Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Quinn Running For Mayor By Funding Crooks to Buy Support

Quinn the Slush Fund Queen

Shady Seabrook can hand out 350G (NYP) Indicted City Councilman Larry Seabrook will still be allowed to distribute more than $350,000 in “member item” funds to local groups next year — even though he’s under federal indictment for plundering those very same funds and faces a retrial. Seabrook is charged with steering $1 million to nonprofits secretly under his control, with much of it ending up in the pockets of his girlfriend, brother, sisters and nephews.  * Indicted NYC councilman to get another $350,000(WSJ)

Quinn's Crime Family Known As the City Council Also Funds Boss Vito Lopez

Quinn is also funds another crook. Vito  Lopez’s non profit political machine Bushwick Senior Citizen Center is collecting a whopping $607,000 from the Council’s Brooklyn delegation and members Erik Martin-Dilan, Domenic Recchia, Elizabeth Crowley and Stephen Levin. Lopez like Seabrook is under federal investigation for a host of crimes. Lopez also just received $845,000 for his non profit machine from Cuomo's economic development grants.


Senate Independent Democratic Conference Looks to Expand

The four-member Independent Democratic Conference, in an effort to expand their breakaway conference, may be active this year in Democratic primaries(TU) * Sen. Jeff Klein says the IDC “may be active” in the 2012 primary and general elections in hopes of boosting its four-person membership. He also won’t rule out backing the GOP to retain the majority if the outcome next November is close.* The Independent Democratic Conference has raised $250,000 for its PAC, Sen. Jeff Klein said in an interview. He would not rule out voting for a Republican to lead the Senate. (TU)


Redistricing: The Incumbent Protection Society

LATFOR is previewing potential district lines with incumbent legislators. (Post-Standard) * David Greenfield: July or August election date disenfranchises Jewish voters







Artz's Gets the NYP to Dance For His Candidate Jefferies

Towns’ car (NYP Ed)The Post slams Congressman Ed Towns for spending $30,000 in taxpayer money on a two-year lease for a Mercury Milan hybrid. (Score Artz 1 Sheinkopf 0)



Lui Continues to Take Shots At  Bloomberg

 Liu finds $17M is not where it belongs(NYDN) * NYC Comptroller John Liu accused the Bloomberg administration of sitting on $17 million in an obscure account with no oversight, and said the cash belongs in the general fund.

Cost of 911 upgrade skyrocketing (NYDN) An audit performed by City Comptroller John Liu found that the Department of Housing Preservation and Development is improperly sitting on $17 million in funds


Loophole Lets Kruger Keep His Pension


Not One Pol Is Preparing NY For Loss of Wall Street $$$

The Times says New York would be better served by an economy that diversifies beyond the financial sector, and praises Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s call for higher taxes on private equity partners

Wall Street Meets Reality (NYT ED) Wall Street reported nearly $3 billion in losses in the third quarter of 2011, reducing profits through September to $9.6 billion, which was well below forecasts, according to a recent analysis by the New York State comptroller. The comptroller estimates that Wall Street banks and smaller brokerages may cut some 10,000 jobs in New York City by the end of 2012.* Table Gambling In NYC Gaining Support(Fox 5) *More Than One-Third Of Layoffs At One Big Bank To Hit NYC(Huff Post) * The 1 Percent? That’s So 2011. It’s the 6 Percent You Should Be Worried About. (NYT) "The top 6% of tax filers in nyc, the Independent Budget Office said, make off with 51% of the income. * President Barack Obama is ready for the Iowa Caucus.

Mike's Gift to New Yorkers: Life

Mayor Mike’s gift to New Yorkers: life(NYP) * New Yorkers' Life Expectancy Reaches 80.6 Years, Higher Than National Rate(NYT) * Life Spans in City Exceed U.S. Average(WSJ) * Bloomberg: New Yorkers' Life Expectancy At All-Time High(NY1)




Happy News Year

Lady Gaga will be Bloomberg’s guest at the Times Square New Year’s Eve ball drop. 


DOJ: Pad Primary Date(YNN)


2011 Mayor's Year In Review: Bloomberg's Policy Wins Counter City Hall Woes(NY1)








Bloomberg Protects the Bull When More Cops Are Needed in the Rockaways

Mike keeps bull caged(NYP)* Containing Outrage How Police Power Tames the Occupy Movement (Boston Review)*  Battle for Brooklyn, "community," and the Occupy Wall Street parallel (the massive NYPD response to protest)(Atlantic Yard Report)

Michael Powell (NYT)  Let's say Wall Street bull got tagged. Ok, not good. But let's say elderly lady gets mugged in LES projects 'cause cops guarding a statue


Noach Dear May Run for the NY State Senate If…(Gestetner)






UFT vs the State Education Commissioner King

The Post lauds Education Commissioner John King for refusing to dole out more than $100 million in federal education funds if an agreement on a rigorous new teacher evaluation system is not reached by year’s end. Schools risk $135M loss(NYP) City schools could see $135 million in federal funding pulled next week if the Department of Education can’t reach a deal with teachers and principals on new evaluations, state officials warned yesterday.*  King draws a line(NYP) * State Threatens to Pull Millions for Schools in the City and Elsewhere(NYT) * City Schools Risk Losing Federal Funds(WSJ) * State DOE May Withhold $60M From City Over Stalled School Faculty Evaluations (NY1)* Evaluate this — Bickering may cost schools $60M (NYDN) * The tie that binds(NYDN Ed) An East Village principal looking to instill an atmosphere of professionalism and respect in his building is being tangled up in knots by a disobedient teacher — who is being backed by his union.



