Thursday, November 3, 2011

True News Update 24/7

 IA's Blind Side

Experts Say N.Y. Police Dept. Isn’t Policing Itself(NYP) Recent major corruption cases involving New York City officers were uncovered by outside agencies, not the Police Department’s Internal Affairs Bureau. * Words From High: NYPD Misconduct is Shocking and Seemingly Pervasive (Brooklyn Ron) * Ray Kelly Struggles With NYPD's Lack of Institutional Memory Amid Scandals(DNAINFO)






MTA Hiring Law Breakers

 $105M MTA contract for 2nd scandal firm(NYP) Last week, the MTA awarded a $105million contract to upgrade subway-patrol cops’ radio systems to telecommunicat--ions giant Alcatel-Lucent, which just months ago agreed to pay the feds $147million after getting caught bribing foreign officials to land business.

Who Will Fact Check These Serial Promisers?

3 Prospective 2013 Candidates Find a Stage(NYT) * Possible Mayoral Candidates Gather For Future Of New York Forum(NY1) * NYC Councilman Dan Garodnick, who was expected to run for Manhattan BP in 2013, is gearing up for a citywide run for comptroller instead.  


What are the mayoral candidates going to due with less tax money coming to the city from Wall Street

Wall Street Is Shrinking (The Daily Beast) 


Michael Powell (Twitter)  Mayor Bloomberg suggests OWS demonstrators start company rather than shout & yell. Limits of his class & personal perspective rather clear.

Today's Spin Mayor Do It For the Community

Security Concerns Emerge at Zuccotti(WSJ) * Occupy Wall Street Protester Charged With Sexual Abuse(NY1) * Bloomberg Approves Removal Of Barricades Near "Occupy" Camp (NY1) * Arrest tally at as of yesterday afternoon: 1,038.  * Newly Acquired Wealth Gives Occupy Wall Street Opportunities and Challenges (WNYC) * Bill O’Reilly Guest On OWS Violence: ‘Word At Rikers Island’ Is That The Protest Is ‘A Party’ * Neighborhood Pressures City To Crackdown On "Occupy" Protest (NY1) * Oakland protesters clash with police following peaceful day of demonstrations(NYDN) * City police arrest 16 Occupy Rochester protesters (D&C) * Occupy Oakland Live Blog: Protesters call it a night (Inside Bay)




NYP Says Enough About OWS Protesters But Not A Word About Jon Corzine MF Global Corruption

 The Post decides it’s time to “throw the bums out” of Zuccotti Park, and urges Bloomberg to deal with Occupy Wall Street “just like any other public nuisance.”* Other 99% fires back(NYP)

Protester busted in tent grope(NYP) * Bloomberg: Occupy Wall Street ‘Really Hurting Small Businesses, Families’(WCBS) * Bloomberg: Protesters have 'occupied' quality of life downtown(NY AM) * Dozens of veterans join '99 percent' for march(NYDN) * Military Vets March With Occupy Wall Street (NBC)

Michael Powell (Twitter)  OWS annoys neighbors. OWS may not sustain. OWS end game not clear. What is clear: NYPost reporting on it has been ill.


Bloomberg approved a request for removal of barricades near Zuccotti Park, and warned the city might take action to enforce quality-of-life ordinances.  * Temporary relief: Wall Street barricades flip flop (NY Metro) * Mayor Bloomberg Discusses Keeping Occupy Wall Street In Line (NRO) Update: Dozens of Occupy Wall Street Protesters Refuse Dismissal Deals in Court(DNAInfo) * Protesters Arrested Outside Goldman Sachs Building(NYT) * 17 OWS protesters arrested at Goldman Sachs(NYP) * The Next Occupy Wall Street March Will Be an 11 Mile Marathon (NYO) * How Wall Street Occupied America(Bill Moyers, Nation) * former Paterson said it's time for protesters to leave Zuccotti Park. * Most Protesters Choose Court Trials In First Wave Of "Occupy" Arraignments (NY1)

Bloomberg Says OWS Fixes Crime Numbers, What About His Own Crime Reports

Bloomberg says OWS failure to report crimes is 'despicable'(NYP)

Corruption? It figures.  NY police department's crime stats and the art of manipulation (Village Voice)* NYPD Says It Will Fix Sex Crimes Stats Reporting * NYPD Says It Will Fix Sex Crimes Stats Reporting(Village Voice)


 WATCH: 'South Park' Takes On Occupy Wall Street(Huff Post)

City Hall News (Twitter)  Bloomberg says mayors rarely go on to other jobs b/c they have to be too explicit on where they stand on issues. So ...

