Wednesday, December 14, 2011

True News Update 24/7 Analysis Not Availabe in the Old Media

High Noon for Outer Borough Taxi Service

NYT is "not sure" why today's taxi summit (No. 2) is needed, calls on Cuomo to sign livery cab bill on his desk now. 

It’s sick as hail(NYP) Millions of New Yorkers uptown and in the outer boroughs are being denied the right to legally hail a livery cab because of a political fight over an obscure health issue, The Post has learned. ayor Bloomberg’s hard-fought taxi-expansion bill is being held hostage to a battle with the Cuomo administration over whether the city is entitled to share in the proceeds when EmblemHealth, the health-insurance giant created by the merger of GHI and HIP, converts from a nonprofit to a for-profit company, NYT Editorial A Cab in Brooklyn (NYT Ed) Cuomo should sign the bill now that allow livery cabs to pick up passengers legally in the outer boroughs.* Cuomo To Seek Deal On Livery Cab Bill(NY1)


D'amato Taxi Lobbyist Get Free Air Time on NY1

NY1 Online: Wise Guys Debate Livery Cab Bill * Cuomo Stays Firm On Livery Cab BillNY1)


Accused cop rejects 18-yr. plea deal(NYP)

Liu Fundraiser Gives Prosecutors Time to Prepare Charges(WSJ) The New Jersey man accused of illegally funneling $16,000 to New York City Comptroller John Liu's campaign will continue discussions with federal prosecutors.

Double Talk From Seabrook and His Lawyer

NY1 Online: Bronx Councilman Responds To Corruption Allegations * Seabrook: Just Acting Like Cuomo (Capital) * Councilman Larry Seabrook Rises To His Own Defense (NYO)


Queens Crap Readers Comment on Yesterday True News Story
A Takeover Of Journalism by Lobbyist and Politicians

Silver’s three primaries would cost $150M(NYDN) * Cuomo: We Won’t Have Three Primaries(YNN)



PA Don't Fix Our Management Raise the Tolls Again

Shocking! PA’s meter miscount(NYP) Bumbling brass at the Port Authority — which has lost tens of millions of dollars underbilling airlines and other tenants for electricity costs — didn’t even know how many utility meters the agency had at its facilities, according




Keep Attack Mayoral Candidate Tom Allon Your Getting Good Press Hits

Mayoral Hopeful Takes Shots at Speaker Quinn (WSJ A Democratic mayoral hopeful blasted City Council Speaker Christine Quinn for failing to stamp out corruption in the council. It's the first prominent attack from an announced candidate in the 2013 mayoral race.


Living wage advocates have watered down their bill in hopes of getting it passed this year, the Daily News writes*74 percent support increase in living wage: poll(NYP)

Clarence Norman Jr, former leader of Brooklyn Democratic Party, was sentenced to one to three years in prison for extorting money from judicial candidates made Evelyn Laporte a judge

Says Laporte 'didn't protect the public' when she freed 'cop killer' last month(NYP) * Mayor Criticizes Judge for Releasing Murder Suspect(NYT)

Brooklyn Criminal Court Judges Evelyn Laporte and Shari Ruth Michels blundered grievously in letting him stay on the streets. Killer junk justice(NYDN)

Commish outrage that 'cop killer' was freed (NYP) * Killer junk justice(NYPD) * Why Was He Still Free? A Clue in a Shot to the Foot(NYT) * Focus on North Carolina Warrant After Officer’s Killing(NYT) *Scum skirted the law(NYDN)* Towns' spokesman accuses the 'Post' of excluding black officials from coverage of the Figoski story(Capital)

NYPD Officer's Alleged Killer Avoided Arrest In NC(NY1)*

Partner is in his own hell(NYP) * Five Charged in Killing(WSJ) * A Hasty Robbery and a Deadly Shot(WSJ)

Suspect at court in victim's restraints as hero’s pals stare down thugs(NYP)

NY opens heart for slain cop(NYP) * Stand up, New York(NYP Ed) * Still on Patrol After Two Decades, Valued but Rare(NYT)




Pols Ignore Illegal Subdivided Apartments At Heart of Killing

Cop Killer Lamont Pride understood subdivides are were drug deals easy targets for him live

It is easy for NY pols to demand congress pass effective gun control laws. Which they know is politically impossible.  But to attack landlords or developers who create illegal subdivides has a cost.  The apartment where Figoski was targeted for death was built for 2 families but now has 15 illegal apartments.   Many of these developers contribute to pols and more importantly it were many of the city immigrants make their first homes.  That is why only fake efforts are made to close these illegal divides only after a fire kills some of their occupants  Cop-slayer suspect's gun came from same Virigina store as 1990 killing (NYDN) * In Latest Gun Inquiry, City Finds Willing Sellers Online(NYT) * NYC cop to online gun seller: "I probably couldn’t pass" backgrnd check. Seller: "I'll take $400 cash." Legal & Insane?

