Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Political Boss Make All the Judges in New York

Soviet Style Election and No Ethics for NY's Judge Candidates

Only Two Judges one in Manhattan and one in Brooklyn faced primaries this year.  All the others were picked by the party bosses and were unopposed in the primaries. Many of the bosses picks don't even follow the court rules.

Too many judicial candidates in the city  are violating court rules in their campaigns  (NYDN) With bosses like Keith Wright and Vito Lopez in their corners, they can flout their responsibilities.  All judicial candidates must file financial disclosure statements. Two Manhattan lawyers with uncontested tickets to Civil Court, Alex Tisch and Erika Edwards, never fulfilled this obligation.  They are backed by Manhattan Democratic boss Keith Wright, as is Civil Court Judge Analisa Torres, running for Supreme Court. She never completed judicial campaign ethics training. The rules state: “A candidate who fails to complete the training at all, or fails to complete it in a timely manner, will be subject to discipline.” Eight others were late. 

One Supreme Court candidate who did his paperwork is Carl Landicino. A close associate of Brooklyn Democratic leader Vito Lopez, Landicino has performed legal duties for Lopez, including mounting actions to throw would-be reform candidates off the ballot.  Vito helped get a dirty judge elected as a delegate to the judicial convention. * Vito got a building super fired for supporting a rival to Vito's pick for a council seat. * The City and State are investigating his not-for-profits. * The Feds are also looking into them. * Mayor Bloomberg tried to distance himself from the scandal. Nice try, pal.

Voters Head to the Polls in an Array of Local Races(NYT) * GOP Viewing Westchester as a Big Test(WSJ) * Tampering, robo calls spice quiet NY election year(WSJ) * There are big county executive races in Erie, Westchester, Suffolk and Dutchess counties, a Yonkers mayoral race, a Staten Island DA contest (a re-match expected to be easily won by the incumbent, and failed 2010 AG candidate, Dan Donovan), and a closely watched race for an empty Assembly seat – also in WNY.* It’s all down to turnout now in Erie County, and despite the endorsement Cuomo wrested from him on Poloncarz’s behalf, there is “no indication” Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown has mobilized his operation for the candidate, reports Bob McCarthy.* Nationally, there are some races that have been cast as indicators for the big contests in 2012.*  Island D.A.'s race the main event on Election Day (SI Advance) * Staten Island DA's Race One Of Few Contested In City Today(NY1) * The race for Erie County executive has been marked by ballot-tampering charges. * The Westchester legislative races are turning into a battle between GOP County exec Rob Astorino and Andrew Cuomo.

Yankees’ brass to swing away at Seabrook(NYP) Seabrook is accused of lobbying the Bombers to award a $283,000-plus boiler contract for the new Yankee Stadium to a company whose owner Seabrook allegedly shook down for $50,000 in kickbacks.


Guilty or innocent, his case says volumes about the way New York politics works

William Boyland is the poster child for the culture of corruption in Albany (NYDN) * Jury hears closings in corruption trial of William Boyland Jr.(NYP)






Was There A Special Relationship Between Ticker Fixing Cops and the Press . . .  How Far Did It Go?

DN columnist says the paper had 'Assistant Editor in Charge of Tickets' who made tix vanish

Reporter Also wrote "same thing was true over.  What About the Names of Pols Who Had Their Tickets Fix?  Tix-fix fuss is a witch hunt: Mayor Bloomberg, Kelly and the Bronx DA are abusing power (NYDN)


Out of Touch on Bloomberg's Manhattan Island

Gilded Blinders to the Reality of a Collapse (NYT)  Bloomberg’s comments that big banks are not to blame for the mortgage crisis contradict the evidence and show how out of touch the mayor is





My Legacy Will Be Great

In Mayor’s Contest for a New Engineering School, Only One Judge Counts(NYT) * Mayor Bloomberg outlines budget plan for 'supercommittee'(NYP)





Unfamiliar Candidate for Mayor Strikes First in TV Ad Battle(NYT) *NY1 Online: Tom Allon Releases First Campaign Ad For 2013 Mayor’s Race * Tom Allon says that his first ad is not a shot across the bow at any particular opponent, despite taking on the slush fund scandal and campaign finance irregularities (scandals associated with Christine Quinn and John Liu, respectively.)


