Monday, November 7, 2011

With Corruption Everywhere the NYT Only Wants An Independent Investigator for the NYPD

Is the NYT Trying to Kill Kelly Chances of Running for Mayor? . . .  All Quinn 24/7

 The NYPD says the NYPD needs a stronger watchdog with subpoena power and greater independence.  What the gray lady fails to look at is that most investigation bodies in are designed to fail.  All the ethic committees in Albany and the NYC IG has had no effect on stopping political corruption.  The mayor, city council and comptroller Thompson did not find any corruption in CityTime or any of the other outsourced city contract with million in cost overruns. Why do we need the feds to indicted medicare and Medicaid corruption when we pay for investigative bodies to do that?  The city's IG has done noting to uncover member item slush funds.  Failure of investigative bodes does not stop at New York's door.  Even after Madoff and the new federal finance reforms nobody caught Corzine $700 million  loot of MF?

Can They Police Themselves?(NYT) A series of scandals and crimes should leave no doubt that New York needs a strong, independent agency to investigate serious complaints about the city’s police. The department’s Internal Affairs Bureau, which is responsible for investigating complaints about police conduct, failed to uncover any of these problems. They were brought to light by a local district attorney, the F.B.I. and, in one case, a New Jersey police department. . .  The department’s Internal Affairs Bureau, which is responsible for investigating complaints about police conduct, failed to uncover any of these problems. They were brought to light by a local district attorney, the F.B.I. and, in one case, a New Jersey police department. 

 NYPD Ticket Fixing Gone Wild
 Ticket-fixing cop sues city, claims partner ran him over in their patrol car(NYDN)

All the Papers Pushed Bloomberg for A Third Term Because He Was A Good Manager 

Another Failed Tech Contract With Cost Overruns. . .  Corruption?

City’s no-fly wi-fi  $500M fiasco (NYP) After five years and more than $500 million spent, the Bloomberg administration has bought itself yet another complex high-tech system that simply doesn’t live up to the hype. Among the things the new system can't do is Send mug shots to police in their cars or as they walk the beat.A secure wireless network for city agencies is being plagued by cost-overruns and malfunctions. Mike Bloomberg continues to spend big bucks on his public image, even though he is not running for re-election.

NYP: Occupy Untill 2025?

NYP Keeps Up Attack On OWSIt’s crime all the time at Zuccotti Park(NYP)

Azi Paybarah (Twitter)  . reporter says Zuccotti Park is "one of the most dangerous places in New York City"

We Significance are Weekly Unemployment Numbers if They Don't Count Those Who Don't Qualify for Benefits?
Wealth gap between younger and older Americans is widest ever, report shows(NYDN) * Most unemployed Americans are no longer receiving unemployment benefits (NYDN) * Food stamp use is up in NY.* New Census data raises number of U.S. poor to 49 million


Toll Hikes SI Business Move Out

Toll hikes have caused some Staten Island construction and trucking companies to relocate. 


No Coal This Year Bob Cratchit Wall Street

Lower pay for bankers, traders leads to state-revenue shortfall (NYP) The $200 million shortfall in state tax revenues this year is partly due to smaller Wall Street bonuses and salaries, and it could require mid-year budget cuts * Lower pay for bankers, traders leads to state-revenue shortfall(NYP)

City Hall News (Twitter) Cuomo's budget office says there's no mid-year update "due to the volatility of the market and dynamic nature of the situation."


Subways Back to the Future

Subway riders fear a return to the bad old days.




Health plans get 8% hike (NYP) State regulators approved an 8.2 percent average rate increase for health insurance premiums under a new law, less than the 12.7 percent that companies requested


As Trial Begins, Field to Replace Seabrook Quietly Takes Shape (CHN)
Justice has not been especially swift for Bronx Councilman Larry Seabrook, indicted two years ago on corruption charges, but as his trial begins today potential successors are already plotting to replace him

Parker: 'I help you. You help me'

State Sen. Kevin Parker panned after invite to benefit asks for ‘help’ (NYDN) Parker’s fundraiser invitation – which says, “I help you. You help me.” – was criticized by good government groups for sending a quid pro quo message

senatorparker (Twitter) If you gonna write about me at least give people the website so they can contribute online:


Does Not Look Like  D'amato Will Be Able to Kill A Serious GOP Primary Against Gillibrand or Does It?

GOP gearing up vs. Gilly (NYP)Democratic Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand could face a tough re-election challenge from Republican Harry Wilson, the former state comptroller candidate, says the Post’s Fred Dicker



Election: Testing Cuomo Coat Tails

Will the Cuomo magic rub off?(TU) Cuomo confidant consultant Jennifer Cunningham, doesn't usually do local races, working Poloncarz bid to oust Collin  * Here are the crosstabs to the Siena poll that shows Collins and Poloncarz in a dead heat. * There’s a lot of action on Long Island in this otherwise rather slow election year.* Will the Cuomo magic rub off? (TU) * Some of the top races to watch tomorrow

* Senate Republicans cut a deal with the IDC to not run strong challengers against them.


