Thursday, December 29, 2011

The NYP Takes On the Quinn Crime Family City Council, NYT and Bloomberg

The Establishment's Bloomberg Successor Interruption

Murdoch is not going along with the NYT, Bloomberg and establishment choice to become the next mayor. Post calls Quinn “serial aider-and-abetter of council chiselers and cheats”


Coming A Cuomo Puppet Mayoral Candidate

Quinn’s pork-barrel polka(NYP) The mayoral candidate speaker funneled $1.2 million in city funds from 2002 to 2009 to multiple fake non-profits he secretly controlled, while directing the bulk of the cash to salaries for his girlfriend and relatives.  She also also gave ex councilman *It Looks like the pro Cuomo NYP is attacking Bloomberg's Puppet Candidate and Clearing the Way for A Cuomo  puppet candidate.

Ex-Councilman Miguel Martinez currently in jail $106,000 for a non profit in which he got a $40,000 kick back. Quinn gave Hiram Monserrate $300,000 for his Latino Initiative for Better Resources and Empowerment.  According to newspaper reports Monserrate use $109,000 to illegally fund a failed 2006 Senate campaign.  The executive director of the Latino Initiative was Julissa Ferreras his top aide and current councilwoman.  

Councilwoman Maria del Carmen Arroyo (D-Bronx) is reportedly the target of a Department of Investigation probe after directing funds to SBCC Management, a nonprofit run by her nephew. He was convicted of embezzling $200,000 — some of which went to the campaign of Arroyo’s daughter, Assemblywoman Carmen Arroyo.

The NYP Leaves Out for the Second Time the $$$ Quinn Gave Lopez

Quinn is also funds another crook. Vito  Lopez’s non profit political machine Bushwick Senior Citizen Center is collecting a whopping $607,000 from the Council’s Brooklyn delegation and members Erik Martin-Dilan, Domenic Recchia, Elizabeth Crowley and Stephen Levin. Lopez like Seabrook is under federal investigation for a host of crimes. Lopez also just received $845,000 for his non profit machine from Cuomo's economic development grants.


Murdoch Woods the NYT Dumb Lie...  Revenge for  Times Coverage of the Hacking Investigation?

NYP resurrects its favorite photo of Sulzberger w/ a shiner 
  Michael Roston (Twitter)
Dear - I'm young by NYT standards, and I'm concerned about our pensions

The Daily News Joins the NYP And Demands That Quinn Not Fund Seabrook . . .  Where is the NYT? 
Does the NYT Editorial Board have the courage of its convictions? Or is is so focused on electing Quinn as the next mayor that it is not joining in the calls by the NYP and DN editorial in demanding that Quinn change of policy of funding Seabrook the Crook.

 Daily News Tell Quinn Stop The Seabrook Slush Funds

Bronx hack Larry Seabrook must get no more slush funds(NYDN Ed) In Bronx City Councilman Larry Seabrook’s mistrial this month, he wasn’t convicted beyond a reasonable doubt of the felonies the U.S. attorney charged; a second trial will settle that. But Seabrook was proven to be a cheat who abused the slush fund money larded on every Council member — so-called member items that they then dole out to favored nonprofits. For that offense against the taxpayers, Seabrook should permanently lose the privilege of getting these tax dollars. But that’s not how Speaker Christine Quinn sees it. She’s going to keep him on the gravy train. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

Tom Allon (Twitter)  Speaker should cut Larry Seabrook off immediately & stop allowing Council members to waste taxpayer $.  Quinn Under Fire for Seabrook’s Spending (WSJ)

NY1 Exclusive: Comptroller Liu's 2009 Campaign Account Raises Legality Questions

The Cuomo Team Includes $10 Million From Big Business to Program the Public Support

Business Funds Fuel Cuomo Agenda(WSJ) An ad campaign singing the governor's praises started earlier this month after the Committee to Save New York released its agenda for the upcoming session of the state Legislature—a platform that included legalizing casino gambling. Not everyone involved with the group considers it a top priority *  The pro-Cuomo Committee to Save NY has already spent some $3 million on a TV ad campaign backing his yet-unofficial 2012 agenda – including the expansion of casino gambling, with which not all committee members are 100 percent on board.



Cuomo 2012

Cuomo’s ‘short’ cut for fixing Medicaid(NYP)The Cuomo administration is considering eliminating $10 million in Medicaid funding for a hormone growth treatment sometimes taken by kids who are trying to get taller, but have no medical reason to get the treatment. * A coalition of seven unions representing the majority of state workers are suing Cuomo in federal court over 2 percent health insurance premium hikes on retirees.* Streetsblog gave Cuomo the “Mr. Magoo Award for Extreme Shortsightedness” in his transit policy.

Why Hack de Blasio Unimportant Office?