 State Senate Democrats would like to take on the four members of the breakaway Independent Democratic Conference, but likely lack the resources to do so








Bloomberg is backing an extension of a higher hotel tax over industry objections as the city continues to face a budget deficit

Bloomberg Backs Extension of Hotel Tax(WSJ) Disappointing tourist industry executives who argued the increase should expire.

Sharon Bialek: I came forward to help Herman Cain "come clean, to tell the truth"

Peyser: Unemployed and 50, now she comes forward(NYP) * Woman Accuses Cain of Groping; He Denies Charge(NYT * Woman Makes New Claim Against Cain(WSJ) * Herman Cain denies sex harassment allegations to Jimmy Kimmel: 'We are taking this head-on'(NYDN) * Herman Cain accuser Sharon Bialek’s story must be taken seriously  * Fourth Woman Accusing Cain Of Harassment Goes Public(NY1)* Herman Cain dismisses sexual harassment allegations; will hold a news conference today* Occupy Wall Street Protesters To Erect Larger Tents In Zuccotti Park (WABC) * Andrea Peyser called new Herman Cain accuser Sharon Bialek a gold-digger who’s “a smooth operator living way above her means. From the look of her heavily painted face, she’s also soon to be in acute need of a new tub of eyeliner.” * Second Accuser Emerges In Herman Cain Case (TPM)

Herman Cain Addresses New Sexual Harassment Allegations On Jimmy Kimmel (Video) * Herman Cain Accuser Sharon Bialek Speaks To Piers Morgan: ‘I’m A Tough Girl’ * Sharon Bialek defends herself on TV shows (Politico) * Even Occupy Wall Streeters are not immune to Manhattan’s space crunch. The solutions? Consolidate, build up or cut side deals.

Joseph Mercurio (Twitter)  The former president was consensual, Cain was a predator.

Jon Stewart Gives Gloria Allred More Herman Cain Harassment Punchlines: ‘Occupy Ball Street’



Jon Stewart Rips Fox News For Defending Herman Cain (VIDEO) 


The Senate Democrats are getting in on the effort to get Cuomo to change his mind about the millionaire’s tax. 

Only 25% of Those Entering CUNY Don't Need Remedial Help . . .  What is Bloomberg Talking About?

Azi Paybarah (Twitter) speaker says drove graduation rates up by 45% since 2005.




NY Mag: Bloomberg pushed Klein out before he was ready to go





Bloomberg Supports Quinn Who Has No Business Experience to Replace Him 

Azi Paybarah (Twitter) "too many elected officials have not spent enough time in the private sector..." said

 Occupy Education?  UFT Looking For Support

Teachers, Children's Advocates Chant Schooling Demands On DOE's Doorstep(NY1) * Tweed Protesters Denounce 'Privatization' of Schools (NYT)



 “Occupy Rikers Island” 

Union is organizing a protest at the entrance to the jail in order to protest  Department of Correction Commissioner Dora Schriro’s cuts to security posts

Minority Labor Leaders March 11 Miles For "99 Percent"(NY1) * Protesters' Dilemma: Less Space to Occupy(WSJ) The Occupy Wall Street protesters are confronting a classic Manhattan problem: lots of people, not a lot of space. So they're solving it in classic Manhattan fashion: arguing about it, making deals and building upward * Crosby & Nash to perform at Zuccotti today(NYDN) * Video: Occupy Oakland cops shoot protester unprovoked(NYDN) *New Tents Will Help Occupy Wall Street Hunker Down For Winter(WNYC) * Wall St. Protesters Order Military Tents(NBC) * Occupy Wall Street protesters are considering adding bunk beds to their encampment.*Protester Arrested During Bomb Scare Evacuation(NYT)


NYP and Murdock's WSJ Continue There Attack on OWS Occupiers terrorize us: eatery(NYP) * The “anarchist campground” that Bloomberg is allowing to flourish at Occupy Wall Street invites further disorder and is a threat to the local economy, says the Journal’s William McGurn:


Azi Paybarah (Twitter) . :people @ Park are "squatters - many of them criminals or suffering from mental illness"

Wayne Barrett, in defense of NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly. Barrett: Don't aslk whether NYPD's Kelly can "control the demons inside the department. The question is: Can anyone?"

