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Call for NYPD Investigation, Why No Calls To Investigation Why So Many Pols Have Gone to Jail?

NY's Political Corruption Epidemic

While many are now calling for an investigation into the NYPD because of a wave of recent cop corruption arrests. Yet nobody has called for an investigation into a political system that has sent dozens of pols to jail in recent years.  Yesterday the Citizens Crime Commission joined others in calling for greater oversight of the NYPD.  Not a word in the media was said yesterday about Albany Assemblyman William Boyland on trial for ripping off a hospital.  Or that his trial was part of a series of political corruption trials.* 11/03/11 Press conf: Asm. Jeffries & others elected officials address systemic corruption in NYPD

Kruger Trial Jan.
Pols Server Themselves Not the Public That Elected Them
Another pol the late Anthony Seminerio was already convicted of stealing from the same hospital ownersl.  Yet another elected official Carl Kruger awaits trial early next year on the same charge.  In fact the executive director of the corporation that owned the hospital has already been convicted of paying bribes to Boyland, Kruger and Seminerio.  

A Political Culture of Corruption Goes Unnoticed
But that not the end of corrupt pols in NY.  In the last five years over a dozen elected pols have been sentence to jail from judge fixing, pay to play member item slush funds given to political supporters, to demanding a developers build a home for her in exchange for a government contract.* 24-hour wait to see a doctor at NYC's ERs (Fox 5) * Roundup: Cracking Down on Corruption(Gotham Gazette)

Brian McLaughlin of Queens out Jersey-ed Jersey by stealing $95,000 from the Eastchester Little League. McLaughlin also pocketed more than $2 million in taxpayer funds and he is presently serving a 10-year federal prison term. 

MORE Jailed Pols Miguel Martinez, Ex-Councilman in New York, Gets 5 Years in Theft *   Efrain Gonzalez Sentenced to seven years in federal prison after his guilty plea to stealing funding from a Bronx nonprofit. * Clarence Norman Sentenced To Additional Time In Jail - *  State Assemblywoman Diane M. Gordon of Brooklyn was convicted on Tuesday of receiving a bribe for offering to help a developer acquire a parcel of city-owned land in her district if he would build her a free house in a gated community in Queens. '

Former Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno convicted on 2 of 8 * Assemblywoman Gloria Davis (D) resigned in 2003 after pleading guilty to taking bribes—the result of a Manhattan District Attorney investigation.* Senate Majority Leader Pedro Espada Indicted - WNYC

More Going to Jail 3. Assemblyman Vito J. Lopez Is Said to Investigated - * Councilwoman Maria del Carmen Arroyo on radar in slush probe (DN) * Relative of 2 city officials admits to embezzlement - * State Sen. Malcolm Smith and US Rep. Gregory Meeks are under a federal probe for their ties to a charity they helped form called the New Direction Local Development Corp. Smith funneled more than $56,000 in taxpayer cash to the Springfield Gardens group, which never fully accounted for its spending.* Fed probers demand Qns. pol's pork files Federal probers are focusing on Queens Senator Shirley Huntley under investigation for steering hundreds of thousands of public dollars to not-for-profit groups with ties to her family and friends.

Investigation Planned Failure
The mayor's Commission to Combat Police Corruption is a small city agency that monitors the NYPD's Internal Affairs Bureau (IAB), but it has no subpoena power.  The Feds are catching Medicare corruption not the Medicare IGs. The DAs elected by the same machines as the corrupt pols leave it to the feds to go after them.  If you want to know how broken the DA system of law enforcement is just look at the NYPD ticket fixing scandal  Ticket Fixing is only a crime in the Bronx? * Big reason NY legislators leave office? Corruption(CrainsNY)

