Friday, December 2, 2011

Boyland Money Train Part II

"Oh, My God!"

"You Just, Like, Made Me Hot"

“Oh, my God!” squealed Hermon, 33, at a secretly recorded Feb. 27 meeting when a purported businessman told her he could “make a down payment today if you like” for aiding the carnival operator, court records state.

We Are Not Getting Our Cut From Boyland $$$
“Are we getting money or are you giving it to my boss?” she said during a recorded conversation, apparently asking if Mr. Boyland’s staff would be included in the bribe. Another staff member who has not been charged also attended the meeting. “If you give it to our boss, we are not getting it,” Ms. Hermon said. Assemblyman’s Chief of Staff Is Arrested in Bribery Case(NYT) * ‘Bribe’ aide: me, too (NYP) 

 $$$ Turn On
In another taped conversation, Ms. Hermon agreed to work on letters of support for the carnivals and affirmed that she was interested in getting paid. When an undercover agent offered to give her a down payment, using a “check or cash or whatever you like,” Ms. Hermon replied, “You just, like, made me hot.” Boyland's Chief Of Staff Arrested In Connection With Corruption Case(NY1)




Seabrook's Lawyer: A Case of Three-Card Monte . . . The jury has begun its deliberations

Seabrook's lawyer Makes the Trial A Game . . .  Will the Jury Play?

City Councilman’s Lawyer Calls Charges ‘Speculation(NYT) * In his closing argument, Councilman Larry Seabrook’s lawyer dismissed the federal government’s corruption allegations as a “three-card monte” and a “shell game,” * Dirty pols walk?  Keystone Kops v. Seabrook (NYP) * Former Assemblyman Michael Benjamin says US Attorney Preet Bharara’s corruption case against NYC Councilman Larry Seabrook is doomed because the attorney for a key prosecution witness – Seabrook’s ex-mistress Gloria Jones-Grant – “was once himself a subject of prosecution.”




2nd Time Money Raise By Seto is Being Returned 

Seto #1.  Liu Camp to Return Tainted Donations (WSJ) New York City Comptroller John Liu's campaign said it would return contributions connected to two donors whose legal problems have roiled his potential plans for a mayoral candidacy. Comptroller John Liu plans on returning an unspecified amount of campaign cash connected to two donors – Norman Hsu, who was convicted of a Ponzi scheme, and Oliver Pan, who is being investigated for financial wrongdoing * Liu handing back ‘dirty’ donor’s $$(NYP)


Seto #2.  Liu fund raiser Seto raised money from Hsu for Hillary Clinton that also had to be returned.  Only True News talked about the Seto Hsu connected during the 2009 campaign.   Clinton to Return Funds from Fundraiser Hsu : NPR * Clinton campaign taps into an unlikely ... - Los Angeles Times






The NSN wonders why Liu, given all his problems, stands by his decision to hire a former executive from troubled financial firm MF Global

Fund scandal puts Liu pension-fix plan on backburner (NYDN) NYC finance boss hired 2 execs from Jon Corzine's MF Global Holdings to manage pensions * Controller John Liu makes odd hire of sacked Wall Streeter (NYDN Ed)  MF Global lost 90% of value under Kevin Davis 


Stringer Spoke at Liu's Club Last Night With the Comptroller in Attendance

Beep’s eye on comptroller job (NYP) Liu’s mounting woes is causing Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer, who had been leaning toward a run for mayor in 2013, to take a closer look at running for comptroller instead, the New York Post says.  Liu's club membership director ask everyone in attendance last night at the holiday party to write letters to newspapers to show support for John Liu.

Carrion Joins The Slap on Wrist Club

Carrión Faces Fine(WSJ) *

Former Bronx Borough President Pays $10,000 Fine To Conflicts Of Interest Board(NY1)



Just because the feds dropped charges against a Brooklyn developer netted in the Sen. Carl Kruger corruption case doesn’t mean the senator himself is off the hook

Insight Into Dropping of Charges for Developer(NYT) prosecutors said in court papers last week that after “a thorough investigation,” they had agreed to drop charges if Mr. Malinsky successfully completed a six-month period of good behavior. They did not elaborate. 


