending him from

William Boyland’s poverty cry gets taxpayer-funded defense(NYDN Ed) Assemblyman has plenty from healthy public salary. Facing his second federal corruption rap in nine months, Boyland has requested — and received — taxpayer-funded legal representation on the grounds that he’s far too broke to pay for his own lawyers.  $79,000 Salary and $12,500 leadership stipend.  Plus $23,000 he has drawn for supposed travel and lodging expenses in Albany — including for days he was in court or, according to FBI wiretaps, negotiating alleged payoffs.



Boyland Joins the Entire City Council In Getting Free Legal Representation 

Press Piling On Boyland

100G slush-fund hangover - New York Post

It is interesting why the press gangs on Boyland after he get indicted but leaves the other pols alone for taking legal fees or not helping solve problems like unemployment and the difficulty of running a small business in NYC.



Hevesi Must Have Also Been In the Dark About the Millions He Recieved in Campaign Contributions From Crooks Getting the City's Pension $$$ From Morris?

It is funny that both comptrollers Liu and Hevesi claim they never knew what their top staff was engaged in corruption.

Hevesi blames own stupidity but mea culpa failed to sway parole board(NYDN)  In failed parole bid, ex-pol says he ‘didn’t know’ pal was doing illicit business under nose.  Hevesi never knew about who paid for his vacations or that the liberal party leader Harding was paid off in pension $$$ in exchange for giving him the party ballot line? When both Hevesi and Liu ran  for comptroller they claimed they were good managers.  When they people they picked and were supposed to manage get caught in corrupt they play dumb.


NY State Legislature special session could foster tax breaks for the middle class, what a concept rocnow
The NYP's Dicker and Bob McManus are Having A Heart Attack Over NY Taxing the Rich More

Income Taxes for Wealthy May Increase in Albany Deal(NYT) * While Albany Vacations  lawmakers have a lot of unfinished business that needs to be done right now (NYT Ed) * Andy gets twisted on taxes(Goodwin, NYP) * N .Y. legislators may return this week to tackle Cuomo's tax-code plans(LoHud) * Senate GOP In Albany Wednesday (YNN) * State Conservative Party Chairman Michael Long said any tax hike would be a “betrayal,” while state GOP Chairman Ed Cox said “it would not just be hypocritical, it would mean (Cuomo) ran a fraudulent campaign.”





Albany DA Who Block Cuomo From Removing Albany's OWS Protesters Facing Problems

Albany DA, Who Butted Heads with Governor Cuomo, Admits Relationship With Junior Staffer Just As Re-election Underway  * Soares admits trysts(NYP)





Bloomberg Big Mouth Paints Himself Into A Corner

Mayor Hits Nerve in Remarks on Class Sizes and Teachers(NYT) In a speech at M.I.T., Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg advocated fewer educators and more pupils per room. * Mayor Ignites New Debate on Class Size(WSJ)

Ruling Could Result in Democratic State Senate

New Ruling On Prisoners' Addresses Could Shake Republican Majority In State Senate (NY1) * Some Cities Object to Being Carved Up by Redistricting(NYT) * When legislators return to Albany, the NYT has some agenda items for them to consider: Redistricting reform, spending cuts and a primary date deal.






The NYPD Cannot Investigate Itself That Is Why the Knapp Commission Was Formed

Detective Who Led Ticket-Fixing Inquiry Faces Internal Charges(NYT)




PA boss gets golden boot(NYP)




After Tolls Rise, Less Traffic and More Train Riders Into Manhattan(NYT)




Facebook Plans Engineering Hub in City, Its First Outside West Coast(NYT) * Facebook Expanding in New York(WSJ) * LIKE! Facebook to add N.Y. engineering office(NYDN)  * Officials Applaud Expansion Of Facebook's NYC Team(NY1)

Last independent bookstore in the Bronx - Books in the Hood - will close this month (NYDN)

Out of work! Ratner ally BUILD got just 15 jobs for black Yards supporters (Brooklyn Paper)

Big OWS Protest Planned on December 17, Three Month Anniversary

Angry Occupy Wall Street protesters say cops stole their pizza(NYP) * A Protester's Uneasy Presence at Occupy Wall Street(NYT) * WATCH: Jackson Browne Plays In Zuccotti Park(Huff Post) * LAPD went undercover at Occupy LA (CBS) *  "Occupy Staten Island" To Protest Gingrich Visit (NY1) * Occupy Wall Street Protesters Call For Reoccupation (WCBS)* OWS Protesters Vow To Fight For Space(Fox 5) * Protesters Get Creative In Times Square (VIDEO)(Huff Post) * Occupy Wall Street Begins Hunger Strike(ABC)

UnOccupied Harlem

Harlem’s cops are otherwise ‘occupied’(NYP) Uptown cops can’t beef up patrols in bullet-riddled Harlem because they’ve been redirected to Wall Street, a top cop allegedly told furious residents last week — even though mass Occupy Wall Street protests fizzled out two weeks ago.