Census Measure Shrinks Size of NYC

A City Shrinks, Or So the Census Says (NYT)



Cuomo Tests His Coattails 

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has become more free with his endorsements, if not his finances, and is lending his name to more than 70 hyper-local races around New York state(NYT) * The governor is heading to Buffalo tomorrow to take part in a GOTV rally for Democratic Erie County executive candidate Mark Poloncarz. Sen. Chuck Schumer will be there, too.* The governor has endorsed – mostly via press release – more than 50 candidates running in local races around the state. He’s also spreading a modest amount of political cash around.*The NYT pegs Cuomo’s local endorsement list at 70, noting he kept the Democratic candidates in this year’s two House special elections at arm’s length.



Cuomo and his allies are preparing for a turbulent fight with his own party

Pressure to Raise Taxes With next year's budget deficit predicted to keep growing, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and his allies are preparing for a turbulent fight with his own party and liberal groups over his opposition to taxing the wealthy. (WSJ) * Silver Ready To Fire Up "Millionaire Tax" Debate(NY1) *NY1 Online: NY1 Wise Guys, Former Governor Paterson Debate Millionaires Tax * New York Wrestles Over Extending Millionaires Tax : NPRCuomo’s “détente” with the Working Families Party has ended, as progressive groups from across the state prepare to do battle with the governor over the millionaire’s tax (WSJ) * Bizz-funded Comm to Save NY spent $10M on Cuomo's budget battle, reactivating to back him in millionaire's tax war.  Pressure to Raise Taxes(WSJ)  Democrats, Labor Push Cuomo to Drop Opposition to New Levy on the Wealthy * The Post urges Cuomo to hold his position against the millionaire’s tax, despite the efforts of the “double-crossing” Working Families Party * Liberals throughout the state are preparing to do battle with Governor Cuomo on his opposition to the so-called "millionaire's tax."

Gov budget-cut order(NYP) * The administration is also urging agencies to “aggressively” promote a program that allows state workers to voluntarily reduce their hours – and pay. The target participation rate: 7 percent.


 PEF High Noon Approved

PEF Members Approve Revised Contract (Updatedx2) (YNN) * Public Workers' Union Accepts Concessions and Averts Layoffs(NYT)

There are 3,496 jobs on the line today as ballots are counted in the second PEF contract vote. An announcement of the results is scheduled for 2:30 p.m.

An agreement between New York State and the Seneca Indian Nation to turn over more than $300 million in revenue the tribe owes the state fell apart late last night, the Buffalo News reports A single paragraph in a three-graph letter from Cuomo aide Howard Glaser to Seneca Nation President Robert Odawi Porter reportedly blew up a deal in re-starting the flow of stalled casino revenues to state coffers.

Plan to Issue New Permits for Parking Is Debated(NYT) * Resident-only parking zones coming to NYC?(NYDN) * Parking Concerns Rise Alongside New Brooklyn Arena(NY1) * Parking permitted! Council panel approves ‘pay-to-park’ plan for Barclays neighbors (Brooklyn Paper)

Azi Paybarah (Twitter) .: "things that really matter" are major, long-term projects, not the day-to-day that makes headlines in press.

Six charter schools face shutdowns(NYDN) * DOE Officials Mark Total Of 47 Schools For Closure(NY1) * Call to oust P.S. 236 principal after attack on teacher(NYDN) * Brownsville Parents Urge Chancellor Not to Close Their Schools (WNYC) * New York should be worried about students’ backsliding in national test scores, the Daily News opines *City's Struggling Schools List Grows to 47 (NYT)




 Why Do We Pay Medicare Inspectors General's?

The ‘Jig’ is up They were dancing with the devils. A bunch of crooked Queens doctors paid their patients to take ballroom dance lessons in their clinic basement -- and then masqueraded the sessions as legitimate physical therapy in fraudulent Medicare claims(WSJ)





Occupy Spring St.: Trump SoHo to give 90% refunds on deposits(NYP)



Veterans Arrested For Selling Hot Dogs Outside The Met(Huff Post)