Another Pol on Pay to Play Trial
Brooklyn Legislator Doesn’t Testify at His Bribery Trial(NYT) William F. Boyland Jr., a Brooklyn assemblyman accused of taking secret bribes ($175,000)  from a health care organization in return for carrying out official acts in Albany on its behalf.  When Boyland's lawyer asked the judge to dismiss the case because the government failed to prove their case. Federal Judge Jed S. Rakoff denied the motion, saying there was “more than ample circumstantial evidence from which the jury could infer” that such an agreement had existed between Mr. Rosen and Mr. Boyland. He cited, for example, Mr. Boyland’s “seeming lack of any genuine consulting activity” while he was being paid as a consultant. The jury could infer, he added, that it “was because it was a sham agreement.”* Assemblyman Boyland Says Prosecutors Don't Have Case Against Him In Corruption Trial (NY1) *Brooklyn Political Dynasty on Trial(The Brooklyn Ink) * Trial Winds Down in NY Political Corruption Case(Courthouse News) * If both parties got charged in the Boyland bribery case, finishing up in federal court, why did Forest City Ratner (or an affiliate/staffer) get a bye with Ridge Hill? (Atlantic Yards Report) * Brooklyn Assemblyman William Boyland's unclaimed income from hospital ‘consulting’ gig lined his pockets: prosecutors (NYDN)

Larry Seabrook Federal Trial Begins Monday

 Larry Seabrook Indictment Charges Rent Fraud, Do-Nothing Programs, $177 for a Bagel and Diet Soda, Etc.(Village Voice) * Councilman Charged With Money Laundering (NYT) * Indicted pol posts no bills Adding to the long list of his other ignominious feats, indicted City Councilman Larry Seabrook (D-Bronx) managed to collect a $112,500 salary last year without introducing a single piece of legislation * Bronx Political Chatter: Cash and Carry Larry Still Getting Paid (Bronx Politic Chatter)



 Buzz Meeks is Next

Greg Meeks -- again(NYP Ed)  A DC-based campaign-watchdog group charges that the congressman used his Build America PAC to double-count donations to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee -- possibly to hide unrelated irregularities.There’s good reason to trust the NLPC on these charges, too: Last year, its research into Meeks’ dubious purchase of a $1.2 million Queens home led to FBI and House Ethics Committee investigations. The House probe, by the way, is tackling several notable Meeks issues -- including his role in a possible Katrina-related charity scam, first reported by The Post, in which tens of thousands of dollars raised for New Orleans seem to have mysteriously vanished.


Hevesi: From Stealing Other People's Pension to Getting One

Hevesi's a model inmate: ex-pol works as prison janitor while earning fat pension(NYDN) Ex-controller Alan Hevesi is still cleaning up: Inmate collects $168,000 a year pension while sweeping jail floors for $1 a day


Legal muscle Rangel hires ‘mobbed’ lawyer (NYP) The congressman was censured by Congress after the committee convicted him on 11 charges, including failing to report rental income on his Dominican Republic villa. Rangel is still on the hot seat before the Federal Election Commission, which launched a probe after The Post revealed he improperly used money from his National Leadership PAC to pay legal bills.



AG: Investigates Harlem No Profit for Misspent Funds 

AG has his eye on Harlem nonprofit (NYP) State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has launched an investigation into the nonprofit in charge of doling out $76 million to West Harlem from Columbia University, The Post has learned. West Harlem LDC has received $3.5 million so far from Columbia and spent about $700,000 on a summer-jobs program and to hire consultants.*  Scott Stringer Wants to Halt Group's Spending of Columbia Cash in Harlem(DNA Info) U.S. Rep. Charles Rangel, City Councilman Robert Jackson and Assemblymen Keith Wright also have staff representatives on the board, but have not come out publicly to criticize it.

University of Alabama student Henry Perkins earns college credit at Occupy Wall Street (NYDN) * Occupy Arrests: Atlanta, Honolulu (Newser) * Occupy Protests Can Be Force for Change - Naomi Wolf, The Observer * Occupy Wall Street Marchers To Cover Most Of Manhattan(NY1) * Matt Taibbi defends his on-line attack against Bloomberg for saying the banks aren’t to blame for the mortgage crisis.