Woman Goes Public to Accuse Cain of Groping Her(NYT) * Woman says presidential hopeful groped her, tried to force oral sex in 1997NYP)



Unfamiliar Candidate for Mayor Strikes First in TV Ad Battle(NYT) * NYC Mayoral Candidate Allon Hits Airwaves (Very Early)





The Only Real Race in the City

The Races for DA in Staten Island DA contest is a reprise of 2007(Gotham Gazette)* Staten Island DA Dan Donovan has a very upbeat campaign ad about crime rates.


Are the rumors of Councilman Peter Koo’s anger at the Queens Republican Party overblown? In recent days, about 15,000 Chinese residents in Queens have received 40-second robocalls from Koo, telling them in Mandarin to vote for Robert Beltrani, who is running for Queens Supreme Court justice with the backing of Queens GOP chairman Phil Ragusa. Koo crossed party lines and endorsed Democrat David Weprin in his congressional race this summer, and is said to have a few qualms with party leadership, but this act of pure party loyalty may tamp down some of the speculation about Koo switching affiliations. 


A string of court losses makes the TU wonder when the governor and Legislature are going to get the message on the state’s Freedom of Information laws. 

DN Says Council Looking for More of Your $$$

City council parking permits might turn out to be ‘hunting licenses’  that impose a fee for what is now free, if annoying (NYDN Ed) The City Council’s push for residential parking permits won’t change the scarcity of parking spaces and will require more time and money to enforce

NYT Say Principal Well Done, DN Wants Teacher Evaluation Systems In Place

48 Years at Helm, Doing What’s Always Worked (NYT) Madeleine P. Brennan has been principal for 48 years, outlasting more than a dozen schools chancellors and transforming a troubled school into one of the city’s best. 


Cuomo should set a deadline for schools to implement teacher evaluation systems amid resistance from unions and principals(DN)

Wrong in principal(NYDN Ed) Hundreds of principals have joined teachers unions in trying to block smart new teacher evaluation systems that would use student achievement data to help distinguish superstar educators from duds.





Library Links to Schools(WSJ) A new pilot program lets New York City teachers borrow up to 100 books from the city’s public libraries as school librarians and book budgets are being cut, notes the Journal

Bloomberg will have to fight to carry out ambitious plans to clean up Jamaica Bay and improve visitor access, says The Times:

For the first time in its 210-year existence, the Brooklyn Navy Yard will begin opening its gates daily to the public this week

At Long Last, a Glimpse of a Shipbuilding Past(NYT) Building 92 highlights the Brooklyn Navy Yard’s history as a producer of battleships and the home of movie sets, brothels and, in World War II, female laborers. * Demystifying the Navy Yard(WSJ) * History sails into B’klyn(NYP)


Taking Yogi Berra to 'Moneyball'(WSJ)



Islanders To Brooklyn?(The Brooklyn Inc)



 Police Looking For Suspects Wanted For Subway Robberies(WCBS)* Thieves Stealing Devices On Subway(Fox 5)* Suspects sought in subway robberies(WABC)




Alleged Subway Groper Arrested After Victim Snaps His Photo (WINS) *  Alleged Union Square groper caught after brother gives cops his address (NYP)

 Law and Order

Frame-Up Suspect Levels a Murder Charge(NYT) * Cops: NY couple abused baby, child has head injury(WSJ) * Police Investigate 19-Year-Old Man's Death (WSJ) * Small child’s severed foot found(NYDN) * Picture it: ‘Perv’ bust(NYP) * Police: man flees, hits at least 12 cars in Queens(WABC)* Suspects sought in subway robberies(NBC)* Cops: Suspect Wanted For Shooting Spree, Robbery In The Bronx (WCBS) * Tot’s foot found on Qns. lawn (NYP) * Fatal court ‘flub’  Slain a day after protection-order runaround (NYP)* Rikers ‘cell’ hound (NYP) * Ex-tribal chief peddled ecstasy: feds(NYP) * Update City Room: Object Found on Queens Lawn Is Not a Human Foot from Animal


Where is the Individual Responsible?  Councilmember Melissa Mark-Viverito

Azi Paybarah (Twitter) lawmaker whose car was hit by bullet says teen shooter "was surely let down by many people along the way." * "That young man, out on the street at 10:30 pm, carrying a gun and aiming to shoot someone, was surely let down by many people along the way, and that saddens me." [Melissa Mark-Viverito]

Gerson Borrero (Twitter)  Now reading : Jack Abramoff: The lobbyist's playbook : via IN CASE YOU MISSED IT WORTH YOUR EYEBALLS.



Eric Schneiderman and Beau Biden pen an op-ed on the mortgage meltdown.