One dead, one injured after gunman opens fire in Queens(NYP) * Man Shot Dead on City Bus in Queens(NYT) * Gunman Shoots 2 on Bus(WSJ) * Madman kills teen in apartment, then opens fire on bus in Queens(NYDN) * Queens Shooting Suspect Struck Twice In 20 Minutes(NY1)

Law and Order

Man in Fake Beard Fires at Officers in Queens, Police Say(NYT) *Man Dressed In Fake Beard, Hat And Dark Glasses Shoots At NYPD Officers In Queens(WCBS) * McDonald's beatdown cashier cleared(NYDN)  * Cop calls out sick — for year(NYDN) * Grand Jury Drops Charges Against Manhattan McDonald's Employee Who Beat Customers(NY1) * Suspect shoots at police officers in Queens(WABC) * Man arrested for more than 150 prank 911 calls(WABC) ***Update Alleged Qns. bus shooter arraigned on murder, assault and weapon charges(NYP) ***Sunday It’s no ’paign, no Cain(NYP) * Rise of the girl gangs(NYP) As ‘crews’ proliferate in New York’s housing projects, officials worry about the increasing brutality of all-female wolfpacks *  Gloom service! Thugs bring fear back to 42nd St.(NYP)Panel Weighs Trespassing Charges Against Women Beaten In Manhattan McDonald's(NY1)

Police Find Queens Shooting Victim In Car With Multiple Wounds(NY1)


Surveillance Video Released In Search For Manhattan Stabbing Suspects(NY1)




Attorney: Grand jury delayed in NYC bomb plot case(NYP)






One month ago Cain led the DR Iowa poll with 23 percent support. Now it's Newt with 28%

Herman Cain Suspends His Campaign(NYT) * G.O.P. Presidential Candidate Says That He Will Not Go Away(NYT) * Blasts accusations of sex harassment, says he's not going away(NYP) * It’s no ’paign, no Cain(NYP) * Cain Suspends Bid for Presidency(NYT) * Gingrich Leads in New Iowa Poll(WSJ) * Can Newt hold GOP lead? Ask Rudy!(NYDN) * Staten Island gets a rare visitor: Newt Gingri...(NYDN)* Cain's Bottomless Vanity Did Him In - Michael Tomasky, The Daily Beast

‘Herman Cain’ Explains Why He Dropped Out Of The Race On SNL


Snubbed Time Writer Blasts Romney Campaign(Time) * Jobless Numbers Spur Competing Political Narratives(NYT) * Gingrich Bolsters Campaign(WSJ) * Gingrich Draws Romney Out of Zen State(WSJ) * Noonan: The Comeback Kid of 2012(WSJ) * Donald Trump to moderate GOP debate(NYDN) * 'I’m going to be the nominee,' cocky Gingrich(NYDN) * Gingrich's War on Poor Children - Charles Blow, New York Times 

The Des Moines Register poll (that was conducted before Cain suspended his campaign) has Gingrich first with Ron Paul in second place and Mitt Romney sliding to third place. Gingrich won 25% support from likely caucus goers, a huge surge after winning only 7% in a similar poll in October

Staten Island gets a rare visitor, Newt Gingrich (NYDN)* Why Mitt Romney's in Trouble - John Podhoretz, New York Post * Romney Steps Up Campaign in Iowa - David Lightman, Miami Herald * Methodical March for Romney Campaign - Philip Rucker, Washington Post * The Romney Electability Myth - Milton Wolf, Washington Times * Biden Struggles to Maintain Political Relevance - Andrew Malcolm, IBD * Rick Perry's War on Women - Jordan Smith, The Nation * The Nastiness of Newt - The Nation * NBC/Marist IA poll: Newt 26, Romney 18, Paul 17, Cain 9, Perry 9. * NBC-Marist NH poll: Romney 39, Newt 23, Paul 16, Huntsman 9.

* SI power broker Molinari says: Not Newt, not ever!(NYP)* Cain's Exit Leaves Two-Man Race(The Daily Beast) * Gingrich's Jumbled, Amateurish Mind - Maureen Dowd, New York Times * Can Romney Prevail if Few Are Excited About Him? - Dan Balz, Wash Post * Perry and Huntsman Deserve a Second Look - George Will, Washington Post * Obama Comes Through on the Environment - Thomas Friedman, NY Times * New Ron Paul Ad Blasts Newt Gingrich for 'Serial Hypocrisy' - Forbes * Without Cain in the race, it's Gingrich 28%, Paul and Romney at 19%, and Perry at 10%. So Newt benefits from Cain's absence * Darth Gingrich Vs. the Romney Ken Doll - Forbes * G.O.P. Contenders Scramble to Pick Up Cain’s Supporters (NYT)

Nate Silver (Twitter) Only 29% of GOP likely voters in Iowa and NH think of Mitt Romney as conservative.

Obama Counts Down Everyone More Powerful Than Him On SNL



Andy Levy Congratulates GOP On Trump Debate: ‘Moderated By A Crazy Birther’



Prosecuting Wall Street, pt. 1 - 60 Minutes - CBS News


Beyonce, Ginger White, Miley Cyrus and More Viral Videos From Beyonce’s pants-off dance-off to Herman Cain’s latest sex scandal, see our countdown of the week’s buzziest videos.(The Daily Beast)