Occupy protestors set up gals-only tent to guard against pervs(NYP) * Occupy Wall St. tent a safe haven for women(NYDN)* Occupy Wall Street Gets Porta-Potties DNAINFO) * "Bank Transfer Day" Attracts Thousands Of Supporters (NY1) * Saturday protest in Albany focuses on banking (TU) * Arrests Made As "Occupy" Protesters March Against Big Banks(NY1)* Police Force Wall Street Protesters Off Sidewalks(NYT) * Occupy Wall Street Protest Reaches a Crossroads(NYT) Protesters in Zuccotti Park have become a fact of life. But as winter nears, the question arises: how long can the demonstration last?

Occupy Wall St. secures its own Porta-Potties(NYDN)

NYP Keeps Up Attack on OWS: Yellow Journalism

Camper’s Mac attack (NYP) * Occupy Wall Street Debates How To Deal With NY Post(Huff Post) * 20 'Occupiers' cuffed in courthouse clash(NYP) * Post reporter spends an in‘tents’ night amid anarchy in Zuccotti Park(NYP) * B'klyn teacher among Wall Street protesters who clashed with cops outside Manhattan Supreme Court(NYP) * Reporter Survives Near-Death Experience: A Night at Occupy Wall Street (Gawker)

Occupying the National Debate(NYT Ed) * Occupy Wall Street Pays $8,000 for a Home on the Web (WSJ) * "Bank Transfer Day' could mean big biz for credit unions(NYDN)

Bernie Sanders(Twitter) More than 650,000 people have moved an estimated $4.5 billion into credit unions during the last four weeks. -


Gov. Cuomo Increasing Criticized By Liberal Base(WCBS) * Dave Grandeau called Cuomo “the best leader New York has had in a generation,” but the governor’s liberal base isn’t so sure.




The Senate GOP has reportedly inked a peace deal with the four-member IDC, promising not to field strong challengers against them in 2012. 


Mayor: NYC $teady but ready for Albany aid (NYP) Bloomberg said yesterday the city’s finances and tax collections seemed to be holding steady and were coming in as projected. But he was concerned about the ongoing tumult in Albany and Washington, and the economy as a whole, making things worse. * Brooklyn Second to Bronx in Unemployment (Prospect Heights Patch)


Cuomo is right to reject calls to bring back millionaire’s tax; N.Y. taxes and spends enough as is(NYDN Ed)



Every Time There Are Fatal Fires The City Orders A News Crack Down of Illegal Apartments for A Short Time

Firefighters crack down on illegal firetraps (NYDN) Mayor Bloomberg orders stricter law enforcement after two fatal fires

Every Time Fire Kills Because of Illegal Apartments The City Announces A Crack Down (True News)



"NYC public-school students scored an overall average of 1327 on the SAT...well below the national average of 1500." 


City Alters Homeless Shelters Policy(WSJ)




In State Care, 1,200 Deaths and Few Answers(NYT) In New York, it is unusually common for developmentally disabled people in state care to die for reasons other than natural causes.




Graffiti legend was NYPD patrolman(NYP)








Taxi & Car Service Insiders, Where is the Public?

Big taxi summit gets a flat(NYP) The goal of the summit was to decide whether cabbies can pick up street hails outside Manhattan -- but participants later agreed only that there was no agreement.



MTA gives out 20,000 toll freebies(NYP) Under a deal reached last year to curb the freebies, the city now pays MTA Bridges and Tunnels a yearly lump sum -- currently $9.1 million -- for 14,074 E-ZPass tags for various city agencies. That’s based on about 1.6 million trips.






Council Fakers: Resident Parking DOA in Albany

City Council greenlights resident parking permits A plan to create residential parking permits in some New York neighborhoods got the green light from City Council Thursday - but will likely smack into a dead end in Albany.(NYDN)





House Subcommittee Debates Bill To Allow Companies To Make Robo-Calls To Cell Phones




St. Vincent's Site Is Rising(WSJ)

Coney Island Bialys and Bagels, beloved Jewish shop, saved by two Muslims: This is New York at its best (NYDN Ed)

Queens' West Side Stadium, longtime home of U.S. Open, could reopen as venue for arts, concerts and hockey if non-profit's plan is approved(NYDN)