Jonathan Capehart: White Republicans Afraid To Criticize Cain Because He’s BlackCain Says Perry Is Orchestrating a Smear Campaign(NYT) * The Stumbling Campaign of Herman Cain(NYT Ed) * Cain team blames Perry camp for sex harass leaks: 'It's an outrage'(NYDN)* Cain Controversy Takes Leap Toward Complete Farce - Rich Lowry, NRO * Cain Allegations: Let the Women Speak - Chicago Tribune * Cain Plays the Race Card, Unfortunately - Los Angeles Times * Chinese Nukes and the Cain Charges - Jonathan Tobin, Commentary * Campaign In 100 Seconds: Anatomy Of A Scandal (TPM Video)

NY1 Exclusive: Poll Shows Most New York Voters Disapprove Of Obama But Prefer Him To Republicans* As Gov, Romney Tried to Reassure Liberals - Wallsten & Eilperin, Wash Post * GOP's Anti-Government Crusade - Las Vegas Sun *  Obama vs. Opponent X + G.D.P. = ’12 Odds(NYT) * RNC Chairman Reince Priebus Demands President Obama Return Corzine Campaign Cash(NYO)* The Perry Paradox - Daniel Henninger, Wall Street Journal * Which Side Is Mitt Romney Conning? - Jonathan Chait, New York Magazine * "Americans Elect" Pushes Third Party Ticket in 2012 - Erin McPike, RCP


‘The Redistricting Song’(Albany Watch) * LATFOR’s meeting on the prison gerrymandering issue has been moved back to Nov. 21.






Primary Election Days: Is Three a Charm? (NYT)

Possible Deal in a Mets-Madoff Suit (WNYC) * Mets' owners settle suit in Madoff case(NY AM)






FREDDIE MAC wants another $6B; would take taxpayer bailout to $175B(Yahoo)




Grapes of Wrath II: Land of the Poor

A record number of Americans are living below the poverty line. * Income Inequality Rose Most Under President Clinton - John Merline, IBD


 '60 MINUTES' Ambushes -- Nancy Pelosi?

IPO Visa Deal

60 Minutes Working on Pelosi Investigation?(Video)




Market Strains Test Bernanke, Banks(WSJ) * Europe Gives Greece an Ultimatum(WSJ) * Greek Prime Minister Loses Majority(WSJ) 

Update: Officials close to Greek prime minister: bailout referendum has been scrapped - *Greek Leader Calls Off Referendum on Bailout Plan



 Corzine Poster Child for Dem Hypocrisy - Jonathan Tobin, Commentary* Many Alarms Rang Before MF Global Crashed


Terrorism Guilty Verdict for Russian in Arms Trial(NYT) * ‘Merchant of Death’ convicted of helping terrori...

Elected Officials Call For Better Policing Of NYPD(NY1)

Firing Sought for One of Two Officers in Bell Shooting Case(NYT) * Prosecutor Urges Officer Be Fired(WSJ) * Sean Bell case: Prosecutor calls for cop firing(NYDN) * NYPD Weighs Firing Of Two Officers In Sean Bell Shooting(NY1)


NYPD Looking For Suspect Who Attacked Bronx Woman In Elevator (WCBS)



 Law and Order

Trial Begins for Man Charged With Falsely Accusing Ex-Girlfriend(NYT) *‘Rape & frame’ ex on trial(NYP) * 12 Are Charged in Medicare Fraud Schemes Said to Cost $95 Million(NYT) * NYC man fatally beaten dies from injuries(WSJ) * Arrest in teen's fatal stabbing in Brooklyn(WSJ) * Man confesses to brutal slash slaying of girl(NYDN) * $15 mugging victim dies(NYP) * Police Arrest Brooklyn Man In Fatal September Stabbing Of Teen Girl (WCBS) * Even before Brownsville mom was gunned down, neighbors begged for tighter security around school (NYDN) * Interrogation Video Shown In Manhattan Parking Spot Assault Trial(NY1) * Police Arrest Suspect In Fatal Stabbing Of Brooklyn Teen(NY1) * Lawmakers Want Commission On NYPD Corruption(Huff Post)

1 punch, 1 medical nightmare Parking victim’s hell bared

Bronx Dad Dies Days After Being Beaten For $15 (WCBS)





Several Swastikas Found On Queens Libraries, Synagogue (NY1)



News Corp. Profits Fall In Wake Of Phone Hacking Scandal(Huff Post) * Murdoch Considered Ousting Son (The Daily Beast)




Jon Stewart Takes On Ann Coulter For Her ‘Our Blacks Are Better Than Their Blacks’



Stephen Colbert Praises 151-Page Justice Dept. Report On Wasteful Government Spending…On Muffins



Truman's Improbable Win - Michael Haydock, American History Magazine