Lautenberg Funds His Campaign

The NYP Takes on Schumer's Judicial Pick Gently

A favor for Chuck?(NYP Ed) Schumer makes his brother-in-law a federal judge and helps a 90 run for re-election against the wishes of some party bosses who want a younger candidate* Ben Nelson, "a true Midwest moderate" Democratic senator who faced backlash for backing Obama's health care legislation, retires. Jennifer Steinhauer * Senator Chuck Schumer helped get Nelson to support the health care bill. Ben Smith and Carrie Budoff Brown


Text gal claims ex-pol wanted threesome with her and a man: report (NYP)





Bad Decisions Made 4 Decades Ago when NY faced a court order to stop warehousing developmentally disabled people in huge institutions

Group Homes Operator Keeps Aid Despite Faults (NYT) New York continues to pay a troubled Brooklyn group home operator about $20 million a year, despite a history of embezzlement, nepotism and serious lapses in care for the disabled.





Where is the Relief ?

The state's Mandate Relief Redesign Team quietly published its final report, which caught some members by surprise. It also didn't address some of the state's costliest mandates. [Cara Mathews]


Court axes fireman’s ‘reverse bias’ lawsuit(NYP)







Court: 9/11 toxins likely caused cop's cancer 

Court win for kin of WTC cop(NYP)*Widow of NYPD cop scores victory in 9/11 health fight(NYDN)



With Gas Drilling Next Door, County in New York Gets an Economic Lift(NYT)


’Pike hike like h’way robbery(NYP) 50% Increase.




As Crime Falls, Central Park’s Night Use Grows(NYT)


2011 National Year In Review: Natural, Economic Storms Leave Their Mark(NY1)




AMNY Mess Can James Dolan Run Anything? 

Turcotte takes a hike at freebie AM New York (NYP) Newsday-owned AM New York, a freebie paper distributed primarily in Manhattan five days a week, is now without a publisher, amid continuing upheaval at the paper.

New York Times

NY Times: Canceled Subscription Email An Apparent Hoax(NY1)


Romney Rising . . .

Rick Perry Explains Transformation To Opposing Abortion In Rape Cases(Huff Post) * Seeking to Connect, Romney Reveals Quirks(NYT)* Newt Gingrich Challenges Mitt Romney: ‘Be Man Enough’ To Accept One-On-One Debate* NEWT SLIDE: From 27% to 22% to 13%... * Romney: Gingrich Like 'Lucille Ball at Chocolate Factory'... * Republican Attacks Shift to Paul(Political Wire)* Mitt in Striking Distance of Iowa Win - Haberman, Martin & Burns, Politico * Gingrich Fights Back as Race Intensifies - Balz & Gardner, Washington Post *  What Iowans Want: More Jobs, Less Govt & Debt - James McCormick, NYT * The 2010 Census & 2020 Reapportionment - Sean Trende, RealClearPolitics * President Obama's Slip - Pete Du Pont, Wall Street Journal * Gingrich's Phony War - Amy Davidson, The New Yorker * Is Ron Paul a Conspiracy Theorist? - Leon Wolf, Red State * Nation Needs Romney - Boston Herald * Mr. Paul's Discredited Campaign - New York Times* Iowa Radio Ad Encourages Voters To ‘Go Rogue’ And Caucus For Sarah Palin * Romney with a 90% chance of winning New Hampshire.(538) * Change since early Dec. CNN IA poll: Romney +5, Newt -19, Paul +5, Santorum +11, Perry +2, Bachmann +2 * Occupy Albany protesters held a press conference to share their side of the story behind their eviction. * Latinos Support Obama, Despite Deportation Policies(NYT)

The Worst Cads of 2011 (Slate)

Anthony Weiner ‘Wanted a Threesome with Another Man,’ Was He Heteroflexible? (Gawker)

Heartless thugs rob wheelchair guy(NYP)

Teen's Alleged Assaulter Pretended To Be A Police Officer(NY1) * Police impersonator sexually assaults teen(WABC)

Law and Order

Infant dies after being dropped by Bx. dad: cops(NYP) * Woman robbed in Tribeca office (NYDN) * Unluckiest shoplifter(NYP)* Armed Men Robbing Manhattan Businesses: Cops(NBC)  * Knife-wielding thug attacks woman, ransacks Tribeca law firm: cops (NYP)

Safe City Unless Your Mugged

MAYOR BLOOMBERG, POLICE COMMISSIONER KELLY AND FIRE COMMISSIONER CASSANO ANNOUNCE NEAR RECORD PUBLIC SAFETY LEVELS MAINTAINED IN 2011 * Mayor: City Marks Another Year Of Low Crime Rates, Fire Deaths(NY1) *Mayor: City Continues to be Safe, In Spite Of Economy(WNYC) * Major Crime Up for First Time in Two Decades as Mayor Touts Murder Drop(DNAINFO)


The Police Scandals And Controversies Of 2011 (SLIDESHOW)(Huff Post)

Bloomberg on the Media

In Vintage ’98 Footage, Mayor Bloomberg Praises Press and Predicts Media Meltdown (NYO)