 Parole Board Will Not Spring Hevesi

Disgraced former New York Controller Alan Hevesi will keep rotting in prison as parole board turns him down(NYDN) Convicted during Andrew Cuomo's term as attorney general, Hevesi will serve 12 more months behind bars.  Disgraced former comptroller Alan Hevesi was denied parole in his first hearing on Thursday and will stay in jail for at least another year,





OK, don't call it a "Millionaires' Tax." Call it "Tax reform"
Albany Goes for the Jackpot to Raise $$$ . . . Both legislative leaders are on board with Cuomo when it comes to expanding casino gambling in New York.

Tax Hikes and Gambling

Negotiations Under Way for Special Session in Albany on Budget Shortfall(NYT) *  Albany Leaders May Call Special Session(WSJ) * Lawmakers looking to go all-in on casinos(NYDN) * All “three men in a room” are on board for casino gambling in New York, with aides to both Sheldon Silver and Dean Skelos telling the Daily News they would support Cuomo’s plan for a constitutional amendment * GOPers weigh tax hike(NYP) * IF there is a session, it MAY include spending cuts to deal with the $350 million mid-year deficit, legislation to provide additional relief for flood-ravaged upstaters still struggling to rebuild after Irene and Lee, a taxi bill compromise some sort of jobs/economic development proposal and perhaps the tax reform code plan that Cuomo admitted this week is on the table. Much depends on the November revenue numbers, which are expected next week.* Assembly Told To Prepare For Three-Day Session(YNN) * Chris Smith suggests Gov. Andrew Cuomo try a direct approach in announcing his change of heart on taxing the rich.


Cuomo Cashes In On Gay Marriages

After Pushing Gay Marriage, Cuomo Is Thanked With Money(NYT) He heads to Los Angeles today for his first out-of-state fundraiser since taking office.The event is being hosted for him by Hollywood bigwigs like Rob Reiner, J.J. Abrams and Vanessa Williams and is a “thank-you” for his successful push to legalize same-sex marriage.




What Happen to the New Cabs For the Outer Boroughs?

TLC hires students for sting on cabbies(NYDN) * Sting smacks hacks(NYDN) * ‘Hail fail’ cab shock(NYP)

NYS NAACP Unveils Proposed Redistricting Maps(NYDN) 

 Dem Win Prison Lawsuit
GOP Prison Gerrymandering Lawsuit Dumped(NYDN)  Judge Eugene Devine's decision to chuck a GOP-filed lawsuit seeking to keep counting prisoners where they're locked up -- not where they live -- for redistricting purposes * Democrats, AG Score Win In Prison Count Suit (Update) (YNN)

NYPD says lead probe detective gave inside information to lieutenant(NYP)

Pay raises for judges, as recommended by a compensation commission earlier this year, will cost the court system (and taxpayers) an additional $27.7 million. 

As Tastes Change in Harlem, Old-Look Liquor Store Stirs a Fight(NYT) * Neighbors Object to Liquor Store Sign(Fox 5)


. said education (and lack of it) explains much of disparity "between wealthy and poor, 99%, 1%"

Exam Cheating on Long Island Hardly a Secret(NYT) * Problems With Credits at School in the Bronx(NYT) * Sources: Phony Credits at Bronx School(Fox 5)* Newsday praises Nassau District Attorney Kathleen Rice’s call for more security over SAT test taking, and clearer consequences for those who cheat:



Occupy Wall Street in Queens(NYDN) * Union Workers March For Economic Equality(NY1) * Journalists Covering Occupy Movement Arrested, Harassed(Huff Post)

Occupy Wall Street Protesters Demand Taxes On The Rich Fund HIV/AIDS Research (NY1) 


NYFD Fire Tweets 

FDNY (Twitter) Exciting Twitter News!: As of today, we'll be tweeting real-time info about ALL fires/incidents 2-alarms or greater!