City Schools Chancellor, Marathon Man Among the more than 45,000 runners who will take New York City by foot during Sunday's marathon, schoolchildren should look out for a tall, slim 60-year-old wearing bib No. 1700. (WSJ) * Marathon Sets Beat for Bands The 26.2-mile New York marathon course is a venue for more than 130 bands that will be giving a boost to the runners while entertaining spectators watching from the sidelines.* Streets, bridges closed for the ‘long run’(NYP) * Marathon Route Is a Snapshot of Change(NYT)

Gov. Perry Was Totally Not Drunk In New Hampshire, But Is Totally Drunk On SNL

Clinton criticizes president's governing tactics in new book(NYP) * Clinton Book Has Criticism, Advice for Obama - Anne Kornblut, Wash Post

Michael Powell (Twitter)  Economist Baker notes Clinton championed de-reg, over-valued $, bubble blower. Now offers eco advice?:

Herman Cain squares off with Newt Gingrich at GOP debate in Texas; blames journalists for sexual harassment hoopla(NYDN)

Many Iowa Cain Backers Sticking With Him - Jennifer Jacobs, DM Register * Is Cain Really Bulletproof? - Jonathan Tobin, Commentary * Why Not Blame Ron Paul for Cain's Woes? - John Kass, Chicago Tribune * Don't Crown Romney Yet - Mark McKinnon, The Daily Beast * Obama Defends His Economic Record - Alexis Simendinger, RealClearPolitics * Early Economic Projections Haunt Obama - Richard Stevenson, NY Times ABC News/Wash Post: Romney 25, Cain 23, Perry 14, Gingrich 12 * Shields, Brooks on Americans' Pessimism, Scandal's Impact on Cain Candidacy (PBS)* Howard Stern To The Rescue! Herman Cain Sexual Harassment Scandal Is ‘A Smear Job’ GOP presidential hopeful Herman Cain set to appear on Jimmy Kimmel’s late-night show Monday (Wash Post) * Romney Helps Local Hopefuls, and Own Political Odds(NYT) *

TV SoundOff: Sunday Talking Heads  (Huff Post)

While Ridiculing Cain Bill Maher Admits: ‘I Think Romney Could Totally Beat Obama’

Corzine Out at MF Global as Search for Funds Continues(NYT) * Corzine’s latest fall(NYP)* Corzine's Downfall an Update on Icarus - Nick Paumgarten, The New Yorker






Beware of Greeks bearing Debts(Soho News)

Most Unemployed No Longer Get Benefits(NBC)



Anti-gun violence march remembers mother of 12(WABC)

Weary of violent surge, Wakefield & Williamsbridge residents demand more police protection(NYDN) * Hundreds March In Remembrance Of Mother Who Died Shielding Kids From Gunfire(WCBS) * Brooklyn Marchers Take Anti-Gun Violence Message To City Hall (NY1)


Stray bullet hits East Harlem councilwoman Melissa Mark-Viverito's car(NYDN)


Suspect Sought In Two Manhattan Cash Robberies(NY1)

Police Search For Rogue Bronx Gunman (NY1)

Police Looking For Suspects Wanted For Subway Robberies (WCBS)

Loophole set scene for tragic cart toss(NYDN) * Mom, lawyers plead for cart-toss boys’ release, but judge says no(NYDN) * Shopping Cart Assault Case(Fox 5) * 12-Year-Olds Plead Not Guilty In Shopping Cart Drop(NBC)Mom Says Son 'Sorry' for Dropping Shopping Cart on Philanthropist (DNAINFO)



Suspects In Manhattan Shopping Cart Toss Plead Not Guilty(NY1) * 2 Boys Plead Not Guilty In Harlem Shopping Cart Toss(WCBS) * ‘Sorry’ for shopping cart coma(NYP)



Cuomo: "Today we mourn the passing of a great New Yorker,  journalist and American"

Andy Rooney RIP "Of all the things I’ve complained about, I can’t complain about my life"

Last TV Appearance "My Lucky Life" * Andy's First Commentary 7/2/78 * Andy Rooney: Remembering a revered colleague (60 Minutes)

Mark Knoller (Twitter)  60 MINUTES adds Tribute to Andy Rooney to tomorrow's broadcast. Reported by Morley Safer.

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