Homeland Security uncovered Anonymous attack on Public Advocate’s Office Website(NYDN)

Where is Barry Scheck When You Need Him?
The Post calls on Bloomberg to free the Wall Street bull.

Dark Days Behind It, Central Park Pulses at Night(NYT)

Do Any Of You Have A Boyfriend?
Anthony Weiner wanted to have a threesome with a man (NYDN) * Ex-Rep. Anthony Weiner allegedly had some kinky sexual preferences, according to the tell-all book by one of his past sexting partners. Also, in unrelated news, his newborn son was circumcised.* Ex-Rep. Anthony Weiner’s memorable Tweet (falsely) insisting his various accounts were hacked makes Politico’s list of Top 10 Tweets of 2011.

Stand firm, chancellorThe Daily News says that Bloomberg and Schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott should accept nothing less than strict concessions by the United Federation of Teachers on teacher evaluation rules – even if that means losing $60 million in federal funding by a year-end deadline * New Bronx charter to cover the world(NYDN)


NYC mayor says work on 9/11 museum has stalled(WABC) * Sept. 11 Museum Won’t Open on Time, Bloomberg Says (NYT)




City Schools Missing Out on Aid for Special Needs(NYT) New York City has not recovered tens of millions of dollars from Medicaid for services for special-needs students.


Bipartisan Agreement: Obama Isn’t Schmoozing(NYT) Members of both parties describe President Obama’s relationship with Washington insiders as “remote,” “distant” and “perfunctory.” * Admitting he has “absolutely no inside information,” former Clinton administration Labor Secretary Robert Reich is the latest to predict Obama will swap VP Joe Biden for Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in 2012.* Krauthammer: ‘Ridiculous’ GOP Congress And ‘Embarrassing’ Candidates Are Handing Obama A Victory* Is Obama Getting His Groove Back? - Justin Frank, Time


Takes biggest lead yet after topping prez by 6 points in new national poll(NYP)



 Gingrich Attacks Money Bags Bloomberg

Gingrich: I Am Mr. Middle Class … And Bloomberg Bought His Public Office (WCBS) * Bloomberg Chuckles At Newt Gingrich Insult (Huff Post)Ron Paul’s Iowa Volunteers Clean Up for the Cause (NYT) * Romney Jabs at Paul, Who Strikes Iowa Chord(NYT)* G.O.P. Shakes More Hands Using Social Media(NYT) * Michele Bachmann loses top Iowa supporter to Ron Paul(NYT) *Paul Endorser: Death to Unrepentant Gays | *How the Iowa caucuses work (Politico) * Donations flowed to Gingrich’s nonprofit after he shifted on energy issues in 2008 (Wash Post) * Newt Gingrich: Historians Are Going To Be ‘Amazed At The Naivete And Lack Of Knowledge Of The Obama Administration’ 

Santorum on CNN poll: 'Hard work pays off'(CNN) * Newt Gingrich Blames Huge Ballot Failure On 'One Guy' (Huff Post)* IA POLL: Romney 25% Paul 22% Santorum 16% Gingrich 14%...* Ron Paul's Newfound Support - Daniel Henninger, Wall Street Journal * Divided Conservatives Boost Romney - Ronald Brownstein, National Journal * The Terrible GOP Field - Gene Lyons, Salon * The RomneyCare Blues - Steve McCann, American Thinker * Political Predictions for 2012 - Karl Rove, Wall Street Journal 

Mitt Romney: President Obama Out Of Touch Like Marie Antoinette(Huff Post) *Poll: Hispanic Voters Favor Obama - Peter Wallsten, Washington Post * Foreign Policy Could Be Sleeper Issue of 2012 - Philip Klein, DC Examiner * The New Wave of US Voter Suppression - Amy Goodman, The Guardian * Romney & Bush: Too Close for Conservative Comfort -NH Union Leader * Election 2012 Video: Krauthammer | Bachmann | Heilemann | Romney * Karl Rove predicts the Republicans will hold the House, albeit with a smaller majority, and take the US Senate in 2012.* What Moves Republican Crowds in Iowa - Michael Shear, New York Times * Romney's 2008 Game Plan Finally Pays Off - Jennifer Rubin, Wash Post * Ron Paul's World - James Kirchick, New York Times * Why Gingrich Is Slipping - Jay Ambrose, Orange County Register * Let's Follow Reagan's Recipe for Success - Newt Gingrich, Wall St. Journal * New Group Paves Way for Alternative 2012 Choice - Alan Silverleib, CNN * Iowa (RasRpts): Romney 23, Paul 22, Santorum 16, Gingrich 13, Perry 13 *Ron Paul’s Rise Hurts the GOP and Helps Obama -  The Daily Beast  * Afternoon Fix: Super PAC that backed Bachmann cuts Romney ad (Wash Post) * A Rankled Ron Paul Grapples With Radio Caller’s Newsletter Questions

Reich: Get ready for Obama/Clinton ticket...