Jobs Numbers Better 8.6

The Associated Press (Twitter) The unemployment rate fell to 8.6 percent in November, a level it hasn't touched since March 2009: -Unemployment rate falls to 8.6 percent, lowest in 2 ½ years, as hiring improves

Herman Cain heads home for "kitchen summit"

Republican Leaders Still Seem Torn About Romney(NYT) * Democrats See an Advantage in Debate Over Payroll Tax (NYT) * Newt Gingrich opens up 21% lead on Mitt Romney(NYDN) * Mitt Romney fights a two-front political war(NYDN)  * Republican Newt Gingrich tops President Obama in new poll(NYDN)* Cain’s numbers are down into the single digits in Iowa. * Piers Morgan To Herman Cain Lawyer Lin Wood ‘You Don’t Want To Tell Me The Facts’ * Building a Better Mitt Romney-Bot(NYT)* The Roots of Voter Anger Go Back to 1954 - Pat Buchanan, Pittsburgh TR * The Scorecard: Mitt vs. Newt - Charles Krauthammer, Washington Post * Gingrich Is the President America Needs - Robert Walker, USA Today * No, You Shouldn't Take Newt Seriously - Jonathan Bernstein, New Republic * Romney's Ship Is Sinking - John Avlon, The Daily Beast * Cain's Support in Iowa Takes a Nosedive - Jennifer Jacobs, DM Register * 'Ron Paul Factor' Could Loom Large in Iowa - Scott Conroy, RealClearPolitics * Ban Stock Trading By Congress - Bloomberg * Herman Cain Used the Affirmative Action He Decries to Advance (Barrett, The Daily Beast)

  Trump to question presidential candidates in Iowa debate (NYP) * Donald Trump and Newt Gingrich will huddle at Trump Tower next Monday

Jon Stewart On Bret Baier’s Interview With Romney: ‘Mitt Romney Is His Own Mistress’



Stephen Colbert On ‘Testy’ Bret Baier Interview: Mitt Romney May Soon Be Your Fox News Co-Worker


Secret Fed Loans Gave Banks $13 Billion Undisclosed to Congress (Bloomberg) * Feds gave $1.2 trillion in secret loan to banks (Press TV) *  The Fed and the Euro - New York Times

Corzine Subpoenaed for Testimony(The Daily Beast)

Cops: Man Grabs Woman’s Buttocks At Botanic Garden Subway(WCBS)

Law and Order 

Nicole urges Kelly to fire all Bell cops(NYDN) * Give Bell cop the boot(NYDN Ed) * Sean Bell’s Fiancée: Officers Involved In Shooting ‘Overreacted,’(WCBS) * Sean Bell's Family Calls For Detective's Firing (NY1) * Kelly: Bell cop’s fate in month(NYP)

After Fetus Is Found in Trash, a Rare Charge of Self-Abortion(NYT) * Rare Charge: Self-Abortion(WSJ)* Fetus in trash, NYC woman accused of self-abortion(WABC) * NY officer gets prison for tipping off drug dealer(WSJ) * Bronx man admits having fake money at Albany mall(WSJ) * Man who confessed to murdering Italian student was 'under spell'(NYDN) * Brooklyn child rapist convict nearly 10 years after his vile act (NYDN) * Babysitter Arraigned Day After Vanishing With Manhattan(WCBS) * Babysitter Got Mugged; Was Lost: Lawyer(NBC) *  Man charged with killing con artists at ex-Jets player's condo was also ringleader of Queens car-loan scam (NYP) * Two shot, one fatally, aboard Queens bus(NYP) * Two robbers open fire on police officers during Queens heist(NYP) * Grand jury decides not to indict man who beat 2 irate McD's customers(NYP)

Police Arrest Alleged Subway Groper (NY1)