Candidate Jeffries Upended By Cop Shooting

Congressional candidate Jeffries and his flack for hire Artz were getting good press with linking the cops on Facebook racist rants on the West Indian Day Parade with the need to have police live in the city.  The picture of the cops 4 daughters who live on Long Island has complete stopped Jeffries issue.  The Finest’s critics(NYP Ed) * Towns' spokesman accuses the 'Post' of excluding black officials from coverage of the Figoski story.(Capital)



 Time Person Of The Year 2011: 'The Protester' (VIDEO, PHOTO)

New York City voters like Occupy Wall Street more than Mayor Michael Bloomberg, and disapprove of the way he cleared out Zuccotti Park last month, a new Quinnipiac poll shows: * Quinni U poll says NYC voters disapprove 51–42% of the way Mayor Bloomberg handled the OWS protestors.NYPD a 50–46 % for handling protests. * Poll: More New Yorkers Disapprove Of Mayor Bloomberg’s Handling Of Occupy Wall Street (WCBS) *  Milk Street Cafe Closing Thursday After Struggle with NYPD Barricades(DNA Info) *  The New York Times Sends NYPD Note Over Treatment Of Photographer(Huff Post) * Thousands Of Occupy Wall Street Protesters Due In New York City Court(Huff Post) *  Hundreds Of Occupy Wall Street Protesters Appear In Court (NY1) * Occupy Wall Street Protesters Report to Court(NYT)


City Voters Approve of Mayor’s Overall Job Performance(NYT)











Nonprofit providers have grown rich billing New York state and Medicaid for services provided for the developmentally disabled

Aiding Disabled, Nonprofits Rake in State Money(NYT) Reimbursements to New York nonprofit providers of home care for the developmentally disabled have led to multimillion-dollar surpluses and eye-popping salaries.





Selling Swipes May Be a Swindle, but Don’t Call It Larceny(NYT) In a surprise ruling, New York’s highest court on Tuesday overturned the routine petty-larceny conviction of a man arrested for selling MetroCard swipes to strangers. * Halted Bus, Subway Services Won't Be Back In '12, MTA Says(NY1)


The News gives Cuomo an “A” for his first year in office, but finds hypocrisy in the way tax reform plans were negotiated in secret

Azi Paybarah (Twitter) a pro- organization spent $9,767,608 on lobbying, so far this year. via NYPIRG * Andrew Cuomo 2014 emails: "the Governor brought together Democrats and bring more fairness to our tax system."

As Rivalry Tightens, Romney Is Reflective(NYT) * Mitt Romney is in NYC to raise campaign cash today. (His main rivals are in the early-voting states of Iowa and New Hampshire) * A new NBC News/Wall Street Journal survey shows Newt Gingrich at 40, Romney at 23.*  How Gingrich's Attack on Romney and Bain Backfired (The Atlantic) * Mitt Romney's Very Proud of Christine O'Donnell's Endorsement (The Atlantic) *  Romney's Arrival In NYC Met With High-Flying Jab (NY1) * Gingrich’s First Stumble as 2012 GOP Frontrunner (The Daily Beast) * Joe Biden said Mitt Romney’s Mormonism shouldn’t be an issue on the campaign trail. * Why Team Obama Is Bullish on 2012 - Alexis Simendinger, RealClearPolitics * Obama in Real Trouble w/Swing State Voters - Chris Stirewalt, FOX News * Newt's Past and Future Leadership - Tony Blankley, Washington Times * Gingrich Commits a Capital Crime - George Will, Washington Post * Why Gingrich Could Win - Josh Kraushaar, National Journal * Ron Paul Rising - Ross Douthat, New York Times * Perry Launches Big Push in Iowa - Seema Mehta, Los Angeles Times * GOP 2012: NBC/WSJ: Gingrich +17 | AP: Gingrich +6 | Ipsos: Gingrich +10 * Call off "Rick Santorum Surge Watch". Perry the new Santorum (Slate)* Gingrich clearly not winning the Washington Post Editorial Page primary (Wash Post) * MT : In NH, new Suffolk poll: Romney 38%, Gingrich 20%, Huntsman 13%, Paul 8%

Why are the NYS Courts Still Auctioning Off To Special Interests

City hoping to ’Net cash from e-bids (NYP)



New Challenge to a Murdoch Over Hacking(NYT) E-mails show James Murdoch responded to messages that referred to phone hacking at the News of the World.  
Joseph Mercurio (Twitter)  If you did not read it how did you answer it?James Murdoch: I didn't read crucial phone-hacking email(

Jon Corzine, ex-gov and bad CEO, proves he's clueless to Congress(NYDN) * The Next Questions for Corzine - Charles Gasparino, New York Post




Tragic hunt for Shannan is over(NYP) * 11th Body, Believed to Be of Missing Woman, Is Found(NYT) * Bones Linked to Woman's Disappearance(WSJ)



Grinning killer to rot in prison(NYP)



 Law and Order

Forgery rap on Tiffany spree gals(NYP) * Ice-pick thug gets 18 years(NYP) * Shining Light on the Role of Drivers in Prostitution(NYT) * 4 Attica Guards Are Charged in Assault on Inmate(NYT) * NY man pleads not guilty to attack caught on video(WSJ)*  Jury Convicts So-Called "Catwoman Robber" (NY1)