President Obama takes out $700K Medicare health care ad featuring Andy Griffith


Occupy the Court

Occupy Albany is taking its fight with the city to federal court. More here. Mayor Michael Bloomberg can expect some unwanted visitors back in his Upper East Side neighborhood early next month. Following last month’s drum circle near Bloomberg’s residence, which was spurred by the eviction of Occupy Wall Street protesters from Zuccotti Park, one of the organizers is now planning a 10-hour rally on Jan. 6 to protest the NYPD’s arrests and obstruction of reporters and photojournalists covering the demonstrations.  *  New Occupy Oakland camp rousted (UPI) * The Last Word - Rewriting NYPD interference on OWS(MSNBC)* “Strong wind gusts” destroyed about 20 tents at the Occupy encampment in Providence, Rhode Island. * Romney to duck out of Iowa to head back to N.H. (CBS) * In Iowa, Romney peaking at just the right time(CBS) * 5 Occupy Protesters Arrested at Ron Paul's Iowa HQ (Newser)

 Occupy Bloomberg's Home Again

“We want to get it out there that people are tired of journalists being arrested, and by taking it up to Bloomberg’s block and ultimately using our First Amendment rights to document anything and everything that’s in the public view, to really bring this issue out to the public and it really puts pressure on Bloomberg to tell the police department to stop doing this,” said John Penley, the freelance photojournalist and activist who is organizing the protest. “We’re going to photograph anybody and everything coming in off the block, ourselves, the other media, and people from Occupy Wall Street coming up with drums.” A Facebook page for the protest lists 140 people planning to attend so far.


WTC Health Care

WTC First Responders Face Tough Decision Over 9/11 Health Fund(NY1) * NY1 Online: 9/11 Special Master Explains Important Deadline(NY1)




Bloomberg Who Was Attacked for Support WTC Mosque Not Faces Boycott By Some Muslim Leaders

14 Muslim Leaders Plan Boycott of Breakfast With Mayor(NYT) In a letter, the group said it would not attend an interfaith event because of what it called “very disturbing revelations” about police surveillance of Muslim New Yorkers. * Muslims Boycott Mayor Over NYPD Surveillance(WSJ) * Muslims Leaders Upset With NYPD, To Boycott Mayor’s Bre …(WCBS) * Muslim Leaders To Boycott Mayor Event(Fox5) The News also writes that Muslim leaders are making a big mistake by boycotting an interfaith breakfast with Bloomberg over fears about spying by the NYPD:

Azi Paybarah(Twitter) boycotting 's bkfast is "Omar Mohammedi, who is a mayoral appointee 2 the city’s Human Rights Commission"
Bloomberg and Kelly's Another Victory Lap On Crime Reductions

NYC budget cuts have not resulted in more murders or fire deaths, according to Bloomberg and NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly. (Although, as is usually the case with statistics, not everything is rosy) * Bloomberg Uses Technicality To Say Crime Rate's Dropped (Huff Post)

Mayor Says Crime Is Down in 2011, With an Asterisk(NYT) * Mayor: City Marks Another Year Of Low Crime Rates, Fire Deaths(NY1)* Ambulances faster than ever; fire deaths and murders near Record Lows (NYDN) * Mayor: Traffic-Related Deaths At Record Low(NY1) * Record Low Set in Deaths From Traffic, Mayor Says(NYT)

Wiseguy has no ‘Love’ for mobster moniker(NYDN)

Hunt thug in Tribeca office attack(NYDN)  * Suspect robs law firm, punches female employee(WABC)

Manhattan sex shop, dog spa robbed(NYDN)

FBI Hunts Dapper Bank Bandit Who Robs in a Suit (NBC)




Listed Sex Offender Arrested In Brooklyn Teen's Attack(NY1)


Tennessee tourist arrested for bringing pistol into 9/11 Memorial(NYP)* Report: Tenn. tourist wanted to check gun at WTC(WSJ)  * Report: Tourist Brings Gun To WTC Site(Fox 5) *  Visitors To September 11th Memorial Expected To Exceed One Million(NY1)* 1 million visit NYC's Sept. 11 memorial, fountains(WABC)

Man who allegedly killed wife took control of life-insurance payout for their kids(NYP)

Law and Order

Family of torched Brooklyn woman to face media(WSJ) * ‘DWI’ principal Top HS chief rams police car cops (NYP) * Teen in iPhone Bust Claims Entrapment(WNBC)* Next year, possession of bear gall bladders will be illegal in New York State. * Criticism of Undercover Operation Aimed at Smartphone Thefts(NYT)

The Most-Commented Posts of 2011 (NYT)