Golden hopes Facebook readers will see images and report vandals to authorities

Bay Ridge Sen. Marty Golden calls out graffiti vandals by posting pictures to his Facebook page (NYDN)




 Bettors $tampede to new Queens racino (NYP) The new casino at Aqueduct raceway in Queens has raked in $15 million in its first 10 days




Mass Transit Commuter Tax Breaks Near End Of Line  (NY1)*Chuck Schumer wants Congress to renew a mass transit tax break.

What Effect Will This Have on the City Budget?
Wall St. Pay Is Expected to Fall 20% to 30%(NYT) *

NY1 Online: Talking Poverty With Human Resources Commissioner Doar



New York's Foreclosures are Expected to Spike  At the hearing Weprin skipped, experts said New York foreclosures are expected to spike in the coming months when anti-foreclosure programs begin to sunset. “Make no mistake: the crisis has not left New York,” said Fern Fisher, a deputy chief administrative judge and director of the New York State Access to Justice program. “There will be more foreclosure filings.” A moratorium on foreclosures imposed by large banks ended, but a ruling by Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman to force mortgage companies to pay more attention to their paperwork was credited with slowing the number of foreclosures in New York. Nearly 10,000 new foreclosures were issued in the first nine months of 2011, compared to over 15,000 over the same period in 2010, said Caitlyn Brazill of NYU’s Furman Center for Real Estate and Urban Policy. “While promising, this trend is not necessarily a sign that the crisis is lessening,” Brazill said. New York City, NY Foreclosures


After Madoff and Wall Street Melt Down SEC Still is Blind to Corruption 

Promises Made, and Remade, by Firms in S.E.C. Fraud Cases(NYT)






 The Daley Power Machine At An End?

Top Obama Aide Cedes Day-to-Day Role(WSJ) 

* Media Outlets Struggle To Describe White House Chief Of Staff Bill Daley’s Demotion



 A Drunk Library Prez and Bar-Ologist

Read him his rights Library prez ‘DWI’ (NYP) * Library President Charged With D.W.I.(NYT) *New York Library Chief Caught in DWI Arrest(WSJ) * State ‘bar-ologist’ busted (NYP)




Leiby ‘killer’ nixed (NYP)  The Brooklyn man accused of killing 8-year-old Leiby Kletzy and carving up his corpse will have to face trial in Brooklyn after an appeals court denied his bid for a change of venue.






Teen punches homeless man, then laughs before jumping on train(NYDN)


Battling Brownsville street gangs plan to talk peace  in secret meeting (NYDN)




This Grisly Find? A Bear Paw, It Turns Out. (It Happens a Lot.)(NYT)

Law and Order Man Is Convicted in the Rape and Harassment of Women(NYT) * Man accused of robbing NY pharmacy of painkillers(WSJ) * Law may not be on Muslims' side in NYPD intel case(WSJ) * Car dealer sentenced for arranging arson at NY DMV(WSJ) * Man steals ambulance for kicks: cops(NYDN) * Bandit mugs 77-year-old man in Stuy Town(NYDN) * Manhattan DA Uses Confiscated Drug Money To Encourage Teen Sports Programs(NY1) * Woman snaps pic of subway groper, then picks him out of lineup(NYDN)Granny ‘bags’ thugs(NYP) * Gun gal sues airport cops(NYP) * French fried rapist(NYP)

R.I.P. Smoking Joe

Joe Frazier, Ex-Heavyweight Champ, Dies at 67